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music-bowl-51It must be a blessing and a curse to be in the MusicBowl because this is the third one that we have done and it seems to me that whoever has won this has lost the SuperBowl. Last year, Corrosion Of Conformity won MusicBowl 50, but the Carolina Panthers lost SuperBowl 50. This year in record breaking numbers, Sevendust won MusicBowl 51 by getting 89% of the vote which was beating your opponent (Godsmack) by 142 votes total. Maybe it’s the curse of the MusicBowl that has happened or maybe the Russians interfered in the game which is why they lost. No matter the reason for it, Sevendust is your MusicBowl 51 winners and what that means is that I am going to cover a Sevendust record for the album of the week. So stay tuned for that when it comes, but for now enjoy this win.


1035x1035-deliverance-1800-1397054313As I had promised all of you before, whoever won Musicbowl 50 was going to get an album reviewed by me for the album of the week. Corrosion Of Conformity, who took home the championship is the band I am going to review. Before 1994, every album that Corrosion Of Conformity had put out had a hardcore/thrash influence to it. When the band released their fourth album Deliverance in 1994, they shed the hardcore/thrash influence and went with a more Black Sabbath-esque/stoner metal sound. Deliverance had a lot of firsts for the band besides the change in style. This was the first album to feature James Pepper Kennan on lead vocals and it was the band’s first album with Columbia Records. The rest of the band featured Woody Weatherman (Guitars), Mike Dean (Bass), and Reed Mullins (Drums). The album was very successful for the band at the time as it peaked at number 155 on The Billboard Top 200 charts (it’s their third highest charted album in the band’s career as Wiseblood is number one). The album also peaked at number five on the Heetseekers chart as well and it boasted two top 20 singles on the Mainstream Rock charts.

1. Heaven’s Not Overflowing– a hard rocking track about the stupidity of man as the author sees nothing but violence, hatred, etc. all around him. 5/5

000283158_rovi-1_full2. Albatross– A sick Sabbath like track that has those slow demonic like riffs and the guitars are loud. According to one site, an Albatross is “A metaphor for a dead weight or burden that one must carry, especially when the burden is not a literal one but a stigma of some kind that one cannot easily discard or throw off.” So you can imagine what the song is about. 5/5

3. Clean My Wounds– a cool guitar riff that is hard charging in a track about a man whose sins are so bad that not even God can heal them. 5/5

4. Without Wings– a very cool instrumental track with some acoustic guitars 4/5

5. Broken Man– a hard, loud, and slow paced doom metal in a track that talks about a man who has been through it all that he may be a broken man, but he’s stronger than you. 4/5

6. Señor Limpio– a hard charging southern tinged track about a man who wants it all, but he can’t get it. 4/5

7. Mano de Mono– Another instrumental track on the album. 4/5

8. Seven Days– One of my favorite guitar riffs that has that southern metal sound to it that you can hear in Down.It’s kind of a song that makes you think about what you have done with your life. 4/5

Corrosion_Of_Conformity-Deliverance-CD9. #2121313– Another instrumental track 4/5

10. My Grain– Supercharged metal madness from the guys which could be a party song about a guy who gets so wasted and ends up with a migraine. 4/5

11. Deliverance– A kind of funky jam with a cool bass line during the verses before the guitars come in. Deliverance means “the action of being rescued or set free” and the lyrics make it look like they’re talking about somebody who isn’t either ready or deserving of saving. 4/5

12. Shake Like You– a track whose lyrics are powerful and smart as they discuss the stupidity of mankind through their usage of religion. 4/5

13. Shelter– an amazing and beautiful track that features some cool pedal steel playing by Bruce Smith tat gives the track that country flavor. 5/5

14. Pearls Before Swine– a very eerie and looming riff starts the track off with some incredible bass playing. I am little hazy on the lyrics because one source says it’s about Stefan Lux and I don’t see that in the lyrics, but with the title it makes sense. 4/5

My Final Thoughts- This album started my obsession with C.O.C. going forward in the future. It’s definitely one of their best albums the band made, but most of their albums are kick ass. Definitely check out Deliverance and then move forward with Wiseblood. I am giving the album 4.4 stars out of five for a final grade.


Music Bowl 50 MatchupThe Denver Broncos may have been the big winners of Superbowl 50, but it was a completely different story for Musicbowl 50. This year was the first time that we pinned two bands to represent the two team in the Superbowl. For the Denver Broncos, we had power metal legends Jag Panzer who hail from Colorado Springs. For the Carolina Panthers, we had Stoner Metal/Crossover Thrash legends Corrosion Of Conformity who hailed from Raleigh, North Carolina. We left it up to you the fans to decide who was going to win by voting and after waiting until the 4TH quarter to look to see who won Musicbowl 50, you gave the win to Corrosion Of Conformity. With that win, I am going to review an album from the band for the album of the week as part of winning it all. So, once again, congratulations to Corrosion Of Conformity on winning Musicbowl 50.

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Music Bowl 50 MatchupThis is the second time that we are doing the Musicbowl here on Moshpits and Movies, but we just call it Musicbowl 50 to go along with the Superbowl. Superbowl 50 is tonight which means that the Carolina Panthers are taking on the Denver Broncos with one team hoping to taste glory for the first time while the other wants to be on top of the mountain one more time. For this years edition of Musicbowl 50, we are changing it up a little by selecting a band from each teams area. We are pinning them together and you will vote as to who the winner of Musicbowl 50 is going to be. On one end, we have a legendary southern metal/crossover thrash/stoner metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina in Corrosion Of Conformity. In the other corner we have a legendary power metal outfit from Colorado Springs, Colorado in Jag Panzer. Both bands have been around for a very long time, but only one can be winner of Musicbowl 50. Both of the bands have endured lineup changes over the years, but both have spawned some legendary guitarist like Pepper Kennan (C.O.C.) and Chris Broderick (ex-Jag Panzer, ex-Megadeth). Who are you going to vote for? You have until the start of the 4th quarter of the Superbowl game to decide.