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CountdownToExtinctionAs reported earlier in the week, former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza passed away while performing on stage. So as a tribute to him, I have decided to cover a Megadeth record for this week’s album of the week. The album I chose from his catalog is Countdown To Extinction, the band’s fifth album and the second to feature the classic lineup of Nick Menza (Drums), Marty Friedman (Guitars), Dave Mustaine (Vocals/Guitars), and David Ellefson (Bass). The album was a drastic change for the band in terms of sound because out were the fast as hell, face melting riffs and in were more intricate riffs and better song writing (at least in my opinion). The album was also a very trying time for the band as far as recording was concerned because curfew in Los Angeles at the time was 6PM due to the riots that followed the Rodney King beatings. The album was very successful for the band as it went two times platinum and peaked at number two on the Billboard Top 200 charts. The album was nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance while the title track won he Humane Society’s Genesis Award for raising awareness for animal rights which is pretty cool.

countdown back1. Skin o’ My Teeth– The track starts off sounding off with a sonic fury that sounds like a more refined thrash track. The tracks lyrical deals with someone who failed at committing suicide. 5/5

2. Symphony Of Destruction– One of my favorite tracks on the record that starts with a symphonic/opera like beginning before we get into that chugging bass riff from Ellefson. The tracks lyrics deal with a guy who is put into power while the government while the public is led by a phantom government. 5/5

3. Architecture Of Aggression– the track starts off with gunfire and a missile launch before you get your signature Megadeth thrash sound. The track deals with global conflict as far as the lyrics are concerned. 4.5/5

4. Foreclosure Of A Dream– Lyrically one of my favorite songs on the album because we can certainly relate to the lyrics even today. It’s one of those songs whose lyrics will always stand the test of time and never sound outdated. The lyrics deal with economic concerns and social inequality. 5/5

5. Sweating Bullets– One of my other favorite tracks on the record that deals with schizophrenia. Mustaine explains, “I wrote that about myself. It was pointed out to me that I’m kind of schizophrenic and that I live inside my head. Which is something I don’t subscribe to, but I enjoyed the theory nonetheless. I think all of us are sweating bullets all the time. Society’s a joke right now, and people are getting more and more hostile. When you think about having an evil twin or schizophrenia, I think a lot of us are schizo, because we live inside our heads. There’s someone we all confer with; it’s called our conscience. Some people cannot control their other side; it takes them over. Everybody has that psychotic side. Everyone has a thing that will make them snap.” 5/5

6. This Was My Life– an interesting track that deals with relationships gone bad. Mustaine explains, “I had the very seedy, sordid love affair that took place over six years, and I’ve gotten a lot of great songs out of it. She’s probably biting her nails, wondering what this album’s gonna say about her! This particular song is about a time I wanted to kill her. I’m laying in her bed, and she’s examining my head, and my feeling of being under her microscope is the part of me that hates. I know I’m going to get her back, but that when I do, I’m throwing my own switch on an electric chair, buying my own ticket. It’s a confession of the madness I felt at the time.” 4/5

Megadeth-Countdown_To_Extinction-CD7. Countdown To Extinction– A track whose title came from an article that Menza read in a Time Magazine about there concerns for the future of the planet environmentally. 4.5/5

8. High Speed Dirt– A track that talks about Dave’s obsession with skydiving and the trill behind it. 4/5

9. Psychotron– A cool track with a cool bass line from Ellefson and machine like guitar riffs whose lyrics deal with Marvel Comics character Deathlok. 4.5/5

10. Captive Honour– A very melodic track in the beginninfrom Megadeth before the verdict is handed down and the track gets heavier. It’s a track whose lyrics deal with prison and the consequences of it. 4/5

11. Ashes in Your Mouth– Sonically very impressive from the start with the guitar fury in a track that is about the negative aftermath of war. There is some serious playing in this track that will blow you away. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– Peace Sells is by far my favorite Megadeth record of all time, but this one falls close to number two. It’s definitely one of my favorites of the classic era besides Youthanasia. The classic lineup era was definitely the best era for Megadeth and this album solidified that. It’s an amazing album from the first guitar riff to the very last. It’s sad that Nick Menza passed away because I was hoping for him to rejoin Megadeth, but we know that was never going to happen. I am going to give this record 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.

Sometimes one of the greatest ways to show your respect for someone or a band is to cover their song and do it justice. When I found out earlier today that Nick Menza had passed away, I was saddened as he was apart of my favorite lineup of Megadeth dubbed the classic lineup (Menza, Friedman, Ellefson, and Mustaine). So after hearing that I decided that I was going to dedicate the Cover Of The Week to Nick Menza and I chose the perfect Megadeth cover. In 2004, melodic Death Metal act Arch Enemy released an EP titled Dead Eyes See No Future and on that EP was a cover of the Megadeth classic Symphony Of Destruction. The twin guitar attack of Chris and Michael Amott do the song justice while Angela Gossow takes the vocals and makes them heavier with her incredible vocal abilities. It almost sounds to me  like the band had to slow it down a bit to match with her vocal flow which is OK with me because it’s a balls to the wall amazing cover all around. Check it out below and don’t forget to check out the album itself. R.I.P. Nick Menza

File:A7XHailtotheKing.pngAvenged Sevenfold released their latest album last year with a lot of ridicule and allegations that they blatantly ripped off artists like Metallica, Guns N Roses, and Megadeth to name a few. It’s the band’s sixth studio album and the fourth via Warner Brothers. It also marks the debut of new drummer Arin Ilejay and the first studio album without any contributions from their late drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. For some reason, the band changed it’s original album cover design to the one you see above. When talking about the musical style for the album, here is what Synyster Gates had to say, “I think our songwriting has improved by leaps and bounds. Sonically, this record is our biggest record by fucking far. When you turn this fucking thing on, it blasts your fucking head off.” M. Shadows talked about the music itself, “On this record, we want a very bare bones, riff-oriented approach. Because it’s really easy for us to say ‘That melody would sound great here, throw this background vocal here, here’s this harmony.’ We had to restrain ourselves from doing that just to keep it more badass and just more straightforward rock.” Despite all of the allegations, this is definitely an album worth listening to in my opinion.

File:Hail to the king single cover.pngShepard Of Fire is the first track on the record and it was specially released as the theme to Call of Duty: Black Ops II zombies map Origins. The song is absolutely epic reminding me a lot of The Black Album‘s overall balls to the wall sonic attack. I am very impressed so far by one track which says a lot. Hail To The King is the next track and the first single we were all treated to about a tyrannical king who strikes the wrath of vengeance against all who oppose him. Doing Time reminds me of something that would have been of GNR’s Use Your Illusion because it’s a balls out rock song. Synyster Gates does his best to show that he’s today’s modern era Slash with an amazing solo. I’m sorry, but This Means War sounds way too much like Sad But True by Metallica except with different lyrics. Requiem‘s beginning sounds like something Ghost B.C. does until the band finally kicks with their groove laden metal. The riffs are nice and beefy almost as if the riffs are taking illegal growth hormones.

avengedCrimson Day starts off on the softer side like we have seen Avenged do many times in their career. For example, the style of the track reminds me of Afterlife or Seize The Day proving they can turn the harder than hell switch anytime they choose to. Heretic is such an amazing hard rock song that features some nasty grooves and chunky riffs that remind mes of Megadeth’s Symphony Of Destruction. The beginning of Coming Home looks like the band took influence from Iron Maiden with the epic guitar intro that eventually explodes in the metal madness and delivery that made people love Iron Maiden. Planets is a punishing metal track that the stars have delivered to us from Avenged Sevenfold. The riffs are meaty and you won’t be able to not bang your head to this. You will be in their trance listening to this track. Believe me, I couldn’t help, but play air guitar to this when it was on in certain parts and air drums to other parts. Acid Rain is the last track on the album and it feels like the end of the adventure with the epic piano behind the band’s playing with the neat sound effects that come in. The track is pretty bluesy showing off a side of the group that not too many people realize exist. These guys are deeply rooted in metal and hard rock and they aren’t afraid to show it off especially with the bluesy guitar solo that comes in at the four minute mark. I am giving the album four stars out of five because it is truly an amazing album again despite all of the allegations. It’ll be interesting to see how they address all of their detractors as the band has announced they are working on a new album as we speak.