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2This week is going to seem like the week of animated music videos here on the blog as we unveil your metal and rock videos of the week today. One of the most legendary southern metal bands out of North Carolina has always been the one and only Corrosion Of Conformity. Since the band returned with Pepper Keenan in 2014 for IX, it was about that time that we would start begging for new music from the guys and in 2018 that is exactly what you are going to get as the band prepares to release No Cross No Crown on January 12TH which is their first album via Nuclear Blast. While we patiently await the arrival of the new album, the band has delivered an early gift for all of their fans by unleashing an animated video for the track Wolf Named Crow. The video was directed by Costin Chioreanu and it’s a trippy journey as we see a wolf and a crow rise to power in separate journeys that are brought together over a toast to their rise to power. Mike Dean talked about the track saying, “Wolf Named Crow’ started with a couple of riffs Pepper was sitting on for a while. We learned those and collectively came up with a bridge on the spot and it fell together naturally. It reminds me of a new take on Wiseblood-era COC and Reed played some very original, yet very Bill Ward inspired fills. It’s easily my favorite track on this record.” Check out the video below:

Alright for this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are leaving Canada and we are coming back to the US and we re going south. We are going to North Carolina to check out Enemy In Disguise, a metal band from Eastern North Carolina. I discovered the band on The Rock Shop in Fayetteville’s website as the band is opening up for Fear Factory and Soilwork. The name instantly sparked an interest and now they are my Unsigned Band Of The Week. It is very hard to pinpoint what exactly the band sounds like because they mix elements of metal and rock into their sound like the Deftones and I love the balance between the hardcore like vocals to the clean vocals especially in the track I chose for today. I chose the band’s track Black Lung which mixes all these different elements for one hell of a concoction. This is definitely a band that is worth checking out and you should by going to their Facebook page or their Reverb Nation page. Otherwise, check out Black Lung below:

Music Bowl 50 MatchupThis is the second time that we are doing the Musicbowl here on Moshpits and Movies, but we just call it Musicbowl 50 to go along with the Superbowl. Superbowl 50 is tonight which means that the Carolina Panthers are taking on the Denver Broncos with one team hoping to taste glory for the first time while the other wants to be on top of the mountain one more time. For this years edition of Musicbowl 50, we are changing it up a little by selecting a band from each teams area. We are pinning them together and you will vote as to who the winner of Musicbowl 50 is going to be. On one end, we have a legendary southern metal/crossover thrash/stoner metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina in Corrosion Of Conformity. In the other corner we have a legendary power metal outfit from Colorado Springs, Colorado in Jag Panzer. Both bands have been around for a very long time, but only one can be winner of Musicbowl 50. Both of the bands have endured lineup changes over the years, but both have spawned some legendary guitarist like Pepper Kennan (C.O.C.) and Chris Broderick (ex-Jag Panzer, ex-Megadeth). Who are you going to vote for? You have until the start of the 4th quarter of the Superbowl game to decide.