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motley crueTonight is supposedly when all bad things come to an end for hair metal legends Motley Crue as they prepare to play their last show ever tonight at The Staples Center in Los Angeles. It’s kind of a sad moment for yours truly as Motley Crue was the first metal band that I fell in love with when I was a kid. I can remember hanging out with my older brother listening to Shout At The Devil on Cassette at night. I can still feel the electricity I felt the first time I saw all the original members back together again in 2005 at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. I can remember being right in front of Tommy Lee when he shot up to the ceiling to do his drum solo at The Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI the following year. I remember riding the bus to school every day with my walkman listening to Dr. Feelgood which I forced my mother to buy me (I was only 7 when the album came out).

10508181_104158163295753_1280681589_nI remember being blown away by how close to the stage I was when I worked the Pit for Cruefest 2 at The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA. Motley Crue has filled my life with so many great moments and memories that I just wanted to take the time to thank the band. I can’t believe that this is the end, but the end is just the beginning of something new. We have solo material to look forward to from Vince Neil, we have Nikki Sixx’s amazing band Sixx AM to look forward to, and whatever Tommy Lee or Mick Mars decides to do in the future. So, for all you lucky Californians that get to see this show, revel in the moment and soak it all up and party like it’s 1985 all over again. Never fear though because the band announced that the final show is being taped for a concert film that will air in theaters and be shown on Pay Per View. The concert side is being directed by Christian Lamb while Jackass director Jeff Tremaine directs the documentary side of the film. Be on the look out for that and stay updated by going here. With all of that being said, R.I.P. Motley Crue (1981-2015) thanks for all the memories.

a2As many historians have stated about horror films and slasher films in particular, John Carpenters Halloween kicked off the holiday slasher craze in the 80’s. So for Cheeseball Cinema, we have New Years Evil about a man (Kip Niven) that calls up a hotline and tells the host (Roz Kelly)  of a New Year’s Evil show that he plans to kill a person at the stroke of midnight in every time zone in the United States with California’s being the last. All she wants is for her show to go off without a hitch for the need for potential sponsors. The only problem is Evil is serious and has something special planned for her later on. The film also stars Louisa Moritz (The Last American Virgin) as a victim,  Grant Cramer (Killer Klowns From Outer Space) as Derek Sullivan, Jed Mills (Casino) as Ernie, Teri Copley (I Married A Centerfold) as Teenage Girl, and Chris Wallace (Don’t Answer The Phone!) as Lt. Clayton.

a3For one thing, Teri Copley is a very hot former playmate that is featured in this film and you get a little boob in her shot. This film doesn’t blatantly follow the b-movie code of T&A, but the story is what is pretty good in my opinion. The idea that he switches costumes to make his appearance different for every victim is good. The whole film, you don’t really know this guys real identity until the end an then you say, “Ah I see, that makes sense I guess.” Some of the acting is cheesy especially from the son, who has this weird emotional response to everything. Until you see the killer’s face, you think that the son is the murderer. There aren’t out of this world kills, but he delivers something different for every victim. Overall, I really liked the film so on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being close to an A-list film and 5 being the cheesiest film of all time, I am giving the film a 3 because it’s B-Movie gold.


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