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Return_to_Nuke_'Em_High_Volume_1_(2013)_posterOne of the longest active reel independent film companies in the world is none other than Troma Entertainment who has been making films for well over 40 years. After talking briefly to longtime president of the company Lloyd Kaufman, I decided that I would sign up for Troma Now ( and check out Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 as today’s film which was released in 2013 and was directed and features Kaufman in the film. A lot of time has passed since the disastrous events of Class Of Nuke ‘Em High 3, but has Tromaville really learned since then? A group of students begins investigating things at a local dairy when weird things start happening to students who ate the tacos. The film stars Asta Paredes (Shades Of Blue) as Chrissy Goldberg, Catherine Corcoran (Terrifier) as Lauren, Clay von Carlowitz (The Shadow Scarf) as Eugene, The late Lemmy Kilmister (Tromeo & Juliet) as The President, Zac Amico (Amityville: Vanishing Point) as Zack, Babette Bombshell (Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation) as Principal Westly, Tara E. Miller (Cool As Hell) as Rachel Ruysch, Stefan Dezil (Shadow Of A Gun) as Slater, Debbie Rochon (Slime City Massacre) as Coach Kotter, Dan Snow (The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie) as Cigar Face, Mark Quinnette (Battle) as Michelangelo, Reiki Tsuno as Rembrandt, and Jim Sheppard (Battledogs) as Raphael. To check out the rest of the review, please click here.

phil-campbell-old-lions-still-roar-altPhil Campbell was the guitarist of Motörhead from 1984 until the death of beloved singer Lemmy Kilmister in 2015. That is 21 years of service in one of the greatest metal bands ever which means that Phil Campbell is royalty to us. With that being said, the former Motörhead guitarist is gearing up to release his first ever solo album titled Old Lions Still Roar which comes out October 25TH via Nuclear Blast Records. The album features quite an impressive group of guest musicians that the guitarist has employed for his first solo effort which shows that the 58 year old is far from slowing down anytime soon. To get us ready for the album he has unleashed a video for the track These Old Boots which features Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), and Chris Fehn (ex-Slipknot). Musically, the track resembles that hard blues rock sound that we were used to from Motörhead with some amazing vocals from Dee Snider. The video itself is animated and it follows a pair of boots that seem to outrun the law. Phil spoke about the record saying, “I’m really happy to release my first solo album, Old Lions Still Roar, worldwide. I’m also honored to have mega talented guests and friends do their thing. Looking forward to everyone taking a listen!” Check out the video below and make sure you check out the bundles for pre-order here.

Old Lions Still Roar Tracklisting

01. “Rocking Chair” (feat. Leon Stanford)
02. “Straight Up” (feat. Rob Halford)
03. “Faith In Fire” (feat. Ben Ward)
04. “Swing It” (feat. Alice Cooper)
05. “Left For Dead” (feat. Nev MacDonald)
06. “Walk The Talk” (feat. Danko Jones, Nick Oliveri)
07. “These Old Boots” (feat. Dee Snider, Mick Mars + Chris Fehn)
08. “Dancing Dogs (Love Survives)” (feat. Whitfield Crane)
09. “Dead Roses” (feat. Benji Webbe)
10. “Tears From A Glass Eye” (feat. Joe Satriani)

pedalcup trophyThat is right metal heads, the finals of the first ever Pedal Cup (the World Cup of Metal) is here and this is the moment you have been voting for. You the fans, took two bands in Behemoth (Poland) and BABYMETAL (Japan) and you voted them all the way to the finals and it was quite the run for both bands. Unfortunately, only one of them will walk away from the tournament as the first ever Pedal Cup champion. We also have the third place match which is traditionally played in the FIFA World Cup and we are going to keep that tradition as Portugals’ Moonspell take son US Death Metal legends Morbid Angel for the right to Bronze. Today, we are also revealing the Pedal Cup trophy which we dedicated and designed some specifics of it to honor the legacy of one of music and Metal’s greatest inspirations in the late Motorhead Frontman/bassist Lemmy Kilmister. There is a Spade from the Ace Of Spades on the top of the trophy along with a coin of Lemmy on the bottom and the Pedal To The Metal logo beneath that. As always, there are three ways to vote with one being on the Facebook page, the other on Twitter, and the last way to vote right here on this blog. You have 24 Hours to decide who is the first ever Pedal Cup Champion and the third place band. Good luck!!!!

Pedal Cup Bracket 2 FINALS

coverOne of the hardest deaths to deal with in the last two years or so was the passing of the great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. It signified the true end of an era in the rock and metal world as one of it’s most prolific and battle tested veterans had passed away. The question moving forward from that was what were the remaining members of Motorhead going to do and we have an answer for at least one of them. Phil Campbell who was Motorhead’s guitarist from 1984 all the way to 2015 started a band with his kids and vocalist Neil Starr called Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. The band is preparing to release their first album together entitled The Age Of Absurdity which will hit the shelves on January 26TH via Nuclear Blast. To hold fans over until then, the band has unleashed the performance based video for Welcome To Hell and fans will not be disappointed. The track is fierce and you can definitely hear the Motorhead influence in the track, but this is more guitar driven than Motorhead was. Starr talked about the album saying, “Writing and recording this album was a lot of fun. We got to record at Rockfield studios where so many great artists had been over the years, it really was inspirational. Hearing the blistering riffs that the Campbell family seem to churn out effortlessly made me ensure I pushed myself to the limits when writing the melodies and lyrics. It’s an album that I, and the rest of the band, are very proud of and can’t wait to share it with the world!” Check out the video below:

2017-headerAfter an awesome first round, we are looking for your help to keep the momentum going because without you guys, there is no Pedal To The Metal Tournament. You the fans have always decided the outcome of the tournament as you have crowned champion after champion. So, with that being said, we have some awesome matches for you guys to check out and we are keeping them all in the same post for now for the sweet sixteen. We strongly encourage that you vote for every match up in the tournament because this is all about supporting the metal community no matter what sub-genre it is. In the Dio/Lemmy division, Queensryche looks to keep their luck going as they take on the legend from Germany U.D.O. meanwhile Accept is looking to keep the fight alive as they take on former two time champion Judas Priest. The Hanneman divsion has some great match ups like one mega match that pins Big Four members Megadeth against Slayer. The other match is a good one as well and it features one band that brings a strong argument to the table as to why it should be the Big Five and not the Big Four in Exodus as they take on a band that brings a strong argument as to why that Big Four stuff should be expanded to more in Testament. The Schuldiner division features the defending champion Destruction take on Viking Metal Kings Amon Amarth as well as 2015 winner Kreator taking on the mighty Cannibal Corpse. The last division, the metal to the core division, features Lamb Of God taking on All That Remains while Killswitch Engage does battle with Trivium. You all have until the end of Match 21st to vote for who you want to see move on the Elite 8 round. So, vote carefully and wisely, but have a lot of fun and spread the word.

2017 Bracket sweet sixteen

There was a screw up where the Slayer/Megadeth match closed early, so we have another poll for all of you to keep voting for that one. At the end, we’ll combine both scores together. Sorry for the inconvenience

pedalIt’s that time of the year that I love because the March Madness tournament is right around the corner. Seven years ago, I started the Pedal To The Metal Tournament as a March Madness style tournament where you the fans decided who moved from round to round. This year is the sixth annual tournament (we skipped a year) and we are going to do something different this year. There are a couple of things that are being done different this year with one being that we eliminated rock bands from tournament and we replaced with metalcore and the New Wave Of American Metal bands and the second is that the final round will be longer due to the fact that I will not be around for five days (I will be at WrestleMania). The defending champions Destruction are back and they are ready to defend their championship against some familiar foes and some new bands as well. The other thing that is happening is that we are going to be starting the tournament a few days early than usual to coincide with what is happening. So you are probably wondering who is in the tournament and we have that answer for you and what division they are in. Coming soon is who each band will face in the first round so stay tuned for that.

Jeff Hanneman Division (Thrash Division)



-Death Angel



-Suicidal Tendencies



Dio/Kilmister Division

– Judas Priest


-Iron Maiden


– Primal Fear




Chuck Schuldiner Division

-Entombed A.D.



-Cannibal Corpse




-Amon Amarth

Metal To The Core Division

– Killswitch Engage


-Upon A Burning Body

-Lamb Of God


-Suicide Silence

-All That Remains

-Parkway Drive


ozzmosisI have decided to be nice to all of you out there and I have decided that I am going to give you a second album of the week this week. 1995 was a very weird time for the wild man Ozzy Osbourne as he was supposedly retired from the business, but he changed his mind and came back with a brand new album entitled Ozzmosis. The album featured regular Zakk Wylde (Guitars) and it featured the return of Black Sabbath bandmate Geezer Butler (Bass) as well as Rick Wakeman (Keys), and Deen Castronovo (Drums). When the album was recorded, they intially had Michael Wagener produce the record and it featured a different lineup with Randy Castillo and Mike Inez. When Epic heard the demos, they immediately replaced Wagener with Michael Beinhorn and Castillo and Inez were also out because it sounded too much like No More Tears. This is also the only Ozzy record to feature Castronovo, Butler, and Wakeman and it did fairly well as it peaked at Number four on the Billboard Top 200 charts (which is the highest charted Ozzy album ever) and it went 2x platinum.

ozzy_osbourne_ozzmosis_back1. Perry Mason– Amazing Key section from Wakeman starts off the track with the killer bass that makes you think it’s a murder mystery as they pay tribute to the legendary detective. 5/5

2. I Just Want You– I have always loved the intro keys and the way Zakk comes in with the guitar as he is just wailing away, but this is also an amazing track that has Ozzy questioning everything in Logic in the lyrics. This is a Ozzy Masterpiece. 5/5

3. Ghost Behind My Eyes– A slower tempo track (Not a ballad!) from Ozzy that explores that voice in your head known as your conscious. 4.5/5

4. Thunder Underground– This is one of the most badass tracks on the record that features a killer bass line from Geezer and some bad ass chugging from Wylde as the song just sound monstrous coming out of your speakers. It’s a track about someone who is so full of themselves they can’t see it. 5/5

5. See You on the Other Side– an amazing track on the album that I thought for a while that Ozzy had written about Randy Rhodes, but it could be paying tribute to anyone lost. Fun fact: Lemmy Kilmister helped write this song. 5/5

ozzy_osbourne-ozzmosis-cd6. Tomorrow– The track begins with a cool bass line and a slowed down tempo that is almost eerie before it explodes in the chorus in a track that seems to be about a person who is just inhabiting the earth and not doing anything. 4.5/5

7. Denial– I really like the overall message of this song besides the fact that I love the mid-tempo feel to it. It’s a track about believing in yourself and never deny the truth. So many great lines in this song. 5/5

8. My Little Man– This is the only track on the album of the two Steve Vai written tracks (Lemmy also helped write this one) that made the final cut for Ozzmosis. It has a very Arabic feel to the beginning of the track which is cool and it continues on for most of the track. 4/5

9. My Jekyll Doesn’t Hide– A bad ass riff right from the get go opens this hellraiser about how Ozzy doesnt hide his personality. 4/5

10. Old LA Tonight– a ballad of sorts with a nice piano part that drives the song forward as Ozzy is addressing the time he separated from Sharon (that is what I assume). 4/5

My Final Thoughts– For a record that never really gets enough recognition, this was truly an amazing record that outranks all Ozzy albums that came out after it. It was definitely a different time that the Ozzman was in as he was trying to save Metal. I am going to give the album 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.

metallica-vs-overkillThere is a significance with today’s date and the newest edition of Cover Battle and I’ll explain it to you because it’s a special one. A couple of weeks ago, we had Van Halen take on Mott The Hoople as to who did You Really Got Me by The Kinks better. Well, you all voted and chose Van Halen as the better version. So back to today’s cover battle which is very special because on December 11, 2015 Motorhead would play their last ever show with Lemmy Kilmister who would sadly pass away on December 28, 2015. The last song that they ever played together was the classic 1979 track Overkill and we have chosen it as today’s cover battle track. This one maybe one of the best battles yet because it features a couple of juggernauts of metal as Metallica does battle with Overkill in who did the track Overkill better. It’s east vs west as Bay Area thrash legends Metallica take on New York thrash legends Overkill.

Metallica– The Bay Area Thrash legends back in 1998 released an all covers double album called Garage Inc.. The album contained B-side covers, covers, and even an old EP that had gone out of print since it’s release. The album also included a b-sides disc that was released with the Hero Of The Day single called Motörheadache which saw the band covering Motorhead songs including Overkill. The band stays pretty faithful to the original track with Jason Newsted playing some amazing bass with James Hetfield rocking the song on vocals. Check out Metallica’s version below:

Overkill– The New York thrash legends released an all covers album entitled Coverkill which featured them covering the likes of Jethro Tull, Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Motorhead’s Overkill. It seemed like a very natural move for the band considering the name of the band is the track itself. The version the band included on the album was a live rendition of the track Overkill and the band opens up with the same fury as Metallica, but the only difference is Bobby Ellsworth signature high pitched growl. I truly love D. D. Verni’s bass playing on the song as well as the drumming because they bring the fury of the song right into your face. Check out their version below:

Now it is time for all of you to vote for who you believe did the song better. Was it Metallica or was it Overkill? You have until the next post to decide.

There have been a whole slew of music videos released that have caught my attention this week and the brand new music video from Five Finger Death Punch certainly got my attention. The band who are still touring for their latest album Got Your Six  have recently released a video for their latest single off the album called I Apologize. The video was directed by Nathan Cox and is a very interesting one. During the video, singer Ivan Moody is walking through a cemetery that with each headstone he walks by reveals a name of a legendary rocker and some that have recently passed like Lemmy Kilmister, Scott Weiland, and legends like Layne Staley, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc. Eventually, he stops and he starts digging only to reveal that it’s his grave that he is digging. It’s a cool concept for the video and I can certainly dig it (no pun intended). The band talked about the video saying, “The video is a dark somber metaphor that speaks for itself. I don’t think we need a parallel narrative to explain it or emphasize its impact as almost everyone knows someone struggling with some form of addiction. It’s real for everybody. We have even been losing exceptionally bright, talented people who you’d assume know better. No matter how much support you provide, ultimately it’s everyone’s own decision to face their demons or perish.” Check it out below:


twisted_MBF_site_bannerIt has been quite some time since I delivered a review of a Rock Doc for you guys and I figured since there is no Ass Whoopin Wednesday this week that I would give you guys one. Everyone in the world remembers the VH1 Behind The Music episode that covered Twisted Sister because it was great and to the point. Now in 2014 comes a documentary that was directed by Andrew Horn (The Nomi Song) that dives a little deeper into the story of Twisted Sister at least a lot more than the behind the music special did. The film dives deeper into the early years of the band from their creation to their tireless road work that made them known as the hardest working band in all of New York. It also explores how everyone from Dee Snider, Eddie Ojeda, AJ Pero, Mark Mendoza all joined the band and all of the road blocks the band faced on their way to super stardom. You’ll see everyone from Randy Jackson (Zebra), Martin Hooker, Phil Carson, Suzette Snider, Kenny Neill, and a whole lot more.

films-twisted_sister-Twisted_Sister_-_2_610_407shar_s_c1One thing that I will say about this documentary is that if you want to know a heck of a lot more about Twisted Sister than anyone else does, this is the documentary for you. I honestly thought going into the film that it was going to span the band’s whole career considering the length of it, but it only really covers their club days to about Stay Hungry. The real juice in my opinion is what happens during the Stay Hungry days and after. The documentary like I said is just way too long and it covers too much detail of what I don’t care about when it comes to Twisted Sister. If you are a diehard Twisted Sister fan then this is definitely your documentary, I would just rather wait for a sequel which I hope they are making. I will admit though that there is some cool facts in this documentary that I didn’t know about like Lemmy hopping on stage during a festival to tell the crowd to check the band out because they were good friends. There is also the time Lemmy and Brian Robertson hopped on stage at a TV taping as they jammed with the band. That is some of the cool information that I liked hearing about more than Jay Jay French telling you how tired he was from being the band’s manager and missing out on living a rockstar life even though he didn’t drink or do drugs. I respect the band and I especially respect Dee Snider so I can see the struggle he went through with Jay Jay French just from watching this. The grading process for this one is a hard one because even though I didn’t love it, it wasn’t a bad doc because it was informative. So, I am going to go ahead and give the documentary an B+ for a final grade.