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botbFor this week’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday movie, I wanted to cover one of the films in the Best Of The Best series, but I wanted one with a high enough count for right now. I am also a huge fan of Phillip Rhee (The Kentucky Fried Movie) who played Tommy Lee in the first two films and returned to not only star as him, but he also directed Best Of The Best 3: No Turning Back. In this edition, Tommy Lee strolls into a town that has a whole lot of trouble on their hand in the form on Nazi Skinheads. The skinheads kidnapped the Reverend (Andra R. Ward) and they killed the man living his son an orphan and wondering where his father is. One of the big problems is that no one is fighting back to stop all the hate and violence until Tommy Lee comes around. Now it’s up to Tommy to step up and the voice of the voiceless as he fights for the town’s freedom from hate. The film also stars Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore) as Sherrif Jack, Gina Gershon (Killer Joe) as Margo, Mark Rolston (Aliens) as Donnie, Peter Simmons (Renaissance Man) as Owen, Anzu Lawson (American Yakuza) as Karen, Dee Wallace (Cujo) as Georgia, Michael Bailey Smith (Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four 1994) as Tiny, and R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket) as Preacher Brian. Now let’s check out some stats before we get into the review of the film:

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botb 3This isn’t one of the best films in the series, but it’s pretty decent and you get to see Tommy Lee once again. Gina Gershon is absolutely amazing no matter what role is given her, she always seems to shine the brightest. They deal with a very touchy subject in this film as it deals with Skinheads, but I am happy to say that Tommy beats the crap out of 34 of them. They continue to follow the story line from the second film which is good, but it’s not enough to contain an origin story. Gina is Tommy’s love interest in the film and we don’t see them do anything so that is why there is a no with one of the questions. R. Lee Ermery is an excellent speaker and is convincing as a preacher, but they toned him down overall for this film. I will warn you though that there isn’t a lot of action in the beginning of this film, in fact nothing really happens until Tommy arrives. You know what this film was missing? It was missing a little Eric Roberts and all of his facial expressions. All jokes aside, I did enjoy the film and I am cool with the message of stop the hate because not enough people are preaching that. I am going o give Phillip Rhee in his directorial debut 3.5 fists out of five for a final grade because nothing tops Best Of The Best 2. You can check this out now on Netflix!


fantastic fourYou might be wondering about this week’s Super Sunday film entry considering we did the Fantastic Four last week, but I have a never before seen version for all of you this week. Roger Corman, the B-movie king who has produced more than 500 films in his career made this low budget version of The Fantastic Four that never saw the light of day. A group of four astronauts goes on a space mission that ends up being disastrous and they are forever changed after their spaceship explodes. Reed Richards (Alex Hyde-White) has the ability to stretch so he becomes Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm (Rebecca Staab) has the ability to become invisible and she takes the name The Invisible Woman, Ben Grimm (Michael Bailey Smith) becomes this rock like thing that has super strength hence his new name The Thing, and Johnny Storm (Jay Underwood) has the ability to control flames and he becomes the Human Torch.  Together they will battle their arch enemy in Dr. Doom (Joseph Culp) who they thought was dead. The film also stars George Gaynes (Police Academy) as the professor, Kat Green (She’s All That) as Alicia Masters, Chuck Butto (Phantasm III: Lord Of The Dead) as Weasel, Carl Ciarfalio (Out Of The Furnace) as The Thing, and the film was directed by Oley Sassone (Bloodfist III: Forced To Fight).

dr. doomYou can immediately tell right from the start that this film is a Roger Corman produced film all the way and I honestly think I should have saved this for Cheeseball Cinema. This is one of the cheesiest superhero films that I have ever watched from the over acting to just about anything like the special effects, but they did what they had to do with a low budget. I can certainly understand why this never saw the light of day or why for a long time people never took these films seriously. The acting has to be the worst part about this film and I was surprised to see Michael Bailey Smith in this film after seeing him in so many horror films. A lot of the scenes are just too way over the top and overacted completely. The only thing I liked in this film better than the big budget version was the way Dr. Doom looked because it was really as authentic to the comic book as it could possibly be. For a final grade, this may seem harsh to some of you, but a D+ is the only foreseeable grade I could give this film. Again, there is a reason why this never saw the light of day, but you can watch it on Youtube.