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The Dimebash is an event that takes place every year the honors the legacy of one of metal’s finest that was taken away too soon. At this years Dimebash which was also the 11TH took place in Hollywood as some of metal’s biggest names came out like Robb Flynn (Machine Head), Dave Lombardo, Phil Anselmo (Down, Ex-Pantera), Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus), Phil Demmel (Machine Head), Ray Mayorga (Stone Sour), Rex Brown, and so many more. The performance I chose for all of you as the cover of the week comes courtesy of Phil Anselmo on vocals, Dave Grohl on guitar, Robert Trujillo on bass, and Dave Lombardo on drums performing Ace Of Spades as a tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister. The audio quality isn’t perfect, but you’ll get the picture as the boys bring the noise. Listen to what Phil says before hand, it’s crazy what comes out of his mouth, but it’s funny.

File:Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part 2.jpgYou may be wondering why I chose to review an album that has not yet been released and it’s a good question, but Stone Sour is streaming their brand new album on their website for fans to enjoy and I figured why not. House Of Gold & Bones Part 2 is the fifth album by Stone Sour that features Slipknot regulars Jim Root and Corey Taylor with Josh Rand and Ray Mayorga. The cool thing is that this album is the second to feature Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan on bass even though he is not an official member. The album is also the conclusion to the House Of Gold & Bones story that was conceived by Corey Taylor. So, while I sip on my Leninade, I am going to sit back, relax, and review the album.

aThe very first track on the record Red City is a very dark intro that starts with corey singing and some piano before the band kicks in and things get heavy. It’s nice to hear Rachel Bolan add lend his amazing bass abilities to the song because it shines through and Corey Taylor really flexes his musical abilities when he is with Stone Sour. Fans will be pleased late in the track when they hear Corey scream into the mic that has made Slipknot a household name in the past. Black John is the definitive rock track on the record that just has a lot of swagger and the groove is amazing. Sadist is a track that when I hear Corey sing, I am just in total amazement. The song is very gloomy as if it was apocalyptic, but I could really see this in a horror film. There is a part in the song that would Metallica very happy as the band just starts kicking ass and the guitar solo is pretty top notch. Peckinpah is metal at it’s finest. It starts heavy and then it cools down while Taylor serenades you. Then out of nowhere all hell breaks loose and you can’t help but start headbanging. This is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. Stalemate makes you believe that it’s going to be another Through The Glass track till the bomb goes off and the band melts your face off with the blazing guitars and drums. The dueling guitar solo is the other cool part of the track. Gravesend is another track where Bolan’s abilities shine in the verses while the band rocks out together in the choruses. ’82 is a track about something happening in the year I was born. It’s another one of my favorite tracks because it’s an absolute rocker. We are seven songs deep into a 12 track album and there is not one single track that sucks. So far it’s an amazing record.

a3The Uncanny Valley is the next track on the record and it reminds me of something some Alice In Chains may have written with the melancholy beat and grunge rock like sound. Its an amazing track on an album full of them. Blue Smoke is sort of an intro song for the next track Do Me A Favor which completely rocks the house. Beware if you’re driving while you hear this song because you may stop paying attention to the road to headbang. The Conflagration is a track that reminds me of an earlier tune in Stone Sour’s catalog called Zzyzx RD with the piano and the orchestral feel to the track with it’s ode to 80’s rock guitar solo. House Of Gold And Bones is the last track on the new album and starts off with some chanting, but primarily it’s Absolute Zero on crack which in turn means awesome way to end the record. Some fans that have listened to the song say it’s the best one Stone Sour ever made and they may be right. I gotta give it to these guys because they lost me with Audio Secrecy, but they have suckered me back into their fanbase with this album. It’s the best album Stone Sour has ever made in my opinion and David Bottrill does a great job producing it. I am giving the album a 4.5 stars out of five because it just be the album of the year.