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movie 43 cheeseball cinemaFor a very long time, I had wanted to see the film Movie 43 which is an ode to anthology comedy films like The Kentucky Fried Movie which had previously reviewed for Cheeseball Cinema and so I figured why not today. Dennis Quaid (Dreamscape) plays Charles Wessler, a man who is looking to pitch his movie ideas to a studio head named Griffin (Greg Kinnear). He starts to tell him some of his stories, but Griffin feels their too offensive and wants to kick him out. So, Charles holds him at gunpoint and he continues to pitch ideas like the iBabe which is basically a naked hot girl who also happens to be an ipod, Robin (Justin Long) tries speed dating, but Batman (Jason Sudeikis) is always there to bust his balls, a man (Chris Pratt) gets a proposition from his girlfriend (Anna Faris) which involves crapping on her, a girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) unfortunately gets her first period while on a date in front of a bunch of moron guys, a game of truth or dare that goes terribly the wrong way, and a girl(Kate Winslet) who finds out her blind date (Hugh Jackman) has balls on his chin. The film also stars Emma Stone (Birdman), Common (Run All Night), Seth MacFarlane (Ted), Richard Gere (Pretty Woman), Halle Berry (Losing Isiah), Naomi Watts (The Ring), Liev Schreiber (Defiance), J.B. Smooth (The Sitter), Kieran Culkin (Home Alone 2), Kate Bosworth (Still Alice),  Jack McBrayer (Wreck It Ralph), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Katrina Bowden (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil), Johnny Knoxville (Bad Grandpa), Sean William Scott (American Pie), Gerard Butler (Law Abiding Citizen), and the film features segments directed by people like Elizabeth Banks, James Duffy, Brett Ratner, James Gunn, Peter Farrelly, and many more. 

Cathy CliftenThis film is actually pretty brilliant even though a lot of its segments are absolutely absurd like homeschooled which is just creepy at times. One of my favorite segments and by far the bets one on there is definitely the truth or dare game. Once they start daring each other and they go to war on it, they have some of the funniest segments and bits in it and we have Peter Farrelly to thank for that one. There is plenty of T&A in this film thanks to both iBabe segments that are included in the film and my second favorite segment would be the super hero speed dating which you can pretty much figure out who did that out of the ones I named above. The film has a lot of star power in it which may have been the attractive side of the film that sold everyone, but they actually work and a lot off them truly are funny. I definitely recommend this film for anyone who is fan of such films like this and too bad there weren’t too many of these around. Well, If you’re a horror fan then you’ll definitely enjoy the ABC’s Of Death franchise because they do that with 26 directors. Nevertheless, it’s kind of a waste that it’s here, but we’ve gone this far, now it’s time to grade it. On a scale of one being close to an A-List Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give this film a 1.2 for a final grade. Check it out on Netflix right now!


wonderlandFor today’s Based On A Truesday Story, we are looking at a film that I consider to be one of Val Kilmer’s best performances of the early 21ST century in the film Wonderland. In the 1970’s, John Holmes (played by Val Kilmer)was considered to be one of the first “Porn Stars” and he instantly became a legend having sex with over 14,000 women and having a legendary member whose size is still debated today. That was the 70’s and in the 80’s, John was a shell of his former self battling drug abuse problems that rattled his life. Due to the drug problems, John Holmes was in the center of a murder investigation for the Wonderland Murders along with famous club owner and suspect Eddie Nash (Eric Bogosian). Four people were killed and 1 survived a brutal attack and the story of what happened before the murders and during is told in two different perspectives with one being Holmes and the other being David Lind (Dylan McDermott). The film also stars Kate Bosworth (Still Alice) as Dawn Schiller, Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) as Sally Hansen, Josh Lucas (American Psycho) as Ron Launius, Tim Blake Nelson (The Incredible Hulk) as Billy Deverell, Janeane Garofalo (Mystery Men) as Joy Miller, Natasha Gregson Wagner (Lost Highway) as Barbara Richardson, Christina Applegate (Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead) as Susan Launius, Lisa Kudrow (Friends) as Sharon Holmes, Faizon Love (Friday) as Greg Diles, and the film was directed by James Cox (Highway).

wonderland 2In the film, you see something from each character’s perspective whether it an event that happened or the actual event itself. For Kate Bosworth, this was a real gritty role for her to play the girlfriend of John Holmes during the worst years of his life. As I said before, this was one of my favorite roles that had Val Kilmer in it and he was coming out with unique films at the time like The Salton Sea and Spartan. He totally engulfs the role of a junkie and a man who can’t even tell if he believes what he spews out of his own mouth. The editing of the film is where it is at as they mix footage of real newspaper articles, real news broadcasts, and they mix it in with the film almost creating a music video style approach to the editing at times. The acting in the film is absolutely superb from all angles and everyone in the film and the story is amazing. They could have done a biopic on John’s entire life, but they picked an event that was gritty and shocking. The scene when they go in for the attack is absolutely brutal and it even features an unwanted appearance from Paris Hilton. It still amazes me that the case went unsolved, but we all know how it ends for Johnny Wadd. I am giving the film an A for a final grade.

87th Oscars.jpgLast night was the 87TH Annual Academy Awards and all eyes were on what American Sniper was going to do last night as well as who would win the most awards. As usual, there is always a little bit of controversy and last night had it in my opinion as well as some that were no surprise. The biggest winners of the night were Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel which both movies entered the night tied with the most nominations at nine and they left tied with the most wins at four. Birdman didn’t win the award that I wanted it to win which was Best Actor as I believed that Michael Keaton should have win it as he put the performance of a lifetime in Birdman. I told everyone last night in my predictions that J.K. Simmons was going to win best supporting actor for Whiplash and that Julianne Moore was going to win Best Actress for Still Alice. I was able to see Whiplash and I will say that J.K. Simmons definitely deserved the award after the intense performance he put on that rattled the cages. I can’t say the same for Julianne Moore because I still have not seen Still Alice available anywhere to view, but I had a feeling it was going to go down the way it did anyways. I was very happy for Patricia Arquette who took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for a film that was unlike any other before it in Boyhood. I’m not completely disappointed that Boyhood didn’t take home the best picture award for the fact that Birdman did, but Richard Linklater definitely deserved the best Director award.

aThe one thing that truly disappointed me was the reaction that American Sniper received that night and according to many sources Jason Bateman did not clap for the film during the ceremony. Did I believe that American Sniper deserve the best picture nod? Well, if I was to rank it with the others, it would be in third place which doesn’t mean that I don’t think the film was incredible because it was. I just don’t understand why there is so much hostility from various members of the cinema world towards the film. What we are going to fight for a film like The Interview which wasn’t the most amazing film (and has me thinking it was all planned), but we are going to talk trash about American Sniper. which is a film that is not only a war movie, but it gives you an in depth look at PTSD. PTSD is a problem that so many of our brave men and women of the military face today. These actors need to look and think outside the box and really research what your not respecting. Bradley Cooper put in some amazing performances in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and for the third year in a row in American Sniper.

john and scarletOn a different note, one of the best parts of the show was seeing Tegan And Sara doing The Lego Movie track Everything Is Awesome with The Lonely Island, Will Arnett, and Questlove during the Oscars and Lady Gaga’s mind blowing performance was also a highlight. Besides the awkward moment between John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson during the night, I have to get into how I did with my predictions. So at last years Academy Awards, I finished that night going 5-7 overall and this year I did a little bit better than that. There was definitely more than 13 awards handed out, but these were the 13 I deemed important enough to vote on. So, I finished the night 7-6 which means I was on the right side of the win percentage. That is all for my Oscar rants, but I have an idea for filmmakers and the the actual academy. Let’s not pick movies that no one has seen and let’s set a deadline for when they have to get their films released in limited release because then we could actually make real educated guesses.

Best Picture- Birdman

Best Director- Alejandro González Iñárritu- Birdman

Best Actor- Eddie Redmayne- The Theory Of Everything

Best Actress- Julianne Moore- Still Alice

Best Supporting Actor- J.K. Simmons- Whiplash

Best Supporting Actress- Patricia Arquette- Boyhood

Best Foreign Film- Ida (Poland)

Best Original Screenplay- Birdman

Best Adapted Screenplay- The Imitation Game

Best Animated Feature- Big Hero 6

Best Original Song- Glory (Selma) by Common and John Legend

Best Cinematography- Birdman

Best Visual Effects- Interstellar 


87th Oscars.jpgTonight is the 87TH Academy Awards and it wouldn’t be the Academy Awards without some snubs and other controversies thrown in the mix. American Sniper is up for best picture, but Clint Eastwood did not get a nod for best director. Furthermore, The Lego Movie has a song that is up for best original song for Everything Is Awesome, best the film is not up for Best Animated Film. Overall, Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel received the most nominations with nine while The Imitation Game received eight. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if there are any controversial picks or actors you believe are going to win that continued to get snubbed like Leonardo DiCaprio. Below I am going to list the categories that I feel are the more important ones of the night and the only ones I will be predicting. The film that I believe will win will be highlighted in Red. So, let’s make some predictions and have some fun.

Best Picture

1. American Sniper

2. Birdman

3. Boyhood

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

5. The Imitation Game

6. Selma

7. The Theory Of Everything

8. Whiplash

Best Director

1. Wes Anderson- The Grand Budapest Hotel

2. Richard Linklater- Boyhood

3. Alejandro González Iñárritu- Birdman

4. Bennett Miller- Foxcatcher

5. Morten Tyldum- The Imitation Game

Best Actor

1. Steve Carell- Foxcatcher

2. Bradley Cooper- American Sniper

3. Benedict Cumberpatch- The Imitation Game

4. Michael Keaton- Birdman

5. Eddie Redmayne- The Theory Of Everything

Best Supporting Actor

1. Robert Duvall- The Judge

2. Ethan Hawke- Boyhood

3. Edward Norton- Birdman

4. J.K. Simmons- Whiplash

5. Mark Ruffalo- Foxcatcher

Best Actress

1. Marion Cotillard- Two Days, One Night

2. Julianne Moore- Still Alice

3. Felicity Jones- The Theory Of Everything

4. Rosamund Pike- Gone Girl

5. Reese Witherspoon- Wild

Best Supporting Actress

1. Patricia Arquette- Boyhood

2. Laura Dern- Wild

3. Keira Knightley- The Imitation Game

4. Emma Stone- Birdman

5. Meryl Streep- Into The Woods

Best Original Screenplay

1. Birdman

2. Boyhood

3. Foxcatcher

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

5. Nightcrawler

Best Adapted Screenplay

1. The Imitation Game

2. The Theory Of Everything

3. Whiplash

4. American Sniper

5. Inherent Vice

Best Animated Feature

1. Big Hero 6

2. The Boxtrolls

3. How To Train Your Dragon 2

4. Song Of The Sea

5. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Best Foreign Film

1. Ida

2. Leviathan

3. Tangerines

4. Timbuktu

5. Wild Tales

Best Original Song

1. Everything Is Awesome from The Lego Movie

2. Glory from Selma

3. Grateful from Beyond The Lights

4. I’m Not Gonna Miss You from Glenn Campbell: I’ll Be Me

5. Lost Stars from Begin Again

Best Cinematography

1. Birdman

2. Ida

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel

4. Mr. Turner

5. Unbroken

Best Visual Effects

1. Captain America: Winter Soldier

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy

3. Interstellar

4. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

5. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes