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king diam masquerade singleFor the last 40 years, there has been no one better in the world of conceptual horror and metal music then Denmark’s King Diamond. Whether it was in Mercyful Fate or on his own, King Diamond has delivered some of the most amazing stories through his music and he has always stayed true to his style since day one. Now it has been 12 years since the last time we heard new music from King Diamond which was 2007’s Give Me Your Soul…Please and a lot has happened since then, but he has back now with brand new music in the track Masquerade of Madness which is classic King Diamond to the core from the eerie feeling to the mixture of high pitched wails and low growls, and the monstrous guitar riffs that shake you to your very core. The track is the first single off the forthcoming 2020 release The Institute which if it’s anything like this track then it promises to be an absolute banger. As of right now, King Diamond is currently on tour, but in 2020, he promises to be apart of the Mercyful Fate reunion that is slated to happen. So stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available to us including the release date of the new album. Otherwise, check out the track below and bang those heads.

mercyful fateOne of the most influential bands in the history of heavy metal has got to be Mercyful Fate and what they brought to the table. In a time that was about to be ruled by spandex and lipstick, a band from Denmark with a very theatrical lead singer was about to turn the metal world upside down. Mercyful Fate who were fronted by the very theatrical falsetto singing sensation known as King Diamond were about to release in 1984 what is considered to be a very influential record in Don’t Break The Oath. The album that featured heavy metal elements with progressive elements also featured Hank Shermann (Guitars), Michael Denner (Guitars), Timi “Grabber” Hansen (Bass), and Kim Ruzz (Drums) while the album was produced by Henrik Lund. called it the greatest Extreme Metal album of all time because it’s lyrics which dealt with Satan and the Occult would influence the black metal scene while ranked it 38TH in their top 50 Metal albums of all time. While the album may not have charted for the band, it’s influence in the metal community is obvious.

mercyful fate 21. A Dangerous Meeting– an absolute face melter right from the start helps set up this track about seven people who will hold a deadly séance that will claim their lives. 5/5

2. Nightmare– an amazing song about a man who is trapped in these nightmares with witches which strikes a resemblance to Dreams In The Witch House by H.P. Lovecraft. You have to love the guitar work as Denner and Shermann were amazing. 5/5

3. Desecration of Souls– an interesting track on the album that talks about lovers and Copulation in the graveyard, etc. A pure metal track from beginning to end that could have easily influenced the thrash crowd as well. 5/5

4. Night Of The Unborn– Musically this might be one of my favorite tracks on the album especially if you love guitar playing. King Diamond also does his best vocally combining all of the various vocal ranges his possesses. Not sure what he is talking about lyrically on this one, but it still kicks ass. 5/5

mercyful-fate-rr-34-9835-2-cd5. The Oath– The first track on side two may have been one of the most controversial songs back in it’s day with it’s lyrical content being about denying Christ and accepting Satan as your dark lord. I love the elements like the organ playing, the rain and thunder effects to go with it just helps and then the music starts and you are just blown away. 5/5

6. Gypsy– One of the more famous Mercyful Fate tracks that King continued to play in his solo career that has a killer groove to it. The track also has a killer guitar solo in it as well. 5/5

7. Welcome Princess Of Hell–  King’s vocal deliveries help make a track sound so much more evil just like this bad ass tune. Even though the track is listed as Princess, I think it was suppose to be Princes as King summons the sons of Satan. 5/5

8. To One Far Away– A short instrumental track with some chanting styled singing to give it that evil feel with some good guitar playing as well. 5/5

9. Come To The Sabbath– a very cool track that the guitars sound like people are racing to get to the sabbath, the annual meeting of witches and demons. 5/5

My Final Thoughts-I honestly thought from beginning to end that this was a perfect album that had everything you would want from a metal album. It had the face melting riffs along with the more eerie clean channel guitar riffs in the track To One Far Away. King Diamond was truly the ringmaster showman that he always is and he doesn’t disappoint. Check out the album for yourself as it enters the five star club (it gets five stars out of five).

kingWhen you think of some of the most iconic members of the rock and heavy metal world that rocked makeup better than anyone and made it cool, King Diamond is actually on that list. King Diamond (real name Kim Bendix Petersen) has been rocking the makeup since Mercyful Fate’s debut in 1982 when they hit the scene with their self titled EP. So, it’s hard to imagine King Diamond going on stage like it’s hard to imagine Rob Halford without at least one piece of leather while on stage and that is exactly what King Diamond had to do. During a stop at The Rave in Milwaukee for the 2015 Mayhem Fest, King had to go on stage without makeup after a doctor advised him not to due to an eye infection. The doctor had prescribed medicine for the infection and I think it’s safe to say that fans were accepting of the fact that he wasn’t wearing it. After all, the man is a metal icon and we are just happy to have him on stage once again. King Diamond posted something on his website that read like, “Fortunately there was no negative feedback from this, judging by how absolutely insanely amazing the audience responded to our show. It was so good to be back playing for you all! Stay heavy!” If you want to check out some photos from the event, you can do so by visiting The Rave’s website here. Otherwise, check out a couple of photos below and check out a fan filmed performance from the show below:

King Diamond 2 king diamond

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I chose the first album by Swedish Metal band Ghost because they’re getting ready to release their sophomore effort very soon. They’re a band that absolutely does not want you to know they’re true identity as they preach the word of the church of Satan, but they are lead by a man with a skull painted face and an outfit the Pope would dawn and he calls himself Papa Emeritus II and his band is simply known as the Nameless Ghouls. They released the début album entitled Opus Eponymous on October 10, 2010 and their popularity has sky-rocketed and their respect within the Metal community has grown immensely. Phil Anselmo of Down performed at the Download festival wearing a Ghost t-shirt and he even invited three of the Nameless Ghouls on stage to perform with him. He even changed the song title of Bury Me In Smoke to Bury Me In Ghost before Ghost took the stage. The band’s sound is very similar to Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Witchfinder General, and Mercyful Fate.

CS593201-01B-BIGThe first track on the album is actually an intro called Deus Culpa and it reminds me of walking into a Sunday mass to hear the sermon with the organs playing before it kicks into the next track. Con Clavi Con Dios starts with a very cool bass riff before the track becomes suspensful and chaotic at the same time with a very eerie sounding verse and just when you think things are a little calm, it becomes chaotic again. The track Ritual is very different from the last one where you see them flex their musical abilities channelling B.O.C and Sabbath. Elizabeth is a very straight up metal song with vocal harmonizing and strong organ playing in the chorus. The song has a very seventies metal feel to it especially in the guitar solo (which is pretty good). Stand By Him starts off with a drum beat that is very similar to Starry Eyes by Mötley Crüe, but other than that it is one of my favorite tracks on the whole album. The guitar riff is very chunky and bad ass and even though I am not a Satanist, his lyrics are very fitting for the song. Believe in Ghost, you will be head-banging  just not as hard as you would at a Pantera concert. Satan Prayer is doom metal at it’s best and it would make Sabbath very proud. Death Knell is very much the same style as the last, but more sludge metal pace with its very gloomy and creepy lyrics and singing style. Prime Mover starts off rocking and then it gets funky for a bit with the bass before it rocks again. I really love this bands technique of going pretty smooth with the verse before it goes chaotic like a cherry bomb that just exploded in your stereo. If you had the American release then Genesis was the last track on the album where the organist gets to flex his muscles before the band comes in like a freight train coming in at a 1000 MPH. The song reminds me of the technique a lot of NWOBHM used when they were writing songs like Iron Maiden with it’s epic guitar playing for example. It’s one of my other favorite tracks because it’s an instrumental. 

opuseponymous-clearbluewhitevinylNow if you were lucky to get your hands on the Japanese release of this album then you had a bonus track on the album. They do an amazing cover of the Beatles track Here Comes The Sun which was written by George Harrison. They make the song very evil and doom sounding which is right up my alley and it sounds like a track that was released 40 years ago. They do a terrefic job and I know that because a friend of mine is a Beatles aficionado and he doesn’t like a lot of Beatles covers and he enjoyed this one. This album overall was amazing and they were clearly the band of the year in 2010 and 2011 and I cannot wait to hear the new release entitled Infestissumam which is due out in April of this year. As far as this release is concerned I am giving it a 4.5 stars out of five. You should definitely check this album out before you divulge yourself in the new one.