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Blaze Publicity Photo 1For this edition of In This Corner, I welcome an artist that has blazing a trail in the world of Underground Rap/Hip Hop for over 20 years. I am talking about Majik Ninja Entertainment artist Blaze Ya Dead Homie who on January 15TH released his sixth studio album (his second with Majik Ninja Entertainment) The Casket Factory . The Casket Factory (available on iTunes and Amazon) showcases the amazing abilities and growth as an artist for Blaze Ya Dead Homie who offers 14 solid tracks with absolutely no filler which shows exactly how much both Blaze and the label have grown in the right direction in only two years under operation. Blaze Ya Dead Homie was the first artist to release an album for Majik Ninja Entertainment (Gang Rags: Reborn) and I had to talk to the man to ask him about the brand new record, what it was like to work with some new artists, the upcoming tour, and a whole lot more.
Eddie Monster: What can fans expect from the brand new album The Casket Factory?
Blaze Ya Dead Homie: Brand new Blaze like they’ve never seen before! Hands down the best production from first track to last!!! 100% Underground wicked shit… Different styles… Sick guests killing shit…
EM: How did you come up with the name and concept for the casket factory?
Blaze: I was bouncing ideas off of my homie Jamie Madrox of Twiztid… We were thinking along the lines of casket maker or something like that… Then we began building the record an the name evolved into The Casket Factory fairly quickly…
EM: What are your favorite tracks on the new album?
Blaze: 2 middle fingers, they call that gangsta, the way you look before you die, eternal, wormfood, ghost, necromancy, I will bury you, ratchet…
EM:  I noticed DJ Swamp is on four tracks on the new record. Is this the first time you worked with him and how did that come together? Can we expect more in the future?
Blaze: Yeah this is my first time working with DJ Swamp… Got the hookup thru my brothers and label mates Twiztid! I can only hope to work with him in the future, cause he killed shit on this record!
EM: Just like the last question, this is the first time the world is really getting to hear Lex The Hex on the track They Call That Gangsta, what was it like working with him on the song and what’s you take on what he brings to the table for the future of Majik Ninja Entertainment?
Blaze: Had a blast working with my homie Lex! He’s a real good ninja… He brought his own east coast style and its definitely a dope mix and addition to the family!!! Looking forward to doing more projects in the future with him
4PNL_1Tray_right_TubePkt_D1003EM: Since your move to Majik Ninja Entertainment, are you more involved in the production side? Or have you always had a hands on approach with your music?
Blaze: I’ve always been involved with the production of my records to an extent … Not really turning the knobs on the board an shit, but always adding my 2 cents in whenever and wherever I can…
EM: You have an old school hip hop sound (which is my personal favorite), what’s your opinion of the current hip hop scene?
Blaze: You’ve got some good, some bad and some ugly shit happening in hip hop… Some are solid artists with good tracks and others… I just don’t know what they were thinking when they were making it. Some of the shit is so horrible it’s downright insulting
EM: This is your eighth solo album overall and you’ve been doing this for 20 plus years, what keeps Blaze Ya Dead Homie motivated after so much time?
Blaze: First and foremost it’s the Family! From day 1 since I’ve stepped on stage in their presence, they’ve been nothing but accepting… I thank them for that and the chance to do what I love for a living… They are truly amazing!

EM: When you do a collaborations, do you get to choose who you work with? Are there any future artists you plan to work with or is there an artist that you never worked with that you would love to?

Blaze: Yeah, it’s ultimately my final say on collaborations. I have a few in mind, but haven’t reached out to anybody recently.  I would like to work with somebody completely unexpected though…

EMOn February 4TH, you are heading out on the road for quite the trek, will you be bringing any of those one size fits all caskets with you? And what can fans expect from the live show and will there be any surprises?

Blaze: And you know this!!! Energy, cause that’s what I like to expend up on that stage… An I might have some surprises for ya, but ya gotta come an rock out with us to see what’s up my sleeve!!!

EM: Last question, There is a rumor going around that you and The R.O.C. are working on the Zodiac MPrint album, is there any truth to it and when do you think we can expect it?
Blaze: Yes there is some truth to that statement… Although I’m not sure if it’s gonna be full length at this point, but we’ve been around the studio a lil bit… Should be dropping later this year!
Blaze Ya Dead Homie heads out on tour on February 4TH in Columbus, OH and it runs all the way until March 13Th with four special dates in April with Twiztid.  For more info on the album, tour, and merchandise, please visit Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s official website here.