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zombie2We already know that everyone’s favorite Horror rock/metal artist Rob Zombie had announced the new title of his latest solo effort The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser which comes out April 29TH. Zombie has now unveiled a brand new track off the album called Well, Everybody’s Fkng In A U.F.O. which Zombie believes will be a big hit. He recently spoke about the album and song saying, “I can easily say this is my favorite album yet… no joke. Yeah I know every fucking asshole says that. But it is seriously our heaviest most fucked up musical monster to date. One song entitled ‘Well, Everybody’s Fucking in a U.F.O.’ is sure to be an instant Zombie classic! Not since ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’ have I spent this long putting an album together. It was worth it.” The track is a little different than what we are used to by Zombie and I honestly sensed a Primus vibe at times to the track especially with his vocals. The song at times has some real fury to it while reminding me of Sick Bubblegum. I’m not saying that I don’t like it cause I actually enjoyed the track. It definitely peaked my interest to want to hear the rest of the album. While all of the rock sites like Loudwire, Revolver Mag are making you go to Sirius, I have the song for you right here. So, check it out.

weston-cageSome time ago, we found out that Nicolas Cage could possibly be into metal, but we knew that his son Weston Cage was for sure. After all, he was the lead singer of the now defunct black metal group Eyes Of Noctum which pretty much makes him a metal fan. Well, now Wes has announced that he has a brand new solo disc and he has teamed up with Revolver Magazine to unveil his new track Tell Me Why (Matriarch Of Misery) which he has also dubbed Ghost Metal (though it sounds like a combination of 90’s Industrial Metal and doom metal combined). Here is what Wes told Revolver Magazine about the new music and the new genre:

I’ve always had an intense passion for music, so much so that I started my first band while still in middle school. As soon as Eyes Of Noctum disbanded, though, I was left alone with a vast array of melodies, rhythms, and concepts. In this time of great seclusion, my inner dialogue and muse grew louder and more impatient, this continued until a solo project was my only resort. My heart wanted this and I am proudly here to present music that is truer to my essence, direct from my core. ‘Ghost Metal’ has been my life’s work. I have been creating this genre for years and the majority of this album’s track list properly delivers the sound of a traditional ‘Ghost Metal’ track while others remain diverse so that we can all ease into this new genre in the family tree of metal. ‘Tell Me Why’ is open to interpretation, but to me, it’s simply about betrayal, abuse, and being used by someone that likes to drain people’s life forces. What makes my writing style unique, is that I have to insure that at least one part of the song gives me the chills. If I am haunted by my own riff, then I’ve reached my standard for ‘Ghost Metal.’ My music, like myself, is honest and gritty. With all that said, the first single off my debut solo album, ‘Prehistoric Technology,’ ‘Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery),’ will arrive in digital stores worldwide on September 22, 2014, with the album following suit with a pre-release in January 2015.

To hear the actual song, click on this link here to get transferred to the Revolver Magazine website. Keep an open mind and tell me what you think, I’m curious to see if this catches on.

Guns N Roses Joan Jett Korn

I have some news for all of you regarding this years Revolver Golden God awards, the one award show that celebrates metal the right way. If you thought the previous Golden God Awards shows were cool, this year is going to blow your mind. Joan Jett is going to be receiving the Golden God Award which will presented to her by 2011 winner Alice Cooper. When he was asked about Jett, Cooper said, “No one deserves this award MORE than Joan Jett. She’s never compromised who she is — she’s a rocker through and through. I wish some of the younger bands had the balls that Joan Jett does!” Guns ‘N Roses frontman Axl Rose is going to be presented with the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award. The next piece of the news that absolutely rocks is the fact that Guns ‘N Roses, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Korn, Black Label Society, The Pretty Reckless, and A Day To Remember are the performers at this years event. Fans will also have a chance to vote for all the categories including the newly renamed Best Guitarist award which is being renamed The Dimebag Darrell Best Guitarist Award. Vinnie Paul had this to say about the name changing of the award, “I am very honored that Revolver is renaming the Best Guitarist Award after Dime! He was and always will be what heavy-metal guitar playing is all about. This award is given to the person with those special skills that sets them apart from others. Dime always went for it and I know he would be proud of the winner of this award. So go for it and may the best shredder win! Getcha pull!!” Here are all the categories that fans will get to vote for and if fans want to vote you can do that here.

Album of the Year
Avenged Sevenfold, ‘Hail to the King’
Black Sabbath, ’13′
Five Finger Death Punch, ‘The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 and 2′
Korn, ‘The Paradigm Shift’
Queens of the Stone Age, ‘…Like Clockwork’
Volbeat, ‘Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies’

Best Vocalist
Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember)
M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch)
Papa Emeritus II (Ghost B.C.)
Jonathan Davis (Korn)
Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age)

Dimebag Darrell Best Guitarist(s)
Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains)
Synyster Gates & Zacky Vengeance (Avenged Sevenfold)
Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
Zoltan Bathory & Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch)
Munky & Head (Korn)

Paul Gray Best Bassist
Johnny Christ (Avenged Sevenfold)
Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
Chris Kael (Five Finger Death Punch)
Rex Brown (Kill Devil Hill)
Fieldy (Korn)
Emma Anzai (Sick Puppies)

Best Drummer presented by Razor & Tie
Arin Ilejay (Avenged Sevenfold)
Brad Wilk (for his work with Black Sabbath)
Vinnie Appice (Kill Devil Hill)
Matt Halpern (Periphery)
Chris Adler (for his work with Protest the Hero)
Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs)

Best Live Band
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Lamb of God
Mötley Crüe
Rob Zombie

Song of the Year presented by Randall Amplifiers
Alice in Chains, ‘Hollow’
Avenged Sevenfold, ‘Hail to the King’
Bring Me the Horizon, ‘Shadow Moses’
Five Finger Death Punch, ‘Lift Me Up’
Of Mice & Men, ‘You’re Not Alone’
The Pretty Reckless, ‘Going to Hell’

Best Film & Video presented by Eagle Rock Entertainment
Behemoth, ‘Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel’
Huntress, ‘Zenith’
Lamb of God, ‘As the Palaces Burn’
Metallica, ‘Metallica Through the Never’
Motionless in White, ‘America’
Pierce the Veil, ‘This Is a Wasteland’

Best New Talent presented by Victory Records
Heaven’s Basement
Scar the Martyr
Twelve Foot Ninja
††† (Crosses)

Comeback of the Year
Black Sabbath
Deep Purple
Nine Inch Nails
Queens of the Stone Age
Suicidal Tendencies

Most Metal Athlete
Tony Alva (skateboarder)
Grant Balfour (MLB)
Josh Barnett (mixed martial artist, UFC)
Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors, NBA)
Derek Garland (Metal Mulisha, motocross)
Tuukka Rask (Boston Bruins, NHL)

Most Dedicated Fans
A Day to Remember
Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
Of Mice & Men
The Pretty Reckless


The night that celebrates the genre that gets no respect, Metal, is back and due to the passing of a true Metal legend in Jeff Hanneman, the night was dedicated in his honor. The show kicked off with fellow Big Four legends Anthrax kicking into an amazing version of Caught In A Mosh. The band’s second song that they performed was off of Worship Music called Fight Em Till You Can’t and I have to say that I am so happy that Joey is the singer because he is just amazing. Anthrax ended their set by bringing out Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown to do This Love and dedicating it to Jeff Hanneman. They even ended the song with a little bit of Raining Blood just to top off the tribute. Chris Jericho was back for the fourth time to host the Fifth annual event.

Chuck Billy and Alex Skolnick of Testament would come out to introduce Dillinger Escape Plan who started off their set with Prancer and the singer,Greg Puciato, would bust his own head open during the set. For their second song or maybe their third song of the set, they would invite Chino Moreno of The Deftones to perform Behind The Wheel which was the only song I enjoyed from their set and it featured Greg shooting flames with a torch and the band smashing their equipment in typical rock/metal fashion.

After a heart felt tribute to Jeff Hanneman from Kerry King and Zakk Wylde, Heaven’s Basement came out to introduce Halestorm who started off their set with Love Bites. Before they kicked into I Miss The Misery, there was an amazing intro that featured some killer drumming from Arejay Hale. For their special guest, Halestorm brought out David Draiman to perform Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love and it was actually really good.

Heidi Sheppard and Carla Harvey of The Butcher Babies along with Jill Janus Of Huntress came out to introduce Five Finger Death Punch who started their earth shattering set with Burn It Down. In what turned out be a shocking announcement, Five Finger Death Punch revealed that they had two CD’s coming out within the next six months and one of the tracks from one featured their special guest for the second track. Rob Halford came out to perform Lift Me Up with them dressed in a priest outfit. To top that performance, Five Finger brought out Rob Zombie and John 5 to perform Thunderkiss 65 together on stage.

Maria Brink and Chris Howorth from In This Moment introduced Stone Sour to the stage as they opened up with Gone Sovereign. The second song the band performed was Absolute Zero and it absolutely rocked. Corey after the Zero was over said that before their guest came out, they were going to get the crowd started with their tribute to Sabbath as they began to play Children Of The Grave and sure enough during the song M. Shawn Crahan and Chris Fehn of Slipknot came out and performed with Stone Sour. It was absolutely off the charts and Corey definitely proved he deserved that vocalist of the year award.

One of the funniest incidents occurred  The Black Veil Brides were about to accept the award for best song of the year and the crowd was booing. Andy of BVB came right out and told the crowd off. Metal fans really hate The Black Veil Brides I guess. Papa Emeritus II of Ghost B.C. came out to introduce the one and only Danzig as he opened with Hammer Of The Gods not Mother according to the screen which would end up being the second track performed. Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein would eventually come out to perform Death Comes Ripping, Skulls and Last Caress with Danzig.

Phil Campbell and Lemmy Kilmister came out to introduce the one and only Metallica as they came out and opened with Disposable Heroes.

The Awards:

Guitarist Of The Year: John 5

Drummer Of The Year: Arejay Hale

Most Dedicated Fans: Fans Of Him (just a little side note, I think Marilyn Manson should the biggest sign of disrespect to the band him).

Best Live Band: Slipknot

The 2013 Golden God Award: Rob Zombie’

Best Vocalist: Corey Taylor

Best New Talent: Device

Comeback Of The Year: Tenacious D

Best Bassist: Lemmy Kilmister

Most Metal Athlete: Triple H

Song Of The Year: In The End by The Black Veil Brides

Riff Lord: Tony Iommi

Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award: Metallica

Album Of The Year: Koi No Yokan by The Deftones

courtesy of Revolver Magazine

The title of the piece speaks for itself as I announce that the Revolver Golden Gods Awards show just got a little more badass as Revolver Magazine just announced that Glenn Danzig and his solo band, Danzig, was announced as a performer. The Golden God awards is the one award show that is strictly for us metal fans and they have catered to us over the years with great performances from some of today’s great artists. We have seen artists like Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Fozzy, Asking Alexandria, Volbeat, Devildriver, and we’ve seen special performances like Avenged Sevenfold playing Mouth For War with Vinny Paul, Sebastian Bach playing with Asking Alexandria, Dee Snider coming out to play with The Black Veil Brides, and so much more. The event is awesome and Doyle from The Misfits is going to perform with Danzig in a night that already features Metallica, Stone Sour, Five Finger Death Punch, Anthrax, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Halestorm. The event is going to be broadcasted on AXS TV, Facebook, and XBOX Live on May 2, 2013. If you’re a metal fan, then you do not want to miss this one.  Here’s one of my favorite Danzig songs to pump you up: