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I was on the search for a Mashup that I had never heard of before and maybe from a producer I have never checked out before. While on the search, I found a very interesting mashup that instantly caught my attention that I couldn’t resist checking out from a certain Mashup producer again. I am a huge fan of rock band Kiss and Mashup producer Fissunix takes one of my favorite live Kiss tracks in Shout It Out Loud and he combines it with the Martin Solveig & Dragonette track Hello to create this week’s mashup of the week Shout Hello. The first comment that I am going to make about the track is that it is infectious because I keep hitting repeat over and over again. I am absolutely amazed at how well the two tracks work well together as they flow so naturally. So with that being said, it passes my one rule that I have for Mashups which is that it must flow right and sound right. To check out more from Fissunix, just check out his website here and enjoy the dance rock classic Shout Hello below:

This past Mashup Of The Week entries have all been from artists and producers that I respect a lot in the biz because they all follow my one simple rule which talks about flow and consistency. That is also the case for this week’s Mashup Of The Week which comes to us from DJ Lobsterdust who is another Mashup artist that I respect. Like I said, some of the most fun mashups I have seen in the past are when the producers take songs you never thought would work and DJ Lobsterdust does his best with I Will Survivor. The track takes the music from Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive and mashes it up with Survivor’s vocals from Eye Of The Tiger. I was a little skeptical going into this, but as soon as I heard the way it played out, I was convinced. It definitely follows my one simple rule and if you didn’t know either song, you would think that this was the real track. For more from DJ Lobsterdust, check out his website here. Otherwise, check out the track below:

It’s Mashup Monday which can only mean one thing and that it’s time for the Mashup of the Week. I have one for you guys from an Mashup Producer that I respect and it just sounds crazy from the sound of it. What happens when you take Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe and you mix with the prince of darkness Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train? Well that must of have been the same question that Isosine must have been asking when he Frankensteined this one entitled Maybe Train. You all know that my one big and important rule of making Mashups is that they have to mesh well and sound like they belong together and Isosine achieves that with this one. The way he isolates Ozzy’s vocals to be able to match up with Carly Rae’s song is just mind blowing. If you like this one as much as I do wait until you check out some of his other work. To see and hear more from him, check him out on Facebook here and on Youtube here. Otherwise, check out the track below:

I figured since I dedicated the Cover Of The Week to Nick Menza that I would do the same again today with the Mashup Of The Week. So I found an artist that took a Megadeth track from the classic lineup era of Megadeth and mashed it up with another track. Now remember my one rule that I have for Mashups and that is they have to sound right due to the fact that it flows right. The featured Mashup Producer YITT took Megadeth’s Tornado Of Souls from the Rust In Peace album and he mashed it with the Foo Fighters track The Pretender to make his track Tornado Of Pretenders. Now when the track first started, I was a little worried about the flow of things, but as soon as the track kicked in I wasn’t so worried anymore. In fact, it’s actually an enjoyable Mashup where Dave Grohl is singing over the Megadeth track. Every now and again during the chorus he injects a little of teh Megadeth song into it. It’s a very cool Mashup and if you want to check out more from him, then click here. Otherwise check it out below:

For titling purposes for the blog, I had to come up with a title for this week’s Mashup Of The Week because the DJ didn’t. As you all know I am a big fan of Mashups and this week’s Mashup Of The Week is done by someone that I respect in the mashup game in Gothra. Gothra has done some really cool mashups over the past couple of years and I have a good one for everyone today. Today’s Mashup, I called it Da Muthaphukkin Last Resort (again only because it didn’t have a title before) and it combines Papa Roach’s Last Resort with Eazy-E’s Da Muthaphukkin Real. I really loved this mashup because it follows my one simple rule for mashups and that is that it flows very nicely and it works. Hearing how the chorus and the verses of Eazy’s track and how it fits nicely in there is great. It just works so well and if I didn’t know any better I would think this was the actual track. Check it out for yourself below:

I used to do this segment on my other blog and I had a heck of a lot of fun with it because Mashups are a very cool art form. Although do not be fooled by what you hear because it’s not very easy to do and pull off. My number one rule when I decide what is worthy of being the Mashup of the Week is whether it flows correctly and properly. The art of a mashup is taking two or more songs and combining them into one, but if it doesn’t flow right then it’s just trash. The first mashup I chose for this week is from a man that I deem a master of the art of Mashups in Wax Audio. Wax Audio is actually the artist that turned me onto Mashups in the first place and he does them right. For this week’s Mashup, he takes the legendary Bee Gees disco hit Stayin’ Alive and he combines it with AC/DC’s comeback hit after Bon Scott’s death Back In Black to create Stayin’ In Black. When you listen to this track, you will know exactly what I am talking about because Wax Audio makes it seem so easy and flawless. Check it out below and check out Wax Audio’s website here.


MashopolosIn the first 100 plus albums that I have reviewed for this blog, I have reviewed various forms of metal, a comedy album, a rap album, and so far a tribute album. I wish I had covered this earlier, but now I am going to add a Mashup record to that list and one from one of the finest in the business. The art of Mashups is taking two opposite songs, mash them together, and create one really awesome product and that is exactly what Wax Audio has done. Wax Audio is a producer named Tom from Australia who started out as a musician in the local scene near Sydney before he started Wax Audio as an Anti-war project. He would later on start to create remixes or mashups of more pop songs and such and I am reviewing the first album Mashopolos which he released in 2007. No one in the metal and pop world is safe from Wax Audio as he mashes everyone from Metallica, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Bee Gees, Iron Maiden, Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, and even a Bollywood artist named Sunidhi Chauhan to name a few. There is only one imprtant rule that you must live by when creating Mashups and that is the music has to flow right as if they were the same song and not two different songs in one. If you want more information about Wax Audio like how to download some of the mashup albums, just visit his site here. Let’s check some of these out.

1. Black Zeppelin- Whole Lotta Sabbath– In this beautiful Mashup, he uses the Led Zeppelin track Whole Lotta Love as the base of the track as far as music with some parts from War Pigs, but Ozzy’s vocals are used with some occasional vocals from Robert Plant to War Pigs. This is truly an amazing Mashup. 5/5

ThunderBusters2. Thunder Busters– Another Mashup that blows my mind as Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters music is used as the base of the track with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck as the vocals of the track. 5/5

3. Stayin’ Alive In The Wall– This is another one of my favorites that follows every rule of Mashups because it molds very wel together as Stayin’ Alive from The Bee Gee is the base of the music while the vocals of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall PT 2. The choruses are always fun as they use both choruses from both songs together. 5/5

4. Hallowed Be Thy Enemy– This one I thought was going to be weird, but it combines both music from Public Enemy’s Public Enemy Number One and Iron Maiden’s Hallowed Be Thy Name as the base of the music at first, but then they just use the vocals from Public Enemy with Iron Maiden’s music. 4/5

5. Full Metal Jackson- This mashup may not seem like it makes sense to you right now, but he uses Metallica’s Eye Of The Beholder as the base of the music and the vocals from Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. It’s pretty awesome, editing at it’s best. 4.5/5

6. Back In Blackened– This one is an interesting track as it uses two tracks from Metallica and one from AC/DC. He uses Metallica’s Harvester Of Sorrow and Blackened as the base of the music and he uses the vocals from AC/DC’s Back In Black. 4/5

7. Mashing Up That Hill– I wasn’t very familiar with Kate Bush before I heard this track and I wasn’t too familiar with Sign ‘O’ The Times by Prince as well. He uses Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill as the base of the music with vocals from Prince. This is actually a really good mashup. I probably would have bought this back in the day if it sounded like this. 4/5

8. Maiden Goes To Bollywood– This is where things get really interesting as far as Mashups are concerned. He uses the music of Sunidhi Chauhan’s Crazy Kiya Re (Dhoom 2) at first on it’s own before it becomes the base of the music while Bruce Dickinson’s vocals from Flight Of Icarus comes in. This is actually really awesome. 5/5

MetallicaGoestoPunjab9. Metallica Goes To Punjab– Another very interesting mashup which takes Metallica and he mashes them with Panjabi MC. He uses both Panjabi MC’s Mundian To Back Ke and Metallica’s The Four Horseman as the base of the music with vocals coming mainly from Panjabi MC. 4.5/5

10. Dissolved by the Water All These Years (Cover Me)– This song sees Wax mashing Björk’s Cover Me with PJ Harvey’s Down By The Water, Tori Amos’s Silent All These Years, and Massive Attack’s Dissolved Girl. 4/5

11. Maiden Goes To Hollywood– This is the way to close out an album and that is do one that is massive. This is the mashing of Iron Maiden with Frankie Goes To Hollywood. He uses Iron Maiden’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Seventh Son of a Seventh SonThe Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Live), and Only the Good Die Young, and he mashes it with Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Welcome to the PleasuredomeRelax (12″ New York Mix)The World is My Oyster, and Relax. It’s absolutely massive, do you think you can handle all this. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– In my opinion, Wax Audio is definitely one of the best in the business at what he does and this first Mashup album is living proof of it. It’s fun to listen to, but not easy to accomplish. It takes a lot of skill and work to make the tracks flow the right way. I am giving the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

Anyone close to me knows that I Mashups because the work that is behind them is tremendous and of course I will explain why. You may think that Mashups are easy to create because all you’re doing is taking two different songs and molding them together, but there’s a lot more to it because you have to find two songs that will mold together flawlessly. You also have to be good enough to make the tracks work so that they are flawless and sound as if they could have recorded that way in the first place. This is the first time that I have listened to anything from creator Orbsonb, but he takes Iggy Azalea’s Fancy and he mashes it together with French metal titans Gojira’s Flying Whales. While I can sit there and say how much I love how Iggy’s verses fit well with the song, it’s the chorus that creator Orbsonb executes that is the true magic with the track. He slows down Charli XCX’s part enough to make it work with the song even adding some hints of the original track by Gojira. It was brilliantly done and I absolutely love it. So, check out the mashup below and check out Orbsonb on Youtube here.

You may be asking yourself what in the world is a mashup and if you’re old I can completely understand that question. A mashup is when you take two completely different songs and you take elements from one of them and you mix it with the other. The key though to making a great mashup is being able to have both songs flow flawlessly as if they were meant to be with each other and it was originally recorded that way. That is the true sign of an amazing mashup when it can do that and there have been some amazing mashups that are out there and Isosine is an amazing mashup master. This time around he has taken The Perfect Drug from the Nine Inch Nails from The Lost Highway Soundtrack and he mashed it together with Taylor Swifts Shake It Off from her album TS1989 to create Shake It Off (The Perfect Drug). What is scary about this mashup is that Trent’s lyrics dominate over the music of Taylor Swift and it’s actually really good and it passes the test. The song flows flawlessly and it feels like it belongs together. Check it out below and to check out more from Isosine, visit his Youtube site here.