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pusciferWhile the whole world waits for that new album from Tool, we have brand new Puscifer to hold us over until then. If you don’t know who Puscifer is, this is Maynard James Keenan’s other band (not side project) that he does besides A Perfect Circle and Tool. Maynard and Puscifer are getting ready to release their third album Money Shot on October 30TH and they have a single for all of us to enjoy in the title track. The song is a real tour de force as it’s driving and has a killer bass line all the way through the track. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Keenan talks about the history of Puscifer and their sound, “There was a little more schizophrenia with the first record. We were in hotel rooms, and we were recording in a different studio every day on the road, but the hardest part was, ‘Okay, you’ve got two other bands; how do we make this third thing not sound like the others?’ With the second [Conditions of My Parole], I felt we kind of settled into ourselves — and this one [Money Shot] is more about me in that place, if that makes sense.” This is definitely a track that is worth checking out especially if you are a fan of Keenan’s work Later in the interview, he talked about Puscifer’s direction as far as the stage show was concerned saying, “With Puscifer, we realize that the digital age is just endless possibilities, and nothing is written in stone. So whatever stage show we start off with on this tour, it might change and go in a complete opposite way. We’ve built an audience that, for the most part, is open enough to whatever we present them. They’ll go, ‘That was awesome,’ even if it’s something like us playing AC/DC covers for the entire show.” As far as a new Tool album is concerned, here is what he had to say about that, “I write lyrics and melodies to music. If I don’t have music, I can’t.” Check out the track below:

Sometimes in this life when a bunch of awesome musicians get together to create a song for a soundtrack, it sounds so amazing that you wish those group of individuals would get back together to create even more music. That is exactly what happened with today’s Soundtrack Saturdays selection from the Underworld Soundtrack which was released back in 2003. Underworld was a film that took the Vampire and Werewolf genres and gave them a really cool and brand new outlook that was also the subject of much controversy. The film starred the beautiful Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy, Michael Sheen, and so many more in a film where the Vampires and Lycans (Werewolves) have been at war for a long time. One of the death dealer vampires (Beckinsale) is tracking the lycans when she notices that they are hunting a human (Speedman). She has to make a decision eventually whether to kill the human who has been bitten or go against her clan and defy them. The soundtrack featured a lot of great industrial metal acts along with some experimental acts like Puscifer, Renholder, Skinny Puppy, A Perfect Circle, and our featured band today called The Damning Well. The Damning Well was a band that was comprised of Richard Patrick (Filter), Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), Josh Freese (Guns N Roses), and Danny Lohner. The track this supergroup of sorts recorded was called The Awakening which was an in your face industrial metal like track. The track definitely leaves you wanting more wondering what could have been if this project went forward. Check it out below: