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musicbowl 53Last year, we skipped doing MusicBowl 52 because I couldn’t find a suitable band from Philadelphia to challenge a band from New England. Well that has all changed thanks to some tweets and some Instagram posts courtesy of Nikki Sixx. Nikki has proclaimed his allegiance to the Los Angeles Rams on several occasions and I have seen Steven Tyler of Aerosmith sing the national anthem while wearing a Patriots jersey. So, I figured the perfect matchup for this year’s MusicBowl was to have to be Motley Crue vs Aerosmith as it is the LA Rams vs the New England Patriots in SuperBowl LIII (53 for those who do not know Roman numerals). It makes the most sense since Aerosmith threw the first shot at Motley Crue in 1987 with Dude Looks Like A Lady, but it didn’t matter much when Motley Crue silenced their critics with 1989’s Dr. Feelgood which happened to be the band’s biggest selling and charted album of their careers with great songs like the title track, Kickstart My Heart, and Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away). One thing you do have to remember is that the original Toxic Twins were in Aerosmith who were making waves in the 1970’s when guys like Tommy Lee and Vince Neil were still in junior high. Both bands have had legendary careers and were the tops of their genre and have had some legendary comeback stories as well. The problem is that only one of them can win MusicBowl LIII much like only team will come up victorious tonight in Atlanta. I am going to run the poll in two areas with this one being one and the second run through Twitter where you will have until 8:30PM ET tonight to decide. Two legendary bands, but only one can win, vote and enjoy!!! Also below the voting poll is also some examples to help you decide.

For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are leaving Missouri and we are continuing to travel out west as we land in Los Angeles, California for this week’s band Love And A .38. I wish I could remember how I discovered Love And A .38, but it was definitely when I was searching out young and hungry rock bands on Twitter. the band definitely possessed a raw energy that proved rock and roll was still alive and well out in Los Angeles and it definitely attracted my attention. The song I chose for you guys that possess that raw punk/rock energy that drives you like a supercharged race car is the track I Won’t Wait from the bands album Nomads. After hearing this track and many of the band’s other tracks, it’s clear to see that the band possess the abilities to write great music so it begs the question why the hell are they not signed yet? If I had my own label, I would definitely scoop these guys up. I definitely suggest that you check these guys out if you are a fan of rock music because rock and roll is alive and well. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter and check out the track below:


lemmy-kilmister-2000-billboard-650Last month the world lost a legend in Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister. We’ve seen all of the tributes pour in whether it was a band performing a tribute or kind words and posts from the rock community. Now, we all have the chance to be part of something special and something I have never seen anyone do before. Lemmy Kilmister’s Memorial Service which is being held at his favorite spot in Los Angeles The Rainbow Bar & Grill, is being streamed online through Motorhead’s Youtube page. They want everyone that was a fan to be apart of the service by watching the live stream which can be found here. So, while the petition to change the name of a jack and coke to a Lemmy is going, let’s kick back, enjoy a couple of those, and watch as we pay tribute to the Man, the Myth, and the Legend. The Live stream begins at 2:30 PM Pacific Time (5:30 PM  Eastern Time). God Bless Lemmy Kilmister!!!

1One of my favorite comedy/metal/glam rock bands hit the stage at The House Of Blues in Los Angeles earlier tonight to celebrate the 21 years that the venue had been open. Why were they celebrating the 21 years of the venue? Well, they were because it was the last time that Steel Panther was ever going to play a show at The House Of Blues because it’s closing it’s doors very soon. The show was titled Steel Panther and Friends because the band was promising one heck of a celebration and they did just that with some amazing special guests to go along with their brand of comedy in between their amazing songs. The band hit the stage after being introduced by Sirius Jose Mangin with their roaring classic Eyes Of A Panther and then right into Tomorrow Night before the joking sessions started. The band is unpredictable and that is what is awesome about them. The crowd found first hand when they invited a young female fan onstage as the band performed Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World. They would invited a young Asian fan onstage to dance onstage while they performed the classic Asian Hooker.

Nuno Bettencourt

Nuno Bettencourt

The real highlight of the night for me were all the musical guests that they invited on stage with them (it usually always happens at a Steel Panther show), but tonight it was turned up a notch. The first guest they had on stage with them was the great Nuno Bettencourt of funk metal band Extreme who performed You Really Got Me by Van Halen. The next guest that came on stage later on was NYSNC’s Joey Fatone who performed Girl From Oklahoma and Community Property and was surprisingly really good. The next guests of the night came in the form of Ninja Sex Party, who much like Steel Panther are a musical comedy duo. They came onstage to perform Party All Day and that was followed by Dane Cook who performed Panama with the band. The biggest surprise of the night though as far as guests was the fact that Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus were actually there. Billy Ray Cyrus came on first to perform the Billy Idol classic Rebel Yell before his daughter joined him to sing backup for the Def Leppard classic Pour Some Sugar On Me. Ron Jeremy came onstage later on laying a harmonica of some sorts, but it only meant one thing and that was Steel Panther had one song left to play which was the anthem Death To All But Metal. It was a sad moment when the band said goodbye, but Michael Starr always looks on the bright side as he claimed that the show was already a back in the day moment.

11 copySETLIST

1. Eyes Like A Panther

2. Tomorrow Night

3. Fat Girl

4. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World

5. Asian Hooker

6. You Really Got Me (With Nuno Bettencourt)

7. 17 Girls In A Row

8. Gloryhole

9. Girl From Oklahoma (Acoustic) (With Joey Fatone)

10. Community Property (With Joey Fatone)

11. Party All Day (With Ninja Sex Party)

12. Panama (With Dane Cook)

13. Rebel Yell (With Billy Ray Cyrus)

14. Pour Some Sugar On Me (With Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus)

15. Death To All But Metal

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samOne of the reasons for starting Tuesday Stand Up was not only to view the stars of today, but to also see and review specials of the legends of yesterday. To be perfectly honest, I had never seen a stand up special with Sam Kinison, but he was sort of like the rock star of comedian because a lot of musicians loved the guy and he tore up Hollywood int he 80’s. This was one of Sam’s HBO specials titled Sam Kinison: Breaking The Rules and it was a performance that was taped at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood and it is considered one of his best specials. In the special, Sam tackles everything imaginable from God, Hell, relationships, Lepers, Jesus, preachers (considering he used to be a minister), being attracted to heart breakers, Vietnam, sex education and the disadvantages of being a guy, performing fellatio, AIDS & Gays, and other disturbing topics as well as a special performance at the end of the show. He even pays homage to Hugh Hefner who is one of the people enjoying the show.

sam 2One of the great things about this particular show is the fact that Sam Kinison was intense and he really was in a league of his own. Jay Leno once said, “Sam scared the hell out of you…and was the funniest comedian…” Which is a very true statement because the man pushed the envelope, but he did with pure genius. One of the issues that would be considered not okay in this day and age was his topic on AIDS & the Gay community. They would have never stood for that if it was today, but it was the 80’s and not a lot was known about that topic back then. The man was respected by many including a lot of his own peers like Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, and so many more. Sadly, there will never be another comedian quite like Sam Kinison and to be honest I am OK with that because we don’t need clones. The special is available to watch on Youtube which is how I watched it so I definitely suggest watching this special to see how he pushed the envelope and made intelligent jokes. He does give all guys a very important lesson on how to please women in this special so it’s definitely worth watching. I am going to give the special an A for a final grade.

jo koyFor today’s Tuesday Stand Up, I was looking to watch and review a comedian that I didn’t know any of his work per-say and thanks to the advice of a co-worker, I decided to check out the work of Los Angeles Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy. Jo Koy released a comedy special through Comedy Central (the home of great stand up comedy) called Jo Koy: Lights Out which was recorded at The Alex Theater in Glendale, California which was also his second stand up special ever.  In the special, he tackles everything from bad advice from mom, roofies vs the roofie voice, being in the middle of a tornado in Louisville vs a earthquake in Los Angeles, Pulling out, pinkeye and ting ting (various other issues with kids), not messing with a Filipino mom (other issues with mom), his grandmother, and his battle with sleep apnea in this special that is non stop laughs.

jo koy 2I love Jo Koy’s style of comedy because he gets very involved in his jokes with the facial expressions and the impressions of his family which is just hilarious and fun to watch. One of my favorite segments is when he is talking about his mother because he does such a funny impression of her. He talks about how his mother never helped him with anything like if he was looking for his keys, his mother busted his balls about it. One of the other jokes that I thought was funny was when he as talking about his son contracting pinkeye three weeks in a row and he couldn’t understand why. Then he found out that his son was touching his ass and then rubbing his eyes. There are tons of great bits like this one on the special which focuses heavily on his kid and his mother. This was definitely a really funny special from Jo Koy and I really couldn’t stop laughing and it’s been a while since I laughed like this. To enjoy the special, you can see clips of it on Comedy Central’s website or you can watch it on Amazon Prime, but you have to rent it at the moment. Like I said, I enjoyed the special which is why I am going to give it an A for a final grade.

bruce lee fights back from the graveFor today’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film, I was looking to choose one that starred Bruce Li who tried to take over in Hong Kong as the next martial arts action star and as I was searching I cam across something that caught my attention. I see in the suggested titles “Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave” and it features really cool poster art to go with it. So, I watched the film and it’s basically about two brothers named Han Ji-Hyeok and Wong Hang (Bruce K.L. Lea). They are two completely different people as Wong believes in honor while Han wants to make some serious money. So, Han decides that he’s going to move to America to make some serious money and he is successful or at least that is what it seems to look like to Wong. Wong travels to Los Angeles to see his brother when he discovers that Han is dead. So, Wong declares that he’ll do whatever it takes to track down the men that killed his brother. The film also stars Deborah Dutch (Hard To Die) as Susan and the film was directed by Doo-yong Lee. Before we get into the review of the film lets check out some of the stats.


blfbftg stats











bruce lee fSo, I do want to remind you guys that there is only one scene that has anything to do with Bruce Lee in this film and that is the image of an impersnator jumping out of the grave after it is struck by lightning. After that, it switches to the story that I described above in this Bruceploitation (yes that was a real thing) film. I truly believe directors would use titles like this to sucker people into the films at the local grindhouse. As far s the film is concerned and the stats, he has 20 1/2 knockouts/kills in the film and five of them come against what I thought were the big bosses, but you’ll b surprised to see who that ends up being in this film. I also love the fact that when he was defeating one of the bog bosses, the scene would go in slow motion. His love interest in the film is Susan and she is constantly in danger in the film and she’s constantly getting hurt. As far as the technical aspects were concerned, it was a very choppy film with bad angles and bad lighting to go with a mediocre screenwriting. It was all over the place at times, but what do you expect from these films. Overall, I am going to give the film three fists out of five even though the fight choreography was a little off as well ,but it was still fun to watch.