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hqdefault (1)Sometimes we watch films just based off of maybe a movie poster, the DVD cover, or even the title of the film could be a good reason. Nonetheless, some of the titles that we do choose to watch based on that don’t quite live up to the hype. While at Rock and Shock, I picked up a title from Vinegar Syndrome and that is Mountaintop Motel Massacre which was directed by Jim McCullough Sr. (Charge Of The Model T’s) and written by his son Jim McCullough Jr. (Creature From Black Lake). The film stars Anna Chappell (The Man In The Moon) as Evelyn, a woman that was recently released from a metal institution that is in charge of a motel. One day, she accidentally kills her daughter out of an anger fit and convinces the police that it was an accident. The only problem is that something has snapped in Evelyn and she begins trying to kill all of the guests staying there. The film also stars Bill Thurman (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) as Reverend Bill McWilley, Major Brock as Crenshaw, James Bradford (300) as Sheriff, Amy Hill as Prissy, Marian Jones as Mary, Gregg Brazzel (Evan Almighty) as Vernon, Jill King as Lorie, and Will Mitchell (The Aurora Encounter) as Al.

hqdefault (2)The film just kind of falls short for me as far as how good it was because the idea was there, but the execution was not. At first, she’s not really as slasher styled killer because she’s releasing various rodents, creatures into their rooms to make it all look like accidents, but when she figures out that it wasn’t entirely working, she then becomes a slasher killer with her sickle. The problem with the film is I don’t think they had much of a budget for the film because there were so many missed opportunities where money for effects could have come handy. The idea of the underground tunnel was cool because she could bounce from place to place, but they didn’t do a great job hiding it. I suppose unless you trip on something why would you look at the floor to begin with and suspect that there would be a trap door? I think a lot of her kills were lame because it looked like a lot of the characters just allowed her to do it and for Pete’s sake she was an short (probably barely 5 feet) old woman. For a film that featured a lot of no names that this was their only credit, some of them did a great job. Major Brock to me was one of the best in the film of the no names as he played Crenshaw who I thought was a preacher, but I think he was a carpenter. This is an OK film that you could do without watching I suppose, but hey if you’re a horror fan then check it out. At least, they did something! I am going to give the film an C- for a final grade.

32-ogWhile this piece is going to be an opinion piece, I always remind you the Readers to take my opinion for what it is, but I have been too plenty of conventions to form this opinion. I have been going to Rock and Shock, a horror convention in Worcester, MA since 2015, I have been to two Rhode Island Comic Cons, and Three Super Megafests. I have spent plenty of money meeting all the movie stars, wrestlers, comic book artists, and everyone in between to form this opinion and this year’s Rock and Shock has been the best convention I have ever been to. This year’s Rock and Shock featured stars like Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks/The Wraith), Ray Wise (Cat People/Twin Peaks), Adrienne King (Friday The 13TH), Edwin Neal (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), John Dugan (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Bill Moseley (3 From Hell), Bill Johnson (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II), Derek Mears (Friday The 13TH 2009), Kane Hodder (Friday The 13TH Parts 7, 8, 9, 10), Adam Green (Hatchet), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead), and so many more. With so many big names of the genre, it was hard to gauge coming in how everyone would react to the stark raving mad horror fans like me.

72070314_10217302401245635_7744229040059318272_nOne name on the list gave me hope for the rest of the show and that was original final girl Adrienne King who first gained fame as Alice in the original 1980 Friday The 13TH. The moment I approached her table, she was the sweetest woman on the planet who gets her fans 1000% and she was just a joy to talk to. I was feeling good about myself after meeting her that I made my way to Edwin Neal’s table who first appeared to us as The Hitchhiker in the original 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and we had a great conversation about the power the film had in its time and for years that followed. I couldn’t believe it, two for two, this had to be some odd anomaly because you never get two sweet people in a row. I then made my way five feet over to John Dugan who made his debut in the horror world alongside Neal as Grandpa and what an amazing gentlemen he was and Dugan was so knowledgeable that he has made me a fan for life. The one thing that we both could agree on is that Hollywood does not truly care about the horror genre otherwise we would have a category at the Oscars for it if they did. At this point, every has been great to my friend and I and it was smooth sailing from that point on as every one was amazing. Dan Yeager was amazing, Sherilyn Fenn was amazing, and Adam Green and Felissa Rose were always the nicest people to meet at a convention. A certain head spinning, green vomiting, cross shoving in the crotch area legend who appeared last year could learn a thing or two about humility. I want to thank the organizers of this convention on a job well done and I hope that there will be more to come next year.

blood harvestEvery year when I attended the annual Rock and Shock Horror Convention in Worcester, MA, I make it a point to not only chat with the special guests they have, but to also check out the various vendors like my personal favorite in Vinegar Syndrome. For the last two years, I have been featuring their stuff for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween and this year I have a fun one in 1987’s Blood Harvest which was directed by Bill Rebane (The Giant Spider Invasion). Things have been rough in a small farming community in Wisconsin to the point that banks have been foreclosing on properties and poor Mr. Robinson has been taking the brunt of it because he is the figurehead of the bank. Poor Jill Robinson (Itonia Salchek) has come home to find out that her parents are missing and she is being stalked by someone who is taking out everyone she cares about. The film also stars Tiny Tim (Masters Of The Gridiron) as Mervo, Dean West (Twister’s Revenge) as Gary, Lori Minnetti (The Game) as Sarah, Peter Krause (The Truman Show) as Scott, Frank Benson as the Sheriff, Leszek Burzynski (Love and Action In Chicago) as The Priest, and William Dexter (The Capture Of Bigfoot) as Man In Cafe.

BLOODHARVEST7The film is very deceiving in a way because Tiny Tim is painted up to seem like he could be the killer because his character is a little deranged himself. As you’ll find out for sure in the film that there is someone more troubling to be looking out for. I do have some issues with the continuity of the film and some of it’s events as in how did Gary manage to get all the paint and the fake body out of Jill’s house in the amount of time it took for her to go to the sheriff’s office and back? Oh and he also fixed a broken window and disposed of all the glass as well. Other than that, it was actually a pretty good film that had some redeemable moments in it and Tiny Tim actually does a pretty good job himself. He actually really creeps you out after a while whenever he shows up on screen which is quite often. Itonia Salchek also does a really good job for someone who acted in one film and that was it especially as she bares a lot of skin in this film so if you’re into the T&A then this one is for you. You definitely have to stick around during the credits to hear the full Mervo the Magnificent song that was sung by Tiny Tim because it’s a real treat. Overall, the film has some flaws in the writing as far as some of the action, but overall it’s a really decent horror film. So, visit Vinegar Syndrome here if you would like to purchase the film or find any other great titles they have. Otherwise, I am sure it is online somewhere, but you should definitely check it out. I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.

61063761_2384700554983096_3333152932723196553_nThe 2019 edition of Rock and Shock begins today in Worcester, MA and to get ready for it we decided to view a film from one of the guests of the show in Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks). The 1980’s was a unique time and space for the horror genre as writers were getting more and more creative as they went. In 1986, writer and director Mike Marvin (Hamburger: The Motion Picture) would bring a unique idea to life when he presented to the world The Wraith. In The Wraith, a young man named Jamie is murdered by a gang of car pirates after he gets caught sleeping with a girl (Sherilyn Fenn) that the leader is obsessed with. You see in this Arizona desert town, this gang terrorizes the roads forcing people to race for their cars. So Jamie returns to Earth as a Wraith so that he can extract revenge against the ones who wronged him to right the wrongs. The film also stars Charlie Sheen (Men At Work) as Jake Keeler/The Wraith, Nick Cassavetes (Delta Force 3: The Killing Game) as Packard Walsh, Randy Quaid (Kingpin) as Sheriff Loomis, Matthew Barry (Ed Wood) as Billy Hankins, David Sherrill (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as Skank, Jamie Bozian (Con Air) as Gutterboy, Clint Howard (Apollo 13) as Rughead, Griffin O’Neal (April Fools Day) as Oggie, and Chris Nash (Are You Afraid Of The Dark?) as Minty.

1506661552823If you were to ask me how best to describe this film as far as what would be at the top of the poster, I would say that it was The Fast And The Furious meets The Crow. Jake comes back from the dead to avenge his death (The Crow) and he does it with a bad ass car as he races the others (The Fast And The Furious) until he kills them. The funny thing about it is that I wondered what came first, The Wraith Or The Crow? The answer was easy to find as The Crow was released as a comic book until 1989 and as a film until 1994. So, Mike Marvin may have started the idea and James O’Barr made it more bad ass and goth. It’s funny to me because I have asked so many people if they had ever heard of The Wraith and this seems to be a real undiscovered gem from the 80’s because the race scenes were well shot which is one thing I can say about it. One thing I will say is that Sherilyn Fenn looks absolutely amazing in this film and there is even a bit of T&A for all you hound dogs out there in this film. There are some things I would have fixed in the film like the scene where Jake gives Billy the car. He doesn’t say that he is his brother resurrected, but he reveals that to Sherilyn’s character moments later which was just odd to me.  Other than that, it’s a decent popcorn flick that if you love great 80’s music to go with some fast 80’s cars and hairdos then check this one out for sure. I am going to give it an B- for a final grade.

bloodsucking freaksUsually when I visit Rock And Shock, the horror convention from Worcester, MA, I always visit the Troma booth. I have been a big fan of some of their work like Tromeo & Juliet, Class Of Nuke Em High, The Toxic Avenger, and many more. So while I was there, the representative told my group about a service the company has called Troma Now and that it was only 4.99 so I figured why not and I signed up so that we could check out one of their films for today. The film is called Bloodsucking Freaks and it stars Seamus O’Brien (The Happy Hooker) as Master Sardu a man who claims to be the master of the macabre. What his audience believe to be a magic trick actually isn’t magic, but it’s Sardu torturing real people on stage. Although, he may have bitten off more than he could chew when he decided to kidnap a Ballerina who is dating a famous QB. The film also stars Viju Krem (Fourplay) as Natasha Di Natalie, Niles McMaster (Windy City) as Tom,  Dan Fauci (Whole Day Down) as Police Sgt. John Tucci, Alan Dellay (Amityville II: The Possession) as Creasy Silo, Ernie Pysher (The Edge Of Night) as Doctor, Luis De Jesus (Star Wars: Episode VI- Return Of The Jedi) as Ralphus, and the film was written and directed by Joel M. Reed (Blood Bath).

bfWhat we have here is a Vincent Price wannabe meets Hostel meets Cannibal Holocaust with an evil oompa loompa all in one film. The film was an one hour and the half of straight torture horror porn that must have been an inspiration for a lot of films. It definitely feels like a Troma film especially when it ends with a girl eating a sandwich that is basically two pieces of lettuce with a human penis as the meat. You can’t make this stuff up and while i can’t believe what I watched, it definitely made it’s point of testing the human mind and how much it can take. I don’t know what was creepier, the whole film or the little person (Luis De Jesus) and some of the things he did in the film. He was one of the craziest characters who looked like he was playing a game of One Upmanship with Seamus O’Brien and they definitely took a page out of the book of Marquis De Sade when torturing the women. The film will be very uncomfortable for most to watch I am sure, but there are worse things on TV today than what is in this film. Bloodsucking Freaks must have tested the waters back in 1976 I am sure of that. The film is available on Troma Now so viewer beware and it is definitely NSFW (not safe for work). I am giving the film an C (or a 3.9 in Cheeseball Cinema grading) for a final grade.

76d29-slaughterhousecreditsYesterday despite the disappointing lineup, I traveled to my favorite horror con in the world in Rock and Shock because the con is more than just about the actors that come there. The reason I say that is because there are a ton of different vendors like the Troma Entertainment Booth, VHSPS, and my personal favorite Vinegar Syndrome to name a few. So much like last year, I chose one of the films that I purchased from Vinegar Syndrome to present to you guys today and that film is 1987’s Slaughterhouse. The film stars Don Barrett (Hobgoblins) as Lester Bacon, a man who has owned a slaughterhouse in Lakeside for decades. Unfortunately for Lester, the new machine operated Slaughterhouse forced his business to close and now people want to foreclose on it. That is when he decides to get his mentally ill son Buddy (Joe B. Barton) to do his dirty work. The film also stars Sherry Leigh (Sid & Nancy) as Liz Borden, Bill Brinsfield (Top Dog) as Tom Sanford, William Houck (Speak Of The Devil) as Sheriff Borden, Jason Collier (Surf Nazis Must Die) as Ronnie, Jeff Grossi as Buzz, Hank Gum as Herb, Jane Higginson (Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker) as Annie, Joel Hoffman (Pumpkinhead) as Kevin, Linda Harris (Bikini Bistro) as Barbara, and the film was written and directed by Rick Roessler.

slaughterhouse-1987-screen-1The most graphic this film really gets is in the beginning of the film when they show you the way a pig is slaughtered in a modern (at least in 1987) slaughterhouse. After that, the film doesn’t really have any unique kills other than the weapon that Buddy uses which is pretty cool. Buddy is a unique character who all he does throughout the film is that he just snorts like the very pigs that he kills and he looks like the most disgusting human being on the planet as if he has been sleeping in the pig pen. So, the film is listed as a horror comedy and some of the parts that I think they were funny were kind of cheesy in my opinion like Buddy driving around in the police car, but what they do accomplish with the film is the creepy slaughterhouse set. For some reason, kids in Lakeside think that it’s OK to break into the old slaughterhouse and that nothing bad will come of it. I thought Don Barrett in the last 20 minutes of the film was brilliant as this twisted old man who wants to prove a point that he is the best at what he does and that is slaughter. I definitely think the film could of used more of that and less of Buzz’s comedy antics. I definitely think the film is worth a watch because it was entertaining, I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t. I am going to give the film an C+ for a final grade, but I can’t say that no pig was harmed during the making of the film.

Spare Parts Cheeseball PicI am finally starting to catch up on the all the films that I wanted to cover for Cheeseball Cinema which is one of my favorite segments to do. At last years Rock and Shock Horror Convention, I purchased some DVD’s from VHSPS (VHS Preservation Society) and one of the films I purchased is today’s film in Spare Parts (a.k.a. Fleisch). The film stars Jutta Speidel (For Heavens Sake) and Herbert Herrmann (Hexenschuß) as newlywed couple Monica and Mike. All they want to do is enjoy their honeymoon for some reason in New Mexico, but a sinister plot is going on at the Honeymoon Inn. People are being kidnapped and sold as unwilling organ donors at a nearby hospital. After two EMT’s failed to capture Monica, she partners up with a truck driver by the name of Bill (Wolf Roth) to get to the bottom of the issue and to try and save her husband from being butchered meat. The film also stars Charlotte Kerr (Mit siebzig hat man noch Träume) as Dr. Jackson, Christoph Lindert (Der Schlaf der Vernunft) as The Intern, Bob Cunningham (It Started In Naples) as Sergeant,  Tedi Altice as the hotel owner, Ben Zeller (Dances With Wolves) as medic, and the film was written and directed by Rainer Erler (Operation Ganymed).

Jutta SpeidelOne of the true highlights of this German film was the acting done by Wolf Roth who was absolutely superb in this TV Movie that was otherwise plagued with issues. I am not sure if it was the transfer from VHS to DVD that VHSPS did or the film itself, but the overdub was a little annoying. You could hear the audio at times before the lips ever moved and it gave me quite the task to judge their performances. Back to Wolf, he was the cool, calm, and collected truck driver who you knew in the back of his mind wanted a piece of Monica, but he was too good of a person to do so. Some of the acting from certain cast members was a little bit questionable, but overall they did a pretty decent job. My biggest issue is with how the film and the story played out. Mike gets kidnapped, she runs away, and manages to get rescued by Bill. They devise a plan to get captured and it works, but they have the truck drivers to watch their backs before they become slabs of meat. They manage to find out about the operation after stripping a man to his tighty whities and sticking him in the meat freezer. They successfully get in and deliver the EMT’s only to get trapped themselves. They travel to New York where she manages to escape again only for her to get detained by the police who for some reason decide to help her out. The only problem is that she has to team with the doctor in charge of this to get her man out before it’s too late. That is all after she was told that it was known who she was all along before she went to New York. Why all of a sudden the change of heart for the doctor and why should Monica trust her? It just went all over the place and that bothered me a little because I know where I would have gone with the story. There is the obligitory sex scene that is required in every late 70’s/80’s horror film. So check it out if you can at your own risk. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give it an 2.8 for a final grade because it was better than the last film I did.

blood beatRock and Shock is now long gone and in the books for another great year that featured some cool guests and some great vendors. One of the vendors that I had to visit at the site was Vinegar Syndrome who is a cult film restoration company that restores films from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. So with that being said, the film I chose for today is a film that was restored by the company by the name of Blood Beat. While on Christmas break from school, Ted (James Fitzgibbons) and his girlfriend Sarah (Claudia Peyton) decide that it would be a good idea to spend the holidays with Ted’s family in rural Wisconsin. The only problem is that when they get there, Sarah starts to have weird vibes that she has never felt before. Soon after that, she is possessed by a vengeful Japanese Samurai spirit who decides to take out all of the local townsfolk before setting his sites on Ted and his family. The film also stars Helen Benton as Cathy, Terry Brown (The Princess Diaries) as Gary, Dana Day as Dolly, Peter Spelson (The Psychotronic Man) as Uncle Pete, Franck Miley as Paul, and the film was directed by Fabrice A. Zaphiratos (La grande frime). 

blood beat 2This has to be by far one of the weirdest films I have ever seen and not weird in the sense of weird happenings, but rather in the style. First of all it makes no sense that a Japanese Samurai spirit would be in rural Wisconsin and that was my first problem with the film, but I can suspend reality for the time. The second thing I had a problem with in this film is that is starts off making you think it’s going to be a film about the mother being able to see everything that goes on through her art. That would leave you to believe that something would happen between her and her son’s girlfriend. Instead, it all leads to the samurai being the focus of this supernatural slasher flick. The other thing that gets me is the corny special effects, but that actually made the film more interesting. They would have these beams of blue light around the samurai while the family channeled their inner Ryu with the red beams around their hands as they hadoukened the Samurai spirit together. Oh the other thing that gets me is when something bad happens, it turns into a 70’s Sabbath/Alice Cooper video with all the colors overtaking the screen (you know what I am talking about). Stylistically, it’s actually a pretty artsy film so I get why someone may want to restore this one for sure. I also loved how the climaxing scenes feature the classic O Fortuna (Carmina Burana) to help drive home the action. I thought that was a very nice touch for the film, but it probably won’t help the final grade. While I enjoyed watching the film, there were just way too many faults for me which is why I am giving the film an C for a final grade. This would’ve made an excellent Cheeseball Cinema film for sure.

tlhfheaderYesterday I ventured to Worcester, Massachusetts to attend the 13TH Annual Rock And Shock Horror and Music Convention for the second year in a row. While I was there, I stopped by the Troma booth and decided that this year I would pick up a film from them and I chose The Last Horror Film which is also today’s film. Vinny (Joe Spinell) is a New York City taxi driver, but that isn’t Vinny’s passion in life. All Vinny wants to do with his life is be the best horror director in the world and he hopes that his crush Jana Bates (Caroline Munro) will star in it. So, he packs up his things and he heads to Cannes, France to try and get her to star in his film. Meanwhile, people that are close to Jana are starting to get killed and Vinny is suspected of the murders. The film also stars Susanne Benton (Catch-22) as Susan Archer, Glenn Jacobson (Trick Or Treats) as Bret Bates, Judd Hamilton (Maniac) as Alan Cunningham, David Winters (West Side Story) as Stanley Kline, Devin Goldenberg (The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood) as Marty Bernstein, Filomena Spagnuolo (The Godfather) as Vinny’s Mother, J’Len Winters as Girl In Jacuzzi, and the film was directed by David Winters.

6a017d4117b2c6970c01a3fd3d3c50970b-800wiSpoiler Alert: There may be information contained in this Article that could potentially spoil the plot of the film so continue with caution or do not read any further if you do not want to know. Joe Spinell is an incredible actor for the horror genre having starred in the jaw dropping Maniac as well as having starred in other great non-horror films. I have t be honest in saying that Joe absolutely sells you on the idea that he is this obsessed fan who will stop at nothing to talk to Jana Bates about his film. During the film, you are led to believe that it’s Vinny who is committing the crimes, but man the big reveal at the end of the film I did not see coming. The problem is that there is a lot of imagery that is thrown in there that makes you believe he is off his rocker. Like the picture you see to the left, that is him rubbing himself sexually while she is being projected on to the wall through video or the hundreds of pictures he has of her hanging on his wall. He also seems to be in the same vicinity as the victims every time something happens which makes you think he is guilty as charged.  The film had everything from a great maniac to a Bond girl and plenty of topless nudity to please any horror fan. You definitely need to check this one if you were a fan of the original Maniac film or Joe Spinell. The film does not disappoint at all and I can understand why Troma jumped all over this film. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

The-Darkness-Album-Cover.pngWhen it came to choosing this week’s album of the week, it sort of came to me last minute only because I was just introduced to this group’s music. I am going to admit that I used to be a fan of the Insane Clown Posse, but I feel out of love with their music and sort of became disenchanted by it. So, naturally I ignored everything that had to due with them or their label Psychopathic Records. Little did I know how much I was going to like one of the label’s former act in Twiztid as I was introduced to them this past weekend at Rock And Shock. After hearing some of their songs from various albums, I instantly became a fan of theirs and that is why I chose the horrorcore band’s latest effort The Darkness as this week’s album of the week. The group is made up of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child and their style can be categorized as Horrorcore or even Hardcore Hip Hop as the band infuses some heavy guitars into their music. The Darkness is the band’s 10TH album, 29TH release overall, and it’s their first under their own label Majik Ninja Entertainment. To date the album peaked at number 29 on the Billboard Top 200 charts, number 4 on the Top Rap charts, and number 3 on the independents charts which is impressive for an underground group with no radio airplay.

1. Why Won’t You Answer– This is an intro track that opens up the album where he leaves a message crying and sobbing on an answering machine.

401894_12. Afraid Of The Dark– It’s a quick track with a pretty cool guitar riff behind it that reminds me of like an Eminem style hip hop about the boogeyman before it leads into the next track. 4/5

3. In Hell– The track starts off with what sounds like a monster trapped with chains. Once the music comes in, it’s a cool and eerie tempo where both talk about each others deaths and their battles in hell. 4/5

4. Back To Hell– Another hard as hell track with a cool riff and beat in a track that is more Nu-metal than anything cause the rhymes are slowed down. This is one of my favorite tracks on the record. 5/5

5. Problems with Medication– This is another skit on the album, but it’s Sid Haig this time leaving a message. Very funny.

6. A Little Fucked Up– A true hip hop song that sees the band rapping about how they like basically like murder cause they a little f***ed up. 4/5

7. Boogieman (Intro)– This is a great intro with a mom telling her kids a bedtime story about the boogieman.

1401x788-Twiztid-Cutout-2-HDR-28. Boogieman– this band can bring a dope beat and make a little eerie as this one is obviously about the boogieman 4/5

9. Down Here– a classic track about the band embracing the fact that they underground and proud of it. 4/5

10. Dr. Weasel (Skit)– Another skit on the record that this time features Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects).

11. F.T.S.– a track with a hardcore guitar riff with the band showcasing their rapping abilities and its basically the bands F*** you to the system. 4/5

12. Take It Away– It starts with a cool piano part before it introduces the guitar, but it’s definitely ballad like. It seems to be a track about even though times can be tough, you have to still overcome the odds. 4.5/5

13. On and On– This has a very From Dusk Till Dawn feel to it with the Santana like guitar riff in a track about how quick people are to try and make your life a living hell. 4.5/5

14. No Breaks– I love this trac because it has an old school Beastie Boys feel to it and even the music video for it does as well. One of my favorite tracks. 5/5

15. Seance– a cool hip hop song with some soul in it about exactly what the title of the song is. 4.5/5

16. The Exorcism– This can be considered the outro of the album unless you have the one with the bonus tracks, but it’s exactly as described.

My Final Thoughts– I haven’t every album the band has released in full, but these guys are so versatile and they grow with their music. I am so glad that I was introduced to them because I am a fan. This is one of the best albums that I have heard from an act especially a hip hop act. I suggest that you definitely check these guys out. I am giving the album 4.3 stars out of five for a final grade.