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Collaborations are a thing in music that has been happening for a very long time like that time when Roy Harper came in and sang Have A Cigar on Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here album in 1975, but in the late 90’s collaborations started to become more of a thing. Limp Bizkit was one of the hugest bands at one point in their careers and no time was bigger than the time they released their third record Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water which debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Charts. The album also featured the groups second collaboration with the late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland who first appeared on the previous release Significant Other (Nobody Like You). The track called Hold On is this week’s Collaboration of the Week as we celebrate and remember the late frontman who passed away December 3, 2014. The song is very melodic and features a slower tempo than previous songs on the album and it helps set the mood for Weiland’s beautiful vocals on the first verse while Fred Durst takes the second verse. Limp Bizkit was recently announced to be headlining 2020’s edition of the Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival in Mansfield, Ohio. So check that out and check out the collaboration below:

stp case closedI have done many of these when Metal bands fight posts and usually there has never been any resolved circumstances except for maybe one. One instance that definitely closes out a case is none other than death because one side can not obviously fight back in their case. I am going to take the time now to close out some of our cases that have been left out there in When Metal Bands Fight: Case Closed. The first one that was closed was the case of Scott Weiland vs the members of Stone Temple Pilots. I first reported on the case back in April of 2015. Unfortunately on December 3, 2015, Scott Weiland passed away without ever resolving any of the issues. The band has since moved on with a new vocalist in Jeff Gutt and a brand new album as well. The next case that was closed was the only one to actually be resolved and that is the case of Axl Rose vs Slash which saw the duo reunite along with Duff McKagan for the Not in This Lifetime Tour that was a record breaker in 2016. The band has since gone strong since then, but I feel people are thinking that it’s about time for Axl to finally stop messing around and reunite the two remaining members of the band (Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler).

pantera case closedSome cases are just cases of people opening their mouths and nothing ever comes of it ever again until something else happens between the two. For instance, N.W.A. has already been inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and there is nothing that Gene Simmons can do about it. The Mayhem Fest is officially dead and all Kerry King may have done is just predicted the ending of it especially now that he doesn’t have to deal with Kevin Lyman anymore. The one case that was never going to be resolved regardless of who lived is the case of Vinnie Paul vs Phil Anselmo which is really a sad case that breaks a lot of hearts. Vinnie Paul recently passed away which is what prompts me to say case closed. I was supposed to come out with a second part to it, but I just didn’t have the time. In an interview that Ultimate Classic Rock posted, Vinnie comments on what could be considered the reason it would never be resolved saying, “He’s done a lot of things that tarnish the image of what Pantera was back then, and what it stood for and what it was all about. And it’s sad. But I carry on with what I do, which is Hellyeah – which I’m very, very proud of. And, you know, I can’t control anything that goes on with that dude. I mean, honestly, I haven’t spoken to him since 2000. We tried to make amends of things when we were doing Damageplan, and he didn’t want anything to do with it. And then the horrible thing that happened to my brother happened. And, to me, that was the nail in the coffin. Period”

sabb_ozzy-1_2jpg copyIf I was a betting man I would say that was evidence enough that it would have never happened anyways. One case that could potentially become a case closed is one that involves the case of Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler) vs Bill Ward. Apparently, Birmingham, England is going to be hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games and according to Loudwire there are parties that could be interested in reuniting for a one off gig. Ozzy Osbourne told ITV that he loved the idea and that he would perform, “with Black Sabbath or on my own.” Tony Iommi apparently loved the idea and told the Birmingham Mail, “I think that it would be a great thing to do to help represent Birmingham. I’m up for it! Let’s see what happens!” The only question that really remains is whether Bill ward will join the gang for the one off gig for a proper send off the original Godfathers of Metal. It remains to be seen and if there is any news of it then we will deliver it to you.

crow soundtrackI honestly believe that if you were to ask me what were some of the greatest movie soundtracks of the 1990’s, one of them would definitely be the original soundtrack to the 1994 film The Crow. The Crow was a film that starred the late Brandon Lee that was based off of a comic book created by James O’Barr about a man who comes back from the grave thanks to a crow to have vengeance against those who killed him and his fiance. The soundtrack featured some of the best 90’s alternative acts like The Cure, The Jesus and The Mary Chain along with some really awesome up and comers in the Industrial rock scene like Machines Of Loving Grace, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, and the Nine Inch Nails. The soundtrack also featured some bands that were either already on the rise like Stone Temple Pilots, Pantera, or about to make a huge splash like Rage Against The Machine . It was definitely the album that made a splash on us because it made the film come to life and helped bring out the raw emotions of the characters. It did well on the charts as it peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Charts and it has been certified platinum three times.

crowost1. Burn by The Cure- This is my favorite song on the whole album that made me fall in love with Simon Gallup and his bass playing abilities as he drives the song forward while Robert Smith does his best invoking the spirit of the Crow in his lyrics. 5/5

2. Golgotha Tenement Blues by Machines Of Loving Grace- Machines bring the industrial rock sexiness with this blues tinged goth classic. Golgotha is the place that Jesus was crucified so the track could be their way of saying that this is where Eric Draven was “crucified” if you want to use those terms. It’s an awesome track. 5/5

3. Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots- This is a classic STP track, but it’s not the original track intended for the soundtrack. Apparently, they had written one song called Only Dying, but management thought it wasn’t a good idea to release since the death of Brandon Lee had happened. This was definitely a great substitute as this is an STP classic. 5/5

4. Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails- Trent Reznor went all out with this cover of Joy Division’s Dead Souls which is amazing. This is a very haunting track lyrically and Trent does a great job adding his flair to it while trying to remain true. 5/5

5. Darkness by Rage Against The Machine- A very young Rage brings this track to you with all the in your face, boombastic sound that we are used to while Zach De La Rocha spits that gospel. Zach is talking mostly about how AIDS was an epidemic in Africa and America was barely doing anything about it. 5/5

6. Color Me Once by Violent Femmes- Life can be cruel and tough and that is the message that legendary folk rock act Violent Femmes brings to you on the soundtrack. The track features a very cool bluesy guitar solo that is a true highlight. 4.5/5

7. Ghostrider by The Rollins Band- Henry Rollins reverting back to his punk roots as he covers Suicide’s Ghostrider for the soundtrack. This was always a surprise track for me because the music is just infectious with those big bass riffs. 5/5

BSO_El_Cuervo_(The_Crow)--CD8. Milktoast by Helmet- this is an alternate version of the band’s track Milquetoast where this one was mixed by Butch Vig as it features a distorted outro and some feedback loops that weren’t there before. This track also features some bad ass bass playing by Henry Bogdan. 5/5

9. The Badge by Pantera- Any soundtrack that features the late and great Dimebag Darrell is a winner in my book. This is Pantera’s cover of Poison Idea’s The Badge. It’s heavy and fast and it showcases some of Phil’s other influences. 5/5

10. Slip Slide Melting by For Love Not Lisa- I had never heard of this group, but the song has quite the kick to it cause the track drives. 4.5/5

11. After The Flash by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- an industrial banger that is bound to get the inner goth out of you with it’s Ministry/Electric Hellfire Club like industrial dance beats. This track kicks ass and you can’t help but groove to it. 5/5

12. Snakedriver by The Jesus and The Mary Chain- an alternative rock track that is a little different than the rest of the songs on here and it’s a good change as the singer talks about how life can be just as we thought it would be. 4.5/5

13. Time Baby III by Medicine- I think this is a very underappreciated song on the soundtrack because her voice is hypnotic. The band makes a cameo in the film playing the club. 5/5

14. It Can’t Rain All The Time by Jane Siberry- This is the actual version of the track that Eric Draven’s band’s song that appears on the soundtrack. The track is about no matter how tough or bad things get, it can’t be that bad all the time. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This is definitely one of the greatest soundtracks of it’s time and it will live on in the hearts of all those that loved the film and soundtrack. My favorite tracks on the record are Burn by The Cure and Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails. My least favorite track is probably Color Me Once by Violent Femmes. I am going to give the album 4.8 stars out of five for a final grade.

stone-temple-pilots--aa97ccbd-c043-4800-a9f9-9a19d39894dcIt has been quite some time since we last did a single of the week, but that does not mean that we haven’t been paying attention to what is out there. As far as the title of the article is concerned, you do not have to adjust your eyes because it’s true that the Stone Temple Pilots are back with a new song and a new singer. The band did quite the extensive search for a brand new single as it took two years to get to this very moment as new singer Jeff Gutt was unveiled to a crowd in Los Angeles on November 14TH. Guitarist Dean DeLeo talked about the search saying, “We didn’t hire people. We didn’t have assistance. We didn’t have management to go through that. Rob or Eric and I personally went through tens of thousands of submissions. Not once, but twice. I probably have 100 hours in total logged behind my computer going through them,” said the guitarist. “We did go through those submissions and there was some very talented people, some extraordinary talented people that we got to see. But it was a lot of work, man.”

stpThe band unveiled the singer and unveiled a brand new track in Meadow which is their first single since 2013’s Black Heart which was with the late Chester Bennington. The track has that classic STP feel to it as it seems like one of those songs that you just want to get on the highway and drive to as Jeff Gutt lets out his best impression of the late Scott Weiland during the verses, but it’s on the chorus that he begins to shine. During the chorus, Jeff really lets it all out as he shows you what he can bring to the table. Gutt talked about the track saying, “That was one of the ones that came earlier on in the process. It was one of the first songs we did.” Eric Kretz added, “It sounds like STP. It has all the elements. It’s modern but still has that classic sound. So it kind of jumped out at us as a good representation.” The last two years have been an tragic one not only for rock fans everywhere, but also for STP as they lost two former singers in Scott Weiland (accidental drug overdose) and Chester Bennington (suicide). Kretz talked about how important it is to pay tribute to them saying, “I think it was important to us that we have a lot of new material going forward, in order to make it real again. Because if it was just about chasing the catalog, that would be the easy way to go. There wouldn’t be much substance to that. The fact that we recorded all these new songs, it ties into helping us heal from the losses of Scott and Chester. Because the catalog will always be there. But if the new music really excites us and excites the fans it has much more of a meaning as far as honoring what Scott and Chester brought to this as well.” Check out the new track below:

13151558_10154142704378866_6527274700022246028_nI have to be honest and say that I was going to lose my lid if the rumors about Scott Stapp, the former Creed singer, joining Stone Temple Pilots. That in my opinion was going to be the worst possible news ever, but it turns out the rumors were wrong about him joining STP, but he is joining a band that had ties with Scott Weiland. Scott Stapp announced via a statement that he was joining Art Of Anarchy which Scott was in for a very short time. Here is his statement:

I wanted to clarify any confusions on Stone Temple Pilots and my comment. First off, Scott Weiland in STP is irreplaceable. I was recently asked what I’m currently working on in an interview and could not reveal details or announce this new project. This led the interviewer to assume it was STP and he eagerly kept asking for more details. Evidently my response caused confusion.
I’m excited to share I’ve been working with Art Of Anarchy band who’s members are Ron “Bumble Foot” Thal, formerly of Guns N Roses, John Moyer of Disturbed and Jon and Vince Votta. Original announcement was slated for July along with our first single and album to follow but happy to share this announcement sooner to clarify.
Art Of Anarchy is the project that I was referring to in the interview not STP. Scott Weiland was a part of Art of Anarchy and that’s the six degrees of separation I was referring to. Always been a fan of STP and I wish them all the best in their search for a new singer.
Allow me to introduce Art Of Anarchy. Stay tuned.

Scott Weiland recorded vocals for the only release that Art Of Anarchy has to date, but when it came time to tour, he proclaimed that he was not the singer for the band and that he wouldn’t record with them. So, having no lead singer was the perfect opportunity for Stapp to join the band considering all the members of Creed are busy with other projects.

Liv-SinSince we are on the topic of people announcing new projects or joining bands, I have some news regarding former Sister Sin vocalist Liv Jagrell. Swedish rock outfit Sister Sin announced that they were no longer going to be a band toward the end of last year which left Liv Jagrell with nothing to do. Well have no fear because she has just announced that she is going to continue her career under the name Liv Sin. For me it has never been an option to stop singing. I live for the stage and for my fans. I still miss Sister Sin, but I am very excited to work on my own project, and I can promise it will not be some soft pop rock. This is going to be metal deluxe, because that’s who I am!” which is what Jagrell said in an interview. In a statement on Facebook, she said, “So guys, here is some news for you, I’m not leaving you. I have a management who believes in me, musicians that I’m making songs with and now I just have to find a label to support me. Stay tuned and have patience! (That goes for me too haha).” Stay tuned here for more info as it becomes available.

1The end of 2015 into where we are now in 2016 has been a very rough year for the music and entertainment world as we mourn the loss of so many greats. One of those greats that we lost was the great Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. That was one of the toughest losses we suffered so far (besides Bowie), but we have something coming out to help us remember him. On June 10TH, UDR is releasing a Live CD/DVD entitled Clean Your Clock which is a live performance recorded back in November during the band’s performance in Munich. The album features classics like Orgasmatron, Overkill, Ace Of Spades, and Bomber which you can actually check out here. According to, here are some of the different formats it’s available in, “The disc will be available in numerous configurations including a standalone CD, DVD with CD, Blu-ray with CD and colored double vinyl in gatefold with pop-up art. In addition, there will be a box set containing the aforementioned vinyl, DVD, audio CD and Motorhead metal medal along with a limited edition box set with the option of a silver or gold medal and digital download.”

downloadFans of classic rock groups like The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, and The Who have something to drool over as The Desert Trip was officially announced. Now you may be asking what in the hell is The Desert Trip and what do these acts have to do with that. Well, The Desert Trip is a three day festival that is taking place at the same place as Coachella (Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA) and each of the three nights only features two performers. The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan headline Friday while Paul McCartney and Neil Young are Saturday while Roger Waters and The Who close out the festival on Sunday. To see all information regarding ticket prices, hotels, and such, please visit the festival website here. This just might be a once in a lifetime kind of show and knowing the way 2016 has been going, I might just have to spend the dough.

scottweilandblastercd_0For this week’s album of the week, I wanted to cover something from Scott Weiland, the late ex-singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver as a tribute to him. The only problem was trying to decide which album I was going to choose to cover. I had already covered a Stone Temple Pilots before for the album of the week, so I decided to go with a solo album instead. I chose Blaster by Scott Weiland And The Wildabouts which would end up being the last record ever recorded by Scott Weiland. The Wildabouts were made up of Tommy Black (Bass), Danny Thompson (Drums), Jeremy Brown (Guitars), and Mike Avenaim on drums in some of the tracks. The album was released on March 31, 2015 via Softdrive Records and in an interview Scott expressed his excitement over the project saying, “If you take out the fact that we had to break up the recording process when touring, the album came very easily because of the vibe between the band members. The sound we were getting felt original and infectious and brought me back to the feelings I had when I made my first couple records. Just excitement, feeling invigorated. Youthful.”

Danny Thompson (drums) Scott Weiland (vocals) Jeremy Brown (guitars) Tommy Black (bass)1. Modzilla– The tracks starts with a beefy, sly and slick rock riff with a real 70’s esque rock bass line. Scott delivers his lyrics with gusto like a pure rock frontman. 5/5

2. Way She Moves– The track has a very slick bluesy rock feel to it that moves. You can definitely tell that Scott is able to movie out of the STP and Velvet mindframe when writing. 5/5

3. Hotel Rio– This track has that clap happy rock and roll beat that will have you clapping along. The way he is able the different octaves in one track is still amazing. 4.5/5

4. Amethyst– The track starts off sounding like something The Who would’ve written, but this is a pure, loud as hell rock track. 4/5

5. White Lightning– This was actually the first single released off the album and it has a beefed up bass line with a cool guitar riff. This is rock at it’s finest. 4.5/5

blaster cd6. Blue Eyes– A very light rock track from Scott that is modern while having a classic feel to it and then out of nowhere that beefy rock sound comes in at the right moment. The track features James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins playing guitar on the track. 5/5

7. Bleed Out– Another loud and bombastic rock track from the gang about love and being in control of it. 4/5

8. Youth Quake– A very mellow and gloomy track from the band that seems to be about looking back at the enjoyments of youth and what it was like to be young in search of purpose. 5/5

9. Beach Pop– This kind of different for the album as this is a real poppy radio track that will have you clapping. It sounds like something that could have come out in the 50’s or 60’s. 4/5

10. Parachute– This track returns the band to the 70’s glam-esque sound and Weiland’s vocals are the highlight of the track and I love the guitars on this track. 4/5

11. 20TH Century Boy– This is the band’s cover of one of my favorite T. Rex track and I love Weiland’s vocals as he takes the song and he morphs into it. 4.5/5

12. Circles– This is the last track on the album and I love the track because it’s a very bluesy acoustic track that reminds you of the brilliance of Scott Weiland. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts- It’s sad to think that this is it as far as new music from Scott Weiland, but at least we have a whole catalog to sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to. Somebody told me that he was this generations David Bowie and while I can sort of agree with that, I like to think that he was more than that. I am going to give this album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.

scottWe were all saddened by the loss of Scott Weiland, the former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. We’ve seen touching tributes from all sorts of people in the rock world like his two former bands and even a touching tribute from Billy Corgan. Now, we have insight in a different side of Scott Weiland that maybe not too many of us knew about him courtesy of a former manager. Steve Stewart was the original manager of STP from 1990 until 2000 and he offers some insight in an interview with Alternative Nation below:

I’ve known Scott since the mid-80s, when my band and his band played gigs together in Orange County, CA. As we grew up, his path took him to further iterations of the band, from Soi Disant to Might Joe Young, while I went to school, and went on to work in the business side of music. Our paths crossed again in 1990, when he and Robert DeLeo asked me to lunch, and asked me if I could help get them a record deal. I was working for Ice T’s manager, and had made some contacts in the industry. Almost two years later, we had a deal from Atlantic Records on the table. I worked with Scott and the band through their next four records, and had a ringside seat for what became one of the most unique stories in modern rock, and the end of an era in the music industry.
What always struck me most about Scott was how alone he really was. For all the people and things he had around, I always felt he was somehow separated from people. Sometimes, all he wanted was someone to sit with him – I remember one late night a long time ago, when we were facing a long night on a bus, after a gig. The bus was filled with maybe 12 people, all of them asleep after working all night. Scott was in the front lounge, behind the driver, and I was sitting up front, watching the road. As I got up and started toward my bunk to grab some sleep, he looked up from the video game he was playing and said, “Will you stay with me? I don’t want to be here alone.” I thought that was an odd thing to say, as there were a dozen souls within 15 feet of him. This has always stayed with me, and I saw other examples of this through the years of how much he needed someone to share the journey with. Even though no one could ever really satisfy that need, I think it was something that he always yearned for, and maybe, never found.
I could always see the little boy in him, looking for his dad’s approval. Though the years and the trappings of fame often obscured it, every once in a while, I’d catch a glimpse of it through that momentary little smile he’d shoot me after he nailed something. Those were the instants when he was truly proud of himself, and that was the Scott I’ll always remember.
I thought he’d always beat his demons, and maybe in the end, he finally did. My prayers are with his family and children.

scott-weilandUpdate 12/5/2015 1:43AM: Earlier we reported a claim from Boston Classic Rock station WZLX about Scott Weilands death (as you can see below). Now we have some more news on the whole ordeal and it has to do with a substance found on the tour bus and the arrest of a member of Scott’s solo outfit. According to, “police acquired a search warrant and swept through the bus looking for evidence related to the death of the former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer. The substance found in Weiland’s tour bus bedroom underwent a field test and yielded a positive result for cocaine. The same substance was also found in bassist Tommy Black’s room and he has since been arrested and is being held by local police in Bloomington, Minn., for possession of a controlled substance” As soon as we get further notice, we will definitely update you guys on this tragic story.

Original Story:

A local radio station (WZLX Boston) has just reported what the cause of death was ion the case of former Stone Temple Pilots front man Scott Weiland. According to the report, Scott Weiland passed away from Cardiac Arrest. I am still waiting to see if that is the actual cause of death, so as soon as I hear from more sources I will be sure to update all of you. Check out our article that we wrote this morning on Scott Weiland here and our tribute to him on the Single Of The Week here as well.

I am still in shock and find it hard to believe that Scott Weiland, the former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver is really gone. He was one of the most gifted singer/songwriters of the last 20 plus years and now he is gone. So as a tribute to Scott Weiland, I am dedicating this week’s Single Of The Week to him as I cover my favorite song. The song I chose to use for this week is Interstate Love Song which was off of the band’s second album Purple. I can still remember where I was when I first heard the song and it was at a Christmas party at my cousins house. He put the record on and when the opening riff came on, I was immediately curious, but when the rock guitars blast off, I was instantly hooked. Scott Weiland once admitted that the theme of the song’s lyrics dealt with, “honesty, lack of honesty, my new relationship with heroin.” He said he had lied to his girlfriend about using heroin and imagined that the lyrics were what, “I imagined what was going through her mind when I wrote, ‘Waiting on a Sunday afternoon for what I read between the lines, your lies, feelin’ like a hand in rusted shame, so do you laugh or does it cry? Reply?” This is honestly my favorite Stone Temple Pilots song no matter what the lyrics were about. Check out it below and R.I.P. Scott Weiland (1967-2015)

scott-weilandI have some very shocking news to report as the news just came that former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland has passed away at the age of 48. Apparently, Weiland was found dead in his tour bus at about 9PM just before he was supposed to go onstage with his band The Wildabouts at The Medina Ballroom in Bloomington, Minnesota. KNAC first reported the incident, followed by a report by TMZ, and then a statement from his wife Jamie to the Los Angeles Times sobbingly saying, “I can’t deal with this right now. It’s true.” No cause of death has been reported as of yet, but one can assume that people will speculate until it’s confirmed. The statement on his social media page read as, “Scott Weiland, best known as the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, passed away in his sleep while on a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota, with his band The Wildabouts. At this time we ask that the privacy of Scott’s family be respected.”

scottScott Weiland (Born Scott Richard Kline) first captured audiences with his charismatic performances with his band the Stone Temple Pilots with the band’s first album Core. After that the band would release hit after hit with albums like Purple, Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop, No. 4, and more, but not without a price. Drugs and strained relationships with his band members would end up being a problem in the singers life and eventually led to his exit from Stone Temple Pilots. Scott was a true front man in every sense of the word and there has not been many like him since. Scott will be missed, my hearts and prayers are with his family, friends, and his band members. R.I.P. Scott Weiland (October 27, 1967- December 3, 2015).