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abominable dr phibesFor today’s 31 Days Of Halloween film, I wanted to watch a classic film that I hadn’t seen before and a museum in Salem, MA inspired my choice for today. After going into Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery to meet Kane Hodder and Lar Park Lincoln, a wax statue of Dr. Phibes inspired my choice for today in The Abominable Dr. Phibes. The film stars horror and acting legend Vincent Price (The Masque Of Red Death) as he plays the disfigured Dr. Anton Phibes who lost his wife in a surgical mishap some years before. In a spot of rage he decides to kill all ten Doctors who were there using each of the ten plagues from the Old Testament like bees, bats, rats, killer frogs, and so many more. As he is doing this, the police are struggling to figure out who is doing it in an attempt to save the remaining doctors before it’s too late. The film also stars Joseph Cotten (Shadow Of A Doubt) as Dr. Vesalius, Hugh Griffith (How To Steal A Million) as Rabbi, Terri Thomas (It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World) as Dr. Longstreet, Virginia North (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) as Vulnavia, Peter Jeffrey (The Return Of The Pink Panther) as Inspector Trout, Maurice Kaufmann (Die! Die! My Darling) as Dr. Whitcombe, and the film was directed by Robert Fuest (The Devil’s Rain).

Dr. PhibesNow, this isn’t your stereotypical horror film where you can expect gore or a serial killer who comes back from the dead. This is more like your Shakespeare of horror kind of films where there is a story where the so called “Villain” is someone who you can kind of sympathize with because he is getting revenge for the death of his wife. So, the whole time the film is going you don’t know whether to root for the smart killer in Phibes or the bumbling detectives who can’t seem to protect anyone. The film is listed as a horror comedy so the police is where the comedy lies in this film and it’s acceptable because after all they are looking for a man they can’t see or find ever and who is outsmarting them every time. I was confused for a while who the women is that is with Dr. Phibes because she never speaks in the entirety of the film. You know that she is someone who is helping her out, but is that his wife or not? The way in which the various plagues are carried out is absolutely brilliant especially for 1971. Vincent Price is a master of horror and there is a reason he was chosen for so many classic horror films. The cinematography in the film is excellent, the acting is great, and the sets and costumes are amazing too. The only I thought was a little cheesy is the wind up band that he has with him because you can tell they are humans with masks unless that is what he intended them to look like. Check it out for yourself on Youtube right now. I am giving the film an A- for a final grade.

For only our second movie trailers post, we are going horror style to help promote and observe the great holiday of Halloween. I have a few horror movie trailers for you guys to check out which means I have some that are coming out soon and some we can expect next year.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension– I had always wondered where they were going to take this series next and they certainly found a way to make yet another sequel. A guy finds all the VHS tapes and wants to start investigating. He finds a camera that allows you to see the activity so for the first time ever we’ll actually see the ghosts and stuff. It looks pretty decent in my opinion and most likely I will end up seeing this in theaters when it comes out on October 23RD.

The Witch– Ever since I saw the poster for this film, I was instantly intrigued by it and I wanted to know more. It’s set in 1600’s New England as they are torn apart by witchcraft, black magic and other madness. It says 1630 as the year, so I don’t think it’s necessarily in Salem, but just from watching the trailer, this could be a contender for horror film of the year. Expect the film to be released on February 26, 2016.

The Forest– Apparently beneath Mount Fuji, there is a forest that people go to commit suicide so it’s safe to say that it’s a very haunted and messed up place. Natalie Dormer (The Hunger Games) sense that her twin sister is in trouble and finds out that she went to the forest. So, she basically goes after her and you can probably tell what happens next in this story. The film drops January 8, 2016.

Amityville: The Awakening– Most of Hollywood will do whatever it takes to continue to bleed a franchise especially one like The Amityville Horror franchise. A mother moves her kids into a house not knowing it’s haunted and so on and so forth. It’s expects to be released in April 2016.

pale emperorThe album of the week is coming to you guys a little early this week since our featured artist made his new album available to listen to. What comes to mind when you think of Marilyn Manson? Some may say that he is past his prime or what a freak Manson is, but I say that Manson is one of the last real living rock stars. In a time when people were shying away from the rock star persona, Marilyn Manson embraced it and he ran with it because the scene at the time was kind of a drag. Fast forward to 2015, the man is still around and he is gearing up to release his ninth studio album The Pale Emperor on January 16TH.  Manson described the name of the album with Full Metal Jackie saying, “The Pale Emperor’ came from a book that I was given in 2000 by Johnny Depp. We have each other’s back as in we have the same tattoo on our back. It covers our entire back. It was about Heliogabalus which may be a little esoteric for our listeners. He was the emperor of Rome before Caligula. He was the first one to deny God and that’s a big deal.” The band features Twiggy Ramirez plays Bass, Gil Sharone of Stolen Babies fame plays drums, and Tyler Bates who has produced scores for Rob Zombie’s Halloween films plays guitar and he is a co-producer on the record.

marilyn manson1. Killing Strangers– The song starts off with a sexy bass line that is very bluesy in nature along with the guitars as well. I absolutely love this track and I love the direction he is heading in. 5/5

2. Deep Six–  I am obsessed with this one because I love the direction Manson is heading in with his music. The track itself, it’s dark and brooding during the verses and then it’s super charged new wave rock influence during the choruses which are complete with lyrics you’ll sing along to. 5/5

3. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge– The song further showcases Marilyn and his band progressing more towards a signature sound that features an amazing bass line and some amazing eerie vocals from the shock master himself. The song is just infectious and one that I can’t stop listening to because of it’s simplicity and that is what I love about it. 5/5

4. The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles– An interesting title for a very dark, but artsy track with the amazing bass line and punk rock feel as Manson describes the Devil of LA (Mephistopheles). The guitar riff int he beginning and throughout is what I truly love about this track. 4/5

5. Warship My Wreck– Manson is correct in some of his statements when he says that the album is very cinematic because the beginning of this track feels like a score with Manson singing over it. Don’t worry the track gets heavy at times. 4/5

Marilyn-Manson6. Slave Only Dreams to be King– The track features a sample in the beginning of a speech by James Allen. The track has a sludge feel almost like a machine to it while having a very upbeat rhythm section and a cool guitar section halfway through. 4.5/5

7. The Devil Beneath My Feet– This has a very punk rock/Joan Jett feel to it with the cool bass line. This song could be a party jam and basically a good rock song. 4/5

8. Birds of Hell Awaiting– This track is another one that has a very cinematic feel combined with that blues bass heavy sound that Manson has opted to lately and it makes for a cool bluesy sound that works. 4/5

9. Cupid Carries a Gun– He debuted this track in early 2014 when it was used for the season premiere of the TV show Salem and it has that TV theme song feel to it with the clean redneck guitars. It kind of has A Nightmare Before Christmas feel if I was to describe it. 3.5/5

10- Odds of Even– This is the last track on the record and this track is very dark and eerie, but it’s awesome with it’s vaudevillian sound. I really like it because it kind of shows his range in what he likes. 4/5

Marilyn-Manson-Deep-Six-608x427My Final Thoughts– If you are looking to see where Manson has been going with his career, it’s been a natural evolution from The High End Of Low all the way up to this point. I think having Tyler Bates on the record was a definite heavy influence on the direction of the record just because of the cinematic/score like feel that he provides to the album. I think this is a very good album and it’s a step forward from Born Villain which I also liked. I am going to give this album four stars out of five for a final grade.

lords of salemI decided to watch this film one more time so that I could give it a more defined critique then I did the first time. I’m doing it because of the fact that when I left the movie theater I was at a loss of words for what I had just witnessed on the silver screen. The film is called The Lords Of Salem and it looks at the idea of what if the accused witches of Salem were really witches. Heidi (Sherri Moon Zombie) is a radio DJ at one of the local radio stations in Salem where she receives a mysterious package containing a record addressed from the Lords. One day, Heidi and her crew decide to play the record not knowing that the record when played has an effect on the women of Salem. After playing the record, Heidi starts to have weird visions and it appears that the Lords Of Salem are back for revenge on the town of Salem. The movie also stars Meg Foster (They Live), Bruce Davison (X-Men), Jeff Daniel Phillips (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2), Judy Geeson (To Sir, With Love), Patricia Quinn (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead), Maria Conchita Alonso (The Running Man), and Dee Wallace (Cujo).

lords 2Rob has always had a pension for the extreme in all of his films and this one is no different. It may not be a gore fest like his previous films, but a scene in where a woman’s unborn child is cut from the womb could qualify for what I was talking about. I also found seeing the witches in the beginning naked very disturbing as they are a sight for sore eyes. The film is definitely more psychological and supernatural in it’s nature rather than the slasher flicks we had been used to from Rob. Meg Foster definitely plays a good witch in the film as she is very convincing and the imagery is super satanic. There’s enough imagery in the film like the priest forcing Heidi to give him a blowjob in church, the goat, and the beast himself. One thing that I didn’t like is that I didn’t understand the ending of the film the first time I watched it and this is a spoiler alert do not read on if you haven’t’ seen the film yet. I understand that she was summoned to the other side by the lords of Salem and she looks like she gives birth to the beast, but why have all the woman died? We are told that they are the Salem historical society and descendants of the original village, but why a mass suicide? Those are just questions that I still have after watching the film. Anyways, check out the film for yourself and make your own decisions on what you believe. I am giving the film a B- only for the fact that I like that it was filmed on location in Salem, MA and that they have images of Salem for you to look at in the end credits.

Sherri Moon Zombie and her sweet behind

Sherri Moon Zombie and her sweet behind