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2017 finalsIt is that moment that you all have been waiting for, the Pedal To The Metal finals is finally here and a lot of people are butt hurt over this tournament still. While I have been enjoying the tournament, I hope all of you whiners out there have your cheese and wine because the two bands that are in the finals are here for a reason and that is because there fanbase has gotten them to this very point. I mean you can not argue with Queensrÿche and the fact that they defeated Megadeth by a 1000 votes. It’s what this tournament has been all about from day one is for the fanbases to vote for their favorite bands. It has always been that way ever since the tournament started and I’ve seen the upsets like Savatage over Judas Priest some years ago or even this year with Accept over Iron Maiden which still has metal fans butt hurt over that. Two years ago or so, Death Angel bounced Metallica out of the tournament and no one had a problem with it then, but that is because that is the beauty of this tournament or any tournament you see on or even Loudwire where they have fans vote. Again without the bands sharing this or the various fan forums, there is no tournament. Who is Queensrÿche facing in the finals, well they are facing Viking Metal titans Amon Amarth, a band that has battled back many times in the tournament and they did that against Lamb Of God, who for a while looked like they were moving on, but Amon Amarth’s fans voted them back into the finals when it counted. So, there it is, Amon Amarth vs Queensrÿche for the title of Pedal To The Metal champion, you have until April 5TH at 6AM ET to vote for the pedal to the metal champion so just have fun and vote.


It’s come down to this as we are down to the elite 8 in our march madness style tourney, the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament. What you are looking at is the Heavy Metal divisional finals where the winner will meet the winner of the Hard Rock/Hair Metal Divisional final in the final four round. This has definitely been one of the more controversial divisions in the history of this competition because it had literally changed the way things are done around here. Nevertheless, we have two amazing bands in the Heavy Metal Divisional Final as Accept take on Iron Maiden. Accept’s road to this point has been a wild ride. The band went through a battle that set record number of voters as they came from behind to beat King Diamond in the first round and they then they easily dispatched of Savatage. Iron Maiden’s road to this point came a little easier trampled over Manowar and then much to the surprise of metal fans, they took care of business against the legend Dio. You have until March 27TH at 8:30AM ET to vote for who you want to win and remember the keyword is that YOU vote.

iron maiden denmark

pedalOne of the divisions that absolutely makes me laugh is the heavy metal division and I’ll explain it to you. The first round featured you (the voters) having the ability to vote multiple times in a day and that pissed people off because one artist was losing to another. I change it in the next round that you are only allowed to vote once a day and people are still pissed off and blaming the tournament because one band’s fans showed up and voted for their favorite artist. You just can’t win, but the show must go on. So in the heavy metal division, Iron Maiden easily dispatched of Dio by gaining 500+ votes more than Dio. Savatage pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the first round, but their luck ran out on them as Accept and their fans showed up in style as they won by a huge margin. In the hard rock/hair metal division, AC/DC proved their brand of rock and roll was superior to Motley Crue’s winning 131 to 62. Cinderella’s fans always showed up for the band when the time was right last year and it looked like they were about to do the same, but their luck also ran out in this round as the Scorpions move on to the next round. The thrash division featured some great matches and like Savatage, Death Angel pulled off a huge upset win over Metallica, but they met their match against the mighty Testament who won by gaining 69% of the votes. One of the tightest matches of both rounds came as Megadeth and Slayer’s match was decided a whopping two votes as Slayer moves on to the next round. The extreme metal division also featured a match that looked like it was going to come down to the wire, but Venom squeaked ahead an never looked back as they defeated Death. Celtic Frost had no chance as they were easily dispatched by Kreator. There you go, the elite 8 has been decided as we quickly approach the final four. Stay tuned as I’ll post the next round’s matches very soon.

Alright welcome everyone to the second round (or Semifinals) of the Heavy Metal Division that is now live, but there are some rule changes that have been implied to this round and future rounds. Due to the fact that we are going to try and avoid any controversy moving forward, you are now only allowed to vote once a day instead of multiple times per day. Some were whining about being able to vote multiple times per day because there favorite acts were losing and so we changed it to appease everyone moving forward. Accept has to be one of the standout bands of this tournament as their fans pushed them to the next round in one of the most heated battles in the history of this tournament. They’ll look to repeat the success against a band that upset the defending two time champs (Judas Priest) in Savatage. In the other match Dio has made it pretty far before, but he’ll have to go through Iron Maiden this time in order to do it. You have until the 24TH of March to vote for your favorite bands so get to it.

accept vs savatage

Dio Vs Iron Maiden

pedalFirst and foremost, I want to take the time to thank everyone who voted because this year’s tournament had a record turnout that this tournament and blog had never seen before. I’ve said many times, if it wasn’t for you, we could not do this. So, I want to say thank you for that and I also want to thank the bands. I saw that some bands shared my status on their Facebook pages which helped attract the people as well, so thank you to the bands that shared the status. If you haven’t checked out the page yet, then you are probably wondering who won. I want to start with the heavy metal division because that alone attracted the most votes I have ever seen with over 15,000 votes coming in one match alone. The match was between King Diamond and Accept and that was truly one of the wildest matches ever. The lead was constantly changing hands between King Diamond and Accept that it caused a little bi of controversy amongst the fans. It has actually lead to us changing the way you can vote in the upcoming rounds because we don’t want to hear people cry because their favorite acts are losing or what not. For while, it looked s if Accept was going to go down to King Diamond as one point, they were only a little less than 300 votes behind, but they finally pulled ahead of King Diamond and they won by 632 votes. The division also saw a major upset occur as the defending two time champions Judas Priest were destroyed by Savatage losing by a total of 2,391 votes. To round out the rest of the heavy metal division, both Dio and Iron Maiden won their respective matches. In the Hard Rock division, Cinderella’s fans proved that they were going to move their band on to the next round as they defeated Quiet Riot. Motley Crue, Scorpions, and AC/DC all scored wins as well.

In the extreme metal division, this was the division with the lowest amount of participation, but nevertheless some fans did show up. Kreator defeated Carcass by a 35% margin while Celtic Frost defeated Obituary. Death proved they were the supreme death metal band by defeating Possessed while Venom easily handled Entombed. The Thrash Metal division was another interesting division because their was one major upset tat occurred that I never saw coming. Metallica was beaten badly by Death Angel who secured 73% of the votes. Megadeth scored a win over Overkill while Slayer beat Exodus out of the Big Four picture. This was definitely a tough match to vote on, but Testament scored a huge win over Anthrax to see them through to the next round. So, their you have it, the results from each of the divisions and what a wild tournament it has been so far. As I said above, we are changing the way you can vote in this competition to avoid any scrutiny or spamming because that would be unfair and we want to be fair to everyone. Stay tuned here as we will provide you with the next round of matches soon.

heavy metal divisionAs I had stated in a previous article, I was going to have the actual matches up for you to be able to vote. We are moving on with the Heavy Metal division that features some heavyweights of metal that ruled the airwaves from the 70’s well into the 80’s and beyond. In the first match, the Metal Gods of Judas Priest take on American metal band Savatage who spawned some of the best musicians in the business. In the second match, King Diamond who may arguably be one of the most influential musicians as far as theatrics and that falsetto voice as he takes on the powerhouse German metal kings Accept. The third match features one of the greatest voices in metal history in the late Ronnie James Dio who almost defeated Judas Priest for the crown back in 2012 as he takes on German Power Metal kings Helloween. The last match features anothe rband trying to claim the crown of the biggest English Power Metal band in Iron Maiden as they take on underrated kings of decibels in Manowar. You have until March 21ST to put in your vote to see who gets to the round of 16 (semifinals in the Heavy Metal Division). Vote below:

Judas Priest Vs Savatage

king diamond vs accept

Dio Vs Helloween

Iron Maiden Vs Manowar

So, I have the brackets finally for all of you to check out as far as who will face who in the opening round in each of the four divisions in this years Pedal To The Metal Tournament. The Divisions are the heavy metal division, Thrash Division, Hard Rock Division, and the Extreme Metal Division. As far as voting is concerned the match ups that you will be able to vote on will be put up by tonight and you will have until March 22ND to vote to see who will move on to the round of 16. From that point on, I will set up dates and I will update you guys constantly. So, let’s check out the matches for this years 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament.

Pedal To The Metal Tournament 2015 bracket