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For this weeks;s single of the week, I turned to Danish rock titans Volbeat after they announced the title of their upcoming sixth album Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie which comes out June 3RD via Republic Records. Frontman Michael Poulsen talked about the album saying, “After months writing and recording, we’re thrilled to finally be able to unleash Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie into the world. Play it loud!” The band also unleashed a brand new single from the album titled The Devil’s Bleeding Crown and while the song is a barn burner, the opening guitar riff reminded me of another track. The tracks ferocity and structure reminded me of Nickleback’s Burn It To The Ground. The only thing that is different is the chorus to the track. I’m not denying that the band created a bad ass track because the guitar solo is sick, the singer sounds like a heavy version of Elvis, and they are definitely more bad ass than Nickleback. Check out the track below, some of their tour dates here, and see the track listing for the new album below the video.

Volbeat-Seal-the-Deal-and-Lets-BoogieVolbeat, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie Track Listing

01. The Devil’s Bleeding Crown
02. Marie Laveau
03. The Bliss
04. The Gates of Babylon
05. Let It Burn
06. Black Rose
07. Rebound
08. Mary Jane Kelly
09. Goodbye Forever
10. Seal The Deal
11. Battleship Chains
12. You Will Know
13. The Loa’s Crossroad

comecleanI was a little torn as to what album I was going to choose to do for the album of the week this week. I was going to choose a Red Hot Chili Peppers record until I found out what happened at the Super Bowl (which I really don’t care to clear it up), but I finally think I found the record. I remember hearing about a band from Kansas City, Missouri that earned a record contract by sneaking their way backstage to hand Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit their tape. Fred loved what he heard and he signed PUDDLE OF MUᗡᗡ to his label Flawless Records. At the time, Flawless had only released the Family Values 99 tour CD and one of Wes Borland’s side projects so PUDDLE OF MUᗡᗡ’s Come Clean was the first real record the label had released back on August 28, 2001. I was not totally bought and sold on the band until I had seen them open for Korn on the Untouchables tour and so I ventured to the record store and I bought the album. The band at the time was made of of Wes Scantlin (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals), Paul James Phillips (Guitar), Douglas John Ardito (Bass), and Greg David Upchurch (Drums) with Josh Freese contributing on drums as well. The album was produced by John Kurzweg (Creed) and Fred Durst and Jordan Schur served as executive producers.

comeclean 2The first song on the record which also served as the first single on the record is not titled The Smack My Ass song which is what we use to call it back in the day. The name of the track was called Control and it was one of those hard rocking tracks that explored the topic of vanity in an interesting way. Drift & Die was the next track on the album and it was a semi-acoustic/electric tracks that was brought over from their 1994 record Stuck. Even though it’s not the most popular song on the record, it did spend 7 weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks which isn’t too shabby. Out Of My Head is the next track on the record and it’s grunge like power chords dominate the speakers that remind you of the formula Nickleback uses to get their popularity. Puddle Of Mudd gets sludge happy in the next track Nobody Told Me which has elements of Alice In Chains in the track. Blurry is a track that I call the bands power ballad and it was written primarily based on how Wes missed his son Jordan even though it is said that the track is about break up and cowardice.

comeclean3She Hates Me is a track that Jimmy Allen wrote about his bad break up from his girlfriend. There are a lot of people that believe that the band plagiarized the chord progression because of how similar it is to the Suicidal Tendencies track I Saw Your Mommy.  Bring Me Down is the next track on the record that has a sound similar to Nirvana while Basement is a full octane boosted pop version of a Nirvana song. Said‘s music would make Pearl Jam proud while Never Change has that Ten vibe to it as well. Piss It All Away has dark Stone Temple Pilots/Zeppelin like vibe to it with the acoustic guitars. I don’t think it’s the greatest album ever written, but it’s definitely a head of it’s class in the Post-Grunge category. Nickleback definitely took the ball and they ran with it to create the career that they did. This is the highest selling album that Puddle Of Mudd would ever release going 3X platinum. Scantlin has had some real legal issues over the past couple of years which may be the reason why the group hasn’t released anything since 2011 covers album. So, for a final grade I am going to give the album 3.3 stars out of five.

SteelPantherBallsOut600Gb250112Who would’ve thought that this rock band from LA would make the splash they have made in the scene today. I’ve seen people call Steel Panther a joke hair metal band, a parody band, and they might be those things, but Steel Panther kicks major ass. I have converted people from all different walks of rock and metal into Steel Panther fans with a listen of Feel The Steel, the band’s second album and their major label debut. For a while before the release of their third record Balls Out, I wondered if Michael Starr (Vocals), Satchel (Guitar),  Lexxi Foxxx (Bass), and Stix Zadinia (Drums) could top the Feel The Steel. For one thing, they had a real bad ass album cover of a sexy chick holding some big steel balls. One thing I love about this band is that for a long time, bands were writing sexual messages in their songs, but they were hidden in meanings. Steel Panther will just come out and tell you that they want to F&*# you in their track. I always like telling people about this cause I kind of feel like a music nerd, but Michael Starr at one time was a member of the LA Guns.

big (1)The album starts off with the intro titled In The Future which has Dane Cook tell us in a very In The Beginning from Shout At The Devil like voice that it’s the year 6969 and a lot of other crazy info is happening. Supersonic Sex Machine takes over with a real badass riff as Michael Starr sings in the first person as a robot that is an advanced sex machine. Just Like Tiger Woods is the next track on the record and we are greeted with a meaty sleazy riff while they tell you that if you want to be like Tiger Woods then you basically need to get rich. 17 Girls In A Row is a song that has swagger as it challenges the male libido everywhere. Can you have sex with 17 girls in a row? If You Really Really Love Me is one of the coolest power ballad like songs that pretty much tells the significant other to look the other way if they really love you. It Won’t Suck Itself is a song that is a complete innuendo, but the track features Chad Kroeger from Nickleback singing a verse while Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme plays the guitar solo. I feel Tomorrow Night is that rock anthem in the same vein as Party All Day where you can’t help, but sing along to the chorus. Why Can’t You Trust Me is the ballad of the album cause it’s not a rock album without one. That’s What Girls Are For is a sleaze filled rock anthem that is bound to piss off any feminist out there where Michael teaches us what girls are here for.

Every guy should listen to Gold Digging Whore as the band gives very important advice. For example here is an line from the song, “She’s gonna suck all the money from your bank account, then she’ll f*** all your friends. She’ll do a gang bang with your friends, yeah.” I Like Drugs is an adrenaline fueled rocker about how they love drugs. See Marilyn Manson used to complain about how he didn’t like the drugs, but the drugs like him. Well for Michael, he actually likes them, but drugs don’t like him. The guitar is walling in Critters, a track about anal sex, but he offers some good advice here. Here is the secret to nailing a stripper, “If you’re at the strip joint hanging out with the guys. When you get a table dance just look her in the eyes, tell her that she’s ugly and treat her really mean. She’d really want to fuck you ’cause strippers have low self esteem.” Let Me Cum In is a blues tinged track about either needing a place to stay or a place to keep your junk warm. Weenie Ride is a kind of a funny track that is a ballad complete with a piano to make it more touching. I just have to say one thing before I grade this amazing album and it’s for Stix. You still owe me an interview from right when this album came out. So, I am waiting, but I am going to give this album 4 stars out of five for a final grade.