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lamb of godLast week, I went to an amazing concert in Boston, MA where I witnessed killer sets from all the bands on the bill which were Behemoth, Lamb Of God, and Slayer. Last week, I covered Slayer with Seasons In The Abyss and now this week we are moving on to cover an album from Lamb Of God. Lamb Of God was a band that was billed as part of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal which also included bands like Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, and many more. Lamb Of God was a little more special than most bands for the fact that they mixed in groove metal along with elements of metalcore and Thrash Metal making them the band that ultimately took over for Pantera. The band which is made up of Randy Blythe (Vocals), Mark Morton (Lead Guitar), Willie Adler (Rhythm Guitar), Chris Adler (Drums), and John Campbell (Bass). On August 31, 2004, the band would release their third studio album and their biggest to date at the time with Ashes Of The Wake which debuted at number 27 on the Billboard Top 200 selling 35,000 copies in it’s first week. The album is very political in nature where it raises awareness and targets the Iraq War which was happening at the time of the release. As of February 2016, the album has been certified Gold by the RIAA.

Lamb_Of_God-Ashes_Of_The_Wake-Trasera1.Laid To Rest– The lead single from the album and a hammering track that is able to take the elements of Metalcore and Groove metal and layer them together nicely. The track is about a murder victim who haunts his or her killer. 5/5

2. Hourglass– A hammering track from the get go that is unrelenting in a track that could be from a soldiers point of view as war is hell or it could be talking about the end of the world. 4.5/5

3. Now You’ve Got Something To Die For– A groove heavy track that is bad ass from beginning to end in a track that talks about our system and how we readily send kids to die in the middle east. 4.5/5

4. The Faded Line– A pummeling track that has hints of thrash in it’s DNA in a track that tackles the tough topic of drug addiction. 4/5

5. Omerta– The spoken word part of the beginning of this track is actual text from the actual Sicilian Omerta. A groove heavy track that is more or less about betrayal and not about the mafia. 5/5

6. Blood Of The Scribe– a blazing fast and hammering track that continues to showcase the bands love for thrash metal. 4/5

ashes-of-the-wake-4fad377ec839c7. One Gun– The band’s love for Pantera is evident in this one with the groove metal licks in a track about a sniper who has hit his target knowing that they’ll die a martyr. 4/5

8. Break You– a track that starts right off the bat and doesn’t stop kicking ass as we listen to lyrics that could be talking about a prisoner of sorts who dreams of revenge. 4.5/5

9. What I’ve Become– an interesting track that looks at a soldier who sees others that have been engulfed in war for way too long that you can see it in their faces and eyes. 4/5

10. Ashes Of The Wake– a powerful track which features former Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey and some audio clips of quotes layered into the track. The track features guitar solos from Alex Skolnick of Testament (second solo) and the legendary former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland (third solo). 5/5

11. Remorse Is For The Dead– The last track on the record that starts with a very melodic intro before they launch into overdrive about a person who hasn’t lived life to the fullest yet, but life is too short to dwell on that. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– This was honestly the first time that I actually sat down and listened to this album in it’s entirety. It was a very great experience that has me wanting to listen to more from the band that has been proudly flying the flag of metal for a very long time now. Check it out for yourself, I am giving the record 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.


Lamb Of God is one of those bands that will never go anywhere because they represent what is great about the American Metal scene. They have been soldiering on through all of the different fads that have come since they arrived on the scene and they are still here kick ass with their latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang which the band released in 2015. Now the band is back with a brand new EP titled The Duke which comes out everywhere on November 18TH via Epic Records with a vinyl release the following week. The band titled the record The Duke after a friend of theirs named Wayne Ford who was named after the world famous “The Duke” John Wayne. Vocalist Randy Blythe talks about it saying, “A little while ago I became friends with a fan named Wayne Ford – he was terminal – leukemia. I talked with him often, even video chatted him into the studio. He was very calm about his impending death, and we discussed it very openly. I learned a lot from him. This song is for him.” Proceeds of the sales of the record are going to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and they will also be offering special items:

– Randy Blythe’s Ashes of the Wake gold record plaque
– Signed signature model guitars
– Signed copies of handwritten lyrics
– Signed copies of The Duke EP on CD
– Signed copies of The Duke EP on Vinyl
– Signed copies of Randy Blythe’s book
– Plus more
Check out the site and the band’s website for more information. Check out the track below:

For today’s Trailers Part Quatro (number four in Portuguese), we are going to look at some movie trailers of upcoming films. I’ll tell you exactly what I think as to whether I think it’s worth my time, but you never know it could be worth yours. Trailers can be misleading like the one to The Witch, but sometimes they are accurate. Let’s check out some trailers:

Hairmetal Shotgun Zombie Massacre– That is not a typo my friends, that is the name of the film. I love b-movie/low budget horror films that mix in my favorite genre of music and let me tell you I am super excited for this one. It says it’s the bastard child of Evil Dead and Heavy Metal Parking Lot and it looks good from the soundtrack to the film itself. The film even features cameos from heavy metal titans like Slayer’s Tom Araya, Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe, and Morbid Angel’s David Vincent. Check it out for yourself below and check out their Facebook page here:

Sadako Vs Kayako– Are you a fan of The Ring or The Grudge franchises? Then I may have the movie for you right now. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if the ghosts from both films fought each other? The teaser trailer that is out there doesn’t show you much other than what the two ghosts do, but this should be interesting. In theaters June 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane– The first trailer didn’t really tell us much about the film other than the fact that they are in a bomb shelter and John Goodman does not want them to leave. In the second trailer, we find out that she (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) was in a car accident and he supposedly saved her from a chemical disaster of some sort. She starts to question why they are there and it could be that Goodman is the monster. J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) is attached to this film which means my butt will be in a seat seeing this. In theaters March 10, 2016

Pete’s Dragon– On the lighter side of things, we have the new Disney film Pete’s Dragon which is about a boy who claims he was never alone in the woods for the six years he spent out there alone. The film also stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford. To be honest, probably not a film I will go to the theaters to watch even though it looks good.

Alice Through The Looking Glass– I have never seen the first film and it was because of the fact that I hated the way Johnny Depp looked and was convinced Tim Burton was ruining classics. Now I may have to give that film a shot just so I know what is going on in this one because it looks visually stunning to say the least. In theaters this summer.

Here is your second music video of the week courtesy of Slipknot’s fellow touring mates in Lamb Of God. The past couple of weeks has been a big for the band as they unveiled the title of their upcoming disc VII: Sturm Und Drang as well as a new single in 512 (which you can read all about here). Well, the band has just unveiled a brand new music video for the trac that just may shock some of you out there. I say that because the song references the cell number that Randy Blythe had while in jail, but the video takes a different turn. A bunch of teens or youths (if you want to call them that) are hanging a good time drinking underneath a bridge when they discover the body of a girl that has washed up on the bank of the river. Obviously the family is notified and as they mourn her death a mad man comes out and admits to doing the crime. From that point on, the rest of the video is about revenge and it’s a murderous path. The new album is out on July 24TH and you can see all of the pre-order bundles here. Check out the band on tour this summer as well with Slipknot, Motionless In White, and Bullet for My valetine, but in the meantime check out the video below:

Lam of God who are going to be on tour with Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, and Motionless In White announced a couple of days ago the title of their upcoming record. The name of the new record is VII: Sturm Und Drang which is German for Storm And Stress which according to Google was a literary movement in the 18TH Century Germany that, “exalted nature, feeling, and human individualism and sought to overthrow the Enlightenment cult of Rationalism. Goethe and Schiller began their careers as prominent members of the movement.” The band as of yesterday (June 8) unleashed their very first single off the new record called 512 which is a reference to the cell number that singer Randy Blythe had while in Pankrac Prison. The singer talked about the experience with Rolling Stone stating, “You cannot have the same mentality as the normal guy living on the streets in prison. You undergo a radical mental and emotional shift when you go into prison.There are aspects of your personality that you could cultivate in prison that are beneficial to your survival that would be seen as psychosis or extreme paranoia. You have to be ready for violence at any time. Anyone who is 100 percent honest in prison will get taken advantage of, maybe by other prisoners, maybe by guards. For me, being in prison was a lot of figuring out what I could get away with, how I could work outside any set of rules in order to remain as comfortable as I could. You’re cultivating your psyche in your deceit. In prison, everyone is listening all the time, and if they hear you say something that they can take, they might internalize it and be like, ‘This guy is talking to someone,’ and he’ll wind up dead.” Check out the track below and look out for their album when it hits stores July 24TH.

There are so many supergroups in the world that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of who is in what, but at the same time they can be very interesting. For example, the Teenage Time Killers is one of those supergroups that strikes me as very interesting as the band was created by Corrosion Of Conformity’s Reed Mullin, My Ruins Mick Murphy, and producer John “Lou” Lousteau and they recorded most of their material for their album Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 at Dave Grohl’s 606 Studios in Northridge, California. The other part that is intriguing is who and how many special guests the record features the likes of Slipknot/Stone Sour’s Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl, Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe, Jello Biafra, Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba, Fear’s Lee Ving, Clutch‘s Neil Fallon, Red Fang‘s Aaron Beam, Mondo Generator’s Nick Oliveri, Prong‘s Tommy Victor, and so many more. The track that I have for you guys today is the track Hung Out To Dry which features Randy Blythe on Vocals and Dave Grohl on Bass (which is unusual, but cool) with Mike Schaefer on guitar. The track is heavy and in your face as it matches the vocals of Randy Blythe and it’s just sonically fast at times. If you’re a fan of heavy ass music, then this may be a release for you. The track itself is also only a 1:54 seconds long giving it that punk/hardcore feel to it. Their album is due to hit the stores on July 31ST via Rise Records, but for now check out the track below:

sammyHey all you metalheads out there, this is your weekly rock and metal news post and the first subject of news concerns a red rocker making an appearance on a legendary animated series this Sunday. That is right, Sammy Hagar is going to be making an appearance on this Sunday’s (November 23, 2014) episode of The Simpsons on season 26. The episode is titled Covercraft and apparently Homer is having a midlife crisis an he decides to start a cover band, but it ends up being a springboard for another artist. This will be the first time that Sammy lends his voice to the show, but not the first time his likeness has been on the show. The episode airs on Fox at 8PM Eastern Time.

Kid Rock, a humanitarium? For all of you that don’t know, the man has worked hard to raaise money and other goods for the troops for a long time now and he is being rewarded for it with an award. Kid Rock has received the 2014 Operation Troop Aid Patriot Award. Loudwire gives a brief synposis on what Operation Troop Aid is: Operation Troop Aid is a nonprofit organization that supports U.S. troops. Every year they give an award to celebrities that champion the men and women of the American armed forces. Rock has performed at numerous military bases around the world and he meets military personnel at every concert in addition to supporting military charities. Past winners have included Hank Williams Jr., Kiss, Gary Sinise, etc. Founder and executive director Mark Woods had this to say about Kid Rock, “Kid Rock is one of the most giving entertainers I have ever met,” says Operation Troop Aid founder and executive director Mark Woods. “He really gets it…  Last year, Kid Rock challenged his fans to help raise money to send care packages to the troops. In one short month, we were able to ship over 500 care packages just in time for the holidays. His art, legacy of family and Spirit of Patriotism is exactly why this award exists. Congratulations to Kid Rock.

Faith-No-More-630x420One of my favorite bands from the late 80’s/90’s Faith No More updated us not too long ago that they were recording a brand new album in 17 years. The band has now unleashed a brand new track for all of us to hear and its awesome. The song is called Motherf***er and Keyboardist Roddy Bottum described the track as, “It feels apt that the first track we’re releasing is ‘Motherfucker,’ a song about accountability. Basically we’ve created, recorded and mixed a new body of work by ourselves and we’re releasing it on our own label. It’s a huge deal for us to only have ourselves to answer to at this point in our career and the song is about that, where the buck stops via the basic imagery of foie gras production, bondage. . .y’know, stuff like that.” To heck out their new song, click here and to check out some early tour dates for 2015, click here.

Randy Blythe is a busy man these days with a book entitled Dark Days coming out soon, a new album in the work, but now the Lamb Of God frontman is going to be appearing on the silver screen in Taiwan that is. The singer is filming a movie that is being made by Taiwanese metal band Chthonic. Here is what Randy wrote on his instagram account about his trip to Taiwan:

First day at a new job. Ok, despite the fact that I love running all over Asia, taking pictures, & eating, I am really here to WORK. This is my friend Doris & I earlier today on the set of a movie that she & her band, Chthonic are making. Chthonic are from Taiwan, & they have been good friends of mine since we did Ozzfest ’07 together. Three years ago they flew me over to sing a few songs with them at a show they held in an ancient temple in the mountains of Taiwan, then me & my wife kicked it here for two weeks on vacation- Taiwan is a beautiful island, one of the hidden jewels of Asia I believe, & I couldn’t wait to come back. Then earlier this year Freddy (Chthonic’s singer) asked me “Hey, do you wanna be in an action movie we are making?” Let’s see, lemme think about tha- UM, YES. So I flew here from Japan after Knotfest & started filming today. The movie is supposed to primarily be a comedy with lots of action & knowing Chthonic, a bit of politics- without giving away too much of the plot, let’s just say there is a bit of civil unrest my character & the star of the movie (who is a really famous actor in Taiwan) participate in. I’ll put some behind the scenes shots up as I get time- early call for the set tomorrow, so I’m gonna crash. PS- these are not my sunglasses- I’m supposed to look “Rock Star-ish” & my regular clothes weren’t rock star enough (I guess the Army surplus store on the Southside of RVA doesn’t carry rock star duds, hahaha)- the sunglasses kinda make feel 1970′s Asian film star though- kinda like late era-Bruce Lee. But a lot taller. And not Asian. And without being able to crush someone’s chest with a one inch punch. Dammit! Ok, so I’m not like Bruce Lee at all, hahaha. Still, it’s gonna be FUN. PPS- no, there is no English title for the movie… YET. I’ll let y’all know when there is one.

At a show in Las Vegas, Kerry King revealed some exciting news about Slayer for 2015 and here is what he said regarding a new album as transcribed by, “We just pretty much got done recording. We’re gonna go in for, like, ten days at the end of this run … and record some more stuff. We’ve got enough for a record now. We’re just gonna go in and record some more, ’cause we have time. And that should be out early next year.”

Billy Corgan may have gotten Tommy Lee to record on the new The Smashing Pumpkins record Monuments to an Elegy, but the frontman has had to look for touring members as Tommy is busy with his Motley Crue final tour thing. Billy has brought Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk and The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer along with Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder for their December dates. Check out the new track Tiberius here.

Arch-Enemy-Jeff-Loomis-630x420Jeff Loomis of Nevermore fame has a new gig these days and it’s with Arch Enemy. The guitarist was announced as the new member of the band yesterday as Nick Cordle exits the band. In a statement on Facebook, here is what Jeff had to say, “I’m very excited to be playing with Arch Enemy. Michael Amott and I have stayed in contact over the years since we toured together when I was playing in Nevermore. Not only do I admire his guitar playing and songwriting, but I also consider him a close friend. To be able to share the stage with Michael, Sharlee, Daniel and Alissa is something I’m really looking forward to. 2015 is going to be a great year… See you all on tour!” Exiting guitarist Cordle also released a statement that read as, “With ‘War Eternal’ I believe we wrote an album together which will stand the test of time, and I wish them well for the future.” Chris Amott is currently filling in on guitar for the rest of the remaining dates on the band’s current tour.

Apparently a Guns N Roses biography titled Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction by Marc Carter is going to be made into a feature film. Book Co-author Jack Lue says that they are in talks to get the book turned into a biopic and not a documentary while author Carter says that the film is going to be made, “by people that will do it right…I do have a big say-so on the script which is still being put together now but so far looking cool.” Be on the look out for that.

Here are the following tour dates for the upcoming Marilyn Manson Tour called The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour:

01/21 – Washington, D.C. – The Fillmore
01/23 – Philadelphia, Pa. – Electric Factory
01/24 – Sayreville, N.J. – Starland Ballroom
01/26 – New York, N.Y. – Terminal 5
01/27 – Long Island, N.Y. – Paramount
01/28 – Boston, Ma. – House Of Blues
01/30 – Pittsburg, Pa. – Stage AE
01/31 – Bethlehem, Pa. – Sands Bethlehem
02/02 – Toronto, Ontario – Sound Academy
02/03 – Detroit, Mich. – Fillmore
02/05 – Chicago, Ill. – Riviera Theatre
02/06 – Prior Lake, Minn. – Mystic Lake Casino
02/07 – Milwaukee, Wis. – Eagles Ballroom
02/09 – St. Louis, Mo. – The Pageant
02/11 – Denver, Colo. – Fillmore
02/13 – Tempe, Ariz. – Marquee
02/14 – Las Vegas, Nev. – House Of Blues

Here is a story courtesy of The House Of Hair Online:

Poison frontman Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital and underwent kidney surgery this past week, causing him to cancel a charity gig in Champaign, IL. Pete Evick, who plays guitar in Bret’s solo band, posted an update on Facebook, saying that Bret had been in and out of six hospitals with kidney concerns over the past two weeks and even performed with two stents in so as not to “let the fans down.”

Eventually, his devotion to performing caught up with him. Said Evick, “I can’t explain the amount of blood or where it came from, but it was horrifying on his bus after [one of the shows Bret performed while ill].  Bret looked at me and said, “Just head to Champaign, we have to makeThursday’s show up. Bret was again taken to a hospital and this time given medication that would keep him down. The doctors basically refused to release him.” Evick also mentioned Bret’s previous health problems that he struggled to overcome, which include “the appendectomy a few years ago, the brain hemorrhage, and recently his scare in Boston with the flu/severe blood sugar on stage earlier this year [Bret is a lifelong diabetic].” Bret is pictured recovering in his hospital bed.