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reddragoncartelpatinacdnewOne of my all time favorite guitar players from the 1980’s has always been Ozzy’s second guitarist and former Badlands guitarist Jake E Lee. For a very long time, Jake had been away from the spotlight while many wondered if they would ever see the guitar great ever again. Those questions were answered when Jake formed his new band Red Dragon Cartel and released the band’s self titled first album in 2014. What followed is rather unfortunate for Jake as the band has been a carousel of members, but he is back with a brand new album entitled Patina and some new members in former Skid Row/Saigon Kick drummer Phil Varrone, former Lynch Mob bassist Anthony Esposito, and the return of singer Darren James Smith. Now the band has a brand new video for the track Bitter and it’s a pretty cool video featuring the band in the bar rocking out to the song with the patrons of the bar. The music has a more bluesy rock feel than the previous release and Jake says that’s because, “The first album was more of a piecemeal production with some of the song ideas being 10 years old and never having more than one player in the room at any time. I wanted to do this one from scratch with all the songs originating and worked on with everyone in the room, on their instruments. It felt much more organic, like the way I used to do it for the first 20 years of my career — more honest to my roots.” Check out the video below and check out the record which is out now!


ghost vs nameless ghoulsOne of the things we have learned over the years is that being in a band is a very difficult thing to do. We have learned that being in a band is like being in a committed relationship with your bandmates and we have learned from bands like Kiss, Motley Crue, Skid Row, White Zombie, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, and so many other countless bands that sometimes divorces happen and those can get pretty ugly pretty damn often. A little more than year ago, a nasty break up was definitely the case when came to Swedish rock/metal act Ghost after four Nameless Ghouls came out and revealed some information to the world. The Nameless Ghouls came out and revealed their names and claimed that the frontman of Ghost Papa Emeritus a.k.a. Tobias Forge had screwed them out of money. Simon Söderberg (Alpha, Guitars), Mauro Rubino (Air, Keyboards), Henrik Palm (Ether, Guitars), and Martin Hjertstedt (Earth, Drums) all filed a lawsuit for compensation that basically totals $22,000. If you look below, you will see a full statement that Söderberg posted on Facebook airing out all of his grievances.

75071_0_wide_ver1527249826.jpg@642Of course, Tobias Forge didn’t stay quite for a very long time and he basically responded saying that Ghost was a solo project and that when the band was formed that, “none of the plaintiffs were present at the time.” He basically says that they were paid a price like hired guns that was fixed and that he is basically the mastermind of the band having created the image and music. If you want to read the full response to the lawsuit you can do so by clicking on article one and two. In a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Gazette, Tobias told Scott Mervis, “There was a string of events that led up to that, of course. As any individual in some tandem with other individuals, there are times when you need to break up and times when you have to get divorced, and do a spring cleaning. That itself is not different than any other band or any other social circle. Of course, it’s never a joyous experience, but it was something that needed to be done. We’d come to a point where we’d exhausted …I’d done everything in my power to try to accommodate a few of my friends to enjoy this ride that I had taken them on, but the project and myself had just come to a point where I couldn’t make them happy, whichever way I chose to go. It was only met with resentment and complaints and general obtuseness, and at the end of the day you had to come to a point where, “Well, you guys don’t even need to be there. You’re free to go. I need to survive. I need to do my thing. This is my thing. None of you were here from the beginning and you have no responsibilities except to be on stage at 8 o’clock and you’re getting paid.” What you heard it just a culmination of years, years, of complaints and ungratefulness, let’s put it that way.”

papa-tobias-768x506One of the things that bothered me the most as a fan of the band was the fact that his identity was revealed. I thought it was a very cool mystique to have as people continually tried to figure out whether it was Tobias Forge behind the mask. Tobias doesn’t seem to be sour about it tell Blabbermouth, “I haven’t felt very anonymous for many years. I don’t feel very bummed by that. I can feel bummed about the reasons why it was revealed. [Laughs] But, it didn’t do much harm. I don’t feel, in any way, like a loser here and it didn’t seem to do a lot of harm. No, especially with a little bit of hindsight and couth. It’s fine. I feel good. It’s going well. I’m out here working. I made a record. [Laughs] You know, it’s always alarming, obviously, when you have people, and some of them used to be close to you, working diligently to destroy your life. That’s always a bummer. That sucks. Sometimes that happens in all parts of the world: at workplaces, in schools, in families, in relationships and friendships. There’s nothing new about it; it’s perfectly natural. It’s a sad avenue to ride down on, but it’s a part of life and it’s fine.” He also added to the convo about who he will choose in the future saying, “You should hire people because of their abilities and not proximity. You usually learn the hard way, unfortunately. I learned that. [Laughs] So, lesson learned! It’s all good. I’m never, ever going to do that again.”

GhostOf course, the band responded to the claims of Ghost being a solo act saying on Reddit, “Forge has certainly been the band’s main songwriter, has had the role of cinematic front figure ‘Papa Emeritus,’ has been a driving force in the band’s business, as well as in the handling of the band’s business affairs. However, the activities carried out with respect to Ghost were extensively handled jointly by the members – for example, by making decisions jointly regarding the band’s image, by participating in interviews, and by the fact that every member has, at certain times, contributed when recording albums and singles, and by touring together almost continuously since 2011.” They went on to add, “To the contrary, Tobias Forge always emphasized that it was a collaboration that everyone was involved in, and would share in the profit of, once the business became profitable. The first time Tobias Forge, through the band’s management, mentioned that he saw them as hired musicians rather than full-fledged members of Ghost was in the context of a contract proposal presented in April 2016.” One thing is for certain and that is I agree 100% with Tobias and this statement regarding the lawsuit, “I took it almost as an acknowledgment that I must be doing something right. If things were going down the fucking tubes, no one would care.” Think about it, if Ghost was on their way out, none of these guys would have cared as much about it. It remains to be seen what happens next, but stay tuned for more because Justice will be served!

17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThe Pedal To The Metal tournament has remained one of the most controversial tournaments in history mainly due to certain fan bases arguing over the legitimacy of the tournament. People have always questioned how certain bands have defeated other bands and it always seems to center on Iron Maiden. They have been in the tournament every year and they have never won the tournament yet. We’ve seen Motley Crue, Judas Priest (2X Champs), Kreator, Destruction, and Queensryche claim the title, but never them. The fact of the matter is that I post the article on every band’s Facebook page to try and alert the various fan bases, but it’s up the band to share the posts. If they do not then you obviously do not see it and therefore when you finally catch wind of the tournament, you cry foul that Iron Maiden was eliminated. I changed the tournament up the last couple of years to include newer bands, but this year we are going back to the beginning when things were simpler. First, we have shortened how many bands are in the tournament from 32 to 16 and the last thing we did is that it is only going to involve 1980’s hard rock and heavy metal bands.

queensryche-bannerIn fact, we are only including the bands that could be considered the elite of the list and while it’s up for debate, we have chosen the bands. The following bands will be in the tournament this year: Queensryche (defending champions), Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Motorhead, Def Leppard, and Scorpions are the qualified bands. The last four spots of the tournament will be contested between eight other bands with the top four qualifying for the tournament. The eight bands are Twisted Sister, Skid Row, W.A.S.P., Dokken, Ratt, Accept, Y&T, and King Diamond. The voting will occur in two places: one place you can visit to vote will be on my Twitter page @TheMonsterHour with the second being the blog’s very own Facebook page. We’ll also be hosting the vote on my radio show page for Pedal To The Metal Radio which is what the tournament was named after. You will have 24HRS to cast your vote and the top four bands will move on so choose wisely. Stay tuned for the rest of the tournament news and brackets to follow!

6309For this weeks Album Of The Week, I wanted to go back and cover a record from a band that I always thought were underrated and if they reunited, all holy hell will be unleashed. The band I am talking about is Skid Row of course and the album I am covering is their third studio album Subhuman Race. The album featured Sebastian Bach (Vocals), Dave “The Snake” Sabo (Guitar) Scotti Hill (Guitar), Rachel Bolan (Bass), and Rob Affuso (Drums). This was the last full length studio album Skid Row would ever record with both Sebastian Bach and Rob Affuso as the band would eventually break up. It was produced by Bob Rock (Motley Crue/Metallica) and even though it would go Gold, it wasn’t their best selling album at the time. The album even peaked at number 35 on The Billboard Top 200 charts as well as going five in Australia, six in Japan, and eight in the UK. After the release of the record the band had been criticized for every little change they made in their sound. In an interview with Circus Magazine in 1995 Bach said, “Heavy metal and hard rock have always beaten up. When I was selling four million copies of a record in ‘88-‘89, all I heard was, ‘Hey, pretty boy, blah blah,’ so that was no good. Then when Slave to the Grind debuted at No. 1, ‘Oh, that’s too heavy,’ so that was no good. It’s always something. I think hard rock stands the test of time more than any other genre.” Rachel remembers the time period a little differently and all the differences within the band saying in an interview with Metal Exiles, “That record was a nightmare. Internally the band had fallen apart, but we were forced to go in and do another record.”

mi00000704671. My Enemy– A track with a killer groove that reminds me a little of Vulgar era Pantera in a track about people hating, but you don’t care enough to let it bother you. 5/5

2. Firesign– Another in your face track with a cool bass riff that drives the song from Bolan are key in this track about having a fire inside you that drives you through no matter what life brings. 4/5

3. Bonehead– The track has a punk feel to it courtesy of Bolan I can imagine, but it’s a hard charger. The lyrics could be about TV evangelists that were popping up every where back in the 90’s. 4/5

4. Beat Yourself Blind– A big and thick bass riff opens up this sledgehammering track that Bach has said it’s one of his favs live. 4.5/5

5. Eileen– a very eerie mid-tempo track whose lyrics seem to be speaking about someone who can see the dead (I hate to be cliche with that, but take a better guess). 4/5

6. Remains to be Seen– A cool drum riff opens this track that showed the kind of promise these guys had for the heavy metal scene. 4.5/5

5deb5bd32936ae91564e638e11ff8242_full7. Subhuman Race– The title track is the band diving head first into the metal genre with all guns a blazing double bass beats and all. 4/5

8. Frozen– An Alice In Chains sounding like track with a very heavy bass riff before it bounces back and forth with a melodic riff. 5/5

9. Into Another– One of my favorite tracks on this record, a power ballad that showcases the amazing voice of Sebastian Bach. 5/5

10. Face Against My Soul– Another cool drum beat opens the track before we get the chugging guitar and bass riffs from the band in a track that seems to be about a guy trying to convince a woman to let him in. 4/5

11. Medicine Jar–  An awesome sledgehammering metal riff from the band that will definitely have you headbanging in a track about drug use. 4/5

12. Breakin’ Down– A very melodic track about Sebastian wanting a girl to let him in because he feels he can protect her. 4/5

13. Iron Will– What a way to close out the album with the bass heavy, groove laden metal track that is absolutely slammin. The bass riff during the verses is so thick sounding it’s awesome. It’s why I love Rachel Bolan’s playing. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This may not be Rachel Bolan’s favorite Skid Row record, but I really enjoy this more than any album that has come out after this. Slave To The Grind is still number one in my book, but this has some kick ass tracks. It was Skid Row continuing to move in the right direction. Unfortunately as history will have it, we will never know what else they could have done with at least Sebastian Bach. I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.


1313We already know that Nikki Sixx is back with Sixx: A.M. after the end of Motley Crue and we already know that Vince is planning to go solo. What we do not know is what the remaining members of the Crue are up to. Well, last night I discovered just what Mick Mars has been up to lately since the band played their last show on New Years Eve. Mick has released a teaser trailer for a new project that I believe is called 1313. The project features Mick on guitar and John Corabi, the former replacement singer of Motley Crue (he replaced Vince Neil in 1992) on vocals. They tease a new track called Gimme Blood and it sounds amazing. It sounds almost like the music he created with the Crue with the self titled album and let’s be honest because that was an amazing record in it’s own right. The music sounds amazing and I am waiting to hear more information about the project. So, check out the teaser below and as soon as I find out more information I will let you guys know.

unnamedI have a couple of pieces of Lemmy Kilmister news for all you Motorhead faithful out there. A bronze statue is going to be erected in Hollywood outside the Rainbow in honor the late legend. A Youcaring crowdfunding campaign was started and the goal was to raise $21,000 with artist Travis Moore not charging a single fee for it and to date they have raised the money. If you still want to donate to the cause, you can do so by going here. The next piece of the news is according to the House Of Hair, “Lemmy will once again have an iconic action figure available for purchase.  Originally released in 2008 as the first piece in LocoApe’s ongoing Icon Figure series, the six-inch tall figure will be reissued in July. There are four different figures – each version will have a different Rickenbacker replica bass guitar (featuring real strings!), a microphone a stand and a base.

In more Lemmy related news, Alice Cooper was asked about the tribute his supergroup The Hollywood Vampires (Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper) were doing in honor of Lemmy at The Grammys. He said, “We started this band as a means to toast our ‘dead drunk friends’ at the Rainbow, all the ghosts in the bar, and now I guess Lemmy is involved in that, too. He was always funny,” he continues. “I’m a ‘healed’ alcoholic and I haven’t had anything to drink in 35 years. A lot of people that drink always feel a little bit like they owe an explanation to me. A couple weeks before his death, Lemmy came up to me and said, ‘Alice, I’ve quit drinking.’ And he’s got a glass in his hand. And I go, ‘Really?’ And he says, ‘Yeah, I don’t drink whiskey anymore. I drink vodka.’ And I went, ‘Lemmy, do you think your liver has any idea what color the alcohol is?’ He said, well it’s a step down from whiskey.’ And I went, ‘OK. Any step’s a good step.”

skid rowThis next piece of news, I do not know what to think of it because I think enough is enough. I obviously do not know the full story as to why Skid Row hasn’t reunited with Sebastian Bach, but I think they need to bury the hatchet and get back together. Anyways, the band may have a brand new lead singer or at least that is what people believe when they showed up to the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. The band showed up with former Dragonforce singer ZP Theart singing a whole entire set including the classics like I Remember You, 18 & Life, and even Youth Gone Wild. To check out his version of I Remember You, just click here. While I believe that he is a good singer, I just do not feel that he is a perfect fit for a band like Skid Row. Johnny Solinger was a better fit for the band because he had a ferocity to his vocals. It remains to be seen what comes of this, but I will keep you posted.

mayhem2014-8733We covered Asking Alexandria with one of our posts a week or two ago, but nothing has come up with former singer Danny Worsnop. Now we have some exciting news to share with all of you as Danny reveals the first of four album covers for his solo record The Prozac Sessions. Here is what he posted, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, album cover A. Every piece of artwork was so perfect that I have decided to use them all, which means there will be four versions of the album, all with different visuals. I am thinking of writing a couple more songs so that each version will have a different bonus track.

 I’m in Nashville now to talk to labels and find a home for what I’ve created. Stay tuned for more news and updates. See you on the other side!” Check out the first of four album covers below:


Dustin Rabin Photography

Dustin Rabin Photography

It is with great pleasure to report some awesome information for fans of Alt-Metal pioneers Faith No More because released some awesome news that leaves me hopeful for the rock and metal genre. Faith No More released their first album since 1997’s Album of The Year in Sol Invictus and they now have a number one album with it. According to, the band’s album debuts at number one on the hard rock albums chart, number two on the Top Rock rock albums charts, and number 15 on the Billboard Top 200 with 31,000 sold in the first week. This is an amazing thing for the band as they return to the scene on top of the game. I did a review of the album for the album of the week which you can find by going here. Otherwise, go to the store and pick up this album because you will not regret it.

papaghostlivefrance2014_638If you are a fan of the spooky atmospheric rock band Ghost (Ghost BC here in America) then we have some good news for you. The clergy recently released a video announcing that they had fired Papa Emeritus II after a lackluster job in their opinion even though their last album Infestissumam debuted at number 28 on the Billboard Top 200 charts. The clergy announces that the Nameless Ghouls will all wear new masks, Papa Emeritus III will be revealed on June 3RD, and the title of the new record which is called Meliora. To watch the scolding the clergy gives, then you should check it out here. I do however have the album artwork for you and the track listing for the new record. The album will be released on August 21ST via Loma Vista Recordings and it was produced by Klas Åhlund. The albums first single Cirice can be expected anytime in the upcoming month. Check out the artwork and track listing below and stay tune here for the first single.


Track Listing for Meliora:

01. Spirit
02. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
03. Cirice
04. Spöksonat
05. He Is
06. Mummy Dust
07. Majesty
08. Devil Church
09. Absolution
10. Deus In Absentia

Produced by Klas Åhlund of Swedish band Teddybears and the album was mixed by Andy Wallace (Slayer, Nirvana, Sepultura, etc.). Get it August 21ST everywhere.

“In this uncensored, unfiltered memoir, the musician and former frontman for Skid Row tells the story of how a choir boy became a mega-successful hair metal god, rode the wave of fame in heavy metal’s heyday, and came out alive on the other side when glam rock went the way of the cassette tape and the Walkman.” That is the official description for the newest addition to your rock autobiography collection as Sebastian Bach recently announced that he will be releasing his official memoir titled 18 and Life on Skid Row. The book will be officially released on January 19. 2016 which is also yours truly’s birthday. I now know what to get for my birthday and I can add this to the Heavy Metal Book Report as soon as I get to read it. Recently Bach offered this insight into what he believes is the reason for the reunion not happening in the form of Rachel Bolan, “I’ve talked to all of those guys except the bass player, and he is the one that has it in for me. But I haven’t given that guy any reason to dislike me in 19 years.”

unnamedFormer Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno has struggled over the years with drug addiction, but the man perservered and got sober. The only thing is he had a little motivation to do as he credits his family with helping him with that decision. He says, “As much as what harm drugs cause you, what they do to your family is worse. I have seen a lot of people lose everything they had money, a home and even their family because of drugs and feel it’s not worth it. The reality is that you can never be completely cured of them. Even today, I am in recovery. There are moments I slip too, but then feel twice as guilty later. It is my children who have pushed me to stay off drugs and I will do it for them.” The only thing I can say to Paul is good luck in the future and take it one day at a time.

Children-of-BodomIn some other shocking news, Children Of Bodom made a big announcement regarding their line up as they had to let go of someone in the band. Children Of Bodom, the Finnish metal band announced that they let go of guitarist Roope Latvala as the band made the announcement on their Facebook page. They said, “As we parted ways with no bad blood, we wish him nothing but the best and thank him for allowing us to share the last twelve years of our lives with him. [We] hope [the fans] know that this will not affect the upcoming shows or the new album as we recorded it as a four-piece and it is already mixed, mastered, heavy as s–t and ready to go!” I don’t think the band has announced who will officially replace him, but they are currently working on a new record and they head out on tour in June which you can see here.

Check out the current teaser trailer for a new project from Avenged Sevenfold called This Is Bat Country which may be a new concert DVD they release. Check it out here


Here is your second single of the week for today that I promised all of you and it’s from a band that features one bad ass chick. Ever since I heard Lzzy Hale cover Skid Row’s Slave To The Grind, I was absolutely hooked on the band and what she has done since. You should check out the video of her performing Nobody’s Fool with Cinderella’s Tom Keifer which is on the net currently. As you all should now, the band released their third overall studio album Into The Wild Life back in April of this year which could seriously be a contender for rock album of the year in next years Monster Entertainment Awards, but the band has released a new lyric video. The band released the lyric video for Dear Daughter in time for Mother’s Day which was yesterday (May 10TH). The band released their lyric video on Facebook with the message, “Happy Mother’s Day everyone! We thought today would be as good a day as any to premiere the official lyric video for “Dear Daughter”. The song is a piano driven ballad that is touching a dear to the heart and it definitely shows off their softer side. The band is currently on tour right now with a stop in Boston tomorrow (May 12TH) for all the beantown fans they have. Check out the single below and definitely take a listen to their new record.

pedalFirst and foremost, I want to take the time to thank everyone who voted because this year’s tournament had a record turnout that this tournament and blog had never seen before. I’ve said many times, if it wasn’t for you, we could not do this. So, I want to say thank you for that and I also want to thank the bands. I saw that some bands shared my status on their Facebook pages which helped attract the people as well, so thank you to the bands that shared the status. If you haven’t checked out the page yet, then you are probably wondering who won. I want to start with the heavy metal division because that alone attracted the most votes I have ever seen with over 15,000 votes coming in one match alone. The match was between King Diamond and Accept and that was truly one of the wildest matches ever. The lead was constantly changing hands between King Diamond and Accept that it caused a little bi of controversy amongst the fans. It has actually lead to us changing the way you can vote in the upcoming rounds because we don’t want to hear people cry because their favorite acts are losing or what not. For while, it looked s if Accept was going to go down to King Diamond as one point, they were only a little less than 300 votes behind, but they finally pulled ahead of King Diamond and they won by 632 votes. The division also saw a major upset occur as the defending two time champions Judas Priest were destroyed by Savatage losing by a total of 2,391 votes. To round out the rest of the heavy metal division, both Dio and Iron Maiden won their respective matches. In the Hard Rock division, Cinderella’s fans proved that they were going to move their band on to the next round as they defeated Quiet Riot. Motley Crue, Scorpions, and AC/DC all scored wins as well.

In the extreme metal division, this was the division with the lowest amount of participation, but nevertheless some fans did show up. Kreator defeated Carcass by a 35% margin while Celtic Frost defeated Obituary. Death proved they were the supreme death metal band by defeating Possessed while Venom easily handled Entombed. The Thrash Metal division was another interesting division because their was one major upset tat occurred that I never saw coming. Metallica was beaten badly by Death Angel who secured 73% of the votes. Megadeth scored a win over Overkill while Slayer beat Exodus out of the Big Four picture. This was definitely a tough match to vote on, but Testament scored a huge win over Anthrax to see them through to the next round. So, their you have it, the results from each of the divisions and what a wild tournament it has been so far. As I said above, we are changing the way you can vote in this competition to avoid any scrutiny or spamming because that would be unfair and we want to be fair to everyone. Stay tuned here as we will provide you with the next round of matches soon.

hard rock divisionAs I had stated in a previous article, I was going to have the actual matches up for you to be able to vote. We are moving on with the Hard Rock division that features some titans of Rock taking on some titans of Hair Metal as well. Last year’s tournament saw Cinderella as the “Cinderella” story (pun intended) as their fans drove the band all the way to the finals where they unfortunately lost to reigning back to back chaps Judas Priest. In their first round match they take on the first heavy metal band to ever score a number one hit on the billboard charts in 1983 in Quiet Riot. In the second match, one of England’s best rock bands to come out of the NWOBHM scene Def Leppard takes on Germany’s legendary rockers The Scorpions. The third match features Australia’s number one rock band of all time in AC/DC taking on one of the original LA Hair bands in Ratt. The final match features 2012’s Pedal To The Metal Tournament winners Motley Crue taking on New Jersey’s finest Skid Row. You have until March 21ST to put in your vote to see who gets to the round of 16 (semifinals in the Hard Rock Division). Vote below:

Cinderella Vs Quiet Riot

Def Leppard Vs Scorpions

ACDC Vs Ratt

Motley Crue Vs Skid Row

So, I have the brackets finally for all of you to check out as far as who will face who in the opening round in each of the four divisions in this years Pedal To The Metal Tournament. The Divisions are the heavy metal division, Thrash Division, Hard Rock Division, and the Extreme Metal Division. As far as voting is concerned the match ups that you will be able to vote on will be put up by tonight and you will have until March 22ND to vote to see who will move on to the round of 16. From that point on, I will set up dates and I will update you guys constantly. So, let’s check out the matches for this years 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament.

Pedal To The Metal Tournament 2015 bracket