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ccgf_CDArtwork--3It has been quite some time since we last did a single of the week and I have brought it back with a bang. Who is Waylon Reavis? He is a name that all metal heads all across the world are very familiar with because in 2004 he picked up the ball in Mushroomhead and ran with it in a very successful manor. With Mushroomhead, he was apart of some landmark releases like Savior Sorrow or a personal favorite in The Righteous & The Butterfly which was subsequently his last album with the outfit. Now Waylon has a new band in A Killer’s Confession whose debut album Unbroken is available digitally right now with the physical release this upcoming Friday (May 12TH). The album is being described by some as being “equal parts beauty and tragedy and takes the listener on a journey to the edge of insanity and back.” Whatever the case may be the band’s first single A Killer’s Confession is a symphony of brutality that should leave metal heads everywhere desiring more and more of it. The track is definitely equal parts beauty and brutality as it balances the two elements very smoothly throughout the whole entire track.

a killer's confessionThe album was produced by Waylon Reavis while the track above was co-produced with Thom Hazaert with Richard Easterling (American Head Charge, Doll Skin, Emperors and Elephants) engineering and mixing the album as well. Reavis is joined on the album by fellow band members Jon Dale (drums), JP Cross (bass), Matt Trumpy (guitar), and Paul Elliott (guitar) and the band is signed to EMP Label Group which is a label that is owned by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. When asked about his feelings and thoughts on the band and record, Waylon commented saying, “I am so proud of this project, and being able to come back with an absolutely KILLER record, with KILLER musicians. Anyone who has been a fan of anything I have done previously, is absolutely going to be floored by AKC.” When it came to signing with EMP Reavis stated, “I am so thankful to Thom and David for believing in me and getting behind this project the way they have.  I have been watching everything they’ve done the last year, and I am so proud and excited to be part of the EMP family.” As I stated above, the album will be released this Friday and be sure to check the band out when they hit the road with Nonpoint at the end of the month. Check out the video below and check out the tour dates below that as well:


With Nonpoint

05-30-17 in Lancaster, PA at The Chameleon

05-31-17 in Easton, PA at One Centre Square

06-01-17 in Hampton Beach, NH at Wally’s

06-02-17 in Providence, RI at Fete Ballroom

06-03-17 in Portland, ME at Port City Music Hall

06-04-17 in Syracuse, NY at Lost Horizon

06-05-17 in Rochester, NY at Montage Music Hall

06-07-17 in Fort Wayne, IN at Rusty Spur

06-08-17 in Indianapolis, IN at Birdy’s Live

06-09-17 in Columbus, OH at Alrosa Villa

06-10-17 in Toledo, OH at Toledo Music Festival

As promised here is your second single of the week from the rock side of life. Nu-Metal band Nonpoint is back with a brand new album, song, and they’re even on a new label. The band has unleashed the new track Generation Idiot which comes off the band’s upcoming record The Poison Red which is slated for release on July 8TH via the band’s new label Spinefarm Records. Led singer Elias Soriano talked about the track and it’s meaning saying, “Over the past five years, I began to notice people, myself included, getting lost in a few of the simple things — life, art, passions. Everything became a reality TV blog with pictures and comments, likes and dislikes, online bullies and online tough guys. And no one is talking anymore. Everything is texts, e-mails, replies and denies. They’re all anchors. They all suck the life out of life. It creates zombies with unhinged appetites. It’s a real zombie apocalypse and, motherf–ker, I’m grabbing a machete and a shotgun.” That is him describing the internet and sadly it sounds about right. The band has some pretty cool pre-order bundles that you can check out by going here. The band will also hit the road this summer with some dates including Buckcherry and another tour with In This Moment later in the summer. See all of their tour stops here otherwise check out the track below:

It’s been a very long time since we last did a cover of the week and to be honest we haven’t really kept it going for just the fact that we have forgotten to. So, we return this week with a cover that I have always enjoyed and I picked this one due to a Dodge commercial that I have been seeing a lot lately. If you haven’t noticed, Dodge has been running a commercial for it’s sports cars that contains the Phil Collins classic In The Air Tonight and I couldn’t help, but think of the Nonpoint version that was included in the film Miami Vice. The song was also included on the band’s third album Recoil and it’s honestly one of my favorite covers. Nonpoint’s version stays true to the original as far as the tempo is concerned, but the band adds some Latin elements to the track which make it unique and at times they make the song a little heavier as well which updates it. I am also a huge fan of Elias Soriano’s vocals on the track which may not be like Collins, but it works tremendously for their version. I suggest you check out the track below because this is a lesson on what it means to cover a song.