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17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThe Pedal To The Metal tournament has remained one of the most controversial tournaments in history mainly due to certain fan bases arguing over the legitimacy of the tournament. People have always questioned how certain bands have defeated other bands and it always seems to center on Iron Maiden. They have been in the tournament every year and they have never won the tournament yet. We’ve seen Motley Crue, Judas Priest (2X Champs), Kreator, Destruction, and Queensryche claim the title, but never them. The fact of the matter is that I post the article on every band’s Facebook page to try and alert the various fan bases, but it’s up the band to share the posts. If they do not then you obviously do not see it and therefore when you finally catch wind of the tournament, you cry foul that Iron Maiden was eliminated. I changed the tournament up the last couple of years to include newer bands, but this year we are going back to the beginning when things were simpler. First, we have shortened how many bands are in the tournament from 32 to 16 and the last thing we did is that it is only going to involve 1980’s hard rock and heavy metal bands.

queensryche-bannerIn fact, we are only including the bands that could be considered the elite of the list and while it’s up for debate, we have chosen the bands. The following bands will be in the tournament this year: Queensryche (defending champions), Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Motorhead, Def Leppard, and Scorpions are the qualified bands. The last four spots of the tournament will be contested between eight other bands with the top four qualifying for the tournament. The eight bands are Twisted Sister, Skid Row, W.A.S.P., Dokken, Ratt, Accept, Y&T, and King Diamond. The voting will occur in two places: one place you can visit to vote will be on my Twitter page @TheMonsterHour with the second being the blog’s very own Facebook page. We’ll also be hosting the vote on my radio show page for Pedal To The Metal Radio which is what the tournament was named after. You will have 24HRS to cast your vote and the top four bands will move on so choose wisely. Stay tuned for the rest of the tournament news and brackets to follow!

war of the covers Sails Of Charon.jpgWe have an interesting battle for you guys this week, but before we get into it we have last week’s results. In a stunning fashion, Cavalera Conspiracy walloped Cannibal Corpse by 14 votes as you voted that they covered Possessed’s The Exorcist better. In this week’s War Of The Covers, we have a battle that pins a guitar maestro against some bay area thrash titans in a match for the ages. Most people in the world know the Scorpions for tracks like No One Like You, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Big City Nights, and their cover of The Who’s I Can’t Explain. What most people do not realize is that there is a whole catalog of great seventies music from the band that at one time featured the great Uli Jon Roth on guitars. In 1977, the Scorpions would release their fifth album Taken By Force which featured this week’s featured song The Sails Of Charon which is a guitar player’s dream track. In 1996, guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen released an all covers album entitled Inspiration which featured the track sung by Mark Boals. In 1997, Bay Area Thrash titans Testament would record and release a cover of the song for their greatest hits album Signs Of Chaos: The Best Of Testament. Now only one track can reign supreme while the other will be sent to Charon with payment for travel past the rivers Styx and Acheron to the land of the dead. You have until the next War Of The Covers to decide who is victorious.





QR_PROMO_2015-630x420Now that the drama is finally over and done with, we can move on knowing that there is only one version of Queensryche in the world. Queensryche with Todd La Torre is back to announce an brand new record (their second with La Torre on Vocals) and a 2015 fall North American Tour with German legends the Scorpions. The name of the new album is called Condition Hüman  and it’s going to be released in October of this year via Century Media Records and it was produced by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Sanctuary). The band has also unleashed a brand new track off the record for all of you to enjoy called Arrow Of Time The song has everything you would want from a Queensryche with the amazing guitar playing from Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren to the powerful power metal vocals that Queensryche is known for. Some media outlets have looked at this announcement as a coincidence considering Geoff Tate announced his new band Operation: Mindcrime and their album, but most forget that Queensryche had set up a special for fans back in November of 2014 where they could buy cool items for their pre-order campaign called Building The Empire. The album is currently available for pre-order right now via their Pledgemusic site here. As I also said above, the band is gearing up for a North American fall tour with the mighty Scorpions which kicks off in Boston on September 10 and ends with a hometown show in Seattle on October 9TH. Check out the track below and check out the full tour dates below.

Queensryche Headlining Tour With Scorpions 

9/10 — Boston, Mass. – Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
9/11 — Poughkeepsie, N.Y. – The Chance*
9/12 — Brooklyn, N.Y. – Barclay’s Arena
9/13 — Gilford, N.H. – Meadowbrook
9/14 — Portland, Maine – State Theatre*
9/16 — Moncton, Canada – Moncton Coliseum
9/17 — Quebec, Canada – Imperial Theatre*
9/18 — Toronto, Canada – Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
9/19 — Montreal, Canada – Bell Centre
9/22 — Columbus, Ohio – LC Pavilion
9/23 — Cleveland, Ohio – Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
9/24 — Indianapolis, Ind. – The Vogue*
9/25 — Windsor, Canada– Caesar’s Windsor
9/26 — Chicago, Ill. – Allstate Arena
9/29 — Denver, Colo. – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre
10/1 — San Jose, Calif. – SAP Center
10/2 — Stateline, Nev. – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe*
10/3 — Los Angeles, Calif. – The Forum
10/4 — San Diego, Calif. – House of Blues San Diego*
10/6 — Santa Barbara, Calif. – Santa Barbara Bowl
10/7 — Las Vegas, Nev. – The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
10/9 — Seattle, Wash. – ShoWare Center

*Queensryche headlining date

Final Four 2015Alright all you metal fans out there, the final four of the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament is finally here and as usual it’s because of you that they are here. With that being said, I want to thank everyone who has participated and voted in the tournament because this is a tournament for you guys where you decide your favorite 80’s Metal band’s fate. The final four matches are set and they are some good ones. In match AC/DC who had to go through Ratt, Motley Crue, and the Scorpions takes on Iron Maiden who beat Manowar, Dio, and Accept to earn a spot in the finals. In the other match, the original member of The Big Four of Thrash in Slayer takes on one of the original members of The Big Teutonic Four in Kreator. Kreator beat out Carcass, Celtic Frost, and Venom to earn a spot in the finals while Slayer went through Exodus, Megadeth, and Testament to be in the final four. The tournament has been interesting to say the least and you metal fans have let your voices be heard loud and clear. You guys have until Monday the 30TH of March at 11:30 AM ET to decide who moves on to the finals for the Pedal To The Metal Championship.

acdc vs iron maiden











slayer vs kreator











pedalIt was the divisional finals and again some drama brewed between the fans, but it was a good kind of drama as everyone showed their support for their favorite bands. We have the results of the Divisional Finals and some may shock you while others really shouldn’t have. In the hard rock/hair metal division, AC/DC had no problem dispatching the Scorpions 111 to 66 to earn their spot in the final four. The Heavy Metal divisional final lived up to the hype as the fans once again showed up in droves and I want to take the time to thank Accept once again for sharing the post on their page. I really appreciate it and it definitely made the contest interesting. Unfortunately, they could beat Iron Maiden in the heavy metal divisional final as Maiden took it 1911 to 1473. In the extreme metal division, Kreator was able to slay the Godfathers of Black Metal Venom 91 to 43 while in the thrash metal division, Slayer proved they were the ultimate thrash metal band beating Testament 93 to 54. The final four is set as AC/DC will take on Iron Maiden while Slayer takes on Kreator. Again, I want to thank everyone that participated in the tournament by voting and commenting on the posts. I hope that I can see all of you once again in the final four and I want to thank all the bands as well for being great sports.

It’s come down to this as we are down to the elite 8 in our march madness style tourney, the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament. What you are looking at is the Hard Rock/Hair Metal divisional finals where the winner will meet the winner of the Heavy Metal Divisional final in the final four round. AC/DC’s road to the hard rock/hair metal divisional final started with a decisive win against Ratt in the first match and another one against Motley Crue in the sweet sixteen. They’ll be looking to score another victory against one of the finest German rock bands in history in the Scorpions. The Scorpions road to this point started with a win against the heavily favorited Def Leppard and then a win against last year’s runner up Cinderella in the sweet sixteen. It has come down to this, two bands with a rich history that extends beyond the 80’s looking to represent hard rock all the way into the finals. You have until March 27TH at 8:30AM ET to vote for who you want to win and remember the keyword is that YOU vote.

acdc vs scorpions

pedalOne of the divisions that absolutely makes me laugh is the heavy metal division and I’ll explain it to you. The first round featured you (the voters) having the ability to vote multiple times in a day and that pissed people off because one artist was losing to another. I change it in the next round that you are only allowed to vote once a day and people are still pissed off and blaming the tournament because one band’s fans showed up and voted for their favorite artist. You just can’t win, but the show must go on. So in the heavy metal division, Iron Maiden easily dispatched of Dio by gaining 500+ votes more than Dio. Savatage pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the first round, but their luck ran out on them as Accept and their fans showed up in style as they won by a huge margin. In the hard rock/hair metal division, AC/DC proved their brand of rock and roll was superior to Motley Crue’s winning 131 to 62. Cinderella’s fans always showed up for the band when the time was right last year and it looked like they were about to do the same, but their luck also ran out in this round as the Scorpions move on to the next round. The thrash division featured some great matches and like Savatage, Death Angel pulled off a huge upset win over Metallica, but they met their match against the mighty Testament who won by gaining 69% of the votes. One of the tightest matches of both rounds came as Megadeth and Slayer’s match was decided a whopping two votes as Slayer moves on to the next round. The extreme metal division also featured a match that looked like it was going to come down to the wire, but Venom squeaked ahead an never looked back as they defeated Death. Celtic Frost had no chance as they were easily dispatched by Kreator. There you go, the elite 8 has been decided as we quickly approach the final four. Stay tuned as I’ll post the next round’s matches very soon.