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demon windSometimes I treat my films like I treat heavy metal records. I simply sometimes choose a film to watch based on the movie poster or DVD cover and that is what I have done with some albums and that is what I did with today’s film. Today’s film Demon Wind is another film that I picked up courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome at the previous weekend’s Rock and Shock Convention. Cory (Eric Larson) has never really known where he was from or who his dad really was. After a weird chance meeting with his father, he decides to go back to the family land where his grandparents once lived. Along with his friends, Cory will discover and unlock the truth behind what happened so many years ago to his family and the land they lived on. The film also stars Francine Lapensée (Hollywood’s New Blood) as Elaine, Rufus Norris (Broken) as Harcourt, Jack Vogel (Presumed Guilty) as Stacy, Stephen Quadros (Cradle 2 The Grave) as Chuck, Mark David Fritsche (Somewhere In Time) as Jack, Sherry Leigh (Sid and Nancy) as Bonnie, Bobby Johnston (Loveblind) as Dell, Lynn Clark (My Fellow Americans) as Terri, Richard Gabai (The Wasp Woman) as Willy, Mia M. Ruiz (Witchcraft II: The Temptress) as Reena, and the film was directed by Charles Philip Moore (Angel Of Destruction). 

demon wind 2'I actually really liked this film, but I did have some issues with it in general and one of them was the corny dialogue. I loved the story and what the film was about, but there were just too many instances of awkward dialogue. It was either that the writer didn’t know how people communicate or the cast just made the dialogue real cheesy. They had this big jock who every time his girlfriend said something, he made sure to tell people that that was the reason that he kept her around. I wanted to go through the screen to tell the guy that no one gave a sh**. Now some of the things I liked is the way the townspeople looked or the friends looked when they were bitten or possessed by the demons that plagued the land. They acted like zombies, but they had the sense of humor that reminded me of The Evil Dead. Some of the kills were cheesy, but overall some of them actually were pretty cool. The one issue I had was what the hell does Cory turn in to when he battles the head demon at the end? He looked like an alien from Alien Nation with the ears of a demon. That part just made no sense to me because he wasn’t possessed at all by the demons. I thought overall that it was actually a pretty fun film to watch, I definitely enjoyed it. That is why I am going to give it a grade somewhere between an C+ and a B-. It’s somewhere in that grade range.

demon wind

pedalIt s the match that you have all been waiting and voting for since day one in the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament. When I started this tournament back in 2011 while I was doing my radio show, I only dreamed that the tournament would reach the numbers it has today. This year, we are going to crown a new champion because you all voted so that a new champion would be crowned. Motley Crue won the first addition of the tournament and Judas Priest went back to back the next two tournaments after that. Now German Thrash legends and member of The Big Teutonic Four Kreator is looking to win against a tough foe in NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) and power metal legends Iron Maiden. Both of these bands have been going for 30 plus years in the metal world and both have showed no signs of slowing down. Kreator had it’s beginnings in Essen, Germany where they started as Tormentor before changing their name to Kreator as they released their first album Endless Pain and now in 2015 the band is thirteen albums deep with the 2012 bad ass release Phantom Antichrist as the last album to date. Iron Maiden’s road started in the 1970’s when Steve Harris started the band in 1975 in East London. Despite some lineup changes, the band has stayed steadfast in the metal world with their legendary frontman Bruce Dickinson (he joined in 1981) who played on smash records as The Number Of The Beast, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time and so on and so fourth. The rest speaks for itself, but who are you guys going to choose as the next Pedal To The Metal Champions. You have until April 2ND at 4PM ET to decide. (Side Note: I hope everyone votes for whose music they enjoy more and not who is more “Popular” in “Mainstream” terms. This is about the music)

kreator vs iron maiden

File:Asylum album cover.jpgThis was one of the first Kiss albums that I ever owned in my life when my Mom bought it for me at a flea market on cassette along with Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time. It’s still one of my all time favorite albums and I can remember the music videos for each song because of the Kiss Exposed DVD. It’s the 13TH studio album by Kiss and the first album to feature Bruce Kulick as a guitarist and he is the third to play in Kiss at the time since Ace Frehley had left the band. The line up of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, and Eric Carr would be a staple of the 80’s right up until Eric Carr’s death. If you look at the album cover above, you’ll notice that the lipstick matches the colors on the Kiss solo albums in the late 70’s with the position each one played in the band. Red for Simmons, Purple for Stanley, Blue for Kulick, and Green for Carr.

asylum 2Eric Carr is arguably one of the best drummers Kiss ever had in the group and he flexes his muscles in the beginning of King Of The Mountain, the opening track on the record. It’s a straight up rock song with Paul on vocals and I have to say that Kulicks solo is pretty amazing. Any Way You Slice It is a hard charging rocker that Gene simmons takes full command over with his typical sleaziness with lyrics like “I know you wanna cross the border and you know the doctor’s orders. Well it’s better late than never, can’t stay innocent forever.” Who Wants To Be Lonely is one of my favorite tracks on the album with it’s hip shaking sleaze groovin rock asking the question why would anyone want to be lonely? Trial by Fire has a very similar guitar beat in the beginning to it like Joan Jett’s I Love Rock And Roll and then it starts to sound similar to the beat on Lick It Up when Gene Simmons begins to sing. It’s not one of my favorites on the album, but it’s not bad. I’m Alive is next and the song rips right from the get go as the band flexes their musical muscles. Love’s A Deadly Weapon is very similar to the last track where  it’s a fast paced guitar style, but unfortunately not one of my favorites. 

asylumTears Are Falling was the only radio single ever released and marketed as a single off the album and it’s also one of the few songs that is solely written by Paul Stanley only. The track peaked at number 20 on the Billboard’s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and 51 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also happens to be my favorite song on the record and it made me want to be Paul Stanley or to at least have his voice. Secretly Cruel steals a page from classic Kiss with it’s bluesy rock beats and cool lyrics from Gene. Radar For Love is another track that Kiss flexes their blues ability, but this time with the master Paul Stanley on vocals and it’s one of many tracks that Desmond Child co-wrote on the record. Uh! All Night is a classic sleaze filled track by Kiss that everyone loves and of course what do you think the song is about? The music video for the track was very cool with them travelling into a den full of women. Like I said it was one of the first Kiss albums that I ever bought and so it has sentimental value to me, but I am going to give it 3.5 stars out of five. 


File:Iron Maiden - Somewhere in Time.jpg

I’m not sure exactly how many people were a big fan of this album and what the initial reception was because I was only four years old when the album was originally released. As a child with significantly older brothers that were into metal, I could name the beast on the album cover because we shared the same first name, but I couldn’t name any of the members at the time. I remember it was the summer of 1990 and I went with my mother to a flea, hoping that she was going to buy me something cool. Instead of wanting a toy at the age of 8, I asked her to buy me three cassettes. She bought me Kiss’s Asylum, Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood, and Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time. I was a huge nut for Motley Crue (believe it or not) when I was a little kid, but there was something about this album that just amazed me when I placed it in the tape deck.

The Full Album Cover
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The album was a little different for Iron Maiden in that it was the first time they had used synthesizers and it was the first album with Bruce Dickinson that he didn’t have one song credit to his name. Bruce, I guess had written some acoustic versions of songs that ended up getting rejected by the rest of the band during the writing process. The album is very notable for having full songs that were written by Adrian Smith, who wrote the albums two singles. It amazing too because the two songs he wrote were my two favorite songs on the album (Wasted Years and Stranger In A Strange Land)It was also the first album not to be released a year after the last one as Harris had stated that he wanted to band to be able to have time to do the record right. Sadly, Iron Maiden pretty much abandoned the album when it came to live shows only playing Wasted Years and Heaven Can Wait.

Back Cover
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The artwork for the album is what really got me interested in buying the album because Eddie was made into a cyborg like hunter. The regular artist of the band Derek Riggs in my opinion made an album cover that could hold a diehard fan’s attention for a longtime as you found all of the goodies that were laid on the cover. I’ll give you a couple of examples. A banner with the words, “This is a very boring painting” is displayed backwards within the lobby of the Bradbury Towers Hotels International. This can be seen to the left of Eddie’s right leg. The last example is An Eye of Horus neon sign at the top of a building, is a reference to the song, “Powerslave”. Those are just two examples of many that can be seen and as an eight year old kid, it sure as heck kept me busy for a long time. One thing that I will say before I get into the songs themselves is that I felt that a lot of Iron Maiden songs were like history lessons and this album had an example of that right in it.

File:Stranger in a Strange Land.jpgAs I had stated before, my two favorite songs on the album were the Wasted Years and Stranger In A Strange Land. Wasted Years starts out with Adrian’s trademark intro riff that displays what a masterful guitar player he is before you hear it kick in to the song about how the last tour had brought so much baggage, but in the end it was a decision the band doesn’t regret. It’s a song that no matter how many times I hear it, I still enjoy playing air guitar to. Stranger In A Strange Land contains some real epic riffs from Smith and even though it doesn’t feature Harris’s galloping bass lines, his playing in the intro of the song is still amazing and it gets you in the mood to head bang. The track is about a man that gets frozen in ice only to be discovered 100 years later by other explorer’s. Caught Somewhere In Time is another great track that starts the album which features some epic riffing and some galloping bass. Sea Of Madness featured more epic and funky bass playing from Harris with an amazing pre-chorus and some blazing  power chords. Alexander The Great starts with the King telling his son to conquer more land for a bigger kingdom before it breaks into the very slow guitar riff with Nicko playing a cadence military style drumming.  Then the epic guitar playing comes in before the madness begins. It’s a great history lesson from the professors.

Deja-Vu starts the same way as Alexander The Great did without the intro and military drumming. It’s a song that is about exactly what the title suggests, feel like you’ve been here before? Heaven Can Wait  is another epic song about realizing that you’re slowly dying, but you fight death because you refuse to die and their’s a part after the chorus that just makes you want to chant along with Maiden. The only song I was never crazy for was The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner because I never felt a song about track was cool enough for Metal. Overall, I give this album a final grade of 4 stars out of 5 as this was the last album from Maiden that I enjoyed from beginning to end until A Matter Of Life And Death.

house_posterSo, I am bringing you a double shot of Cheeseball Cinema this week and this one is courtesy of the producer of Friday The 13TH Sean Cunningham and the director of Friday The 13TH parts 2 and 3, Steve Miner. The film is called House and no I am not talking about the TV show about the rebel doctor. The movie is about a author named Roger Cobb (William Katt, The Great American Hero TV Series) who was recently divorced and he lost his child. It has been a while since Roger wrote anything and he decides to go the house of his recently deceased aunt. The only problem is that the house is believed to be haunted or at least the aunt thought so. Strange things start to happen to Roger while he is in the house and Roger suffers from flashbacks of Vietnam or the loss of his child constantly in this film. The film also stars George Wendt (Cheers) as Harold, Richard Moll (Night Court) as Big Ben, Kay Lenz (Midnight Caller) as Sandy Sinclair, Mary Stavin (Octopussy) as Tanya, Michael Ensign (WarGames) as Chet Parker, Susan French (Somewhere In Time) as Aunt Elizabeth, Alan Autry (Popeye) as Cop #3, and the late Billy Beck (Near Dark) as Priest.

house 1The film is actually a pretty decent film, it’s really not that corny. The only things I felt that were cheesy was the scene when we first see that Roger is an author. He is singing autographs in a store and the acting job by the customers is just plain horrific. The other thing that I found cheesy were the costumes of some of the ghosts, but it was the 80’s so they get a pardon for that. The cool costume comes at the end of the film and it’s the main boogeyman that is after Roger. One other element of this film that I took notice to right away was the soundtrack of the film. The only reason I say that is that the music matched the music of the Friday The 13TH films. The same build up when you think the boogeyman or ghost is around the corner or on the other side of that door. For all you perverts or adolescent teens out there, this is a warning for you. There is absolutely no T&A in this film. On a scale of 1 being close to an A-List film and 5 being the cheesiest film of all time, I give this movie a 2. Check it out for yourself on Netflix