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manson frontMarilyn Manson is an artist that I have respected since day one of listening to him when I first picked up Smells Like Children. I have considered him to be the last living true rock star on this planet of ours because the man took himself out of obscurity and has reinvented himself. Two years ago, Marilyn Manson took the award for Album Of The Year at the fifth annual Monster Entertainment Awards for The Pale Emperor and this year he cleaned house. Not only did Marilyn take home the rock single and video of the year, but he also took him Rock Album Of The Year for his latest offering Heaven Upside Down. While 2017 may have been a turbulent year for the frontman as he faced injury and the fact that he had to fire longtime member Twiggy Ramirez. At least he can be proud of the album that he put out. Besides Manson, the album once again featured Tyler Bates as the instrumentalist and producer, but it also featured Gil Sharone on drums as well. The album did so well that it finished in the top 10 in 15 different countries with six of those being in the top five. Out of ten albums that Manson has put out, this becomes the 9TH album to finish in the top ten as it peaked at number eight on the Billboard Top 200 charts.

manson1. Revelation #12– The first track on the album kicks off with a hellraising riff in this industrial styled song that reminds me of Antichrist/Mechanical Animals days. Manson stated that the track is a reference to the Book of Revelations and The Beatles track Revolution No 9 4.5/5

2. Tattooed In Reverse– It’s a grooving track on the album that has a jazzier feel to it from Manson in what seems like a rebellious tone against the religious groups that have bugged him from day one. 4.5/5

3. We Know Where You F**king Live– an idustrial rock song from beginning to end, it was also the first track that Bates and Manson recorded for the album. The track talks about drone warfare, corruption in gov’t, and invasion of our privacy through global surveillance. 5/5

4. SAY10– the song’s overall sound is very reminiscent of the sound found on Mechanical Animals in what I also think is the modern day retelling of the Cain and Abel story. I love that he named Say10 instead of Satan, a very cool play on the word. 5/5

5. KILL4ME-One of my favorite tracks on the album itself that is catchy as hell and if you ask me it’s a song about devotion. It’s Manson telling his lover, how far are you willing to go for me? 5/5

manson cd6. Saturnalia– The album was a tribute to his parents and I truly believe that this one was a tribute that he wrote to his father. It gets as personal as he wants to, but there are some touching moments in the track. 5/5

7. JE$U$ CRI$I$– I feel like this is a track that Manson wrote about the record industry and how it’s a dog eat dog world so you better be ready to fend off vipers and cocaine.  4/5

8. Blood Honey– is a slower track in tempo, but it speaks volumes if you ask me. Manson is basically saying that he sleeps with tons of girls even though he knows there only in it for the money. 4.5/5

9. Heaven Upside Down– an upbeat tempo drives this rock track that looks like it’s talking about someone in the middle of an apocalypse or it could be about someone suffering from a mental illness. I was having a hard time with this track. 4/5

10. Threats Of Romance– While the lyrics are not the same as The Beautiful People, it has that kind of vibe. I say that in the way that he talks about his taste in women. He knows he can have the hottest girl, but he wants the damaged ones because their better and the pretty ones belong behind glass. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– I love everything Marilyn has done, but sometimes his songwriting can get a little lazy. He writes some brilliant stuff on this album, but some tracks he get lazy and just repeat verses over and over again like my least favorite track Heaven Upside Down or JE$U$ CRI$I$. My favorite tracks on the album are KILL4ME and Saturnalia which are just highlights. I am going to give the album a 4.6 out of five for a final grade.


goreJust as we did last week when we covered the album of the year for the album of the week, we are continuing it by cover the Rock album of the year as voted by you the fans. At the Sixth Annual Monster Entertainment Awards, the Deftones took him the rock album of the year award for their eight studio album Gore. The album featured the usual suspects in Chino Moreno (Vocals/Guitar), Stephen Carpenter (Guitars), Abe Cunningham (Drums), Sergio Vega (Bass), and Frank Delgado (Samples/Keyboard) and it was produced by Matt Hyde (Hatebreed, Parkway Drive) as well as the Deftones. When released, the album charted at number two on the Billboard Top 200 charts making it the highest charted album from the band since 2003’s self titled album and it was also their highest amount of albums sold in the first week (69,000) since 2006’s Saturday Night Wrist (76,000). It’s also the first Deftones record to hit number one in Australia and New Zealand.

img_20170215_0006_new1. Prayers/Triangles– The very first track on the album that kicks things off in the right direction. The song starts off very atmospheric especially with the guitars and the band lays it down during the chorus. I feel like the track is talking about someone who wakes up one day, but realizes that he is trapped inside this hell. 5/5

2. Acid Hologram– The track picks up right where the last left off with it’s post punk laced rhythms. The track could be talking about how he is trying to be close to someone and they push him away, but that will soon change. 4.5/5

3.  Doomed User– This is more of a traditional sounding Deftones track with the big bass riff and the in your face groove laden guitar track and amazing vocals from Moreno. 4/5

4. Geometric Headdress– The experimental side of Deftones is alive in this intense math rock track that tests Cunningham’s abilities to which he shines. 4.5/5

5. Hearts/Wires– starts off very space rock like thanks to the samples Delgado provides in the beginning. The track starts off more mellow than previous tracks, but don’t worry t has it’s moments of heaviness. It seems to be about some one is distraught over not being able to connect with someone who has passed or gone away. 5/5

6. Pittura Infamante– I believe the title itself means infamous painting, but I’m not sure that is what they are talking about here in this track. It seems to be a song about worshiping someone and the lengths we go to do so. 4.5/5

img_20170215_0007_new7. Xenon– Another track that has a little bit of a classic Deftones feel to the guitar track while have that New Wave flavor to it. Like Xenon which lives undetected, he is talking about being that thing inside you that makes you do what you do. 5/5

8. (L)MIRL– A track that takes you deeper into that world that Deftones are painting with the experimental elements. The song is definitely dark in nature as far as the gloomy guitar riff in the beginning and progresses with a cool metal guitar riff later on. 4/5

9. Gore– A real hard charging metal riff starts off the track that reminds us of what the band had accomplished on the last two records. 4/5

10. Phantom Bride– a pretty cool track on the album that features Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains providing the guitar solo. 4.5/5

11. Rubicon– The last song on the album that is a genuine riff fest for Carpenter and company, but an amazing way to close out the album. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– You can definitely tell that the band was heavily influenced by Moreno’s side projects as they’ve all adopted that atmospheric sound. I think it pushes the band forward as far as what they are capable of producing even though Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan are considered masterpieces. I am giving the record 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

sixth-annual-monster-entertainment-awardsIt’s that time of the year, it’s award season which can only mean one thing and that the Sixth Annual Monster Entertainment Awards is here. We have the usual categories for you guys like Bad Ass Movie Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Horror Film Of The Year, but we also have some new ones for you guys this year. We have new categories like Netflix Show Of The Year, Metal Music Video Of The Year, Rock Music Video Of The Year, Metal Single Of The Year, and Rock Single Of The Year to name a few. This year is definitely going to be better than ever and once again we are also teaming up with Mr. X’s Punchout Blog where they have Male and Female Wrestler Of The Year as well as some new ones like Match Of The Year and many more. The beautiful part of these awards is that you the fans get to pick who you want to win each category as always and that is what is beautiful cause your voice will be heard and it won’t be hacked by Russians cause Archer is on the case. What we have for you right here is the music side of the awards so check out all the categories, vote wisely, and you have until January 29TH to do so.

For this week’s Music Video Of The Week, I chose a video from a band that I ever since I have seen them live, I haven’t stopped listening to them. Bobaflex, the rock band from West Virginia, won the Rock Album Of The Year Award at this years Monster Entertainment Awards for the album Anything That Moves. An album that boasts so many amazing songs like the first single Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away), Dry Your Eyes, Turn Me On, You Don’t Wanna Know, and the second single off the album A Spider In The Dark. The song also happens to be this week’s Music Video Of The Week and rightfully so. The video’s look and feel accurately match the mood and tempo of the track flawlessly. The video was directed by Paul Cunningham and it finds the guys performing in a very cold meat locker in this performance based video. Shaun McCoy talked about the track with saying, “The song is inspired from an unfinished sci-fi adventure / horror novel I started writing a few years back. It encompasses the philosophy of the villain who is a military veteran turned drug enforcer. He is obsessed with power and believes he has completely shed his humanity and become something greater. Like an arachnid, he is devoid of love. He is simply a hunter who devours his enemies, a cannibal. His cult like gang intimidates their adversaries through rape and mutilation. It’s a dark song that explores how this monster thinks and sees the world. Don’t worry, Bobaflex is not part of his gang, nor do we believe in the sick philosophies of this bastard!!! It’s pure fantasy.” Check it out below:

001As promised, I am review albums from the winners of the 5TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards and this week’s album was from the winner of the Rock Album Of The Year in Bobaflex. The band won the award for their sixth studio album Anything That Moves which was released on July 17, 2o15. My introduction to the band came when I saw them open up for Nu Metal act Orgy back in January of this year. I was blown away by the band’s performance that I picked up the record. The thing about them that caught me was the fact that after a certain amount of songs in their set, Shaun McCoy switched to vocals while Marty McCoy switched to guitars. I had never seen anything like that in my life and it was cool. The band hails from West Virginia and is made up of Shaun McCoy (Guitars/Vocals), Marty McCoy (Guitars/Vocals), Dave Tipple (Guitars), Tommy Johnson (Drums), and Jymmy Tolland (Bass). As far as I could find out, the album has hit #17 on the Billboard Heetseekers Charts to date.

0021. Burn Them All (Intro)– A cool intro from the band that has someone switching the radio dial.

2. Start A War– An in your face jam that proves these guys can bring the fury and 2 and the half minutes or so into the track, they prove they can slow it down and harmonize with the best of them 5/5

3. Lose Control– Another track on the album that proves these guys can throw down with the best of them as far as the harder edged material is concerned. The chorus for the track is amazing with the harmonies which is on point. 4.5/5

4. Dry Your Eyes– The Queen We Are Champions like intro to the track is one of my favorite part of their live show, but this track is more than that. It’s one of the most kick ass songs on the album and an awesome track to hear live. 5/5

5. Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away)– An absolute kick ass rock anthem from the band which is all about drug use. 5/5

6. A Spider In The Dark– A track that is on the lighter side where it starts off with clean channeled guitars before they rip it up with the electrics. The song is likely about a man who is heartless and destructive like a spider. 5/5

0037. Show Me– A cool rock guitar riff with a sick bass line during the verses in a track that seems to be how two people don’t really mesh when they’re sober. 4/5

8. Objectified– Palm muting, power chords, and a killer chorus drive this hard charging track I have to agree with one reviewer because the song does feature elements of Papa Roach, Nickleback, Five Finger Death Punch, and even Avenged Sevenfold or at least you can hear it in the track. 4/5

9. Turn Me On– This is one of my favorite tracks on the record with it’s acoustic ballad like sound with some interesting lyrics. Usually bands would be singing about how depressed they are that their significant other has found someone else, but according to them it turns them on. Love it!!! 5/5

10. You Don’t Wanna Know– A track whose lyrics are very interesting to listen to. It almost explores the idea of someone whose demons control their lives, but don’t try to figure out what they are because some things are meant to be hidden. 5/5

11. Pray To The Devil– The track starts with a killer build up before the band kicks it into overdrive. If you like the heavier side of the band then this is the track for you. 4.5/5

12. End Of The World– A big revved up track that will have everyone headbanging for sure that has the same ferociousness as anything FFDP have done. 4.5/5

13. Forgiven– Some more fury and big metal like riffs drive the last song on the album with that machine gun like riffing. Three minutes in, listen to it as it features a very cool bass line with some cool guitar riffs. 4/5

cYLIg_2_My Final Thoughts– This is one of those records that is so addicting that as soon as you put it in, you can’t take it out. The songs sound just as amazing live as they do on this album and it leaves you wondering why aren’t these guys bigger than they are. There is a reason why this album won Rock album of the year and that is because it kicked ass and their fans kick ass too. I am going to give the album 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade because the lyrics are very poetic and the music is top notch.