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extractionWe are rolling right along with Ass Whoopin Wednesdays and this week we turn to Netflix to help us with some action packed cinema. For weeks and weeks people have been telling me that I had to check out the new film that was adapted by Joe Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) in 2020’s Extraction (based on the book Ciudad by Ande Parks) which was directed by Sam Hargrave in his feature length debut. Chris Hemsworth (Thor/Jay and Silent Bob Reboot) stars as Mercenary for hire Tyler Rake who has been hired to go in to Bangladesh to rescue a Mumbai drug lord’s son from a rival drug lord. The only problem is that when he successfully grabs the kid, all plans go haywire and now he has to try and navigate through a foreign country that was just placed on lockdown. The film also stars Rudhraksh Jaiswal (The Tenet) as Ovi, Pankaj Tripathi (Gangs of Wasseypur) as Ovi Sr., Randeep Hooda (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai) as Saju, Golshifteh Farahani (Body Of Lies) as Nik Khan, Priyanshu Painyuli (Bhavesh Joshi Superhero) as Amir Asif, David Harbour (Brokeback Mountain) as Gaspar, Suraj Rikame in his debut feature as Farhad, Rob Collins (The Wrong Girl) as Rata, and Adam Bessa (Of Sound Mind) as Yaz Kahn. Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

extraction stats

extraction-movie-review-2020Alright, we know that Chris Hemsworth is a total bad ass as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but how did he do as a mercenary? Well he has about 64 kills/knockouts in this film (give or take) and he doesn’t really have an origin story other than he’s a drunk with nothing to lose and no family. We only find out that his kid died of cancer and his wife left him. Obviously since his wife left him, I think it’s easy to say that he has no love interest and no one really close to him was hurt at all. The big boss is defeated, but you’ll have to see how it is done for yourself if you want to know how it happens. This was an amazing film that is action packed from beginning all the way to the end and it should be no surprise with Russo adapting the film and Hemsworth producing it. The cinematography and the editing teams deserve some really credit for how amazing this film turned out because they did such an amazing job with it. The action scenes are exciting and they’ll keep you on the edge of your seat with all the explosions, kicks, broken bones, and more. Hemsworth is absolutely captivating as the mercenary who at first is just doing a job until he realizes that he is just a kid who hasn’t had a real chance because of the entire BS in his life so he makes it a personal mission. I do have to say that Randeep Hooa was also a bad ass in this film as a former Special Forces guy who used to protect the kid and also wants to bring him back. I wish I took down his stats, but I didn’t. Anyways, this was an awesome film that you need to check out as I give it five fists out of five for a final grade.

COMIC TITLE: GLOW Vs The Babyface #2 (2019)
Hannah Templer– Artist
Aimee Garcia & AJ Mendez–Writer
December 18, 2019
IDW Publishing 

Glow_BabyFsace_Acvr_02-768x1165One of my favorite TV shows on Netflix and in the world in general is the fictionalized show GLOW which stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. The show may be fictionalized, but it’s based off of a real life TV program that ran in the 1980’s. Earlier in the year, IDW Publishing put out the GLOW comic book and it was pretty awesome and now they have put out a side project called GLOW Vs The Babyface which features former WWE Divas Champion AJ Mendez as one of the writers as she joins actress Aimee Garcia (RoboCop) with Hannah Templer (GLOW) doing the artwork. In the previous issue, the crew is frantic and nervous because a news crew who is looking for any reason to shut them down is coming for an interview. That is when they discover a stowaway by the name of Elizabeth who has been living under their ring. At first she seems innocent until she turns the tables on them and proves to be a pain in the ass for Sam. In issue #2, Sam is hellbent on getting rid of the child, but he lets his guard down when he meets her mom and she may prove to be a bigger problem for Sam and co. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is trying to stall the news crew that is already there and waiting.

glowThe comic book has so many layers to it and what I mean by that is that it has so much going on in just one issue. There are a couple of subplots that really help the story move forward and I enjoy that about the comic. There’s the main plot which deals with this news interview, but then there are the subplots with one being the girl, the other being the mother and her big mouth, the problems between Sam and his daughter Justine, and then everything happening with the other girls. So that means that there is plenty to keep you glued and you can tell that AJ and Aimee are fans of the show. I say that because they have truly nailed down the way all the characters act and they definitely nailed it with Sam. That was the test to me because Marc Maron brings a certain magic to the role when you see it on the show and they do a great job capturing it for print. One thing that I do want to comment on is that I do not hate the artwork, but it does it’s job. Hannah does a terrific job handling the vision and she does well with the actions, but it’s just not my favorite style. Don’t worry though because I am hooked and here for the ride all the way to the end because the story is amazing. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+

36thchamberThe whole idea of starting Ass Whoopin Wednesdays was to view and review the types of films that I have checked out in the past and the very title that I have for you guys today. No the title above is not the Wu-Tang Clan album, but the very film that inspired it in Shao Lin san shi liu fang otherwise known to the rest of the world as The 36TH Chamber Of Shaolin. Things are not going very well in China especially in the area known as Guangdongas the Manchu clan has taken over and they are ruthless as they kill anyone they think will rebel against them. With no other choice, a man known as Liu Yude (Chia-Hui Liu) is forced to flee to the mountains where he is trained in the art of Kung Fu by the Shaoiln Monks. Now known as San Te, he enters the 35 chambers of training and is quickly one of the fastest rising pupils they have ever had and when asked what chamber he would like to rule, he asks to be able to teach commoners in the country the art of Kung Fu. He is then “banished” where he returns to his old village to try and save the day! The film also stars John Cheung (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) as Lord Cheng, Lieh Lo (Five Fingers Of Death) as General Tien Ta, Chia Yung Liu (The Legend Of The Drunken Master) as General Yin, Wilson Tong (Dirty Kung Fu) as Tang San-yao, Yue Wong (Dirty Ho) as Miller Six, and the film was directed by Chia-Liang Liu (Dirty Ho). Before we get into the review, let’s check out some stats:

36_chambers stats

7dd8e37d02d85da5f992Alright let’s go over the stats for San Te, most of the film is spent watching him train through adversity in every chamber to come out as the best student. When it finally gets to the village that is where he begins to kick ass and take names which he does as he defeats 20+ suckers in one fight scene. He doesn’t really have an origin story because we see what happens to him as the film progresses and he does not have a love interest at all. His father and friends are all killed and brutalized by the Manchu clan. The big boss is eventually defeated by San Te or at least the big boss of that area and he is off teaching the people Kung Fu. What is there not to love about this film and I can see why the members of the Wu-Tang Clan were obsessed with it because it truly is one of the best Kung Fu movies out there. The film would be made and released four years after Bruce Lee, but it packs quite the punch and I loved the process of the 35 chambers. I thought that was one of the strong points for the film in where we see someone so desperate to learn fail and then succeed to only let down those who thought would fail. So, it’s kind of inspirational in that sense where it’s telling you to never give up and be better than what you were that day. The action sequences and fight scenes were fantastic while a little over the top at the time especially with the blood splatter, but that is what we love about these films. The acting was great, the makeup department did a great job especially with the bruising and etc. That is why I am going to give this film an A- for a final grade and if you are curious then check it out on Netflix now!

ERREMENTARI-THE-BLACKSMITH-AND-THE-DEVILOut of all the types of films that I have chosen and reviewed for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I can’t remember ever choosing one that had sort of a medieval/fantasy element mixed in with the horror. That is why when I went to Netflix and saw this film Errementari: The Blacksmith and The Devil I was very curious and I wanted to give the film a chance and it makes sense for Halloween since so many kids dress as devils. This is a Spanish Fantasy/Horror film that was directed by Paul Urkijo Alijo (Monsters Do Not Exist) and it stars Kandido Uranga (When You No Longer Love Me) as Patxi, a blacksmith who sells his soul to the devil in order to be able to see his wife after so many years in war. Uma Bracaglia plays Usue, an eight year old orphan girl who is a little different than the rest of the children in the village who by chance discovers something that the rest of the village doesn’t know and that is Patxi has a demon prisoner. The film also stars Eneko Sagardoy (The Night Watchmen) as Sartael, Ramón Agirre ([Rec] 3: Genesis) as Alfredo, José Ramón Argoitia (For 80 Days) as Mateo, Josean Bengoetxea (Cell 211) as Santi, Ortzi Acosta (El Bosque Negro) as Alastor, and Maite Bastos (Hospital Central) as Blanca.

blacksmith-devil-still-threeOne of the elements of the film that I loved was the imagery in this film and the style that most of it was filmed in. The tone of the film is very dark and bleak and it has the look of the film of 300. It works and it adds to the overall mood of the film with that creepy element. The imagery in the film is just insane from the blacksmith’s house and property and then the best of all is the trip to hell that the blacksmith takes with his prisoner. From the looks of Hell in the film, it’s a cool looking place if you’re a metal head, but not a place I would want to end up for eternity. The costumes and the sets were well designed and I liked how every demon in the film looked different which was a nice small detail. Whatever you do though, when you are watching the film do not turn on the subtitles because the subtitles do not completely match what they are saying even though the film was dubbed in English. The acting was done really well for the most part and I say that because some of the bar patrons were just too much for me at times. Other than that, the acting was really good from the girl, the blacksmith, and the demon. If you’re into the fantasy element of horror, this was a really good take on a classic story and a full circle kind of film. That is why I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

R-2542972-1500984918-1755.jpegIt is Mötley Crüe week here on Moshpits and Movies where we are celebrating the release of the band’s brand new Netflix biopic The Dirt which was released this past Friday (March 22). We figured that we would cap off Mötley Crüe week by covering one of the band’s albums for the Album Of The Week post and we are giving you two albums for the price of one this week. On November 10, 1981, the band which was made up of Vince Neil (Vocals), Nikki Sixx (Bass), Mick Mars (Guitars), and Tommy Lee (Drums) would self release their debut album Too Fast For Love on their own label Leathür Records. Eventually when the band was signed to Elektra Records, the label would remix the album and re-release it in August of 1982. As far as the track lisiting and artwork is concerned, we are giving you the Leathür Records Edition of the album which features ten tracks as opposed to the nine track Elektra Records release. The original pressing of the album was limited to 900 copies to which the band quickly sold and the re-released version  eventually went Platinum while also peaking at 77 on the Billboard Top 200 charts.

MOTLEY_CRUE_TOO+FAST+FOR+LOVE+-+1ST+ISSUE+2ND+PRESSING+WINSERT+1-951b1. Live Wire– The fierce and ferocious opener kicks off the show with one of the most popular tracks that band performed throughout their careers. I think the track is about when your young you think you’re unstoppable just because what you think you bring to the table is fresh and new. 5/5

2. Public Enemy #1-an awesome track that takes a look at how amazing just being young, wild, and free is because you break all the rules and everyone wants you. The song was co-written with Nikki’s former London bandmate Lizzie Grey who is credited on the song. 5/5

3. Take Me To The Top– an amazing song that has a slight punk rock feel to it at times that is all about fighting those inner demons and temptations as you go to the top. 5/5

4. Merry-Go-Round– a slow and methodical track that apparently is about something that Nikki witnessed as a kid in Seattle when he saw a man refuse to come off a Merry Go Round and was taken away in a straitjacket. 5/5

5. Piece of Your Action– This is the last track on side A and one of two songs that Vince Neil co-wrote on the album that is the original version of Ten Seconds To Love (not really, but as far as lyrical meaning it is). 5/5

Motley Crue - Too Fast For Love (Leathur) - Back Cover6. Starry Eyes-Another amazing song that is musically in the same style as Merry-Go-Round and it’s all about a girl who you are just memorized by because she can do things no other can. The song features one of my favorite builds up to a guitar solo the band has ever done. 5/5

7. Stick to Your Guns– a very Aerosmith like swagger to the track int he beginning before the band launches into overdrive Mötley Crüe style. The track is all about doing what you think is right for you and screw what everyone else says. 5/5

8. Come on and Dance-a cool, raw hard rock classic that is all about a stripper and what this stripper can do that just hooks all the guys in. You have to love the cowbell playing that Tommy Lee includes in this song. 5/5

9. Too Fast For Love-The second best track on the record that is already amazing to begin with and that punk infused rock is awesome in this track that is all about living that rock star life. 5/5

10. On With The Show– Another amazing song and what an amazing track to end an album with. The track is song is almost autobiographical at the time for the year as it chronicles the death of Frank Feranna Jr. and the birth of Nikki Sixx. This is the second song on the album that was co-written by Vince Neil. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– Besides Shout At The Devil, this may be the greatest Mötley Crüe record ever recorded due to the fact of how hungry the band was and how raw their sound was in this track. Shout featured a more polished sound that was provided thanks to Elektra and their resources. I love every single song on this record which is why I am going to give the album 5 stars out of five for a final grade. Welcome to the five star club!!!

shout cover of the weekWe are continuing to celebrate Mötley Crüe week here on Moshpits and Movies thanks to the release of the Netflix biopic The Dirt which was released this past Friday (March 22ND). Mötley Crüe are one of those bands that was very influential as they were the leaders of the pack back in their time so it’s safe to say they influenced a lot of bands. Steel Panther is a band that pays tribute to the decadent days of the 80’s in a very exaggerated way, but that is the fun of it. While on tour in Indianapolis back in December of 2018, Steel Panther were on stage at the Old National Centre and they performed Shout At The Devil live and thanks to Fat Samurai on Youtube, we can watch it and it kicks ass. I am not 100% sure who is playing bass for the band in the video, but he’s doing his best impression of Nikki Sixx which I give him credit for. Satchel does an incredible job shredding on guitar while Michael Starr takes the vocals to a whole other level. Check out the live performance below:

51qMElGc5NL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_It is Motley Crue week here on Moshpits and Movies as we continue to celebrate the release of the new Netflix rock biopic The Dirt which is based off of one of the best selling rock autobiographies The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band that was written by Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee, and Nikki Sixx alongside Neil Stauss and we are covering here for Heavy Metal Book Report. The way the book works is that each member of the band gets their own chapter to tell some wild and insane stories that also features chapters from Doc McGhee and Tom Zutant as well. The book tells the wild and insane story of the one of the 1980’s most decadent and dangerous bands in the world as they take you on a true journey through sex, drugs, and good ole fashioned rock and roll Motley Crue style. You get to travel alongside the band as they describe all their triumphs alongside all the tragedies that made the band notorious all over the world. It’s a one way ticket through hell and back so you better make sure that your strapped in because it’s a journey that you’ll never forget. Hear all the stories that made the film like the story of Bullwinkle, the tragic death of Razzle and everything that happened while Vince was in jail to the night that Nikki Sixx died and came back to life and so much more.

91S8-v4yBBLFor anyone that has read this book, there is so much that I would have loved to have seen make the film, but I understand how screen writing works versus writing a novel. One of the things that is probably going to happen to you is that if you had a favorite member before, it could possible change during this book. That was one of the things that happened to me when I read this book. I was a huge Vince Neil fan growing up because I thought he was the coolest frontman ever, but after reading the book I instantly became a fan of Nikki Sixx who is the unsung hero of the band. You have to read about his journey as a kid to adult that was toned down heavily in the film because it will shock the hell out of you. There is one story that just tugs on your heart strings and it’s about a sister that he never knew he had and the tragedy behind that story will bring a tear to your eye. One of the things that made me laugh at times was how every member had plenty of pages per chapter and then there’s Mick Mars who at times wouldn’t write much. He lived up to his persona even in the book, but he has some pretty interesting info as far as his backstory is concerned. As I said before in the previous paragraph, this book takes you on one hell of a ride and you’ll feel so dirty when it’s done that you’ll need a shower (just kidding, but seriously though). This is probably my favorite rock autobiography of all time that has never been duplicated and with that being said, I am giving the book five stars out of five for a final grade.

The Dirt SingleThe film that you all have been waiting for since the rumors some years ago and the announcement during their retirement tour press conference is going to drop on Netflix this month. That’s right, I am talking about the Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt which stars Machine Gun Kelly a.k.a. Colson Baker as Tommy Lee, Iwan Rheon as Mick Mars, Daniel Webber as Vince Neil, and Douglas Booth as Nikki Sixx. To celebrate the film, the band returned to the studio to record four tracks together which includes a cover of Madonnas Like A Virgin and the track we chose for today’s Rock Single of the Week in The Dirt (Est. 1981) featuring Machine Gun Kelly. The track at first has a very Shout At The Devil feel with the intro, but when the band comes in, it’s very Saints Of Los Angeles sounding which is cool because it’s the natural evolution of the Crüe. If you wondering what it sounds like with Machine Gun Kelly, I have to say that his part is not overwhelming as it fits the track perfectly and it doesn’t overtake it. One of the other common questions asked is how is the band getting back in the studio without wanting to reunite and tour? Nikki answered that question in an interview with Classic Rock saying, “Yeah, I miss the guys, and I miss playing with them, and playing that music, but everyone’s fairly busy with their own thing. That’s a whole conversation that we haven’t even had at that point.” He however did not deny nor confirm the rumors, but simple said, “I don’t know if we ever will.” Check out the film on Netflix and check out the single below:

COMIC TITLE: Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #1 (2019)
Simone Bianchi – Artist
Mark Millar –Writer
February 20, 2019
Image Comics

sharkeyHere is a little bit of a confession before I get into today’s comic book of the week and that is Netflix had no influence on my choice today because I had no idea. Every week, I go to and I check out the comics that are coming out every week. At first the title Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #1 did catch my attention and when I saw hat Mark Millar, the man behind Kick-Ass and Superman: Red Son was the writer of the comic, I had to pick this comic up ands that is why issue #1 is our comic book of the week. Sharkey is one of the best bounty hunters in the land and it proves it right in the beginning when he catches the very illusive Jax. The only problem now for Sharkey is that when he was trying to enjoy the company of a woman (who is turning herself into a truck, FYI) he is interrupted by a ten year old kid who was the nephew of the man he caught. The kid tells him that he has to fly him 300 light years away so that he doesn’t end up homeless. The other problem for Sharkey is that a call comes in on a big job that could solve all his financial woes, but the kid is with him so what does he do?

PEKVz_WXThe comic book is definitely unique as we are in a fantasy space adventure that has women that don’t identify as human, but rather as machines. So, there is the social aspect that was injected into the comic, but that is just one minor detail because the comic book is pretty fun to read and towards the end of the comic, it looks like things are about to heat up. I love the fact that Sharkey rides around in an ice cream truck ship and as ridiculous as it may seem to most, it’s cool that he just owns up to it. It’s kind of clever because who would suspect an ice cream ship driver anyways? I have to give a lot of props to Simone Bianchi (Thanos Rising, Star Wars) because he does one hell of a job drawing up this fantasy world that just looks absolutely amazing. The colors used for the comic just pop at you and I’m not sure if it’s completely down in that water color style, but it’s detailed where it needs to be and the varying colors are great too. I really like the story and where it’s heading so I’ll definitely be back to check out issue two when that drops especially considering it comes from Image. Check out the comic yourself and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+

COMIC TITLE: G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte #1 (2019)
Michel Fiffe – Artist
Michel Fiffe –Writer
February 6, 2018
IDW Publishing

GI-JOE-Fiffe-Cover-1I would normally post this review on a different blog site, but I decided that I would bring my love of comic books to the blog that matters (at least to me). One of my favorite cartoons and action figure lines of the 1980’s has always been G.I. Joe, a division of the Military that is brought in to defeat terrorist organizations like Cobra. It has been a passion of mine that was re-sparked by a Netflix documentary series entitled The Toys That Made Us which goes into the history of G.I. Joe. While IDW Publishing currently holds the rights to produce a comic book series for G.I. Joe, they decided to make an offshoot miniseries entitled G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte and we are covering the first issue which was released today as our Comic Book Of The Week which was written and designed by Michel Fiffe (Copra). Everything is going according to plan for Cobra Commander with the acquisition of arms and a new base until his arch nemesis G.I. Joe show up to try and save the day. Something is just not quite right with the whole mission according to both sides and Cobra Commander is about to face a really big issue that could put a halt to his plans.

gijoe_sierra_muerte_01-pr-page-003If you love G.I. Joe and all the wonderful characters like Cobra Commander, Major Bludd, Baroness, Zarana, Zandar, Lady Jaye, Road Block, Rock N Roll, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, etc then you’ll love this comic book. Michael Fiffe takes his imagination and he literally runs with it and it was awesome. I love the relationships between some of the characters like the one between Baroness and Major Bludd which combusts pretty quickly or seeing Storm Shadow as a member of G.I. Joe and how he reacts to Cobra is great. The adventure itself is full of betrayals and confusion as each side is jockeying for the upper hand in this constant battle. So, overall in the writing department, I think Fiffe does an awesome job and he stays true to who they are which is another plus for me. My only problem with the comic overall is the artwork which isn’t bad, but it’s good enough that I will continue to read the comic. It’s action packed and it ended on a such a cliffhanger that I have to know more of what is going on. Check out the comic which hit the stands today and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: B

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+