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55711In 2007, KoЯn had released their Untitled 8TH album which was the first without longtime drummer David Silveria and it faced a lot of backlash at the time. So, the band eventually decided that they were going to take a year off to refocus their minds and work on solo projects to help replenish their minds. The band eventually decided that for their ninth studio album that they wanted to go back to their roots of the first two records so they swore off pro-tools & editing and they hired the man who originally produced their first two records in Nu-Metal’s favorite producer Ross Robinson for what would eventually be titled KoЯn III: Remember Who You Are. The album once again featured Jonathan Davis (Vocals, Bagpipes), James “Munky” Shaffer (Guitars), Fieldy (Bass), and for the first time ever on record and as an official member of the band Ray Luzier (Drums). The album was released on July 13, 2010 and it was a huge success for the band as it peaked at number two on the Billboard Top 200 Charts, but the album scored number one status for US Rock Albums, US Alternative Albums, and US Hard Rock Albums as well as finishing in the top five in Canada, Austria, Germany, and New Zealand.

51-tkiy6h8L._SY400_1. Uber-time– An intro track that features some audio that leads right into the next track 4/5

2. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)– A punishing track that just absolutely rips from the get go that has that old school feel to it. I thin the track has something more to do with his dislike for religion and God. 5/5

3. Pop A Pill– A very Life Is Peachy like track that is all about drug addiction if you couldn’t tell from the title. 5/5

4. Fear Is A Place To Live– One of my favorite tracks on the album that is all about those people claim to be your friend or family, but they wear a mask in front of you and a different one when you’re not around. 5/5

5. Move On– a little bit of a Follow The Leader/Life Is Peachy feel to the track that is all about no matter what you do you can’t please everyone so you have to just move on. 4.5/5

6. Lead The Parade a raw in your face, take no prisoners track that is all about how depression can make us think crazy things that can drive us to insanity. 4.5/5

imgbin-korn-iii-remember-who-you-are-music-issues-album-korn-LtPm1jFajBMRxc9NsHi4zKLnf7. Let The Guilt Go– Another track on the album that is underrated because of it’s intensity about someone who just keeps messing up because they can’t let the guilt of something go. By the way, this track was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the Grammy Awards, but they lost to Iron Maiden. 5/5

8. The Past– a very dark and melodic creepy intro starts the track before Luzier brings the thunder that helps kick off the track that is all about how no matter how badly we want to forget our past, it’s always there to remind us. 4.5/5

9. Never Around-This track reminds of something that would have been released on Take A Look In The Mirror with it’s big bass riff that matches the big bombastic guitar riffs and melodic verses. The track is about a relationship that has gone bad. 4.5/5

10. Are You Ready to Live?-This has to a be a very personal track for Jonathan Davis because at the crop circle performance you could tell it took a lot out of him especially with the mic drop and the “I fucking hate that song”. 4.5/5

11. Holding All These Lies– a very Raw and self titled debut feel to the track that according to something I saw Ross made Jonathan’s wife come into the studio to have him sing it in front of her. I don’t know if that is true or not, but Jonathan did say the album was torture to record. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– This was certainly a great look back at the raw intensity that was KoЯn back in the day. This was definitely my favorite of the post David Silveria era KoЯn albums with The Serenity Of Suffering being my other favorite. It’s a complete album with very little filler if any at all which is why I am giving it 4.6 stars out of five for a final grade.

download (3)This is a new segment on here that I am going to try and do even though it takes me a while to read books, but I have read some already and so here is the Heavy Metal Book Report. Motley Crue started the trend of dishing out all the dirty secrets in autobiographies and that is what catches our interests. For Reginald Arvizu a.k.a. Fieldy of Nu-Metal pioneers Korn, it was natural to come out with a book telling everything about his life, but it was definitely one that was unexpected or at least not the first one to respond in the band with a book. He teamed up with Laura Morton to write the book Got The Life: My Journey of Addiction, Faith, Recovery, and Korn. which was released back in February of 2010 right on the heels of (at the time) former member Brian “Head” Welch’s tell all book. Fieldy was laying it all on the table so that we could better understand the man with that iconic bass slap who was heavily involved in the debauchery of heavy metal and how he overcame it to become the better man he is today no holds barred style. It’s a journey that will intrigue every Korn fan young and old. The book kicks off right away with a story that will definitely catch your attention as he thinks back to a time when he and his wife Dena got into a major fight that was fueled by jealousy and a day of drinking. It’s only the prologue, but it definitely catches your attention enough to continue to read.

kornThe style of the book is exactly as the title would describe it to be, it is a journey that you go on with Fieldy as he starts right from his childhood all the way to his life in Korn. You find out right from the beginning that it had to be destiny that brought these guys together considering Fieldy’s mom babysat Jonathan Davis whose dad was in a band with Fieldy’s dad. He talks about the early days of not having money as he struggled to stay a float until they met the man that would complete Korn in none other than Jonathan Davis who was a member of a band called Sexart at the time. It didn’t take much for him to agree and Korn was officially born. One of my other favorite stories is hearing how somethings were done. They recorded their first album at the Indigo Ranch with Ross Robinson and it was time for them to record the song Shoots & Ladders. In order for Jonathan to record his part with the bagpipes, he had to record them on top of the mountain. Of course as the book goes on, you hear all these stories of how difficult of a person he was to deal with when he was on drugs or alcohol. He openly admits in the book to firing people for not bringing him beer or firing bus drivers for driving over too many bumps. It gets so bad that he even mentions that the guys in the band were thinking about throwing him out of the band. Things do get better and Fieldy’s appoach to finding God was a lot different to Head’s because he wont force anyone to feel the same as him. He feels that you need to find your own way to becoming a better you.

The book is a decent read and I had a lot of fun reading the book and learning so much about my favorite band in the whole world in Korn. His writing ability is om target as he is able to shock you with stuff that has happened to him and of course indulging in the type of information about tours that we all want to know about. It’s not all fun and games and he certainly makes you know that just because you are signed, doesn’t mean that everything is going to peachy. I find that sometimes, these guys dive way too much into their drug problems and that it becomes the main topic of the book, but by the title you can see why he indulges in it. I would definitely recommend the book to any fan of Korn or fans of rock autobiographies. I am going to give the book a 3.8 stars out of five for a final grade.

It’s been quite a while since I did a full Rock And Metal News post so I figured I would let you in on some stuff that has happened in the rock and metal world. We are going to start with some concert news because the summer is almost here and it’s gathering to be a good one this year. Tomorrow (April 17) tickets to the 2015 Rockstar Mayhem Festival with Slayer, King Diamond, Hellyeah, and so many more go on sale to the general public at 10AM Eastern Time. The Deftones just announced that they are heading out on a summer trek with Incubus as co-headliners with special guests Death From Above 1979 and The Bots. Tickets for that tour will begin selling on April 25TH with select dates selling on other days. Check out the tour dates below:

7/22 — Clarkston, Mich. — DTE Energy Music Theatre*
7/23 — Tinley Park, Ill. — First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre***
7/25 — Cincinnati, Ohio — Riverbend Music Center
8/4 — Holmdel, N.J. — PNC Bank Arts Center
8/5 — Wantagh, N.Y. — Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
8/7 — Mansfield, Mass. — Xfinity Center*
8/8 — Camden, N.J. — Susquehanna Bank Center
8/9 — Charlotte, N.C. — PNC Music Pavilion
8/12 — Atlanta, Ga. — Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
8/13 — Tampa, Fla. — MIDFLORDIA Credit Union Amphitheatre
8/14 — West Palm Beach, Fla. — Coral Sky Amphitheatre
8/16 — New Orleans, La. — Bold Sphere Music at Champion’s Square +
8/17 — Austin, Texas — Austin360 Amphitheater
8/19 — Houston, Texas — Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion pres. by Huntsman**
8/20 — Dallas, Texas — Gexa Energy Pavilion**
8/24 — Morrison, Colo. — Red Rocks Amphitheatre*
8/26 — Mountain View, Calif. — Shoreline Amphitheatre
8/30 — San Diego, Calif. — Sleep Train Amphitheatre

(* on sale April 25, ** on sale May 1, + on sale May 8, *** Death From Above not on this show)

temple-of-the-dog-4fdd4c5327bf2On this day in rock/metal history: On April 16, 1991, a supergroup by today’s standards (not at the time) released an album on this day that was simply amazing. Temple Of The Dog which featured Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard (Mother Love Bone), Mike McCready and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden) all came together to pay tribute to fallen Mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood who passed away on March 19, 1990 from a heroin overdose. Chris talked about the origins of the project and the songs he wrote with Seattle station KISW-FM, “I figured it would be this great thing, because I would be away from home and I wouldn’t have to look at places where I saw him or see things that would remind me of him and I thought it would be really great but it was awful because I couldn’t talk to anybody. So I started writing songs. That was the only thing I could really think of to do. The songs I wrote weren’t really stylistically like something my band Soundgarden would be used to playing or be natural for us to do, but it was material that Andy really would have liked, so I didn’t really want to just throw it out the window or put it away in a box.” After that he reached out to the members of Mother Love Bone, “I was getting to be friends with these guys before he died, actually, and it just seemed like maybe it was a good idea,” said Cornell. “So anyway, these guys had material that they had worked on before and since he died. It sort of at first was this requiem thing but it ended up just sort of being, ‘Let’s make a record,’ this cool collaboration and that’s what it sort of turned out to be, really.” The rest is history and the albums lead singer Hunger Strike was a huge hit and Cornell talks about bringing Vedder into the track, “[Eddie] was at one of our rehearsals for Temple of the Dog because he had flown up here. It was the week he was trying out for [Pearl Jam] I guess, and he told me afterwards that he really liked that song and the thing about that song among a couple of others that were stylistically the vocals really weren’t anything that I had done before, on a record anyway. It wasn’t really the way I was used to singing, and I thought his voice suited that song really well and I thought it would be a great duet … He sang half that song not even knowing that I’d wanted that part to be there and he sang it exactly the way I was thinking about doing it, just instinctively.”

Slipknot-Corey-Taylor-Premium-630x420How can an artist ever rank their own record? That’s like telling people who your favorite kid is all the way to your least favorite one, it’s a difficult task to do especially when almost every single record you put out is a successful one. Well, that is what Slipknot singer Corey Taylor recently did when he spoke to Noisey about his least favorite to favorite record out of all the five albums they have put out. How did he pick? Well, let’s just say that he picked the self title debut as the number one record saying, “We went into that album so young and green and just ecstatic to make our first album, after we recorded it was like, ‘Well now what?’ We had to wait six months just to see what happened. We got added to Ozzfest ’99 at the last second. True story. We’re out in Malibu on top of a mountain. Nine a–holes from Iowa, no idea what the f–k we’re doing. [Laughs] With this mad scientist, Ross Robinson, helping us create this crazy f–king album. Really it was a blank check, metaphorically we were playing with house money. Nobody knew what would happen.” To see the rest of Taylor’s thoughts on why he ranked them the way he did and various other tales, just click here. Otherwise check out the ranking below:

Corey’s Top 5

5. All Hope Is Gone (2008)
4. Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses (2004)
3. Iowa (2001)
2. .5: The Gray Chapter (2014)
1. Slipknot (1999)

Manson As Pope

Manson As Pope

Marilyn Manson has been making quite the name for himself lately as an actor after a successful run on the last season of Sons Of Anarchy when he played Ron Tully. Now the shock rocker is going to be playing a hitman named Pope in the independent crime drama Let Me Make You A Martyr. The film is being shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma and it also stars Mark Boone Jr. and Niko Nicotera who also starred in Sons Of Anarchy while the film is being directed by John Swab and Corey Asraf. The film apparently is a revenge thriller about two adopted siblings that want and plan to kill their abusive dad. The films Facebook page (which you can view here) describes the film as, “A story chronicling the consequences of abuse and betrayal while exploring the choices human beings make as a result of fear, love, lust, and hatred.” I’m not 100% positive about when the film is going to be released, but as soon as I find out that information, I will be sure to share it with everyone as I want to see it myself. Speaking of summer tours, Manson will be out on the road with The Smashing Pumpkins this summer and you can check out those dates below:

7/7 — Concord, Calif. — Concord Pavilion
7/9 — Irvine, Calif. — Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
7/10 — Las Vegas, Nev. — The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
7/11 — Phoenix, Ariz. — Comerica Theatre
7/13 — Morrison, Colo. — Red Rocks Amphitheatre
7/15 — Dallas, Texas — Gexa Energy Pavilion
7/16 — Houston, Texas — NRG Arena
7/18 — San Antonio, Texas — Freeman Coliseum
7/19 — Austin, Texas — Austin City Limits Live
7/20 — New Orleans, La. — Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square
7/22 — Miami, Fla. — Bayfront Park Amphitheatre
7/24 — Tampa, Fla. — MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
7/25 — Atlanta, Ga. — Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
7/26 — Raleigh, N.C. — Red Hat Amphitheater
7/28 — Boston, Mass. — Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
7/29 — Holmdel, N.J. — PNC Bank Arts Center
7/31 — Wantagh, N.Y. — Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
8/1 — Mashantucket, Ct. — Foxwoods Resort Casino
8/2 — Camden, N.J. — Susquehanna Bank Center
8/4 — Toronto, Ontario — Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
8/5 — Clarkston, Mich. — DTE Energy Music Theatre
8/7 — Chicago, Ill. — FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island
8/8 — Cincinnati, Ohio — Riverbend Music Center


sepulturaSepultura which translated from Portuguese means Grave, a Brazilian heavy metal band that was at one time called the Brazilian Slayer. The band at the time of the recording of Roots was made up of Max Cavalera (Guitars/Lead Vocals), his brother Igor Cavalera (Drums), Andreas Kisser (Guitars), and Paulo Jr. (Bass). Roots was the one of the first records I had ever listened to from the band and I love how they mixed those cool tribal sounds with the heavy metal, so I was hooked enough to want to research the group and all of their albums. For the next four weeks, I am going to try and review an album from each of the four members of Killer Be Killed with the Killer Be Killed album being reviewed in the fifth week. So, that is why I chose Roots from Sepultura considering it is one of my favorite albums from the band which featured some cool guest appearances you’ll read about later. The album was produced by Ross Robinson, a guy who was just coming off some impressive work with Korn as well as some other groups, so you’ll notice that the sound of the record is almost reminiscent of Korn’s first record. Here is what Max Cavalera told Kerrang Magazine in 2008 about the album, “Roots came from a blurry dream I had about going to the rainforest. Wine may have been involved. In the end, when we actually went into the forest to record, it was unbelievable. The whole album was a huge personal journey for me, and as a Brazilian, it felt as an incredible achievement. Everyone was inspired and Iggor was at the top of his game. The percussion was crazy and we worked with so many great musicians, in the end coming out with a 15-minutes drum jam that someone likened to a crazy Brazilian Pink Floyd. When we took the album to Roadrunner they loved it except for the title. They thought it would sound like a Bob Marley tribute album. We explained it to them, and thankfully they got it.

roots 2When you hear the sounds of the forest and crickets just before it explodes with the drums, you know you’re about to get your teeth kicked in with the opening track Roots Bloody Roots. This was always one heck of a way to open up an album and it’s definitely one of my favorite tracks from the band. Attitude is the next track on the record and it opens with Max using a Berimbau instrument to help set up the song whose snare hit explodes like a bomb when the track kicks off. The track’s lyrics were actually written by Max’s stepson Dana Wells who would later die right after the album was released. It was the catalyst that would eventually see Max leave the band. Cut-Throat is one of the tunes on here that has a heavy Nu-metal influence in the playing while being one of those songs that has a real activist meaning to it. Ratamahatta is another track that starts with a real tribal feel to it before it kicks into overdrive with guest appearances from Carlinhos Brown on vocals while David Silveria of Korn plays percussion on the track. Jasco and Itsári (which features the Xavante tribe) are instrumental tracks on the record. Lookaway is one of the coolest tracks on the record that features DJ Lethal with Jonathan Davis of Korn and Mike Patton of Faith No More providing vocals. Breed Apart is another track on the record with the tribal beats while having that Korn Self Titled playing on the track at times.

rootsStraighthate proves that I am sucker for killer bass lines to go along with the sonic assault of Andreas Kisser that just smashes your head in with the trash elements in the track. Dictatorshit saw the band flexing their hardcore punk roots in a song about the coup in Brazil in 1964. Spit sees Sepultura combine so many elements of metal in one track that it’s just insanely heavy that you can see where bands like Slipknot got their inspiration from while the bass heavy Dusted saw the band experimenting with sounds while keeping it heavy as hell. Born Stubborn is truly an heavy ass anthem telling the system to go F@#$ itself. Ambush was a song that was inspired by the book  Fronteiras De Sangue, a book about Chico Mendes who was a man that died protecting the rainforest. Endangered Species is the last track of the album I am reviewing and it starts off very slow before it starts to pick up the pace and it’s one of the few songs to feature a guitar solo on the record. I have always loved this record cause it was the first one that turned me onto the band. Is it their best album? Well, that is debatable depending on what your tastes in metal are. I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.

kornI will never forget the first time I was introduced to KoЯn, I wasn’t a fan of metal or rock at the time because I had resented what the rock scene had become when Nirvana hit the airwaves. My best friend Tim (who passed away in 2001) told me that I had to listen to these guys and he let me borrow the self titled release from KoЯn. I will never forget the moment Blind came on over the speaker, it changed my life forever. The album cover was even a little freaky to look at with the girl on the swingset in the playground with the shadow of a man holding horseshoes. The band made up of Jonathan Davis (Vocals), Fieldy (Bass), David Silveria (Drums), Brian “Head” Welch (Guitars), and James “Munky” Shaffer (Guitars) along with producer Ross Robinson were about to change the hard rock world with the new genre known as Nu-Metal. The album was released on October 11, 1994 which means it’s celebrating it’s 20TH Anniversary this year. The album went Gold on January 1996 and it peaked at number 72 on the Billboard Top 200 charts. To date, the album has sold over 4.2 million copies making it the album that popularized the Nu Metal genre as I said before.

korn 2KoЯn opens up with the iconic Blind which features the dueling guitars in the beginning before Jon screams “Are You Ready?” and the song explodes into overdrive. Jonathan described the track as, “It’s just this monster riff, and lyrically it’s about me feeling that I’m blind to people taking advantage of me, blind to my depression, just blind to everything.” Ball Tongue is the next song on the record which reportedly is about a guy the band used to work with at a t-shirt store that either had a wart on his tongue or a tongue piercing that was a complete jerk to the band. Jon told Metal Hammer that he, “didn’t sing a goddamn word in that song. I couldn’t describe what I wanted to do, so that’s how it came out. It’s a really heavy sound.” Need To is the next track on the record and the song is about being in relationships with someone , but being too afraid to get serious for fear of not having the love in return. Clown in the next song on the record that starts with the thunderous riffs and wailing guitar riff before Jon describes a situation where a skinhead told the band to go back to Bakersfield and then he tried to hit the band. Divine starts off with the thunderous bass riffs, but it’s later in the track when Jonathan goes nuts saying  “Fu** You, I’m Fed Up With You” that is my favorite part of the song. The track itself is just filled with so much fury that it’s incredible. Faget is the next track on the record and a very iconic one because it’s one of those tracks that Jonathan pours himself into his writing when he talks about his time at Highland High School where he was picked on by everyone.

korn 3Shoots and Ladders is another iconic track that starts with Jonathan Davis playing the bagpipes and Jon will recite nursery rhymes to show you all how evil they really are. Predictable is a real heavy track that makes you realize what a seven string guitar can do over a six string. It just gives you that extra hard and deep edge. Fake continues the groove heavy riffs, but during the choruses the heaviness subsides while the riff gets eerie and you can hear Fieldy’s patent slap bass style during it as well. Lies follows in the same suit with it’s raw groove heavy riffs and Jonathan’s iconic vocal style while Helmet In The Bush is a track about Jonathan’s drug problem that was getting out of control. Daddy is a very touchy track because it’s about Jonathan singing about being abused as a child and how he tried to go to his parents, but they didn’t believe him. The band only performed the song once and they stopped because Jonathan couldn’t handle it. If you listen closely in the track he’s actually crying, it definitely changed the way songs were written and it was a voice for those who were affected.This is definitely the album that saved me from only listening to hip hop and it brought me back to metal all thanks to my best friend. KoЯn definitely holds a special place in my heart, but for a final grade I am going to give the album 4.2 stars out of five.