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MI0002401703Now that WrestleMania week is over, it’s time to get back into business here at Moshpits and Movies. Traditionally anytime I hold a competition, I always cover an album from the winning band for the Album Of The Week and I have been meaning to cover an album by today’s featured band. I am actually quite surprised that I have never covered an album from Sevendust before especially after 200 plus albums. Sevendust back in February won MusicBowl 51 over Godsmack so traditionally we have to cover one of their albums and I chose the band’s second studio album Home for this week’s album of the week. The band was made up of Lajon Witherspoon (Vocals), John Connolly (Rhythm Guitar), Clint Lowery (Lead Guitar), Vinnie Hornsby (Bass), and Morgan Rose (Drums). The album was released on August 24, 1999 via TVT where it would peak at number 19 on The Billboard Top 200 charts and stayed there for three weeks. It also peaked at 16 on The Top Internet Album Charts and number 10 on the Top Independent Album Charts.

MI00027167821. Home– A big bass riff and those drop tuned guitar shreds open up the album in this track that seems to be about someone who is having a rough time at home which is supposed to be the safe place to be. 4/5

2. Denial– One of my favorite tracks on the album that fades in with a cool guitar riff, but when it kicks in it’s heavy as f*** and it grooves like no other. It seems to be about a guy and how he is sick of constantly opening up to a girl who refuses to do the same. My favorite part of the song is right when the 3 minute mark hits. 5/5

3. Headtrip– A very melodic intro starts the song that has a kick ass groove as soon as the music hits and it has a bad ass riff. 4.5/5

4. Insecure– A cool instrumental intro. 4/5

5. Reconnect– The last track leads right into this one which is all about how you feel that you’ve been a slave to all the BS and now you want to break free. 4/5

6. Waffle–  The track starts with a melodic riff before it kicks in with a sledgehammer like riff. It goes back to being melodic during the verses before hammering down with the choruses. The song seems to be about someone who is sick of the same old same old and is looking for something new. 5/5

home7. Rumble Fish– A sick hammering riff with groove kicks off this one about fighting against temptations that drag you down. 4.5/5

8. Licking Cream– A track on the album that features a cool bass riff during the verses and it features an English artist named Skin doing co-vocals. 4.5/5

9. Grasp– The song is about being friends with someone and when they are going through tough times, you go through it with them, but they’re always taking more and more of you. 4/5

10. Crumbled– An interesting intro to the song, but when it kicks off, it shifts into groove overdrive and it’s awesome. Hornsby shines on this track about no matter how many times you go down, you get back up. but if you don’t then you just crumble. 4.5/5

11. Feel So– A little bit of a hip hop groove in the beginning riff, but otherwise a cool track in a song about feeling hopeless. 4/5

12. Grasshopper– a quick intro of the band in the studio 2/5

13. Bender– A cool track to end the album that features Chino Moreno of the Deftones and Troy McLawhorn (of Doubledrive at the time). It’s heavy, it grooves, and it even caters to Moreno’s vocals as well. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– A kick ass album from a kick ass band that obviously avoided the sophomore jinx with this release. I have always held this band and Lajon in the higest regard because I am also a huge fan of Lajon’s vocals. I am going to give the album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.

suicidesilence2017One of the most controversial subjects in all of metal or deathcore is the brand new album that is going to be released by deathcore giants Suicide Silence. The self titled album comes out this Friday (February 24TH) via Nuclear Blast and it’s garnered a lot of flack because of it’s change in sound and style. I for one am all about artists reaching out to find their creative sides because that is what is all about. Being in a band is all about evolving and according to the band they are just exploring the many influences of deathcore. Nonetheless, earlier in the year, the band released a music video for the first track off the record called Doris and this is definitely a finalist for Metal Music Video Of The Year. The band released a 360 degree video which means that you can mess with what you see from various images of the band performing live to recording in the studio and more. It’s definitely a cool way to get fans introduced to the record and what they have in store for all of you. Check out the video below and mess with the angles a little.

music-bowl-51This is the third time that we are doing the MusicBowl here on Moshpits and Movies, but once again we are just calling it Musicbowl 51 to go along with the SuperBowl. SuperBowl 51 is tomorrow night which means that the New England Patriots are taking on the Atlanta Falcons with one team hoping to taste glory for the first time while the other wants to be on top of the mountain for a fifth time in 15 years. For this years edition of MusicBowl 51, we are once again selecting a band that represents each team and it’s region and we are pinning them against each other with you deciding the winner. On one end, we have one of the hardest working bands from a hard working city in Godsmack who hail from Boston, MA as they take on one of Alt Metal/Nu Metal’s hardest working acts that has persevered through triumph and heartache in Atlanta’s Sevendust. Both bands have been around the scene now for more than 20 years having taken two completely different roads to where they are, but only one can come out of this contest triumphant. Is it going to be the New England Patriots and Godsmack that walk out winners or is it going to be the Atlanta Falcons and Sevendust that taste glory. You have until the start of the fourth quarter of SuperBowl 51 to decide who the winner is and let your voices be heard.

81ico0ec2l-_sl1448_As I have stated many different times before, I am always looking for different albums to cover that I enjoyed for the album of the week post. The other week, I went to my local shop and  I picked up a special edition of Metal Hammer Magazine as it was their 100 Greatest Albums Of The 21ST Century. It made me curious only because the century is only about 16/17 years old now and what albums would make the list. Some of the bands and the albums that were picked may leave you confused as to why they were placed where they were, but that is the beauty of a list. The number 10 album on the list was the debut album by Californian rap/metal outfit Linkin Park in Hybrid Theory. The band was unique because it contained a singer in Chester Bennington, a MC in Mike Shinoda, a DJ in Joe Hahn, Brad Delson on Guitars and Bass, and Rob Bourdon on Drums. Nu Metal was coming in at an all time high and Linkin Park was that band that when this album was released it just blew up. The album debuted at number 16, but peaked at number two on The Billboard Top 200 Charts, number one on the UK Rock & Metal Albums Charts, number four on the UK Charts, Number one in New Zealand, and it reached number two in Australia, Austria, Germany, and Italy as well as going three in Belgium. To date the album has reached Diamond Status by selling over 11 Million albums in the US.

linkin_park_-_hybrid_theory_b1. Papercut– The track features the signature sound that we would get used to from Linking Park where it starts with the turntables and then right into these powerful guitar chords and then it calms down for a verse from Shinoda right before Bennington takes over for the chorurs. 4.5/5

2. One Step Closer– The single that started it all for the band with the typical sound I described above, but with Bennington handling vocals. Cool story though, producer Don Gilmore inspired the words to the chorus after making Bennington do take after take. It was with that frustration that he came up with the chorus. 5/5

3. With You– This is a cool track that has a little more of the turntables incorporated into it’s sound and it has those big power chord riffs in a track that talks about relationships and the emotional attachments involved. 4.5/5

4. Points Of Authority– a real driving track with the power chords that talks about child abuse. 4/5

5. Crawling– One of my favorite tracks on the album that is different than any of the other ones, but still packs that serious punch which is once again about child abuse. Bennington was a very angry young man with a lot of baggage. 5/5

6. Runaway– It has that punch in the beginning and chorus, but it’s all bass during the verses. It’s one of those songs I feel about being young and out in the world. You’re still trying to figure out just who you are. 4/5

linkin-park-official-hybrid-theory-2001-0087. By Myself– a track about someone who just never seems to have the luck where everything just goes wrong. No matter what he does. It features rapping from Shinoda with Bennington singing the chorus. 4/5

8. In The End– This is my favorite track on the album that starts with the piano beat on a loop in the beginning with Shinoda rapping the verses with Bennington singing in the background before he screams out in the chorus. 5/5

9. A Place for My Head– The track has a cool guitar riff in the beginning which continues all the way through with a monster bass riff in a track that’s all about cutting the BS out and being one with another. 4.5/5

10. Forgotten– A track that starts off charging before the tempo slows down for the verse before picking up again for the chorus about forgotten love. 4/5

11. Cure for the Itch- A song in which Joe Hahn gets to shine with his turntable skills. 4/5

12. Pushing Me Away– The last track on the album that explores those relationships that you know are over, but the couple is still trying to hold on to something. This is a great track on the album that brings us back to the style of Crawling or In The End. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This was Linkin Park’s biggest album and the one that sent them into fame and fortune. They have released stellar albums after this, but this is the one that started it all. They were hungry and you can tell in the music. I remember when I saw this album for the first time, I was in college and we were invited to a listening party to it in NYC. Sadly we never made it to NYC, but we enjoyed the hell out of this album. I am going to give the album 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.

One of my favorite bands from the Nu-Metal era is definitely Papa Roach, a band that rightfully evolved with the times when it came to their third album Getting Away With Murder. The band has always been evolving their sound since then with every release. Now the band has a new album coming out which is untitled as of yet and is the follow up to 2015’s F.E.A.R. and they’ve unleashed a new single. The name of the track from the album is called Crooked Teeth and it’s an awesome adventure of sound as it explores all the different sounds of Papa Roach’s history in one track. It has the hip hop flow of the first record with the fury of the music from Lovehatetragedy and beyond. Jacoby Shaddix commands the mic on the track like a true vocalist as he gives you the best of both worlds. Pre-orders for the record are happening right now and you can check them out through Pledgemusic. Otherwise, check out the track below:

dead-vs-dopeSo I just wanted to fill you all in on what this particular post is all about because there is no longer going to be a cover of the week post (at least not like how it used to be). The way we are doing this now is that not only are we looking at the cover version of the song, but we are also looking at the original version and we are comparing the two. I will give my opinion and then I’ll leave it up to you to decided which is better? The original version of the song or the cover version? The first one that we are doing for this week is in honor of late Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns who passed away recently from cardiac arrest. Here we are pinning Dead Or Alive’s version of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) against the 2000 cover by Nu Metal band Dope.

Dead Or Alive: Dead Or Alive was a British New Wave Pop group that needed that big hit to get them over with the crowd. Their prayers were answered when the band released their sophomore album Youthquake which featured the singles In Too Deep, Lover Come Back To Me, and the featured track You Spin Me Round (Like A Record). When the track was released, it was an instant hit as it reached number one in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and it went number 11 in the US (US Billboard Hot 100). The sound of the track was very unique to it’s time and place because it was one of the hottest dance club hits. I have to say that I loved Pete Burns vocals on the track which are deep goth style vocals which was popular in those times especially with UK Post Punk. You’ll notice that it’s keyboard heavy because there’s no guitars on the track.

Dope– Dope was a Nu-Metal band that was rising in status when they decided to take a shot at the track as they originally covered the song for the American Psycho Soundtrack. Just like the track had done for Dead Or Alive, it catapulted Dope in stardom at the time as the track rose and peaked at number 37 on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks that year. The band would later release the track onto a special re-release of their debut album Felons and Revolutionaries. What Dope did for the track is they added some heavy guitars and they industrialized the keyboard beats to give it a heavier sound as well. Edsel Dope also delivers some heavy low growling vocals to the track as well. It’s actually one of my favorite covers of all time.

Now it’s time for all of you to buckle down and vote as to who wins this round of Originals Vs The Covers. You have until next week’s Original vs The Covers to decide the winner.

Korn has been hard at work promoting their newest album The Serenity of Suffering already releasing the tracks Rotting In Vain and Insane for all of us to hear. Now the band is back with yet another single for all of us to hear and this time it has a very special guest on the track. The name of the song is A Different World and it’s a track on the album that features Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor who sneaks right into the track after the second chorus. Jonathan Davis talked about the track saying, “We were trying to figure out who we wanted to collaborate with, and I’m like, ‘You know, that’s the one, that’s the guy,’. And I texted him, I’m like, ‘Do you want to be on a new Korn track?’ He’s all, ‘Hell yeah! When and where, what do I do?’ So he did great on the song. I already did my parts, I’m like, ‘Do what you do, man.’ And I like the way he did it, the approach: he starts creeping in underneath the song, you can start slowly hearing his voice under mine, and it crescendos up into the middle part where he sings, and then it’s just full-on at the end, so the song came out great.” Corey Taylor was equally pumped for the effort and he bragged about the album a little saying, “This whole album, and I’m gonna brag now, because I’ve heard 11 songs of this, it is such a great throwback to the first three Korn albums and mixed with that maturity that they have now. Like, it’s, really, really heavy. People are gonna lose their minds. It’s that good.” Check it out below: