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beyond the gatesWhen I search for horror movies to watch for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I always try to find films that strike some kind of interest from me. One of those things can be anything having to do with the 1980’s whether it be a theme or maybe a star from that era like the beautiful Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator). While cruising through Netflix’s horror section, I came across today’s film which is called Beyond The Gates. Brothers Gordon (Graham Skipper) and John Hardesty (Chase Williamson) are forced to see each once again when their father goes missing and is presumed dead. The two have to clean out their father’s video rental store that is made up of all old VHS cassettes. One day while in the office of the store, they stumble on an old VHS adventure game called Beyond The Gates. What they don’t realize is once they play the tape, they are forced to play the game or it will claim their souls. The film also stars Brea Grant (Rob Zombie’s Halloween II) as Margo, Matt Mercer (Contracted: Phase II) as Derek, Justin Welborn (The Final Destination) as Hank, Jesse Merlin (12 Deadly Days) as Elric, Sara Malakul Lane (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) as Dahlia, Henry LeBlanc (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as Dad, Pierson Ryan (Red Team Go) as Ghoul, and the film was directed by Jackson Stewart (Supernatural). 

barbaraI always give you guys my honest opinion on everything I watch because I am a horror fan and it’s my genre of choice. Beyond The Gates is an excellent film that while it had some quirks to it (not many), it was a well written film and very well acted. The story itself was a very interesting one where what if you started playing a game and it wouldn’t let you go until you either finished it or it took your soul. What would you do? You’d have no other choice, but to finish the game because now it messes with reality. The kills in the film were a very interesting part of the film where the main characters are doing it without really doing it. I know that makes no sense, but what if the game told you to go outside and find the X. You find it only to dig it up and you find a doll. The game tells you there is a key inside so you tear the doll apart looking for it without realizing that your tearing a friend’s insides out. That is what I am talking about and I actually liked that about the film. It was very different than usual and very cool. Barbara Crampton was amazing as usual as the gamekeeper from hell who forces our brothers to play the game. The camera work is great and the editing is on point as well. I love the intro to the film that kind of shows you how a VHS cassette worked. I thought that was a cool nostalgic thing. I am however going to give the film an A- for a final grade and it’s available on Netflix as we speak.

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hp lovecraftOn this day in 1890 which is 125 years ago, the legendary horror author known as H.P. Lovecraft was born in Providence, R.I. which makes him a local legend (to me at least). The man was responisble for so many great stories that would later be turned into films like The Call Of Cthulhu (most famous one), From Beyond (done by Stuart Gordon), The Outsider (Gordon’s Castle Freak was based on this), The Colour Out of Space (It was made twice for Die Monster Die!– 1965 and The Curse-1986), The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (beautifully done by Roger Corman in The Haunted Palace), and one my personal favorites in the short story series Herbert West-Reanimator (Later turned into Re-Animator and all of it’s sequels). Much like what Edgar Allen Poe was for the horror world, H.P. Lovecraft was as equally talented and an amazing contributor. So Happy 125TH Birthday to H.P. Lovecraft.

fraternity vacationI have to be honest with all of you when I say that tonight’s choice for a Cheeseball Cinema film came from a very unlikely source. I was at one of my jobs when I saw a commercial for AARP Life Insurance and I recognized the actor on the screen from one of the Police Academy films. The actor was Matt McCoy (L.A. Confidential) and after searching on his IMDB account I came across this rare 80’s gem known as Fraternity Vacation. The film stars Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption), Cameron Dye (Valley Girl), and Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night) as members of a fraternity that go on vacation in Palm Springs thanks to a nerd named Wendell (Geoffreys) and his family. You see Mother (Robins) and Joe (Dye) promised Wendell’s father that they’d get his son a girl in exchange for a hut tub and Jacuzzi back at the school. They also run into a couple of guys from a rival fraternity (Leigh McCloskey and Matt McCoy) and a bet ensues as to who will nail the hottest girl (Sheree J. Wilson) at the apartments first. The film also stars Amanda Bearse (Fright Night) as Nicole, John Vernon (Dirty Harry) as Chief Ferret, the always beautiful Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator) as Chrissie, Kathleen Kinmont (Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers) as Marianne, Max Wright (ALF) as Mr. Tvedt, and the late Charles Rocket (Earth Girls Are Easy) as Madman Mac. 

Barbara Crampton and Kathleen KinmontFirst thing’s first and that is you have to remember that this is an 80’s comedy that was tailor made for young men in their late teens, probably college kids with lots of testosterone and that is why there is plenty of T&A in these films. It was the decade of decadence after all and the films reflected that in a big way as sex wasn’t so taboo anymore. There’s a couple of scenes in the film that focus on the T&A with Crampton and Kinmont in one and Sheree J. Wilson in the other one. The film has it’s funny moments and it’s actually a really good film which I’m surprised that I had never heard of this before. The irony in the film is that Wendell is this nerd they don’t believe can get laid on his own, but in reality he’s the one whose getting luckier than all of them. I loved that about this film and I do want to say that Geoffreys is perfect for roles like this because his face always lent him to these types of films perfectly, but I just found out that he became an adult film actor after the 80’s. One of the other funny facts about this film is that I looked up Theta Pi Sigma which is their fraternity in this film and it’s actually the first ever Gay friendly fraternity. I wonder if they watched this film at all. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film if all time, I am going to give this film a two for a final grade.

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you're nextI didn’t know what to expect when I watched this because of the mixed reviews that the film has received. Sometimes you have to listen to the reviews from people you know and not the critics because sometimes they just hate on films because they can. They say that home is where the heart is, well apparently this family is about to find out the hard way. Paul (Rob Moran) and Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) Davison are about to celebrate their 35TH marriage anniversary in their nice home deep in the woods. They are pretty well off when it comes to money, but the one valuable thing they don’t have is a functional family. You see, they haven’t gotten together with all the kids in one house for a very long time and you’ll see just why. Well, when everyone is together something goes completely wrong, they get attacked by men in animal masks. As the family goes under attack, they have to figure out a way for all of them to survive before they’re all offed by these crazed individuals. The movie also stars Sharni Vinson (Step Up 3D), Nicholas Tucci (Undocumented), Wendy Glenn (11-11-11), AJ Bowen (The House Of The Devil), Amy Seimetz (Wristcutters: A Love Story), L.C. Holt (V/H/S 2), and Ti West (The ABC’s Of Death).

sharniI know I was happy to see that Barbara Crampton was in the film, you may remember her from Re-Animator. What can I say about the film that someone else might not have said? Well for one, I thought the movie was totally bad ass. The film sort of reminds me of another horror film called The Strangers, but this one has much more action in it then The Strangers did. Sharni Vinson is definitely the MVP of this film as she is one complete badass in the film and she has a kill in the film that I don’t remember ever seeing in any other horror film. She kills a man with a blender to the head and turned on for maximum usage. There are a couple of twists in this film with one that you can see coming and the other might catch you by surprise. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the film, but I wonder why it took two years to release the film. Well, whatever, I am going to give the film a B+.

215px-Reanimator_posterThis was a horror movie that I have always heard people talk about and its surprisingly one that I have never seen in my life. So, if you’re hosting a blog about watching movies, then why not watch the classic H.P. Lovecraft about re-animating life. The movie is about a scientist that is obsessed with the idea of being able to bring someone back to life after they have died with a serum. After a failure in Switzerland, Herbert West travels to Arkham, MA (a fictional city) to Miskatonic University where he plans to continue his experiments with more specimen and in the process he involves his roommate Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott), a fellow medical student, into his dangerous experiments where things start to spiral out of control. The film also stars Barbara Crampton (The Lords Of Salem) as Dan’s girlfriend and daughter of the dean Meghan Halsey, David Gale (The Edge Of Night) as Dr. Hill, Peter Kent (Total Recall ’90) as one of the re-animated corpse’s and Robert Sampson (Falcon Crest) as Dean Halsey in this cult horror classic.

Barbara CramptonThe film starts off with a woman waiting by a door where apparently Herbert West has locked himself in the room with someone and sounds of struggle can be heard from the room. We see that another Doctor is going crazy and making his own eyes burst out of his head. West says that he has given the doctor life when people are accusing him of murdering the doctor. That wasn’t a bad way to start the film because you need something to help set the rest of the film so that the wheels start turning. I thought that Combs acting was a little corny at first, but he impressed me the further we got into the film and Dr. Hill ends up being a real creepy villain. The whole scene where his decapitated head is molesting the deans daughter was a little creepy, but expected in a horror film since we see a lot of nudity and weird scenes in the eighties. Barbara Crompton was a cutie back in the eighties and her acting was top notch. I was very impressed with her in this film. The make up department was on top of their game in this film and Stuart Gordon’s vision of a different type of monster movie paid off because this is a definite classic. The film features 5 boob shots plus some bush and a lot of re-animated corpses. Every horror fans dream come true. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being an A-list Hollywood film and 5 being the cheesiest film of all time, I give this one a 2.