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pedal to the metal 6 posterI have been doing the Alumni Takeover Weekend at Bridgewater State University’s WBIM 91.5 FM for the last five years and every year I generally played the same material as I did when I was a full time DJ at the station back in 2012 with Pedal To The Metal Radio. This year I wanted to do something a little different than usual and it was I wanted to showcase my love for music that is a little more extreme than what rock radio stations are playing. So that is exactly what I decided to do with my sixth appearance at the station when I hit the airwaves last night at 9PM to close out night one of two after following the longest running radio show in non commercial college radio history in The Basement. Right now, I want to thank the Alumni Association for putting together the Alumni Takeover event because the man behind the scenes in Peter Q does an absolute terrific job putting this together. Without him and the help of other alums, this wouldn’t be possible. I also want to thank all of the current DJ’s who were so courteous to give up their shifts for one weekend so that all of us could relive our glory days for one night. I also want to thank fellow Metalhead Matt Rau who usually has his radio show on Fridays from 7PM ET to 10PM ET for giving up his spot so that I could do my show. I appreciate it a lot and thank you. It was a fun show to do even though I had a little bit of a hiccup with the wrong song playing at the wrong time a couple of times, but other than that I thought it went pretty well. Also I want to add that below you will see Radio Premiere next to a track by the band Sodom and that is because I think I’m the only DJ in America to play that on the radio. It definitely got the blood going and the idea of wanting to get back into the game, but that is a discussion for another day. I definitely look forward to this every year and I ope that it continues happening for another 100 years and beyond. Check out the playlist and some of the artwork below:

PLAYLIST for 10/18/2019

1. Delusions of Saviour/Repentless by Slayer

2. No More Room In Hell by Possessed

3. Night Of The Shears by Axeslasher

4. The Eagle Flies Alone by Arch Enemy 

5. Layers Of Time by Lacuna Coil

6. Needled 24/7 by Children Of Bodom

7. Down On Your Knees by Sodom (Radio Premiere)

8. Head Of A Pin by Overkill

9. Rats by Ghost

10. Blood Eagle Wings by Anthrax

11. The Pale King by Testament

12. Twilight Of The Thunder Gods by Amon Amarth

13. In Waves by Trivium

14. Count The Dead by Abbath

15. Third Depth by Whitechapel

16. March Of The Norse by Demonaz

17. Iron Man (Live Vocal Medley) by Black Sabbath featuring Tony Martin, Dio, & Ozzy Osbourne

PEDAL TO THE METAL POSTER 6 PART 2 copypedal to the metal 6 poster part 2pedal metal 6 posterpedal 6 poster v2pedal 6 final poster

exhorder singleWhen you think of Groove Metal, the first band that pops into the minds of most metal heads is that of Dallas, TX’s Pantera. After all, they made the genre popular and they took it to new heights back in the 90’s, but what if I told you there was a band that pre-dated them in the groove metal genre. Would you believe me? Well, you should because the band that is considered the progenitors of the groove metal scene is none other than New Orleans Exhorder. The Groove metal titans returned to action back in 2016 when they reunited and now in 2019 have released their first album in 27 years (The Law was the last one) in Mourn The Southern Skies which was released on September 20TH via Nuclear Blast Records and was produced by Duane Simoneaux. The lineup now features former Superjoint Ritual guitarist Marzi Montazeri, Jason Viebrooks (Heathen) on bass, Forbidden’s Sasha Horn on Drums with vocalist Kyle Thomas and guitarist Vinnie LaBella as the only two from the original lineup that returned. The track I am presenting to you is the title track which is a nine minute epic that starts off very ominously with wind in the background as a clean channel guitar plays before Kyle Thomas comes in. The track does not disappoint as they bring the thunder and you should check it out below:


waiting by silvertombOne band that I loved and respected from the 90’s was Goth Metal act Type O Negative, but unfortunately Lead singer/bassist Peter Steele was taken away from us too soon and the band was no more. I felt as if the metal world was left with a huge void in it when Peter died, but his bandmates have lived on whether in bands like Seventh Void (Kenny Hickey & Johnny Kelly) or even A Pale Horse Named Death (Sal Abruscato & Johnny Kelly). For Kenny Hickey, things haven’t always been kosher as the guitarist has struggled in the past with addiction, love, and suicide, and the death of his friend Peter Steele. To try and help heal those wounds, Hickey has started a new band called Silvertomb which sees him reunite with Johnny Kelly once again and Hank Hell and he is joined by Joseph James (Agnostic Front) and Aaron Joos (Awaken The Shadow). Silvertomb also has an album coming out entitled Edge Of Existence on November 1ST via Long Branch Records. The album helped Kenny deal with the struggles that I mentioned before and while the band has already released the first single in Love You Without No Lies, they are back with a second single and this one is different in the song Waiting.

silvertombI say different because the song is very grunge like in the sound, but I have to say that I love the acoustic intro as it leads right into the metal and potatoes of the track. Kenny talks about the origins of Waiting saying, “After a long night in the studio wrestling with key changes and heavy riffs I became frustrated and picked up my acoustic and this song just sort of spilled out at 3AM. It was completed in around 15 minutes. I guess it was just what I needed: a straight up simple rock song to put my feet back on the ground.” Kenny continues to talk about why he decided to make Waiting the last track on the album, “I decided to end the record with it to refresh the ear after 36 minutes of dirge and weighty tuned down sludge, so it actually shares with the listener the state of mind I was in when it was written. It’s a song about wasting time and emotional energy over the things you’ve lost in life and the things you could never have.” I can not wait to hear more from these guys and hopefully we can see them on the road, but for now check out the track below and click here to check out all the pre-order bundles they have for you.



1. Insomnia / Sunrise
2. Love You Without No Lies
3. So True
4. Not Your Savior
5. One Of You
6. Right Of Passage / Crossing Over
7. Eulogy / Requiem
8. Sleeping On Nails And Wine
9. Waiting

Enslaved-E-SmallWhen one thinks of metal and the country of Norway, the first thing that comes to mind for most is the Black Metal genre that essentially took off from there. Very few realize that Black Metal is not the only genre that breeds bands to the world as we have seen in the 80’s with TNT or even in the last 15 years in Extreme Metal band Enslaved. So, I have decided that for this week I would check out an album from the band and I thought that I would start with E which was released on October 13, 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records and the album featured Grutle Kjellson (Vocals/Bass), Ivar Bjørnson (Guitars, FX, synthesizers, Piano), for the last time Cato Bekkevold (Drums),  for the first time Håkon Vinje (Keys, Organ, Vocals), and Ice Dale (Guitars). While it may have failed to chart in the US, the album was a success for the band as they took home the 2017 Spellemann Award for best metal album which is Norway’s equivalent to the Grammy beating out Satyricon. The album may only contain six songs total with two bonus tracks depending on what version you get, but it’s 50 minutes of intensity.

CS663979-01B-BIG1. Storm Son– It’s back to their Viking roots with this track as you hear the chants, the horses, the blowing of the horn, etc before a very melodic riff comes in to this 10 minute epic. Ivar explains to Loudwire that the track, “Storm Son’ deals with the duality of man and nature, how important and basic that relationship is.” The track is incredible especially with all the tempo changes and changes in vocal style.  5/5

2. The River’s Mouth-an in your face double bass smashing track that pays respect to Bathory and kicks ass as Ivar explains, “The theme here is your relationship with the “future”, as we describe it: The sensation of time moving along is a construction of our brains – physics claims all time to already have been “rolled out”; try wrapping our brains around that one!” 5/5

3. Sacred Horse– An 8 minute epic from the band that features one part with the organ playing that makes it sound like a heavier version of Deep Purple. The track is great and it has to be talking about Sleipnir who was an eight legged horse that was ridden by Odin. 5/5

R-10839532-1507817949-3685_jpeg_grande4. Axis Of The Worlds– I feel like this is a track that is referring to the fact that no matter what you do whether in life or death there will always be good and evil. I know they make references to Eihwaz which is kind of like a tree that is considered the passage way to another world through death. 4.5/5

5. Feathers of Eolh– a very entrancing track from the band that is another eight minute epic that takes you on a journey. The last track may have spoken about the Eihwaz and what it is, but I feel like this track talks about the other side. 4.5/5

6. Hiindsiight– I love how they transition from melodies right into doom like metal so easily and it especially is true on this track as they able to bounce back and forth. I love the different instrumentation that is present int his track as well. It was a bold move adding the sax to the track, but it works. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– I had honestly never listened to Enslaved before this experience and I have to be in honest in saying that I absolutely loved it because their seems to just be so many layers to this band that makes them more than just an Extreme Metal band. Kick back, relax, and just let the music take you on the journey. I am going to give the album 4.8  stars out of five for a final grade.

cattle decap singleIn a world where bands come and go just as quick as the fad sub-genres of metal come and go, no other has had the kind of staying power as San Diego’s very own Extreme Metal kings Cattle Decapitation. There are quite some few that slip under the radar, but these guys have been grinding it out on the road for years and fans of the band should be excited. I say that because the band has just announced that they are going to release their long anticipated ninth studio album Death Atlas on Black Friday in November via Metal Blade Records. It’s the band’s first effort since 2015’s The Anthropocene Extinction and it promises to be epic and we here can not wait to hear it. So to get us ready for the album’s release, the band has unleashed the single One Day Closer To The End Of The World. The track itself is punishing and in your face as it should be as they grind your bones into ash. The album has some incredible pre-order packages that you definitely need to check out and you can do that here. You can catch the band in Europe for most of the fall just before they return to the states for The Geocidal Tendencies Tour with Atheist, Primitive Man, ands more that leads right into the release of the album. Check out the single below:


81BbQMTakEL._SL1425_You never forget memories like where you were the first time you saw a movie that brings back pleasant memories. You never forget memories like the first time you heard a song from a band that you love and that was definitely the case the first time that I had ever heard of the Deftones. The first time I heard Sacramento’s Alt-Metal kings was the track Be Quite And Drive (Far Away) because it was unlike anything I had ever heard before so I had my brother purchase their second album Around The Fur which was released on October 28, 1997 via Maverick Records. The band was made up of Chino Moreno (Vocals), Stephen Carpenter (Guitars), Chi Cheng (Bass), and Abe Cunningham (Drums) while the album was produced by Terry Date. The album was pretty successful as it helped establish the band on the scene. A lot of critics felt that the album was a good stepping stone for the band because they were on the cusp of discovering who they really were. The album peaked at number 29 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts while it was a number one album on the Top Heatseakers Charts and it has gone platinum in the United States.

deftones1. My Own Summer (Shove It)– The first track off the album and the lead single help kick things off. With it’s Nu-Metal swagger guitar riff and soft sung vocals from Chino during the verses help setup the big time in your face chorus in a track that is using summer to symbolize people who hide behind a facade because the sun burns your eyes meaning you can’t see the real them. 5/5

2. Lhabia– the track kicks right off where the first one left off in this driving guitar riff in a fun song that is just about a kid who just wants to get laid because he is bored. 5/5

3. Mascara-The song is very slow and very ominous in it’s tone and I love his vocals at times in this song because he channels Robert Smith of The Cure in this track. I think the song is about him accepting his loved one even with all of her faults that she may have. 5/5

4. Around The Fur– A Nu-Metal track through and through that is all about his dislike of vain people because they seem one way on the outside but they are dead on the inside. He uses a fur coat as a metaphor to describe this. 4.5/5

5. Rickets– Another Nu-Metal styled track with some sick bass playing from the late Chi Cheng in this track that is all about even though someone is pointing all your faults, you know they are just ignoring theirs. 4/5

deftones 26. Be Quite And Drive (Far Away)– My favorite track on the whole album that has been described as a nu-metal track laced with some shoegaze in it. The track is all about how the narrator lost a relationship and has been trying to replace that person, but it doesn’t work. 5/5

7. Lotion-An in your face track that is all about how Chino can;t stand girls that are so vain that they only care about their looks, etc. 4/5

8. Dai the Flu– A bass driven track that is leaning more in the alt-metal side of things that is about a girl who is in a relationship with this guy even though she doesn’t care about him, but she’s just “sleeping” the time away. 4.5/5

9. Headup-this is a track that was co-written with Max Cavalera of Soulfly about both of them grieving over the death of Dana Wells who was Max’s Stepson and Chino’s friend. 4.5/5

10. MX-The last track on the album and a very bad ass track to end the album with that I believe is a track that is all about S&M with the sound effects and the woman’s voice like he’s calling a sex hotline. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– A lot of critics believed that with this album that they could sense that whole it was a good one that the band was close to establishing who they actually were and that is very true with the next release. Still, this is definitely an amazing album from the band in my opinion that still sort of held on to the Nu-Metal sound. That is why I am giving the album 4.65 stars out of five for a final grade.

feverThere were not too many metalcore acts that I have supported over the years, but there always one band that I stuck by and that is Welsh Heavy Metal/Metalcore act Bullet For My Valentine. The band was riding the high of the very successful Scream Aim Fire when they decided to enter the studio again in 2009 to write their third album Fever which was released on April 26, 2010. The album once again featured Matthew Tuck (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Bass but he received no credit for it), Michael “Padge” Paget (Lead Guitar), Michael “Moose” Thomas (Drums), and Jason “Jay” James who receives credit for bass, but he actually did not perform on the record. The album was produced by famed producer Don Gilmore who was known for working with Linkin Park and it showed as the album was successful for the band as it peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 200 Charts which at the time was the highest placement just above Scream Aim Fire which peaked at four. The writing process for the album was also different as Tuck was used to writing the music and then attacking the lyrics, but this time he wrote both at the same time. He talked about the whole experience saying to Metal Hammer, “We wanted to do something fresh and exciting, but that was still us. Having Don Gilmore was a very conscious decision. We didn’t want him to change us as musicians, just help with the vocals and get the best possible performances out of us. […] It’s a weird thing singing in the studio; you don’t get the adrenaline, the energy, the buzz, it’s you in front of a microphone looking at a guy staring at you. To get the performances out in the studio was hard, but Don was amazing. We rewrote the lyrics and melodies up to five times on some songs because he didn’t think they were strong enough. We worked insanely hard to get the vocal lines different but still Bullet. The vocals took longer than everything else on the album put together. It was brutal work, but I personally thought I had a huge point to prove so that’s why I stuck at it. […] Everyone’s buzzing about this one. We just tried to get that energy and excitement and vibe back into the band because the Scream Aim Fire [2008] sessions just ripped our hearts out of wanting to be in a band.”

51JMJUuPQLL1. Your Betrayal– The track comes exploding on to your speakers with a huge drum beats from Moose as Padge and co making their way in on the lead single off the album. The track is all about being betrayed by someone you love. 5/5

2. Fever– I love the ferociousness in the title track as it goes right for the throat in this song that is all about strippers and his desire to have one of them. 5/5

3. The Last Fight– One of the more successful tracks on the album as critics loved the track for the ability to be a ferocious track while also have great moments of melody that help carry you through all the delightful moodswings. 5/5

4. A Place Where You Belong– a very melodic power ballad from the band in a track that is all about the narrator recounting how he feels lost without the one he loves, but he hopes that she is in a better place. 5/5

5. Pleasure and Pain– The opening part of the track I absolutely love and the track is just in your face intensity from beginning to end in this track about someone who puts in all the work in a relationship, but gets nothing in return. 4.5/5

6. Alone– Matthew Tuck opens the song with a guitar solo before it launches into heavy metal overdrive in this track about telling your significant other that she can rot and die alone. 5/5

bullet7. Breaking Out, Breaking Down– a cool track from the band that is all about the idea of sink or swim, but in the idea of are your breaking out or are you going to break down and just wither away because you can’t blame the world for your problems all the time. 4.5/5

8. Bittersweet Memories– The band described the power ballad saying, “Bittersweet Memories’ is a classic Bullet for My Valentine fucked up love song about a relationship breakup. […] You know when you go through all the painful memories, but at the same time you’re fucking happy that you are now single, and you feel better off as you can now move on in your life? I guess it was chosen as the single as it’s the closest thing we’ve got to a big ballad on our album, and it sounds great on the radio!” 4.5/5

9. Dignity– a track that is all about going out of this world with dignity and never compromising for anyone ever. Screw what others think, fight for what you believe in. 4/5

10. Begging for Mercy– an in your face track that will smash your face before picking you back up for more. The track I believe was offered for free online at one time before the release of the album and man is intense as I believe it is about someone who is seeking revenge even though he knows it may be wrong, he is too invested in it. 5/5

11. Pretty on the Outside– The last track on the album that has the classic Bullet sound that is all about how he fell for someone who is so about themselves that they don’t care about others. The one thing I love about this track is the chorus because it’s just amazing. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This was a great album and I am not saying that the first two were not great because they were. This may have been the last complete album by the band that was phenomenal. They definitely left the thrash sound behind that they employed into Scream Aim Fire and it worked for this release which is why I gave the album 4.75 stars out of five for a final grade.