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Slayer-God-Hates-Us-All-singIt is crazy to think that 17 years ago was the day that terrorists would attack the twin towers in New York on that awful day. It is a day that Americans will never forget because it had an impact on us that I would have to think that Pearl Harbor had on America back when that happened. 17 years ago today, Slayer would release an album that would put them back on the map (not that they ever left) in God Hates Us All. It was an album that had a different approach to it as Kerry King took over writing duties lyrically and it was the first album to not be produced by Rick Rubin since 1985’s Hell Awaits. The album was produced by Matt Hyde while it featured Tom Araya (Lead Vocals/Bass), Jeff Hanneman (Guitar), Kerry King (Guitar), and Paul Bostaph (Drums) on what would be his last Slayer record until 2015’s Repentless. The albums release was delayed due to controversy over the album cover that you see above so it was finally released on September 11, 2001. Then to make matters worse, the band took a lot of heat for the album because of what had happened on the day it came out. This was the second time, the band was blamed for something like this as they filmed the music video for Seasons In The Abyss in Egypt just before the Gulf War started. Nonetheless, the album debuted and peaked at number 28 on the Billboard Top 200 charts selling 51,000 copies in it’s first week.

51SYlv5R4hL1. Darkness Of Christ– It’s just an intro track, but it feels like unholy hell is about to be unleashed on you and you are going to wish it never happened. 5/5

2. Disciple– This is the unholy hell that is unleashed on you in the form of this bulldozer of a track that smashed your brains to pieces while reminding you that God doesn’t actually love you. Just look at everything that happens in the world. 5/5

3. God Send Death– A track that Jeff Hanneman wrote that is about people who kill for pleasure after Hanneman had read several books about serial killers. 5/5

4. New Faith– An interesting track that is about someone who has followed a religion blindly for so long that he finally wakes up and sees what has been wrong with faith the whole time. He see’s the indulgences that are tempting him to sin, etc. 4.5/5

5. Cast Down– a track that is all about a fallen angel who gets in to a really serious drug habit that is ruining his life in typical extreme Slayer style music. 4/5

6. Threshold– an in your face track that matches the attitude of the lyrics which is about a guy who is at his wit’s end with an individual who is just pissing him off. 4.5/5

7. Exile– a fierce track that is all about hating that person that is so opposite of you that you want to exile them from your life so bad. Everyone has one of these in their lives. 4.5/5

SLAYER-God-Hates-Us-All-4-18. Seven Faces– A very eerie and melodic intro before pure madness ensues with one hell of a scream from Araya helps drive this track about someone who is falling for every temptation like the seven deadly sins. 4.5/5

9. Bloodline– My favorite track on the whole album that originally appeared on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack and was the band’s test to see if they wanted Matt Hyde to produce the record. The song is about vampires or just people who feed on your life all the time. 5/5

10. Deviance– This is the other track on the album that Jeff Hanneman wrote about people who kill for pleasure in his obsession with why do they do it. The track even opens with a police officer calling in something and a woman screaming to amplify the theme. 4.5/5

11. War Zone– This song is just pure intensity right from the start as it feels like a machine gun blasting pure metal anarchy right at you in this track that is you telling someone that there is no way in hell that you are afraid of them and you’ll bring the fight to them whenever and wherever. 5/5

12. Here Comes the Pain-a track that was written for a WCW video game I believe that is your typical macho bravado I am going to kick your ass song. 4/5

13. Payback– The last track on the record does not let up as it brings the intensity with no problems at all. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory as it’s all about revenge. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– Kerry King said he wanted to stop doing lyrics about Satan and what ever else D&D related and more street credible lyrics and it certainly paid off to a point. There is no denying his abilities as a writer and it certainly ranks up there with the best of them. My favorite tracks on the album are Bloodline, Disciple, War Zone, and God Send Death. To clarify, I like all of the songs, but if I had one that I least liked it would be the last two tracks just cause they’re kind of generic to me. I am giving the album 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.


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ninja 3For this weeks Ass Whoopin Wednesday flick, I was inspired by a documentary that I watched on Netflix called Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story Of Cannon Films. While I was watching, I noticed that they were the company that produced the films Enter The Ninja, Revenge Of The Ninja, and our film for today in Ninja III: The Domination. In this film, a unknown ninja (David Chung) goes on a killing spree, but when the cops show up to stop him, he transfers himself into an unsuspecting woman named Christie (Lucinda Dickey). Through her, he will seek revenge on the police officers who killed him, but only one man can save her and that is another ninja (Shô Kosugi). The film also stars Jordan Bennett (Bert Rigby, You’re A Fool) as Billy, Dale Ishimoto (Beverly Hills Ninja) as Okuda, James Hong (Big Trouble In Little China) as Miyashima, Earl W. Smith (Death Valley) as Jefferson, Steven Lambert (Payback) as pilot, and the film was directed by Sam Firstenberg (American Ninja). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

Ninja III The Domination


























girl ninja 2This is one of the biggest pictures I have ever had to make for this particular blog piece, but it’s because it’s a little complicated. The first ninja goes on a ass kicking spree in the beginning and he takes over the main stars body. So on his intial run, he has a total of 25 kills/knockouts before he transfers himself. He has no origin story other than the fact that Sho remembers him from the past. H ehas no love interest and no friends. Lucinda Dickey who plays Christie has a total of 22 kills/knockouts, but she also has no origin story. She in fact has a love interest and he gets pretty banged up at times in the film. She has something to do with the big boss being defeated, but it’s up to our main man Yamada. Yamada has a total of 17 kills/knockouts, no origin story, and no love interest. However in a flashback, ypu do see a family member of his murdered by the first ninja in the pic and he defeats the big boss and saves the day. The film is very interesting to say the least because it combines the genres of martial arts, action, and horror into one film which may have sounded like a great idea, but didn’t really pan out that way. The film is like The Exorcist meets American Ninja is how I would describe it, but without any scary parts. Some of the sequences in the film also didn’t make a lot of sense to me especially the relationship with the cop. One minute she’s telling him how much she hates cops and the next minute she’s pouring V8 juice on her chest for him to lick. So as you can see, all I can say is that it’s an interesting movie that could have easily fit in with Cheeseball Cinema. I am going to give the film 3 fists out of five for a final grade.