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star trekThe news I had heard before today was that the brand new Star Trek: Beyond trailer was supposed to be attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens film. Now Paramount had no choice but to release the trailer after it had been leaked online which is what exactly happened to Paramount with the trailer to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. These companies have to understand that we live in an age now where people no longer want to wait and be surprised like Christmas morning. Instead, they want to be like yours truly who sneaks into his parents bedroom (when I was a kid of course) to see if I could find my Christmas presents. It’s the age of the internet where everything leaks or at least someone is stealing something and revealing it to the world leaving studios no choice, but to release the trailers.

One thing that I am baffled about and that is why in the world would you be anxious to see this trailer? After watching the trailer myself, I couldn’t help but think that this is one I am definitely going to pass up on when it comes to the theaters. I love the fact that they used the Beastie Boys song Sabotage during the whole entire trailer, but it just doesn’t seem as great as the previous two films. This one could be a major flop, but only time will tell. The Turtles trailer was the one worth wanting to see early because that looks and promises to be better than the first film. The whole cast (Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Zachary Quinto, etc.) returns with Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella also starring in the film. There is apparently no Enterprise as it looks like it gets destroyed in the trailer and they seem to be stranded on some planet. You can take my opinion (which is exactly that just an opinion) or you can sit back, relax, and watch the trailer for yourself below:

One of my favorite things about going to concerts was always to see if some of the bands were going to come on stage to collaborate and perform together. I have seen so many of them that you actually look forward to it because it’s a change of pace. One of my favorites was always when Poison invited every artist they toured with on stage to perform a cover of Kiss’s Rock And Roll All Nite. I’ve also seen Korn perform with Corey Taylor to do Freak On A Leash or Chino Moreno (Deftones) hopping on stage to perform a cover of Ice Cube’s Wicked. Well, Korn is back at it again and while on a tour stop in London at the Wembley Arena, they invited members of Slipknot on stage to perform a cover of The Beastie Boys classic Sabotage. So, I chose this amazing cover which you can tell they are having fun as the cover of the week for this week. Jim Root, Sid Wilson, Corey Taylor, and M. Shawn Crahan join the members of Korn and while the audio quality is super, it does the trick. Corey it seems does most of the rapping and he does an awesome job. The whole performance is awesome and that is why you need to check it out below:

Fury_2014_posterI ventured out to the movies like I always do on a Tuesday and I didn’t watch a horror movie, but that is because there was a film that had been gaining a lot of praise. I went and checked out the brand new World War II film starring Brad Pit (Inglorious Basterds), Shia LaBeouf (Lawless), Logan Lerman (3:10 To Yuma), Michael Peña (End Of Watch), and Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead). Brad Pitt plays a war hardened character named Wardaddy who leads his crew of misfits (the guys listed above)and a rookie in a tank named Fury in World War II. It’s April of 1945 and the allies are looking to make the final push in Germany to defeat the Nazi party. With all the odds stacked against them, they will drive into the heart of Nazi country and they will try with all their might to take them down in hopes of ending the war once and for all. The film also stars Jim Parrack (Battle Los Angeles) as Sergeant Binkowski, Brad William Henke (Pacific Rim) as Sergeant Davis, Anamaria Marinca (Europa Report) as Irma, Alicia von Rittberg (Romy) as Emma, Jason Isaacs (The Patriot) as Captain Waggoner, Kevin Vance (Sabotage) as Sergeant Peterson, Scott Eastwood (Flags Of Our Fathers) as Sergeant Miles, and this brutal in depth look at the ugliness of war film was directed by David Ayer (End Of Watch).

Fury-brad-pittI said ugliness of war in the above paragraph, but the film also gives you a look at brotherhood and what it means to fight next to your fellow soldiers for a cause. This film could be viewed as a coming of age story for Logan Lerman’s character of Norman Ellison who is the rookie on board with a group of guys that have been battle tested. He has only been in the army for 8 weeks and he is absolutely petrified of war, but you see him grow in the film as he turns into a man thanks to Wardaddy. I will tell you that this film is unlike any other World War II film I had ever seen because the battle scenes depicted are extremely intense and it is not for the faint of heart. Much like what they did in Passions Of The Christ, they are showing you here that war isn’t beautiful. It’s ugly and sad, but unfortunately someone has to fight and like the poster says “War Never Ends Quitely.” I’m just wondering how factual the story itself is, but man their are scenes in this film that are just hard to watch. This is definitely a candidate for movie of the year in next years Monster Entertainment Awards and it’s definitely one of my all time favorite war films. I am giving the film an A+ for a final grade because the acting was amazing, the cinematography was amazing, and the score that goes along with the film is beautiful.

marvel_vs_dc_universe___fan_concept_by_soul_blade22-d7337k4-dc-vs-marvel-did-dc-bow-down-to-marvelThis arms race which Is what I am calling the battle for supremacy between DC Comics and Marvel Comics when it comes to the cinema is heating up. We all remember that for a very long time in the 80’s that DC was the serious hitter in the theaters with the Christopher Reeves Superman films and the Batman films of the early 90’s. For the most part all Marvel had going for them in the 80’s was The Incredible Hulk TV series with Lou Ferrigno. It wasn’t until Fox started doing the X-Men films and Sony doing the Spider-Man films that Marvel was taken serious in the Box Office. Yeah, they had some mishaps with the Hulk film, Daredevil (which was actually pretty decent), and the Elektra film, but right when Iron Man hit the theaters after that God awful Superman Returns film, Marvel started to take over and DC slowly fell behind. The only thing that was keeping DC afloat was the brilliant Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy while The Green Lantern was just God awful. Marvel kept it coming with both Thor films, both Captain America films, the first Avengers film, and now Guardians Of The Galaxy which has Marvel at the 7 Billion dollar mark. I will admit that DC started to get back into the game with The Man Of Steel film, but it seems now that the two prominent comic book companies are taking the battle to the tube. Marvel first stepped up to the plate with Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D while Arrow from DC was a smash hit for fans and it made sense. The show was definitely perfect as a television series rather than a film. In October, The CW will debut the brand new Flash series while fox debuts Gotham. Well, now we have more news for the battle of supremacy.

1411138630000-DCE-Supergirl-INT-v01-r01The other day, Fox had announced that they were indeed going to do the Deadpool film which had a lot of us comic book and Marvel fans excited. How did DC respond to that? Well, first they announced that they had green lighted a series for the only channel (CBS) without a superhero show as CBS will carry Supergirl. Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) is going to be producing the show for Warner Brothers Television along with Ali Adler who is best known for her work with Glee, The New Normal, and No Ordinary Family (which was a short lived TV Series). It is said that they are going to be producing a pilot in hopes the network will order more episodes or else the network will face a hefty penalty as DC is not messing around when it comes to developing this TV Series. So, now at this point, we know that ABC has The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show, Arrow and The Flash are on CW, Fox has Gotham, and NBC has Constantine. We also know that next year ABC will place Agent Carter as a fill in for The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which the second season opens next week). The battle for supremacy is heating up, but there is more news to report.

suicide-squad-movie-david-ayer-dl-imageDC has also announced that they are going to green light the production of a Suicide Squad film. Do you not know who the Suicide Squad is? They are a team of super-villains that are given an opportunity at a lesser sentence if they go on suicide missions for the government. The team features lesser known super villains like Harley Quinn (The Joker’s girlfriend), Deathshot, and Deathstroke. The film is going to be made by David Ayer who recently directed the new Brad Pitt film that looks amazing in Fury. Even though nothing has been signed, sealed, and delivered on that, you have to think that this film could be an interesting watch with David Ayer at the helm. The man is best know for films like Suicide Kings, End Of Watch, and Sabotage which gives you a little bit of insight into how the film may look. The future of DC is looking bright as the company has already announced that Jason Momoa will star as Aquaman in a solo pic, Joesph Gordon-Levitt as Sandman, and Shazam which will feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam. I wanted to add one thing to this is that I would love to see some other comic book companies get films made like The Invisibles and many others.