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71wrP9sh2IL._RI_There are certain sub-genres of horror that I enjoy watching a lot like Slasher horror or even Werewolf horror, but there is one sub-genre of horror that I love a lot. That sub-genre that I am talking about is the Vampire genre that for a little while was ruined by those stupid Twilight films. Well in 2010, writer/director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) took the 2008 film Låt den rätte komma in (translates to Let The Right One In) from Tomas Alfredson and he remade it for the American audience calling it Let Me In. The film follows a bullied 12 year old boy by the name of Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who one day meets the very strange, but interesting Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz) who has just moved in next door. He soon finds out that Abby is not like other girls as people in town are dying and being drained of their blood, but he falls in love with her. The film also stars Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers) as The Father, Cara Buono (Stranger Things) as Owens Mother,  Elias Koteas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as The Policeman, Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why) as Kenny, Ritchie Coster (The Dark Knight) as Mr. Zoric, Sasha Barrese (The Hangover) as Virginia, and Dylan Kenin (Sicario) as Larry.

download (3)Let Me In is an excellent film that starts off in the present, goes into the past, and then works it’s way through the present. Kodi Smit-McPhee deserves a lot of credit for his performance in the film playing a bullied child that is sort of struggling with reality until he meets Abby who doesn’t have a lot of experience with things unless that was her way of luring him in. Even though she would be considered an evil being because she is a vampire there is an innocence to her because she is only doing what she knows. Dylan Minnette goes from playing the bully in this film to being the bullied one in 13 Reasons Why and for a bully they gave him a douchey haircut. He does an amazing job playing a sadistic bully who just wants to hurt the weak and Kodi’s character is just that until Abby teaches him to stand up for himself. The film has a dark tone to it throughout because it has that feel of hopelessness like no one in this town is in a good situation and that maybe things are bleak. It’s like a sign of things that are about to come for this poor town. The makeup department does a great job with each character and especially with Richard Jenkins and his acid destroyed face. One of the other things I liked about the film is that they treat the rules of Vampire horror like their an urban myth. What do they mean and what happens if we don’t follow the typical vampire rules like you have to invite me in first before I can come in. One thing that I did not know was that it snowed in New Mexico considering how south the state is, but you learn something new through film. If you’re looking for an awesome vampire horror flick that is not like your typical vampire flick then you need to watch this one. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade and now I need to watch the original.

blackmassheader2It has been a while since the last time I did a Based On A Truesday Story (a play on the words Tuesday and True Story), but I had to bring it back for a special movie. This past Friday, Black Mass, the film about one of South Boston’s most notorious gangsters in James “Whitey” Bulger was released into theaters. The film stars Johnny Depp (Donnie Brasco) stars as the notorious gangster himself as it looks at how Whitey got the push he needed in the game thanks to corrupt FBI agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton).  It takes you deep into South Boston as Bulger goes on a rampage as he becomes one of the most powerful gangsters and second on the list of the FBI’s most wanted men behind Osama Bin Laden. The film is based on the book of the same name by former Boston Globe writers Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill and it looks at what Kevin Weeks, Steve Flemmi, and John Martorano had to say about Bulger. The film also stars Dakota Johnson (50 Shades Of Grey) as Lindsey Cyr, Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) as Billy Bulger, Kevin Bacon (Footloose) as Charles McGuire, Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead) as Brian Halloran, Rory Cochrane (Dazed And Confused) as Steve Flemmi, David Harbour (The Equalizer) as John Morris, Adam Scott (Step Brothers) as FBI Agent Robert Fitzpatrick, Corey Stroll (This Is Where I Leave You) as Fred Wyshak, Julianne Nicholson (August: Osage County) as Marianne Connolly, W. Earl Brown (Scream) as John Martorano, Jesse Plemons (Observe And Report) as Kevin Weeks, Juno Temple (Killer Joe) as Deborah Hussey, and the film was directed by Scott Cooper (Out Of The Furnace).

black massAs with every film that is based on a true story, there are always those who doubt how true each event is and whether or not Hollywood expressed their creative liberty with some of the film. Kevin Weeks, one of the men depicted in the film recently spoke out on the film calling it fiction. He commented on Johnny Depp’s performance of Bulger and how it was written saying, “The only resemblance to Whitey’s character was the hairline. The funny thing is, Whitey’s look didn’t really change at all, just his clothes. It’s like we were stuck in a time warp. And the mannerisms—the way that Whitey talked to us—he never swore at us. In all the years I was with that man, he never swore at me once.” He later commented on a scene in the film that was depicted in Miami when a deal was being made to take out an important figure. Weeks says, “That never happened. In fact, I didn’t know about Roger Wheeler’s death until the Callahan murder. So just by having me be there giving Halloran the money, they have involved me in a conspiracy to kill Roger Wheeler. I’ve been libeled. I wasn’t involved in that at all, so I have a big problem with that. I just don’t know where they get the right to put events in there that did not happen.” There is also a very cool article from Time Magazine that describes what was fact or fiction about some important events in the film. In the film, they claim that the violence increased once Bulger’s son died. While it’s true that his son did die, they claim that he had ordered several hits before then with Weeks telling The Daily Beast, “Whitey was violent long before his son’s death.” Nevertheless, I thought Johnny Depp’s performance was masterful and that he was the best part of the film. I do feel that they made Flemmi and Weeks minor characters in the film than what they probably were in real life. The film itself was good, but Edgerton and Depp absolutely steal the show. One of my favorite elements of the film was the cinematography because they take some amazing shots of the city of Boston and Southie. Overall, my final grade for the film is a B=+