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Fox-Disney-700x300One of the biggest megadeals was pulled off three days ago after much speculation that the Walt Disney Company was inquiring about purchasing some assets from Rupert Murdoch and his company Fox. Disney paid them 52.4 billion which means that the company that owns Star Wars, Marvel, ESPN, ABC, will now acquire 21ST Century Fox which includes 20TH Century Fox, 20TH Century Fox Television, any Fox owned cable networks (FX and National Geographic), as well as Fox’s 30 percent share in HULU. While the deal may seem insane, it is a huge power move for Disney who is essentially number one in films, but it powers them up with the number three company in film in Fox. Now if you need me to spell out what the company now owns, let me do that for you then. The company now owns the Alien franchise, Predator, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Deadpool, Avatar, Ice Age, the Planet Of The Apes reboots, The Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, FuturamaFirefly, and The X-Files. That is just the tip of the iceberg that the company now owns as they get ready to develop their own streaming service for the public.

thumb-1920-618647Now what I am most excited about when it comes to this deal are the possibilities as far as the MCU is concerned. They have already promised that Deadpool 2 would remain rated R, but just imagine what they can do moving forward with Phase 4 of the MCU. We know that Spider-Man 2 and Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 will be Phase four films, but there is not that much else that we do know and what a better time to add the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to the mix. Just think of all the characters that they will have access to moving forward and what kind of story lines that they’ll be able to explore as well. We have seen through three phases that the big boss villain at the end of it has been Thanos we get to fully meet him in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, but who is going to be that big boss villain moving forward after that? If you ask me, the next possible villain for it all could be the one and only true eater of worlds in Galactus. We could also stars introducing villains like Kang The Conqueror, Namor, and even some X-Men villains like Mister Sinister, Apocalypse (or at least do him justice), and Omega Red to name a few. As you can tell I am pretty excited for that aspect of the merger and the fact that all of the Xenomorphs are now Disney Princesses too. It remains to be seen what they will do with all this property and what the current films coming out will mean for Marvel (New Mutants and Dark Phoenix). Stay tuned and we will try to keep you updated!


IMG_5994In my experience watching films, I feel like I have seen just about everything especially in the found footage genre. Well for this week’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film, we have a film shot in a video game style first person shooter view called Hardcore Henry. Henry (Ilya Naishuller) has just awoken on a table and told that he had been severely damaged and that he is a cyborg now by his wife Estelle (Haley Bennett). But when the evil Akan (Danila Kozlovsky) comes looking for Henry, he’ll kidnap Estelle and put Henry through the ultimate test, but Henry has a limited amount of time to not only upgrade himself, but to save Estelle as well. The film also stars Sharlto Copley (The Snow Queen 2) as Jimmy, Andrei Dementiev (Biting Elbows: Bad Motherf**ker) as Slick Dimitry, Svetlana Ustinova (Heaven On Earth) as Olga the Dominatrix, Darya Charusha (Muzhskaya zhenskaya igra) as Katya the Dominatrix, Oleg Poddubnyy (Biting Elbows: Bad Motherf**ker) as Yury, Tim Roth (Planet Of The Apes) as Henry’s Father, Will Stewart (Red Shoe Diaries 18: The Game) as Robbie, Cyrus Arnold (Zoolander 2) as Young Bully 2, Martin Cooke (Begemot i kompot) as Marty, and the film was directed by Ilya Naishuller (Biting Elbows: Bad Motherf**ker). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

Hardcore Henry Stats

IMG_5996This is record breaking stats as far as what we have already seen on Ass Whoopin Wednesdays. Right now Hardcore Henry owns the record for most kills in a film with 143 and I gave it a +/- of 5 cause it could be five less or five more. It was hard to guess how many people were in the vans. As far as an origin story is concerned, we don’t really know much about him other than that he used to be a full human and that he must of been picked on as a kid. He has a love interest in the film which is his “wife” Estelle and if you see the film you’ll know why I used quotation marks there. His new friend Jimmy keeps dying in almost every encounter and his wife is kidnapped which is why there is a yest there. The big boss is defeated and you’ll have to see the film to figure out how it happened. The film has plenty of bad ass kill scenes within, but it’s very annoying to watch. You have to remember that this is first person shooter which means lots of shaky cameras and weird angles as if you were playing a video game. If you can get past that then you may be able to enjoy this one. The story itself is OK, but Akan is a very annoying character in my opinion. He doesn’t finish off Henry in all the encounters they have and he’s the only one with super abilities which makes no sense. Sharlto Copley is the real star of this film as he performs in the film in many different forms and personalities. This is simply a take it or leave it kind of situation here so I am going to give it 3 fists out of five for a final grade.

rosemary's babyWhen you think of director Roman Polanski, you may think of several unflattering things, but when I think of him I think of two things and that is Sharon Tate and Rosemary’s Baby. For today’s Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween film, we chose the Polanski classic Rosemary’s Baby which starred Mia Farrow as the title character Rosemary Woodhouse. In the film, Rosemary along with her husband Guy Woodhouse (John Cassavetes) move into a new apartment with some pretty interesting characters in the building. After a while, it’s not only the neighbors that are a little weird, but strange occurrences start to happen in the building and Rosemary becomes mysteriously pregnant. Rosemary then starts to believe that her child is in danger as paranoia starts to sink in as she tries to protect her unborn child. The film also stars Ruth Gordon (Harold And Maude) as Minnie Castevet, Sidney Blackmer (Little Caesar) as Roman Castevet, Maurice Evans (Planet Of The Apes) as Hutch, Ralph Bellamy (His Girl Friday) as Dr. Sapirstein, Victoria Vetri (When Dinosaurs Rules The Earth) as Terry, Patsy Kelly (The Naked Kiss) as Laura-Louise, Charles Grodin (Midnight Run) as Dr. Hill, and Phil Leeds (Ghost) as Dr. Shand.

rosemarys babyThere is a reason why in the beginning you see the title card say Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby because she is truly the star of the film. She absolutely stole the show and she does such a fantastic job in this film especially when she conveys us to that world of paranoia that she is stuck in when she’s in that building. It is truly an iconic role for Mia Farrow and I’m glad she was the one that took on this risque role especially in a time where religion was still an important thing in society. There is a scene in the film where she is raped by the devious one himself Satan as she wonders if it’s real or a dream. Everyone by the way in this film are truly fantastic as the acting was superb and the cinematography was good as well. There’a a truly iconic moment towards the end where she is sort of feeling the post pardon depression because she knows she had an abomination, but then she is all of a sudden accepting of the child. She embraces the fact that he is the son of a devilish being towards the end of the film. The style of this film would go on to influence so many horror films in the future just with the aspect of the paranoia just unveiling itself over time in the film. Just think of the Johnny Depp film The Astronauts Wife which was sort of on the same premise (sorta). I am a huge fan of this film and I always say that this is an essential horror film that everyone should check out. Learn from the best, I always say which is why I am going to give this film an A for a final grade. It’s available on Netflix as we speak.

The Stoned AgeThere are films that come out and surprise people as to how amazing of a film they are like Dazed And Confused and then there are films put out by rival studios to try and jump on the competition. I feel like that was the case for today’s Cheeseball Cinema film that I enjoyed as a young teenager when I saw it on the shelf of my local Strawberries (Music Store) called The Stöned Age. All that local California metal heads Joe (Michael Kopelow) and Hubbs (Bradford Tatum) want to do is get drunk, stoned, and get laid, but the problem is where are the chicks and where’s the party at? They hear from a local rat named Tack (Clifton Collins Jr.) that there’s a couple of chicks in the valley from northern California that are visiting, but there’s only a couple of problems. First off, the local bad ass named Crump (Daniel Collins) has gotten out of jail and he spotted them first which means there his and they have to get rid of Tack in order to party with these babes. Will they avoid the obstacles and do what it is they set out to do or will the night end in absolute disaster? The film also stars Renee Allman (Showdown In Little Tokyo) as Lanie, China Katner (Airheads) as Jill, Michael Wiseman (Planet Of The Apes) as Crump’s brother, Kevin Kilner (American Pie 2) as Officer Dean, Art Chudabala (War Of The Worlds) as Mike Dick, David Groh (Victory at Entebbe) as Dad.

Renee Allman

Renee Allman

To say that this film is better than Dazed And Confused must be some kind of joke because the film is clearly not better than Dazed as the poster claims. Hey, if that is what you have to do to get people interested than by all means go for it. Dazed And Confused was a completely different animal than The Stöned Age because it wasn’t only about the kids drinking and trying to find a place to party, but it dived deep into their psyches at the time. This film just follows a couple of metalheads that want to get high and bang chicks, but it does do something. While a lot of metal heads back in the 80’s where stoners and did like to drink, they weren’t all morons like the movie portrays them to be. You can tell that the film was written by someone who truly didn’t know what metal heads were about and that is why your film is here. One of the things they did get right was the casting of Renee Allman who was super sexy in this film and she’s just about the only T&A that you will see in this film. I liked China Katner who is the daughter of Grace Slick and Paul Katner of Jefferson Airplane/Starship fame, but she plays the 70’s hippie chick (so she doesn’t get naked) who hangs with a metal chick if that makes sense. Her character is also very contradictory as she hates the guys, but in the end she makes out with both of them. Overall, the film is OK, it’s not the greatest film ever written, but if you’re a fan of Blue Öyster Cult, Ted Nugent, Montrose, and other 70’s era rock and metal then you definitley like this films soundtrack which is a definite highlight. On a scale of one being close to an a-list Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am giving this film a 2.3 for a final grade.