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2017-headerWe here at Moshpits and Movies decided to pull the plug early on the round of 16 due to mercy killing rules. We had an unbelievable response to the tournament thanks to the bands that shared the tournament on their pages, but the tournament was getting a little out of hand so we gave mercy to those that were being eaten alive out there. I truly believe that this was the highest amount of people we have ever had vote in one round, but Ill have to check the stats later on. In our very first match, Queensryche who looked to be losing the match at first completely blew the doors off of the competition and the flood of votes poured in as the band defeated the mighty U.D.O. by 1, 114 votes total. In the second match, Judas Priest came back from being completely behind Accept for most of the match and beat them by 1263 votes. Slayer for a while had a strong lead against Megadeth, but then all of a sudden they were left playing catch up. Unfortunately for the mighty Slayer, it was too much and they couldn’t as Megadeth won the match.

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For most of the match, Testament and Exodus were dead even. I mean if Testament went up by 3 one minute, it was tied up the next and vice versa. Then all of a sudden, Testament just took the ball and ran with it and never looked back. Lamb Of God started the match in the lead and never looked back as they easily disposed All That Remains by 1163 votes. The other match in that group was literally dead even for the longest time. It looked like fans couldn’t figure out who they wanted to win the match. In the end though, Trivium had the come from behind win as they beat Killswitch Engage by only 67 votes. It was by far the closest match in the whole sweet sixteen round when it was all said and done. Amon Amarth did the impossible it seemed as they had the heavy task of facing the defending champions Destruction in the sweet sixteen. In the end, Amon Amarth held a comfortable lead over Destruction for the whole entire match and never let go of it. The last match featured the 2015 champion Kreator who is looking to get back in the finals take on Death Metal legends Cannibal Corpse. Well After 2459 total votes in the match, they are one step close to reaching the promise land again. The elite 8 round is now set and things are only going to get a lot more exciting and interesting from here on out. Whose fan base is going to lead the charge moving forward? We’ll just have to wait and find out.  Check out the brackets below:

2017 elite 8 round


2017-headerAfter an awesome first round, we are looking for your help to keep the momentum going because without you guys, there is no Pedal To The Metal Tournament. You the fans have always decided the outcome of the tournament as you have crowned champion after champion. So, with that being said, we have some awesome matches for you guys to check out and we are keeping them all in the same post for now for the sweet sixteen. We strongly encourage that you vote for every match up in the tournament because this is all about supporting the metal community no matter what sub-genre it is. In the Dio/Lemmy division, Queensryche looks to keep their luck going as they take on the legend from Germany U.D.O. meanwhile Accept is looking to keep the fight alive as they take on former two time champion Judas Priest. The Hanneman divsion has some great match ups like one mega match that pins Big Four members Megadeth against Slayer. The other match is a good one as well and it features one band that brings a strong argument to the table as to why it should be the Big Five and not the Big Four in Exodus as they take on a band that brings a strong argument as to why that Big Four stuff should be expanded to more in Testament. The Schuldiner division features the defending champion Destruction take on Viking Metal Kings Amon Amarth as well as 2015 winner Kreator taking on the mighty Cannibal Corpse. The last division, the metal to the core division, features Lamb Of God taking on All That Remains while Killswitch Engage does battle with Trivium. You all have until the end of Match 21st to vote for who you want to see move on the Elite 8 round. So, vote carefully and wisely, but have a lot of fun and spread the word.

2017 Bracket sweet sixteen

There was a screw up where the Slayer/Megadeth match closed early, so we have another poll for all of you to keep voting for that one. At the end, we’ll combine both scores together. Sorry for the inconvenience

pedalHere are your results for the Sweet Sixteen or second round as it was listed or if it helps you any better think of it as the divisional semifinals. We had some match ups in the second round that we thought were going to be good and some of them just ended up being landslide victories all due to fan participation thanks to the bands sharing it with their fans. In the Schuldiner division, the matches were complete blow outs as Destruction defeated Entombed AD by 25 votes and Kreator easily dispatched Cannibal Corpse (who had the best fan participation in the previous round) by 19 votes. That puts Kreator even closer to a chance at repeating as Pedal To The Metal Champion, but they’ll have to defeat fellow Big Four of Teutonic Thrash heavyweight Destruction to do so. In the Hanneman Division, Megadeth gained a big victory over fellow Big Four member Slayer by a single vote. Testament kicks out last years surprise band Death Angel by beating them by 6 votes. In the Dio Division, Iron Maiden has taken a step closer to the championship once again as they defeated two time champion Judas Priest by a vote. Newcomers Primal Fear continue to impress as they defeated the mighty Accept by five votes. Int he Lemmy Kilmister division, the upstarts defeated the legends. Ghost took down Alice Cooper by taking half the votes while Avenged Sevenfold just edges out Guns N Roses. Here are your Elite 8 (or divisional finals) matches:

Elite 8 Bracket

pedalThe first round of the fifth ever Pedal To The Metal Tournament is in the books as you the fans made the difference. Much like last years tournament, I want to thank the fans of the Chuck Schuldiner Division (formerly Extreme Metal division) for showing up and supporting your favorite bands. The CS division had the most fan participation once again of any division and I thank you for that. The next division that showed the most fan participation was the Dio Division (formerly Heavy Metal) followed by a close race between the Lemmy division and the Hanneman division. Nonetheless, there was some big upsets in the this round and some very close matches. One of the big upsets has to belong to Avenged Sevenfold who defeated Ozzy Osbourne by a vote. One of the close races of that division was between Bobaflex who made it a race against Alice Cooper, but the band fell short by a vote. One of the most lopsided victories of the tournament belongs to Destruction who defeated Black Metal legends Venom by 96 votes in total. The second round (Sweet 16) will be up soon, but check out the rest of who won below on the bracket:

Sweet Sixteen Bracket


There is exactly 53 days until Halloween and I am going to start watching and reviewing Horror movies as much as I possibly can over the next 53 days to get everyone in the mood for my favourite day of the year. So, I chose to review the movie Sweet Sixteen that was directed by Jim Sotos and released in 1982. The movie stars Bo Hopkins (The Wild Bunch) as Sheriff Dan Hopkins, a small town Texas Sheriff that has a mass murder case dump on his shoulders. The strange murders start to happen after the arrival of Melissa (Aleisa Shirley), a girl who is sexually older than most girls her age moves in to the Texas town while her father (Patrick Macnee) digs for artifacts. The towns people believe that the Native Americans are responsible for the murders until the Sheriff figures it out. The movie also stars Dana Kimmell (Friday The 13TH Part 3), resident 80’s douchebag Steve Antin (The Goonies), and Susan Strasberg (Kapo).

I thought the movie was a little cheesy overall, it lives up to 80’s B movies as we get out first boob shot in the first two minutes of the film. It’s a shot of Aleisa Shirley (Melissa) in the mirror followed by a close up of her in the shower. It immediately cuts to a bar scene that would set up our suspicion as to why it would be the Indian that did it. The kill scenes are a little lame, but it must have been low budget at the time. One scene bothered me a little bit and it was a scene at the funeral of the first two victims and Dana’s character confronts Aleisa’s character. She starts all tough by saying she accused and innocent man and calls her a bitch. When Aleisa walks away from her, she retracts what she says and begins to act nice to Aleisa. At the 1 hour and 11 minute mark of the film, you get another shot of Aleisa’s breasts and then the lamest ending of all time. I won’t give it away, but its pretty lame. On a scale of 1 being a hollywoood type film to 5 being the cheesiest film of all, I give the movie a 3.5 based on the idea that it’s not that bad of a story, just needed a little work. It’s also a 3.5 because of the lame intro that comes with the film.