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machine headOne of the most underrated American metal bands to come out of the 1990’s has to be the one and only Machine Head. These guys deserve a lot of credit for the fact that when their own label was against them, they never lost sight of their goal and they kept going to the point that they are undeniable now. That is why I have decided that for this week’s album of the week, I am going to cover one of their albums. My introduction to Machine Head is thanks to a CD sampler that used to be handed out at every single Ozzfest. The sampler for 1997 or 98 I believe contained a track called Ten Ton Hammer and ever since that day I was instantly hooked. The album I chose for this week is the band’s second album The More Things Change… which was released on March 26, 1997 and was produced by Colin Richardson. The band at the time featured Robb Flynn (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), in his last appearance with the band Logan Mader (Lead Guitar), Adam Duce (Bass) , and in his first appearance with the band Dave McClain (Drums). The album did pretty well for the band as it was the band’s first album to hit The Billboard Top 200 Charts when it peaked at 138 while going 16 in the UK.

machine head back1. Ten Ton Hammer– One of my favorite songs on the whole entire record that hits you like a ten ton hammer to the chest in a track that is all about being the best and making sure no one tries to bring you down. 5/5

2. Take My Scars– A very interesting track on the album that could look like it’s about Robb’s upbringing, but according to a source, it’s sung from the devil’s point of view. 5/5

3. Struck A Nerve– a great track on the album that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, but I think it’s a song about shocking the system or striking a nerve like they did right from the start with the whole kill the pro-life line. Duce’s bass playing is awesome on this track as well as many others. 5/5

4. Down To None-a track that starts very eerily with the clean channel guitar chords until the band lunges forward in a song that is about depression. 4.5/5

5. The Frontlines-A metal assault that sludges along, but my favorite part is the bass driven parts by Duce in the verses in a track that is all about how we allowed the government to do what it is doing because we never took a stand. 4.5/5

MACHINE-HEAD-The-More-Things-Change-2-16. Spine– Duce helps kick off the track with some sick bass playing before Mader and co. come in with the extra artillery. The track is kind of deep as it’s about someone who went through a traumatic experience and the one person he wanted to be there for him wasn’t. 4.5/5

7. Bay Of Pigs– a track with a little bit of a punk/hardcore flare to it that is all about his war against authority or the cops of San Francisco. 4/5

8. Violate– a little bit of a slower pace for the band almost resembling a Pantera Far Beyond Driven-esque vibe in this track that could be about someone who did something very bad to him. 4/5

9. Blistering– The track starts out with that awful denist drill that sent chills up my spine in this track that is all about that thing you do when you let all the hate bottle up inside, it’s just blisters. 4/5

10. Blood Of The Zodiac– The last track on the album that starts off slow before it picks up the pace in this track that is all about being your own person and not depending on others. Rising to the occasion and making a change that works for you. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– I think that early Machine Head is some of the most brilliant material, but then again the latter part of the band’s career has been amazing as well. This won’t be the last time we see Machine Head on here for sure. My favorite tracks are Ten Ton Hammer, Blood Of The Zodiac, and Struck A Nerve. My least favorite tracks on the album would be Violate and Bay Of Pigs. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

Machine-Head-Catharsis-2018Earlier in the month, we covered the track Beyond The Pale from Machine Head’s upcoming album Catharsis for the single of the week and it was freaking awesome. Now the band wants to know if you are ready for some metal mayhem and the answer better be yes because this week’s Metal Music Video of the Week is the title track from the album. The video itself is a little bizarre as it features some people that are trapped under a sheet as they can not see or anything as a bearded naked man prances over them until they all start to break free and do the same thing that he is doing while the band rocks out. We also see Robb Flynn tied up in a straight jacket as he is trapped in a padded cell and much more. Robb talks about the writing process and how honest he was with the lyrics saying, “When we were writing the record I’d get up at 4:30 in the morning, damn near every day and I’d just write lyrics. 80 percent was garbage, but 20 percent of it was gold and the things I liked this time round were just really clear, really straight ahead, completely non- metaphorical, coarse, vulgar language. The language of hip-hop, the language of how people speak in the streets, how we speak now. I didn’t want somebody to go ‘Oh I wonder if he’s talking about…’ No, you know exactly what the fuck I’m singing about. It may not be PC, but at the same time, we’re releasing an incredible amount of emotions on this album.” Check out the video below and make sure you pick the album on January 26TH where you get your music.

Machine-Head-Catharsis-2018We gave you a single of the week from the rock side of life so we figured we’s give you one from the metal side of things as well. One of the most underrated bands in all of metal has always been California Groove Metal titans Machine Head. The band has released some stellar albums from Burn My Eyes, Through The Ashes Of Empires, The Blackening, Unto The Locust, and the last album we’ve heard from them in 2014’s Bloodstone & Diamonds. Now the band has unveiled their next effort in Catharsis which is due out on January 26, 2018 via Nuclear Blast. The band also unveiled a brand new track for everyone to hear in the epic twin guitar assault in Beyond The Pale. Robb Flynn talked about the new album saying, “I feel like metal could really infiltrate the mainstream with this album. And it needs to… now more than ever. A lot of consideration went into making these songs more identifiable to a wider audience. Simplifying ideas, simplifying hooks, really concentrating on story-telling as opposed to ‘brutal poetry’ or whatever. And while I’d love to say it was all some grand plan, there was no ‘plan.’” You never know where you’re going to end up whenever you start writing a record… you just write… but I tell ya what… we ended up with a landmark here. Whenever you finish an album, you always feel proud, but this time… we’ve got something really special. We can feel it. We know it. Catharsis could really elevate our genre.” You can pre-order the new album now via Nuclear Blast, but for now check out the track below:

machinehead-800x450Do not adjust the brightness on your screen because you have read the title of the article correctly. Robb Flynn of Machine Head has called out all Racists that he used to call his brothers in a brand new song. Machine Head unleashed a new track with SiriusXM called Is There Anybody Out There. In the track, there is a certain line in the song that leads you to believe that he is calling out a certain someone. “Now I stand as a father, to men with no honor, Ashamed of the racists I used to call brothers.” That certain someone that he could be talking about could be ex-Pantera/current Down frontman Phil Anselmo. Earlier in the year during the Dimebash, Phil made some remarks and gestures during the show that really pissed off the Machine Head frontman (you can read all about it here). Although I have to say that I am not entirely shocked that they decided to write and record a song that would call him out if I am being perfectly honest. Robb has always spoken his mind and I commend him for it because few in the industry have the balls to do it. I also want to add to the conversation and say that the song is pretty bad ass too. One of the things I love about the song that I love is that he adds that rapping element to the verses which could also be an FU to Phil Anselmo after Phil had told him he hated the rap era of Machine Head’s career. I wish I could share it here with all of you, but unfortunately it’s on the Sirius website, so click here to listen to the new track.

Phil Anselmo, the former singer of Pantera and current Down frontman may have felt the heat and backlash from some anti-Semitic words and gestures he made at Dimebash 2016. He tried to offer an explanation as to why he said the words “White Power” followed by some Heil gestures by blaming it as a joke with white wine. Not everyone in the world was buying that excuse especially Robb Flynn of Machine Head who immediately went on the attack with a video he posted explaining his disgust over the situation. I also expressed my thoughts as well to the situation saying that just because of who he was, it didn’t make it OK for him to do that. Now Phil Anselmo has posted a video begging for forgiveness from the metal community and anyone that was offended by the gestures. Here is what Phil says in the video,

Philip H. Anselmo here, and I’m here to, basically, respond to all the heat I’ve been getting that I deserve completely. I was at the Dimebash and it was extremely late at night [and] there was heavy-duty talk between myself and those who love Dime. And heavy emotions were flowing, jokes were made backstage that transpired upon the stage, and it was ugly, it was uncalled for. And anyone who knows me and my true nature knows that I don’t believe in any of that; I don’t wanna be part of any group. I’m an individual and I am a thousand percent apologetic to anyone that took offense to what I said, because you should have taken offense to what I said. And I am so sorry, and I hope you just… Man, give me another chance to… Just give me another chance. I love all of you. And anyone who’s met me, anyone who knows me knows that I love all of you. Bless you.

I am not going to be Judge Dredd by giving the final say, but at least he now knows that he can’t get away with those things. He now knows that we are not going to accept those mindless gestures and just brush it to the side because of who he is. Phil needs to grasp the idea and the fact that everyone is held accountable for their actions. I am obviously going to let you be the judge of all that and if you choose to forgive him then that is your choice. Check out the video apology below:

20130712-phil-anselmo-306x306-1373646895There is a big issue going around on the internet regarding some Anti-Semitic remarks that Phil Anselmo made at Dimebash 2016. Phil responded to the Youtuber who posted the video saying that it was all a joke and that it had something to do with white wine that they were drinking backstage. While this isn’t the first time that he has made racists or Anti-Semitic remarks, there has to be a time when we say that enough is enough in the metal community. One man has the intestinal fortitude to come out and speak out against what Phil said from the metal community. That man is Machine Head frontman/guitarist Robb Flynn. While Robb is no stranger to stirring things up in the metal community, this time he has a legit reason to have an issue with the implicated figure. Robb released a video explaining what exactly was the issue with Anselmo explaining, “not a chardonnay or a pinot grigio in sight backstage” and then he informs you that Anselmo was drinking Becks which is a German beer. He continues to explain to people that Phil should not be let off the hook for his remarks and explains to everyone who doesn’t know why it isn’t OK to say those things.

robbThe part that shocks me the most is when Robb recalls sitting down with Anselmo backstage before they went on. He says, “Within 30 seconds of sitting down and talking to him, his drunk ass decided to let me know in no uncertain terms that he hated the ‘nig-er’ era of Machine Head, referring to our third and fourth album, The Burning Red.” That was a big time shock to me because I would never have imagined him saying those things, but then again I do not know the man personally from a hole in the wall. Second of all, The Burning Red was a kick ass album from Machine Head, but that isn’t the issue. The real Issue is that a public figure no matter if he is a musician, actor, politician, whatever should not be allowed to do that. Especially at an event that was meant to honor the legacy of one of the greatest guitar players in Metal history. I have always respected Robb for speaking his mind and standing up for what is right. I also agree with him in saying that there should be more people in Metal that should be calling out Anselmo for what he said as well. We can’t just brush this under the rug and say that it’s OK because of who he is. Check out the video below for yourself.


The Dimebash is an event that takes place every year the honors the legacy of one of metal’s finest that was taken away too soon. At this years Dimebash which was also the 11TH took place in Hollywood as some of metal’s biggest names came out like Robb Flynn (Machine Head), Dave Lombardo, Phil Anselmo (Down, Ex-Pantera), Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus), Phil Demmel (Machine Head), Ray Mayorga (Stone Sour), Rex Brown, and so many more. The performance I chose for all of you as the cover of the week comes courtesy of Phil Anselmo on vocals, Dave Grohl on guitar, Robert Trujillo on bass, and Dave Lombardo on drums performing Ace Of Spades as a tribute to the late Lemmy Kilmister. The audio quality isn’t perfect, but you’ll get the picture as the boys bring the noise. Listen to what Phil says before hand, it’s crazy what comes out of his mouth, but it’s funny.

It can be quite a challenge to take a heavy metal track that is already pretty heavy to begin with and turn the electricity off and perform it acoustically. Machine Head just released Bloodstones & Diamonds today (November 11) and to help celebrate the release of the new record, I decided to take a bonus track from the band’s last release Unto The Locust for this week’s Acoustic Track Of The Week. The track is called Darkness Within and it starts off on the clean side before the band turns up the distortion on the original version so the beginning two minutes of the track essentially sets up the easy conversion to acoustic. It’s the rest of the song that the band had to really convert, but they do a masterful job and I love Robb Flynn’s scat singing and his overall vocal performance on the acoustic version. The song is amazing and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of acoustic renditions of songs that were recorded electrically.


Pale Emperor Album Artwork Courtesy of Cooking Vinyl

This is something that I used to do on my old blog called Rock And Metal News where I gave you summaries of news stories that involve rock and metal bands. For our first news story, we are taking a look at one of my favorite shock rockers and some new album news. You can credit iTunes New Zealand with unveiling the new album title, track listing, and album cover for Marilyn Manson’s new album which is apparently titled The Pale Emperor. According to that iTunes, the album is due out in January, but we have to remember that nothing has been confirmed from Marilyn Manson’s camp yet. So, the regular version features ten tracks while the deluxe version of the album has thirteen tracks. Here is the track listing below and if you want to check out the first single Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge, just click here.

The Pale Emperor Track Listing:

1. Killing Strangers
2. Deep Six
3. Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
4. The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles
5. Warship My Wreck
6. Slave Only Dreams To Be King
7. The Devil Beneath My Feet
8. Birds of Hell Awaiting
9. Cupid Carries a Gun
10. Odds of Even
11. Day 3 (Deluxe Edition Only)
12. Fated, Faithful, Fatal (Deluxe Edition Only)
13. Fall of the House of Death (Deluxe Edition Only)

Black-Tusk-630x420 In other news, Black Tusk bassist Jonathan Athon has died yesterday (November 9, 2014) in a motorcycle accident. I guess he was out cruising with his girlfriend Emily Boutwell when they crashed on November 7 as they hit the side door of an Acura that was driven by an 85 year old man. For most of the weekend, he remained in critical condition, but he unfortunately passed away at the age of 32. The band’s publicist released a statement that read:

It is with deep regret and saddened hearts that we must tell you that Athon passed away this morning from injuries sustained from his motorcycle accident. Doctors told us that he suffered irreparable brain damage shortly after the accident. He has been in a coma and sustained by life support until now. As per his wishes, we removed Athon from his life support systems and his organs will be donated. His body will be cremated and a memorial is being planned for family and friends in Savannah. He was 32 years old and will be forever missed. Thank you all for your support during this devastating time for us, it would have made him proud.

Machine-Head-Robb-Flynn-630x420Machine Head’s Robb Flynn is starting to become one of the most controversial figures in metal whether he was attacking Avenged Sevenfold or his latest blog post where he says no more festivals. When it comes to touring Robb Flynn has said that his band is putting off all of the festivals and here is why, “We’re going to stop doing festivals. As it stands now, we have passed on a headline slot on Wacken, Soundwave Festival in Australia, Download U.K., Sonisphere U.K., Knotfest, Hellfest and a plethora of other festivals throughout the world. In fact, we have made a decision to not do ANY festivals for the entire ‘Bloodstones & Diamonds’ album cycle. In 2012, we did three months straight of ‘summer’ festivals in Europe, but summer in Europe doesn’t really start until September, so for the most part, we were playing outdoors to a lot of people, yes, no doubt, but these people are watching Machine Head at 5PM in the freezing rain with bitter winds ripping across the festival grounds and don’t forget the fatal lightning strike too. Half the time, both the band and the audience are in cold/wet survival mode and to be honest, when it’s like that, no matter how awesome the first Black Sabbath album starts, it’s the lamest environment for a heavy metal show.” He goes on to explain that while the money is good, the expenses end up outweighing what they might have taken in as he explains, “On that 2012 tour we earned more money than we had ever made, some shows were great, a lot were kinda “meh”, but because of fly-dates galore, days-off galore, and some mind-bogglingly bad budgeting we spent all the money we made. Imagine working your ass off for 3 months and not coming home with anything to show for it?” The idea behidn dooing festivals was believe that by throwing a great show, it would open up doors for you as far as new fans are concerned, but Robb doesn’t seem to believe it anymore. He says, “It used to be delivering a killer festival set could be a game changer. But I haven’t seen that happen in a while,” says the vocalist. “For most bands it used to mean, slaying the huddled masses would pack ‘em in next time the band headlined. And ya know what? Maybe it does happen for some bands (though I haven’t heard that recently) but it just isn’t working for us anymore.” So, don’t expect to see them on any festivals in the near future!

barberianpostershop2014I’ve heard of guys doing all sorts of stuff when they retire, but this seems to be something out of You Don’t Mess With The Zohan metal style. In that film, Adam Sandler plays an Israeli secret service agent who just wants to cut hair for a living and not fight anymore. Nergal of Polish Blackened Metal band Behemoth is a singer who likes to defile religious passages with his music that just wants to cut hair for a living at an affordable price. That is correct my fellow metalheads, Nergal opened up a barbershop called Barberian Academy & Barber Shop and it’s strictly for men. Unfortunately, you have to live in Warsaw, Poland if you want to visit the shop that offers hair cuts, beard trims, manicure’s, and other stuff. The reason for opening the shop is that Nergal wanted a new challenge as he opened it with business partner Małgorzatą Marczewską. If you want to find out more about the shop, visit their Facebook page here.

The Osbournes have apparently decided that they want to return for a limited run on Television once again after 13 years since they had been off the air. Apparently, Ozzy wants to do it once again for certain reasons that Sharon explains, “It’s been 13 years since we first did it. He said for the three years we did it he was drunk the whole time and he’d like to be sober. As I say, it’s not forever. No more than eight episodes. It’s a kind of catch-up, what they’re doing now.” Well, I for one am not sure if this is something I will venture to watch, but who knows. Filming will commence in January.

Here is an article courtesy of The House Of Hair Online:

Wanna own a piece of Queensrÿche? The band has made the unusual move of offering fans a chance at buying an ownership stake in a company that, according to, entitles them to a “fixed percentage” of future revenue made through sales of Queensrÿche albums and merchandise. The band hopes to raise a total of $2 million with the offering, that requires a minimum buy-in of $50,000.

Attorney Marc LoPresti says Queensrÿche is “hoping that [this move] will engage more people instead of less, because for the guys, it’s about the music and it’s about the fans.” The money raised through the deal will give the group “the flexibility to do a lot of things,” comments drummer Scott Rockenfield. Check out this YouTube video announcing the campaign, and check out the “Building An Empire” site for all the particulars.

So, apparently Michael Sweet Of Stryper and George Lynch of Dokken have a new project together called Sweet & Lynch which will have a debut disc out in January of 2015 called Only To Rise and I have the album cover for you to check out below:


















dendropsophus-ozzyi-407f7de-pedro-peloso_85673_990x742There are a lot of creatures that we probably haven’t discovered in the Amazon in Brazil, but a group of metalhead scientists have discovered a new one who was named after Ozzy Osbourne. A group of scientists who were on a month long expedition in the Amazon discovered a frog like creature that can produce bat like sounds that they have named Dendropsophus ozzyi. Pedro Peloso, one of the scientists who discovered the species back in 2009 told National Geographic, “As soon as I heard its call, I knew it was a new species. I had never heard anything like it.” The group collected about 21 of the specimen that is brown and orange with long delicate fingers and toes and Pedro says, “the male frogs also have an unusually large vocal sac, a nearly transparent piece of skin that inflates to produce its unique high-pitched chirping sound. Male tree frogs in general make loud calls to communicate with females in distant treetops, but the new species is the first known to sound like a bat.” The group came up with it’s name after they discovered  that they had a mutual love for Black Sabbath and Ozzy. Check it out with the pic directly to the left of this paragraph.

rudd 3Ever since Phil Rudd was arrested for the murder for hire (charges have been dropped and now faces threatening to kill charges), stories have been coming out of the word work about his partying habits. Apparently some prostitutes have come out to speak about Phil’s wild sex escapades with one escort claiming, “There were up to four girls when I’ve been there. He sort of separates the girls. On his boat, he’d have one in his main room, one in the lounge area and one in the smaller room. He’d go to different rooms randomly.” Another woman has come out and stated that she once charged Rudd $1,500 for 8 to 10 hours of fun and she continues, “If he wants a girl he’ll pay top dollar and he’ll have sex with girls in front of whoever is there, right there in the same room. A lot of the girls will do whatever he wants because he’s a big player – whether or not they feel comfortable.” Another prostitute claims that Rudd had stiffed her on a bill and owes her lots of money stating, “I was there for five days straight. It’s not freaking easy because he’s hard work. He was pissed off because I wanted to go home. He booked a lot of girls through my boss, so it was good money. Instead of my boss chasing him up, he let it go because it would ruin future business.” Befoe I continue with another quote from the last girl, it should be noted that prostitution is legal in New Zealand. The woman continues, “It’s hard enough to hang out with him because you can’t understand him. No personality at all. All you do is follow him around and he gets sidetracked. Then he bloody loses his keys and he’s a mess of a person. If he doesn’t eat, you don’t eat, if he doesn’t shower, you don’t shower. That’s what it’s like being with him. I would never go there again even if you paid me a million dollars a week.” Rudd’s son Thomas has come out and defended his father saying he is good man and as we all know no one is perfect. What do you think of this story?

Metallica recently played a gaming convention in Anaheim called BlizzCon with an amazing 70 minute set that featured classics like Fade To Black, Master Of Puppets, Creeping Death, and so much more. If you want to check out the band’s full set, just go here.

Someone spoiled all the fun of a build up for a new album once again as Machine Head officially releases the single Now We Die after it was leaked ahead of it’s scheduled release. Robb Flynn took to his own blog/journal to address the issue of the song being leaked online which sucks for a band trying to build up some momentum for the release of a new album. Why is it such a big deal? Well it’s a big deal because it’s three weeks before it’s scheduled release, but Flynn completely understands that the world has changed and you have to just move on. The song itself is pretty epic as it features some string arrangements on the track as well as the band’s signature metal madness style that they are known for. As I said above, Flynn took to his journal/blog to address the issue and and it may shock you because he urges distributors to not take down the track or the other leaked song Killers & Kings fro the fan sites. Instead he urges fans to share the tracks. Enjoy Now We Die below as well as the statement and the album is expected to drop November 10TH:

And why am I telling you this information?
Information that just a few years ago, labels and bands would have been trying their hardest to pull down from torrent sites and flag YouTube channels?
Because in 2014 you just have to own shit like this.
Own it…and move on.
John Lennon once sang “life is what happens, while you’re making other plans…”
That’s right my friends, “Now We Die,” the first track and lead single off of “Bloodstone & Diamonds” has officially leaked, 3 weeks ahead of it’s originally scheduled Oct 10th release date as a digital single.
Mindbogglingly, it was leaked via an iTunes UK Pre-Order page that “someone” f–ked up on (and who is about to be f–king fired!) that basically said, “pre-order Machine Head’s new album and get TWO free songs.”
Oh yeah, that’s right, the official album version of “Killer & Kings” has leaked too.
Imagine what a total shock it was to the band and our new label, Nuclear Blast Entertainment.
I found out about it when a friend of mine from the UK texted me saying, “dude, Now We Die is KIIIIILLLLLLLER”, I went “uh, how did you hear it…?”
Regardless, there is no sense fighting it. The Internet is the speed of light nowadays, and you know, what? That’s a good thing.
It had only been localized to the iTunes UK site, (meaning: nowhere else in the iTunes World had a “Bloodstone & Diamonds” pre-order page even up to be seen) but let’s face it, it was only a matter of hours before it went all over torrent sites and YouTube, so us and our label have made the bold decision to follow suit with the UK iTunes page, and offer the 2 songs as a “gratis” purchase when you pre-order the album from any worldwide iTunes site.
It is going up on Spotify as soon as humanly possible.
And we’ve taken it one step further.
We have decided to upload both “Now We Die” and “Killers & Kings” to our own YouTube channels for anyone who wants to hear both songs for FREE, without a pre-order. This is our way of saying “thank you” to our fans in the U.S. for their patience and understanding in our difficult decision to postpone our U.S. tour.
We hope these songs show a glimpse of what we’ve worked on over many months of recording to achieve. Our hope is that this represents why we are taking so much pride and putting in the extra effort and workmanship into creating something we feel is truly special.
There is no half-stepping in Machine Head. It’s all or nothing.
And if you like it, we want you to SHARE IT! We’ve told the distributors specifically “do not take down fan YT channels with ‘Now We Die’”. Spread the word on your own YouTube channels, post it on your friends Facebook pages and feeds, make your own tribute pages, make your own lyric videos, make parody videos, post your own guitar videos of it, post your own singing videos.
We want to post YOUR videos of these songs too!!
Pre-Order pages for Nuclear Blast will be going up in the next few hours, it may be up on your iTunes now, but either way, we are going to turn this into a positive for the fans.
We cannot wait to share the rest of the record with you.