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pink floydWhen you look at the amount of great musical groups that have transcended the test of time that come from England, it’s insane. You have The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Pink Floyd just to name a few. Those bands all have releases that are still analyzed, marveled, and worshiped to this very day. Today, we are going to marvel and analyze an album from a band that has never been to experiment with the way music is heard and listened to in Pink Floyd. The album that we are going to cover from them is one of their most legendary albums that sold over 45 million copies worldwide to be labeled the greatest selling record of all time in The Dark Side Of The Moon. The band at the time was made up of David Gilmour (vocals, guitars, Synthi AKS), Nick Mason (drums, percussion, tape effects), Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals, VCS 3, Synthi AKS), and Roger Waters (bass guitar, vocals, VCS 3, tape effects). ASs I said before, they sold a lot of albums and not surprising that it peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 200 charts and it stayed on the charts for 741 weeks (From 1973 to 1988). Let’s just put it this way, every song on the album has been covered by various artists at one point or another.

dark side1. Speak To Me– The track is essentially an intro to what is tome come on the record as some would call it a sound collage. It does feature various sound effects and sound clips that will be featured in later tracks on the album. 5/5

2. Breathe (In The Air)– The first performance track of the album with it’s melancholic sound, but it is very rich in the texture as you listen in. I love the steel guitar sound that Gilmour uses for the track, it just adds to the texture. 5/5

3. On The Run– It’s just incredible how they created this instrumental track. They programmed a note sequence into a Synthi AKS and they sped it up and added a white noise generator to give that hi-hat sound that you hear. Then they do this thing with the guitars where they play it backwards by dragging a microphone down the fretboard. 5/5

4. Time– One of the most iconic songs on the album that features the clocks go off in the beginning of the track. Just to let you know each clock was recorded separately. I love the beginning of the track cause it sounds like something you’d hear at a gunfight in a spaghetti western. This is one of the greatest Pink Floyd songs in my opinion and one of the coolest rock songs ever. The track is great commentary on life and how we waste too much time and before you know, it’s too late. 5/5

5. The Great Gig In The Sky– Wright commented on the track saying, “Great Gig in the Sky? It was just me playing in the studio, playing some chords, and probably Dave or Roger saying “Hmm… that sounds nice. Maybe we could use that for this part of the album.” And then, me going away and trying to develop it. So then I wrote the music for that, and then there was a middle bit, with Clare Torry singing, that fantastic voice. We wanted something for that bit, and she came in and sang on it.” 5/5

dark side record6. Money– The track with the cash register sounds and the incredible opening bass riff by Waters made this the band’s first ever hit in the US. The track was recorded in a 7/4–4/4 time signature in a track that is all about what Money can do for you especially when you first get a taste for it. 5/5

7. Us And Them– The track comes in quietly with the Hammond playing from Wright and has more a jazz influence to it with the saxophone solos, etc. The time signatures for this track are very unique and too much to list. 5/5

8. Any Colour You Like– another instrumental track on the album that features synthesizers and a guitar solo as well as some scat vocals at one point. It’s one of the three songs that Roger Waters does not get writing credit for. 5/5

9. Brain Damage– With it’s very simple melody, Roger Waters wrote this song about former band member Syd Barrett’s mental state. 5/5

10. Eclipse– the last track on the album and it has that epic sound of a closing track. After you’ve absorbed the whole album, Eclipse feels like that point in the story when you say all is done and good. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– The album is one of the greatest albums ever recorded and I am just going to let you know that it’s in the five star club cause it gets five out of five for a final grade. The album took the band to a whole new level that had never been seen by them ever before and rightfully so. My favorite track on the album is definitely Time and is followed by Brain Damage. It’s hard to pick a least favorite track on this album cause they are all great, but if I had to pick one it would be Speak To Me. Check this album out if you have not.


lp-cover-pink-floyd-wish-you-were-hereFor this week’s album of the week, I wanted to go way back and check out an album from an artist that I love and appreciate. One of the coolest rock bands to ever come out of England is definitely the one and only Pink Floyd. A band that has written iconic albums such as The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall, AnimalsThe Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and today’s album entitled Wish You Were Here. Wish You Were Here was the band’s ninth studio album and the first to split a track (Shine On You Crazy Diamond) into book ends instead of using it as one long track for one side of the record. The band was made up of David Gilmour (vocals, guitars, lap steel guitar, EMS Synthi AKS, keyboards, tape effects), Roger Waters (vocals, bass guitar, guitar, VCS3, tape effects), Nick Mason (Drums), and Richard Wright (keyboards, VCS3, clavine). The album itself was a smash hit as it went number one in the US (Billboard Charts), the UK, New Zealand, Holland, and Australia. The album went 6X platinum in the US, 2X platinum in the UK, Italy, and Austria, 3X platinum in Canada, and 7X platinum in Australia.

tumblr_l0tckvetev1qzrurso1_5401. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)– This alone is a 13 minute track that is split into five parts and is a tribute to Syd Barrett.

Part I– The synthizers and keys slowly fade in like an epic score of some sorts before Gilmour plays a bluesy riff on his guitar using heavily compressed sound and reverb.

Part 2– Opens up with a four note theme that is known as Syd’s theme that is repeated throughout. We also begin to start seeing other instruments like the drums come in. A very cool instrumental section.

Part 3– This is the solo we get from Richard Wright on the Minimoog.

Part 4– This is the part when Waters begins to sing his lyrics for the track.

Part 5– It opens with two guitars recording an arpeggio variation of the main theme and we get a sax solo. 5/5

2. Welcome To The Machine– a buzzer and door opening is symbolic for Roger Waters in this amazing track because it’s about the record industry of how it takes bands and chews them and spits them out. 5/5

pink-floyd-wish-you-were-here-014236769853. Have A Cigar– One of the most popular songs to not feature a member of Pink Floyd on vocals. The song is sung by English Folk singer Roy Harper. The song is about greed record executives who sit and smoke cigars while stealing your money. 5/5

4. Wish You Were Here– A truly amazing song that is partly a tribute to Syd Barrret, but it also deals with Waters character who struggles with greed while trying to stay compassionate. It’s said that Gilmour recorded the opening to have it sound like someone was listening to the radio and decided to play along to it until the full band comes in. 5/5

5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)– The second half of the tribute to Syd Barrett.

Part 6– The wind from the last track continues in before we here Gilmour come in with a bass line and Waters adds a second before Wright comes in with the ARP String Ensemble Synthesizer playing. We get some Lap steel guitar solo from Gilmour in this part with a reprise of the solo from part 4.

Part 7– we get some lyrics from Waters in this, but they are shorter than part IV.

Part 8– For a couple of minutes on this part things get funky before Wrights keyboards dominate this part.

Part 9– Gilmour once described this part as “a slow 4/4 funeral march… the parting musical eulogy to Syd.” Wrights keyboards once again dominate this part, but it features some great drumming from Mason. 5/5


The Last Visit Syd Barrett Ever Made To See The Band

My Final Thoughts– This album officially joins the five star club here on Moshpits and Movies because it is just that amazing. Musically these guys were phenomenal and masters of their craft. It’s sad to here about Syd Barrett though who came to visit the band one day when they putting the final touches on the tribute to him. Apparently no one recognized him at all because he was fat, bald, and had no eyebrows. Sadly that day in the studio is the last time they would ever see Syd until his funeral. Give this record a listen, it’s well worth it. Five out of five for a final grade.

13151558_10154142704378866_6527274700022246028_nI have to be honest and say that I was going to lose my lid if the rumors about Scott Stapp, the former Creed singer, joining Stone Temple Pilots. That in my opinion was going to be the worst possible news ever, but it turns out the rumors were wrong about him joining STP, but he is joining a band that had ties with Scott Weiland. Scott Stapp announced via a statement that he was joining Art Of Anarchy which Scott was in for a very short time. Here is his statement:

I wanted to clarify any confusions on Stone Temple Pilots and my comment. First off, Scott Weiland in STP is irreplaceable. I was recently asked what I’m currently working on in an interview and could not reveal details or announce this new project. This led the interviewer to assume it was STP and he eagerly kept asking for more details. Evidently my response caused confusion.
I’m excited to share I’ve been working with Art Of Anarchy band who’s members are Ron “Bumble Foot” Thal, formerly of Guns N Roses, John Moyer of Disturbed and Jon and Vince Votta. Original announcement was slated for July along with our first single and album to follow but happy to share this announcement sooner to clarify.
Art Of Anarchy is the project that I was referring to in the interview not STP. Scott Weiland was a part of Art of Anarchy and that’s the six degrees of separation I was referring to. Always been a fan of STP and I wish them all the best in their search for a new singer.
Allow me to introduce Art Of Anarchy. Stay tuned.

Scott Weiland recorded vocals for the only release that Art Of Anarchy has to date, but when it came time to tour, he proclaimed that he was not the singer for the band and that he wouldn’t record with them. So, having no lead singer was the perfect opportunity for Stapp to join the band considering all the members of Creed are busy with other projects.

Liv-SinSince we are on the topic of people announcing new projects or joining bands, I have some news regarding former Sister Sin vocalist Liv Jagrell. Swedish rock outfit Sister Sin announced that they were no longer going to be a band toward the end of last year which left Liv Jagrell with nothing to do. Well have no fear because she has just announced that she is going to continue her career under the name Liv Sin. For me it has never been an option to stop singing. I live for the stage and for my fans. I still miss Sister Sin, but I am very excited to work on my own project, and I can promise it will not be some soft pop rock. This is going to be metal deluxe, because that’s who I am!” which is what Jagrell said in an interview. In a statement on Facebook, she said, “So guys, here is some news for you, I’m not leaving you. I have a management who believes in me, musicians that I’m making songs with and now I just have to find a label to support me. Stay tuned and have patience! (That goes for me too haha).” Stay tuned here for more info as it becomes available.

1The end of 2015 into where we are now in 2016 has been a very rough year for the music and entertainment world as we mourn the loss of so many greats. One of those greats that we lost was the great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. That was one of the toughest losses we suffered so far (besides Bowie), but we have something coming out to help us remember him. On June 10TH, UDR is releasing a Live CD/DVD entitled Clean Your Clock which is a live performance recorded back in November during the band’s performance in Munich. The album features classics like Orgasmatron, Overkill, Ace Of Spades, and Bomber which you can actually check out here. According to, here are some of the different formats it’s available in, “The disc will be available in numerous configurations including a standalone CD, DVD with CD, Blu-ray with CD and colored double vinyl in gatefold with pop-up art. In addition, there will be a box set containing the aforementioned vinyl, DVD, audio CD and Motorhead metal medal along with a limited edition box set with the option of a silver or gold medal and digital download.”

downloadFans of classic rock groups like The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, and The Who have something to drool over as The Desert Trip was officially announced. Now you may be asking what in the hell is The Desert Trip and what do these acts have to do with that. Well, The Desert Trip is a three day festival that is taking place at the same place as Coachella (Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA) and each of the three nights only features two performers. The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan headline Friday while Paul McCartney and Neil Young are Saturday while Roger Waters and The Who close out the festival on Sunday. To see all information regarding ticket prices, hotels, and such, please visit the festival website here. This just might be a once in a lifetime kind of show and knowing the way 2016 has been going, I might just have to spend the dough.