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TV isolated vintageIt has been a very long time since the last time we did a Cheeseball Cinema post on the blog and while we are preparing the segment for bigger and better things, we wanted to do some more posts. After a little bit of research, I found the perfect film to present to all of you from all the way in 1985 it’s School Spirit. School Spirit stars Tom Nolan (Batman Begins) as Billy Batson, the head of the Hog Society at his college and someone in desperate need of getting laid. One night, Billy heads out to get some condoms so that he could make it with the very beautiful and elusive Judith Hightower (Elizabeth Foxx), but the only problem is that Billy gets in an accident and he dies. When his late Uncle Pinky (John Finnegan) who is an agent in charge of getting spirits to heaven comes to get him, he escapes and tries to make the best of his time left on Earth by trying to get the girl and he only has till midnight. The film also stars Larry Linville (M*A*S*H) as President Grimshaw, Brian Frishman (Savage Streets) as Barducci, Toni Hudson (Just One Of The Guys) as Rita, Leslee Bremmer (Hardbodies) as Sandy, Nick Segal (Chopping Mall) as Gregg, Marta Kober (Friday The 13TH Part 2) as Ursula, Danièle Arnaud (The Women’s Club) as Madeleine, and the film was directed by Alan Holleb (Candy Stripe Nurses).

TV isolated vintageWhen it came to the film, there were definitely aspects of the film that I absolutely loved and then there are aspects that prove why it belongs here. For one, it’s a decent story that we have seen so many times over the years about the desperate virgin who just wants to get laid, but this one adds a twist to it because he’s dead. The one thing I didn’t understand is if he’s dead then how can he make himself whole so that people can touch and feel him? The other thing that I felt was kind of sprung on us was the fact that with almost most of the film already done and Billy Batson wanting to get into Judith’s pants, he all of sudden has a change of heart and falls in love with the French woman. I felt that this was something that could have been explored better right from the half way point. T&A is your thing when it comes to 80’s comedies then there is no need to fear because this film has plenty of it especially at the Hog gathering scene in the latter part of the film. The 1980’s was typical for having string character development for the main character, but there downfall was there was always this character that was just completely useless and that was Brian Frishman’s (Brian Mann at the time) character who had absolutely no worth in the film. You don’t even know if he belongs or goes to college cause he’s just there. One other character that bothered me was Nick Segal’s character who starts off the film as the typical nerdy dickhead who hates the hogs, but as soon as he’s named the new head, he has completely changed his ways which is why I said bad character development.  On a scale of one being close to an A-list Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film an 2.5 for a final grade.

School Spirit Babes

Hamburger The MovieIt’s been a while since the last Cheeseball Cinema post that I did so I figured it was time to return with one for all of you and it was one that crossed my mind the first time I saw it on Youtube. You see I was watching the film Fraternity Vacation with Leigh McCloskey (Just One Of The Guys) when I saw Hamburger: The Motion Picture on the suggestion and I saved it to my watch later list. In this film Leigh plays Russell, a college kid who seems to not be able to get women off of him and it gets him kicked out of three colleges. You see his grandfather passed away and left him money, but it’s frozen until Russell can graduate from college. So, he sees an ad for Hamburger University where if he graduates he not only gets the money, but he’ll get his own franchise and he’ll have to keep himself out of trouble. The film also stars Maria Richwine (The Buddy Holly Story) as Conchita, NFL Legend Dick Butkus as Drootin, Randi Brooks (The Man With Two Brains) as Mrs. Vonk, Chuck McCann (Ducktales) as Dr. Mole, Jack Blessing (Paranorman) as Nacio Herb Zipser, Charles Tyner (Cool Hand Luke) as Lyman Vonk, Debra Blee (Savage Streets) as Mia Vonk, Chip McAllister (Weekend Pass) as Magneto Jones, Barbara Whinnery (Hot To Trot) as Sister Sara, Karen Mayo-Chandler (Hard To Die) as Dr. Gotbottom, and the film was directed by Mike Marvin (The Wraith). 

Brooks, Richwine and Chandler

Clockwise from left: Randi Brooks (X2), Karen Mayo-Chandler, and Maria Richwine

Let me start off by saying that this is one cheesy film that looks and sounds like an 1:30 infomercial for sex and hamburgers. Poor McCloskey never had a chance in this film as this is one of his starring roles, but right from the start the opening credits look and sound like a commercial or PSA on hamburgers. It has everything you would expect from a cheesy 80’s film like the weird scientist, the sexy ladies, and the clumsy nerd that everyone loves. So with some of that being aid, there is plenty of T&A to serve to the 80’s cheesy sex comedy fan and Randi Brooks is an absolute fox in this film. The NFL legend Dick Butkus actually does a terrific job in this film playing the jealous brute drill sergeant in the film and I can see why he had some sort of a movie career. There is a lot of great cheesy 80’s flicks just like this one lying around somewhere that needs to be viewed by someone and that someone might as well be me. For the most part everyone in the film did a good job as far as acting and you have to love the various sets in the film as creative as they were. The film was based loosely on fast food jobs and apparently an actual university that McDonald’s would put you through and this film serves as a pretty good source of social commentary on our obsession with fast food burger joints and how bad they are. On a scale of one being close to an A list Hollywood Film and five being the cheesiest film of all time I am going to give this one a 3.8 for a final grade.

Savage StreetsFor today’s Cheeseball Cinema film, I’ve been foaming at the mouth to be able to get a chance to see some of Linda Blair’s 80’s films since I had a huge crush on Linda Blair (Chained Heat) at one point in my life after seeing some pics of her in the 80’s. I’ve been waiting a long time to see the film Savage Streets which is a typical 80’s style vigilante action film that stars Linda Blair as the beautiful, but tough chick named Brenda. Brenda is just as caring as she is tough after all she has to constantly look out for her deaf sister Heather (Linnea Quigley) who was almost hit by some idiots in a gang called The Scars. After pissing her off over this, Brenda and her friends decide to get some revenge on the guys by stealing their car and trashing it which royally pisses off their leader Jake (Robert Dryer). In retaliation, Jake and the gang rape Brenda’s sister Heather and they kill her pregnant friend Francine (Lisa Freeman) which sets off a chain of events causing Brenda to declare war and revenge on the gang. The film also stars John Vernon (Fraternity Vacation) as Underwood, Johnny Venocur (Lord Of Illusions) as Vince, Sal Landi (Bulletproof) as Fargo, Scott Mayer as Red, Debra Blee (The Beach Girls) as Rachel, Ina Romeo (Escape From LA) as Stella, Luisa Leschin (Rain Man) as Maria, Mitch Carter (American Beauty) as Greg, Kristi Somers (Rumble Fish) as Valerie, Rebecca Perle (Not Of This Earth) as Cindi Clark, and the film was directed by Danny Steinmann (Friday The 13TH Part V: A New Beginning).

Linda Blair Savage StreetsI truly feel that ever since Death Wish with Charles Bronson was released in the US in 1974, that a lot of filmmakers felt that they could make some money with the Vigilante Action genre especially in the 80’s. You have to also remember that Class Of 1984 was released in 1982 and that was an amazing film that made the same kind of impact as Blackboard Jungle in 1955 and so you can see why Savage Streets was made. On of the things I always notice when watching a film for Cheeseball Cinema is the acting because it’s either too cheesy or just good enough and this film has to land in between both of those. Linda Blair tried to play this tough, bad ass bitch that you don’t mess with in this film while when her deaf sister shows up, you instantly see her soft side. Her character made more sense at times if the film was based in New York some where in the five boroughs. Other than that, the acting was actually pretty decent and the cinematography wasn’t too shabby either. One thing is for sure and that there is plenty of T&A and a really long scene that features a lot of ladies in the showers so you’ll be sure to enjoy it, but again I was more concerned in seeing the beautiful Linda Blair. The film does of course feature the scream queen herself right before what I consider to be her best role in The Return Of The Living Dead in Linnea Quigley and her world famous graveyard scene, but she does an amazing job in this movie playing the deaf and mute Heather. You can find this film on Youtube if you really want to check it out for yourself. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film a 2.4 for a final grade.