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1There just seems to be a plethora of comedy specials that have been coming out lately in 2017 or it might just be the fact that Netflix knows I love stand up comedy. Nonetheless, there is a crap ton of comedy specials that I have to watch before the end of the year to decide who is up for Stand Up Special of the year. One of my all time favorite comedians from the late 90’s into the 2000’s was the legendary Dave Chappelle who disappeared for a while. In 2017, he returned with not one, but two comedy specials that were released together, but from two different locations. I had already covered the first comedy special that he did so it was only logical to tackle the second one which is titled Deep In The Heart Of Texas: Dave Chappelle Live At Austin City Limits. Filmed live from the legendary Austin City Limits, Dave tackles some of the most risque, but interesting topics like Aids and Ebola, Racism, Paula Dean, Donald Sterling, Lil Wayne, Banana incident, Snowball Incident, Ray Rice, the word pussy, male obgyn’s, gay bloggers, Michael Sams, getting extorted through VHS, masturbating and so much more in this hilarious special.

2If you are wondering how real the banana incident is then I want you to check out this article and take a peak at the clown who did it. I didn’t believe that it was real or maybe I just didn’t want to believe it because I figured people were better than that. There is always someone who proves me wrong from time to time. Dave is hilarious in the comedy special as always and he has a certain way of putting a funny twist to serious topics like the Michael Sams topic. He descried how he didn’t like what Ray Rice did, but then asked if Michael Sams assaulted the person he loved, would it be considered domestic violence or two dudes working out their issues? Dave Chappelle is also very socially aware and he sneaks some of that in when talking about certain subjects like AIDS vs Ebola with the quote of (and I am paraphrasing), it’s funny how AIDS comes out in the 80’s and only attacks blacks, gays, and drug addicts. He does have a very interesting point there when he says it, but let’s not forget that he is a comedic genius and it shines through. You have to love him because he also interacts with his crowd very well during the special like asking for a cigarette and getting a bunch tossed his way or just when he tries to explain the premise of his jokes. Check this one out for ssure on Netflix right now as we speak and I am giving the special an A- for a final grade.


katt williamsFor today’s Tuesday Stand Up comedy special, I wanted to review a comedian that I have been a huge fan of since day one. Everybody remembers the first time they saw Katt Williams. Well, at least I remember the first time I saw Katt Williams which was in Friday After Next. Well, after tons of amazing comedy specials that were downright hilarious, Katt Williams returned with a HBO comedy special titled Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife which was aired on HBO in 2014 which was performed at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Cal. In this one hour special, Katt tackles tons of topics within several themes that fill up the hour from being united, stopping racism, and issues of trust. Within those themes, he talks about his life, getting arrested five times in five days, weed places, America, Oklahoma Tornado, Paula Dean, Dikembe Mutombo, homophobia, Jason Collin, Dennis Rodman, Michael Sams, church, Pope Francis, Atheists, doctors, Michael Douglas, and so much more.

katt 2Katt Williams is honestly one of the funniest men in the world and I do not care what people think of the next statement. I put Katt Williams in the same class of African American comedians as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock. I have never once watched a comedy special from Katt Williams and not laughed uncontrollably. The man has an ability to be serious and funny at the same time. There are very few comedians in the world that have my respect like the respect I have for Katt Williams. Not only are his jokes funny, but he is also a very physical comedian who almost acts out the jokes which amplify the hilariousness even more. One of my favorite parts of his set besides the wardrobe malfunction had to be when he talked about watching white people in their natural habitat referring the show Swamp People. The way he acts out the joke is very funny and his whole bit on homophobia is pretty funny too. If you have never seen a special from this man then you are doing yourself a great disservice especially if you are a fan of stand up comedy. He is definitely one of the greats and that is the bottom line. I am giving this special an A- for a final grade.