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wall of voodooThis is one of those new segments that I was talking about last week when I gave you guys the update. This one is called the Vinyl Single Of The Week and it is all about Vinyl which has the been craze over the last couple of years. Back in the day, bands would release singles off of their albums on 7 inch or 45’s as they are commonly known in the industry and not on iTunes or Spotify which is what is done today. Typically the single would have the main track on one side and a B-side that was usually a track that wasn’t meant to be a single on the other side. This week, we are checking out a single from one of the more interesting new wave bands from the 1980’s in LA New Wave group Wall Of Voodoo. In 1982, the band would release their second album Call Of The West and in 1983, they would release the single that changed their careers in Mexican Radio which included the B-side which was the title track Call Of The West. With the band’s signature mix of New Wave and Ennio Morricone styled Spaghetti western sound kicks off on the track where you can hear some differences in the 7 inch mix then the regular mix like the echo on Stan Ridgway’s vocals and the overtalk over the first few bars which the LP version did not contain to name a few.

Copeland_and_Ridgway_-_Don't_Box_Me_InThis week, I have a very special Soundtrack Saturday track for all of you that comes from a film made y one of my directors based on a book from one of my favorite authors. When I was in school, S.E. Hinton was one of my favorite authors thanks to books like The Outsiders, Tex, That was Then, This is Now, and one of my personal favorites in Rumble Fish which I read while in school. In 1983, Francis Ford Coppola teamed up with S.E. Hinton and he directed two films with the first being The Outsiders and the second being our feature film for today in Rumble Fish. The film starred Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Dennis Hopper, Nicolas Cage, and Vincent Spano while Francis Ford Coppola also handled the soundtrack duties (well to a point, don’t worry I’ll explain). Coppola envisioned a soundtrack or a score that was going to be experimental to go along with how different his film was and to go along with the images of the film. So, he went out and he hired The Police drummer Stewart Copeland to help do the score. After a while, Copeland was doing such an amazing job with the score that Coppola stepped aside and he let Copeland do his thing. For our featured track today Don’t Box Me In, Copeland sought the help of Wall Of Voodoo singer Stan Ridgway to help sing on the track and he also plays harmonica on the track too. The song really is the best of both worlds as you get a mix of The Police with Wall Of Voodoo in the track itself. Check it out for yourself below and if you are on Facebook, check out our page right here and give it a like while you’re at it.