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Recently, Ghost revealed a couple of things to all of their fans with one being that they had chosen their next frontman and it wasn’t going to be in the Emeritus lineage, but a man named Cardinal Copia. Then they announced the title to their fourth studio album in Prequelle and that it was being released on June 1, 2018 via Loma Vista once again. The band then went on to announce a lead single in Rats and that they had a music video ready for the track and we have it for you as this week’s Music Video Of The Week. The video for the track is primarily a performance based video with the very charismatic new man in charge dancing around like it was a evil musical. They are in a world that looks like it has been plagued by rats to the point of an apocalyptic look. My only problem though and I wanted to talk about it is Cardinal’s mask. All of the other masks were great because at times you couldn’t tell unless you looked up close that Tobias Forge was wearing a mask. This one is a little too obvious for me as his lips barely move when he sings. The track itself is amazing and I feel they steal a page from Ozzy as far as song structure and the way it feels. I’ll get over the mask issue because  love the music these guys put out. Check out the video below:


ghost-popestarWe are continuing in our tradition of reviewing horror or Halloween related music for the album of the week considering that it is the month of October. This week’s band Ghost, everyone’s favorite Satanic doom/rock/metal band has had a phenomenal year so far as the group took home a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for Cirice which was off of the band’s 2015 disc Meliora. Now the band has once again unleashed am EP for all of their fans to hear while we wait for new music from the band in Popestar which was released on September 16, 2016 with Papa Emeritus III lending vocals to the album with the Nameless Ghouls: Alchemy fire symbol.svg– Lead Guitar, Alchemy water symbol.svg– Bass, Aether symbol.jpg– Rhythm Guitar, Alchemy air symbol.svg– Keyboards, and Alchemy earth symbol.svg– drums. The EP features one original track and four cover songs (ranging from Echo & The Bunnymen to The Eurythmics) and it was produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Killing Joke). So far, the EP has peaked at number 16 on The Billboard Top 200, 85 in the UK, three in Sweden, seven in Canada and New Zealand.

mi00041244231. Square Hammer– The album opener and the only original track on the record opens up with a very spooky keyboard track that actually helps drive song. The guitar riff is a driving force on it’s own that chugs along as you headbang. The track also features some of the best vocals from the Papa that I have heard. 5/5

2. Nocturnal Me– The band’s cover of post punk legend’s Echo & The Bunnymen’s dark best kept secret. Ghost takes the track and they make it even more eerie and enjoyable while they turn it into a doom classic. 5/5

3. I Believe– I have to be honest in saying that I had to look up who Simian Mobile Disco was. The band is able to take the electronic duo’s track and turn it a Ghost track. 4.5/5

4. Missionary Man– This is by far my favorite Ghost cover song of all time. They take a classic from the Eurythmics and they make it a kick ass rock song. They definitely kick it up a notch especially with the heavy bass on the track that you feel in your gut. I also love the background vocals provided by Fia Kempe (who returns for the next track as well). 5/5

5. Bible– This is probably my least favorite track on the EP as it’s the band’s cover of famed Swedish post-punk group Imperiet’s classic track. Its not a bad track at all persay, just not my favs. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This is just an attempt at holding you over until the band can record a new album and introduce you to a new Papa. The original track reminds you of how brilliant the can be especially when it comes to making radio friendly tracks and the covers just prove how clever they can get with a song making it their own. I am going to give the EP 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

square-hammer-2Just like last year, we are observing the month of October here on the blog with horror related posts, but we are also doing it differently as well. You’ll get one Halloween related post with a regular music video of the week or single, etc. For this week’s Halloween related music video of the week, I am presenting to you the new music video from everybody’s favorite 70’s-esque Satanic group Ghost. Ghost recently released their latest EP Popestar to the masses and the EP features one original track with four amazing covers. The band recently released a music video for the track Square Hammer which is the original track on the EP and the band pays tribute to 1920’s Horror with the video. The video which was directed by Zev Deans sees the band arrive for the first ever moving picture in what looks and feels like something out of Nosferatu, but there’s no Vampire in the coffin, only a square hammer. Then a Giant Papa comes out of the screen turning into thousands of bats as the band is forced to battle him outside in order to save everyone. Check out the video below:


One of my favorite bands to emerge in this decade has definitely got to be Swedish metalers Ghost. Ever since their first release Opus Eponymous, I have had my ear glues to the stereo whenever the band releases new material. After three albums, one EP, and a Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal album for Meliora the band is back with a new EP called Popestar which will hopefully hold you over until the next album. The band has also unleashed a single from the album called Square Hammer which has an infectious keyboard riff that goes along with the band’s blazing guitar sound. A Nameless Ghoul talked about the track saying, “We’re very proud of it. We’re obviously thrilled to be able to play something new. This is a short, to-the-point little gem right at the jugular.” The song is so infectious that it has a very pop feel to the track, but The Nameless Ghoul tells us not to worry. He tells No Brown M&M’s, “If you hear the EP, don’t think that, ‘Oh, the next album is gonna sound exactly like this,’ but that is a good way for us to sneak in elements that are, like, you might hear a synth sound like this on the next record, but not as evident…we’re doing something else in order to get people to feel comfortable with [the direction of the next album].” Don’t mind the video below, but it’s the only version I can get you guys right now (the videos keep disappearing online, an official link to the track). Check out the album artwork below plus the track listing for Popestar:

Popestar Track Listing:

1. Square Hammer

2. Nocturnal Me

3. I Believe

4. Missionary Me

5. Bible


ghost melioraI am super excited for this week’s album of the week because it’s an album that is from one of my new favorite bands in metal in Ghost and it’s the last Halloween related album of the week post. Ghost is a satanic 70’s esque metal band from Sweden who this year released their third album in Meliora which is Latin for the pursuit of something better. The album features the new Papa in Papa Emeritus III handling the vocal duties while The Nameless Ghouls are the band and they remain nameless while the album was produced by Klas Åhlund (Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding). The album is often credited with having a “Futuristic” sound thanks to a tone one of the Ghouls had discovered while messing with a new amp on the last tour. It was then that the band said they knew what they wanted to do with the next record and it all had to do with focusing back on the guitars. According to wikipedia the band focused on the guitar riffs, “part of this was achieved by having four different guitars, each played through three different amps, making four performances going through 12 amplifiers. They used two Gibson SGs, one from the early 1980s and the other from the 1960s, a 1962 Gibson Les Paul, and a Fender Telecaster.” Nevertheless, the album was released on August 21, 2015 and it debuted at number eight on the Billboard Top 200 charts selling an estimated 29,000 copies in it’s first week of release.

1. Spirit– This is the first track on the record that has that very sci-fi/50’s alien sound to it before the band comes in with a hard charging riff. 4/5

maxresdefault (1)2. From The Pinnacle To The Pit– One of my favorite tracks on the record. The song starts off with a killer bass riff and the bass drives the song all the way through. Papa Emeritus III delivers vocally while the rest of the Nameless Ghouls deliver their best as they were influenced by Zeppelin on this track about the downfall of Satan. 5/5

3. Cirice– The track showcases their ability to be that eerie atmospheric band in the beginning of the track before The Nameless Ghouls bring their brand of metal assault to the track. The band in my opinion sounds better than ever and Papa Emeritus III sounds on top of his game as well. 5/5

4. Spöksonat (Ghost Sonata)– This is an instrumental track on the record that sounds like it could be placed in any horror film. 4/5

5. He Is– A very melodic track that sounds like an evil version of ABBA at times musically, but the song is very haunting vocally. During the track, he chants out Nostro Dis Pater, Nostra Domate which means “he is the god of the underworld, our top” or it could mean “Our Unholy Father, Our Master” depending on who you listen to. 4.5/5

6. Mummy Dust– this track’s guitar riff is super charged full of high octane metal, but i have no idea what the song is about. 4/5

Ghost (1)7. Majesty– The track has a very Deep Purple feel to it especially with the organs and it sound slike something that would have been off of the first record. A Nameless Ghoul explains the lyrics saying that, “Lyrically, it’s on one hand a hymn about the dark lord of the underworld. On the other hand it paints a picture of a swarm of people, whom in a world of complete disaster, idolizes an authority that is clearly looking down upon the. How to love something that hates you back.” 5/5

8. Devil Church– The track starts off with organs like we are in a church procession, but this is another instrumental track. 4/5

9. Absolution– This is a balls to the wall metal track that would make Metallica proud of Ghost. In the lyrics it says cry for absolution and the definition of absolution is the formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment. So figure it out.

10. Deus in Absentia– This is the last track on the album and it’s just as rocking as the others, but you have to love the harmonizing these guys provide that make their track a little more eerie. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– I loved the first two records from these guys even though they took some flack for Infestissumam not having enough guitars in it. So, I suppose that this record is a return to form for them and it’s definitely one of my favs. I am going to give this record 4.3 stars out of five for a final grade. Happy Halloween Everyone.

ghostAnytime a cool band that wears make up or masks comes around, we always want to know what they look like especially when they’re hiding their identities. We wanted to know what Kiss looked like without makeup and that was answered years later on MTV. We wanted to know what members of Slipknot looked like without the masks and that was revealed once Joey Jordison and Corey Taylor de-masked themselves for their side projects respectfully. Ever since Swedish Satanic metal band Ghost came around with Papa Emertius, we have wondered who the man behind the makeup or mask (I think he’s wearing a mask) really is. There have always been rumors that it was musician Tobias Forge (he is in the books as a ghostwriter) and now that may just been confirmed thanks to a tweet. Tommy Victor of Prong unveiled a photo from New Orleans that specifically says Superjoint, Danzig, Prong, Ghost,… The man in the picture along with Glenn Danzig, Phil Anselmo, Sean Yseult, and Tommy Victor is Tobias Forge. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen him considering Nergal of Behemoth unveiled a photo of the two together before. The tweet has since been taken down, but we got it courtesy of Check it out below and ask yourself, is that him?

ghost unveiled

ghostToday we are doing a double shot of Single Of The Week’s and here is your very first one for today. It is no secret that Ghost is clearly one of my favorite bands on the scene right now even though it may not be for some (e.g. Kerry King), but that won’t deter me from enjoying new music from the band. Four days ago, the band and Papa Emeritus III unveiled another single from their upcoming third record Meliora called From The Pinnacle To The Pit and the song kicks plenty of ass. The song starts off with a killer bass riff and the bass drives the song all the way through. Papa Emeritus III delivers vocally while the rest of the Nameless Ghouls deliver their best as they were influenced by Zeppelin on this track about the downfall of Satan. A Nameless Ghoul describes the song and album saying, “We always have had a craving for a truly stomping riff-­based song, Led Zeppelin style. Something that would sound great coming out of a car stereo standing at an American high school parking lot. The whole album was written and intended to be very futuristic, very metropolitan and urban. Basically just opposed from the classic goth thing, which is more suburban and rural and more being lush with overgrown cemeteries, spiderwebs… all of that. We were trying to take this thing to a very clean, indoors, 67th floor in a very high building in a very big city. Those were the pictures we hung on the walls in our mind in order to know where we were going.” Check out the track below and look out for Meliora which comes out August 21ST via Loma Vista.