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frank-carter-and-the-rattlesnaked-end-of-sufferingSome of you may be wondering just who is Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes? Frank is the former lead singer of English hardcore bands like Gallows and rock band Pure Love. In 2015, Frank Carter formed this band in 2015 and released the EP Rotten in the same year. Now two full albums later and they are gearing up to release their third record End Of Suffering via International Death Cult on May 3RD. So for this week’s Rock video of the week, we are presenting to you the band’s first single for Crowbar which the band also produced a video for that was directed by Ross Cairns who has directed videos for Queens Of The Stone Age and Biff Cylro. While the track contains some unbelievable energy to it, the video follows suit in this mainly performance based video that takes place inside of a house of some sorts with people in jumpsuits gathering around the various members who are all in different rooms. As I said, the album comes out May 3RD, but you can definitely pre-order the album that also features an appearance from Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine. Check out the pre-order here and check out the tracklisting below the video:

End Of Suffering Tracklisting:

1. “Why a Butterfly Can’t Love a Spider”
2. “Tyrant Lizard King” (featuring Tom Morello)
3. “Heartbreaker”
4. “Crowbar”
5. “Love Games”
6. “Anxiety”
7. “Angel Wings”
8. “Supervillain”
9. “Latex Dreams”
10. “Kitty Sucker”
11. “Little Devil”
12. “End Of Suffering”

Monster Entertainment Awards 7So, it has taken us a little while to get this out and we apologize for the wait. Some things have changed and we have decided that we are not going to run the Pedal To The Metal Tournament this year for lack of participation and scheduling conflicts. That is also why we have extended the voting process for this because we have been so far behind that we are starting to catch up now. You now have until April 1st to cast your vote for your favorite wrestlers, albums, and movies. We have a lot of great categories and some categories have already seen the voting process begin on Twitter. Nevertheless, we hope that you guys take the time to vote and to enjoy it because it is up to you to decide who wins and you can vote once an hour on every category. So, have some fun and spread the word.


Monster Entertainment Awards 7I want to take the time to apologize to everyone for the wait, but we have been hard at work at some things for you guys which includes our March Madness style tournament. It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this awards thing known as The Monster Entertainment Awards for seven years now as 2018 marks the seventh annual presentation. A couple of things have changed however and you’ll notice that below, but each category will be handled by a different blog as we are working with the 365 Movies in 365 Days Challenge blog and Mr. X’s Punch Out blog. We here at Moshpits and movies will be handling the music side of things while 365 handles the films and Mr. X handles the wrestling side. As always, you are going to have a certain amount of time to vote for what album you loved more, what movie you thought was film of the year, and what wrestler you thought kicked ass. When all the votes are tallied up, we will present to you all of the winners that YOU chose because it’s all about the people. This award post has always been about you getting involved and deciding who is the best of the year and that is the way we intend to keep it. You will have until March 13Th at 10PM Eastern time to decide what is best so get involved and voice your opinion.

Album Of The Year

1. Emperor Of Sand by Mastodon

2. Concrete And Gold by Foo Fighters

3. One More Light by Linkin Park

4. Carry Fire by Robert Plant

5. Pure Comedy by Father John Misty

6.Villains by Queens Of The Stone Age

Best Side Project/Supergroup Album

1. Echolocation by Gone Is Gone

2. Dead Cross by Dead Cross

3. Hydrograd by Stone Sour

4. Psychosis by Cavalera Conspiracy

5. Where Is Duke Lion? He’s Dead… by Big Dumb Face

Best Metal Album

1. Gods Of Violence by Kreator

2. The Grinding Wheel by Overkill

3. Forever by Code Orange

4. Conformicide by Havok

5. Emperor Of Sand by Mastodon

6. Incorruptible by Iced Earth

Best Rock Album

1. Villains by Queens Of The Stone Age

2. Heaven Upside Down by Marilyn Manson

3. The Desaturating Seven by Primus

4. Concrete And Gold by Foo Fighters

5. One More Light by Linkin Park

6. The Stories We Tell Ourselves by Nothing More

Best Extreme Metal Album

1. Codex Omega by Septicflesh

2. Red Before Black by Cannibal Corpse

3. Evil Sound Screamers by Acid Witch

4. Kingdoms Disdained by Morbid Angel

5. Totenritual by Belphegor

6. Of the Dark Light by Suffocation

Rock Music Video Of The Year

1. Already Dead by I Prevail

2. Ain’t Much Loving by Me And That Man

3. Run by Foo Fighters

4. The Way You Used To Do by Queens Of The Stone Age

5. Spray Paint Love by Frank Carter

6. We Know Where You F**king Live by Marilyn Manson

Metal Music Video Of The Year

1. Nuclear Alchemy by Watain

2. Intention To Deceive by Havok

3. Doris by Suicide Silence

4. To Your Brethren In The Dark by Satyricon

5. The King Wants You by Avatar

6. Show Yourself by Mastodon

Rock Single Of The Year 

1. Go To War by Nothing More

2. Monster by Starset

3. Alone by I Prevail

4. Talking To Myself by Linkin Park

5. The Promise by Chris Cornell

6. KILL4ME by Marilyn Manson

Metal Single Of The Year

1. Forever by Code Orange

2. Sultan’s Curse by Mastodon

3. No Lives Matter by Body Count

4. Remain Violent by Warbringer

5. Kiss Of Death by Mutoid Man

6. I’ll Be Your Monster by GWAR

post-pop-depressionAs per custom (or at least we try to), we always cover the albums that have won album of the year, rock album of the year, etc. at the Monster Entertainment Awards. Last year, we didn’t cover a lot of them because I had already covered them before hand so I made a rule that I will not cover new albums until after the award show is done. There were definitely some interesting albums that were up for Album Of The Year, but the one at the end of the day that you chose as the winner is none other than the legendary Iggy Pop and his latest album Post Pop Depression. The special thing about this album is that not only is the 17TH album overall that Iggy Pop has recorded, but it features an all star lineup from bands like Queens Of The Stone Age and the Arctic Monkeys. The band is made up of Josh Homme (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, synthesizers, mellotron, production, percussion), Dean Fertita (Guitar, Piano, Synth, and Bass Guitar), and Matt Helders (drums, percussion, tom-toms, shaker, backing vocals). The album did very well for Iggy Pop as it went placed in the top 20 in 18 different countries including that it peaked at number 17 on The Billboard Top 200 Charts.

2016_iggypopgardenia_press_2201161. Break Into Your Heart– I love the intro of the track that has that Arabic feel to it like a sitar is playing. The song has a Queens/Desert rock sound to it. I feel like it’s Iggy saying that he’s going to break into your heart so that we all love him again. 5/5

2. Gardenia– A more poppy sound to it then the last track that reminds me of 80’s pop/Bowie with it sound and killer bass line. I often wonder if this is a response to The Passenger which is also by Pop. 5/5

3. American Valhalla– a cool and different intro opens the track before the killer bass line from Fertita drives the song forward. The song could be commentary on fame and that all musicians are driving for that place where you are immortalized forever. 5/5

4. In the Lobby– A track that is more in the style of Pop that has that garage rock sense to it while also having the Homme touch to it. 4.5/5

5. Sunday– A very hip track that has a disco touch to it as far as the overall sound and I want to say that the track is about the joys having to do nothing cause it’s Sunday, but I’m not sure. 4.5/5

iggy-josh-preess-26. Vulture– The track starts with an acoustic guitar before a western style bell and music comes along and it’s all about Vultures (maybe literal or metaphorically). 5/5

7. German Days– A cool bluesy garage rock track that has many other layers as well with the music. 4/5

8. Chocolate Drops– A Steely Dan esque track that seems to be about when the going gets rough, it just rains shit. 4.5/5

9. Paraguay– The last track on the album that is smooth in it’s delivery with it’s surf rock melodies entwined into it. The track contains a huge rant from Pop that could be directed towards his skeptics and the internet trolls everywhere. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– I think the band does a pretty terrific job of trying to recapture the sound that was contained in the Bowie/Pop collaborations. This is definitely an album to check out, I am giving it 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.

The 21ST century has definitely been the era of Supergroups as we have seen so many pop up and go over the last 16 years like Audioslave, A Perfect Circle, Velvet Revolver, Oysterhead, Killer Be Killed, and now Gone Is Gone just to name a few. Gone Is Gone is a band that features Mastodon’s Troy Sanders on vocals/guitars along with bassist Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) and drummer Tony Hajjar (At the Drive-In). The band is gearing up to release an EP and has already unveiled the track Violescent, but now they have a second song off the EP to reveal. The band in fact has unleashed a music video for the track Starlight and it’s our Music Video Of The Week. The video itself is a performance based video with the band mostly as silhouettes against a blue backdrop that helps match the mood of the track itself. When talking about the song Sanders says, “Facing adversity with magnitudes of willpower. Amassing strength to erase fear and fulfill all void with purpose. A story of survival mode. This one hits close to the heart.” The band’s EP is going to be released on July 8Th via Black Dune Records.

The cool thing about today versus years past is that we are getting collaborations from all sorts of different artists. It gives you the chance to finally imagine what music would sound like if you combined certain artists and we call those supergroups. So, what do you get when you mix Mastodon, At The Drive In, and Queens Of The Stone Age? You get the newest supergroup Gone Is Gone which features Mastodon’s Troy Sanders, Queens of the Stone Age’s Troy Van Leeuwen, At the Drive-In’s Tony Hajjar, and Mike Zarin. The band just unleashed the full track Violescent for everyone to hear and I have it here for all of you. As you can expect with Troy Sanders, it has that familiar bass sound, but it also has a very heavy grungy Sabbath feel to it, but it’s bad ass and Sander’s vocals is the cherry topping. The band’s self titled debut record is due to be released on July 8TH via Rise Records so be sure to be on the lookout for that and any other tracks that are unleashed from now until then.If you live in the Los Angeles area, then you are lucky as the band makes their live debut on Aoril 27TH at the Dragonfly. Check out the track below and check out the track listing for the record below that.

goneisgonecover1Gone Is Gone, Gone Is Gone Track Listing

1. “Violescent”
2. “Starlight”
3. “Stolen From Me”
4. “Character”
5. “One Divided”
6. “Praying From the Danger”
7. “Recede and Enter”
8. “This Chapter”


iggyFor the last two weeks, I have sort of gone classic with the artists that I chose for the album of the week (I did review Bowie’s latest). The artist I chose for this week was inspired by some news that is going around as Iggy Pop announced that he has a new album coming out that features Josh Homme of the Queens Of The Stone Age called Post Pop Depression. Josh Homme and Iggy have called the album the follow up to the 1977 album Lust For Life which was Iggy’s second collaboration with the late and great David Bowie. The album featured Iggy on Vocals, Bowie on Keyboards, Piano, and Organ, Carlos Alomar on Rhythm Guitar, Reggie Gardiner on Lead Guitar, Tony Sales on Bass, and Hunt Sales on Drums. The album remains one of Iggy’s best selling records and his highest selling album in the UK. Unfortunately at the time of the release, Elvis Presley had died and RCA reissued his whole catalog thus stealing away any promotional money for Iggy’s album. The album peaked on the Billboard Charts at #120.

David-Bowie-and-Iggy-Pop-in-the-1970s-111. Lust For Life– The opening track of the album which is by far one of my all time favs features this awesome drum beat followed by that commanding punk styled vocals from Pop. The riff was based off of The Armed Forces Network call signal which Bowie and Pop caught while waiting for a broadcast of Starsky & Hutch. 5/5

2. Sixteen– This rock and roll at it’s finest with it’s in your face riffage that reminds you of the good ole days of The Stooges and Bowie rock and roll. 4/5

3. Some Weird Sin– This is an interesting track from Pop that the music was composed by Bowie. You definitely hear the Bowie influence in it and the track seems to be about someone who feels like no one notices them. They feel the only way they can get noticed is to commit some kind of sin that will catch their attention. 4/5

4. The Passenger– It has been reported that the track is based off of a Jim Morrison poem where he looks at life like as a journey in a car. It has kind of a reggae like styled riff, but I love Pop’s vocals on this track. 5/5

5. Tonight– a track that deals with the topic of heroin use. I love the backup vocals in the beginning of the track and I love the riff too. 5/5

iggy 26. Success– a very upbeat rock and roll song on the album that pokes fun at the rock and roll business and rockstars. 4/5

7. Turn Blue– Another track on the album that deals with the issue of Heroin use. The song is very dramatic almost like it belongs in a musical. That is the best way I can describe it. 5/5

8. Neighborhood Threat– The Neo Punk classic about no matter how hot you think you are, someone somewhere could care less for you. 4/5

9. Fall in Love with Me– Another Neo Punk tune that came together from a jam session the band had. It’s a sleazy love song from Pop the way we love it. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– I am actually super happy that I chose this album because I never heard the full album before. Iggy Pop is another legend that we are fortunate to still have with us. You can definitely see the David Bowie influence as far as the music was concerned and that is OK because Bowie was brilliant. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.