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kung fury 2So, there was no Ass Whoopin Wednesday film last week and for this week’s film I wanted to do something a little different than usual. I started this blog piece because I loved watching kung fu and action movies from the 1980’s because there was an over abundance of bad ass films from that era. David Sandberg is one of those guys who apparently also loved action films from the 1980’s because he created the short film Kung Fury. In this film , Sandberg stars as Kung Fury, a cop who was struck by lightning one night while on the job and as a result of it, he was given super kung fu powers that only the chosen one receives. One night after saving the city of Miami from a killer arcade game robot, he discovers that Adolf Hitler (Jorma Taccone) is back and he wants Kung Fury’s super kung fu ability. In order to stop him, Kung Fury has to travel back in time to Nazi Germany to stop Hitler before it’s too late. The film also stars Steven Chew as Dragon, Leopold Nilsson as Hackerman, Andreas Cahling (Legend Of Dark Rider) as Thor, Per-Henrik Arvidius as the voice of Thor, Erik Hörnqvist as Triceracop, Frank Sanderson as the voice of triceracop, cobra, and dinomite, Eleni Young as Barbarianna, Helene Ahlson as Katana, Björn Gustafsson (Spy) as Private Lahmstache, Eos Karlsson (The Sandhamn Murders) as Red Ninja and David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) as Hoff 9000. Now let’s check out some stats before we get into the review of the film itself. 

Kung Fury Stats










furyThe film may be only 31 minutes in total, but it packs one hell of a punch for 31 minutes. It doesn’t even seem like it’s 31 minutes long because it is so enjoyable to watch that it leaves you wanting more. David Sandberg does a terrific job parodying the 1980’s and everything that went along with it. The characters are fun and loveable as you get to meet Hackerman who uses a  Nintendo powerglove throughout the film as well as the giant Thor. A lot of the scenes, characters, and settings are over the top, but it’a fun over the top. He has 63 kills/knockouts in the film and 58 of them come in one fight sequence. He does have an origin story, but it explains how he acquired all of his powers and the friend/family member that is hurt is his partner who was killed. The only reason I have a question mark next to the yes in the big boss being defeated because the ending leaves you wanting more. One of the cool things about this film that I learned is that David Sandberg started a kickstarter project and he asked for $200,000 in order to complete the film and he exceeded his goal by $430,000 which allowed to be over the top in everything and if the make a second one, I’d be happy to donate to it. Check out the movie on Youtube and check out the website for the film here. I am going to give this film five fists out of five because it was that bad ass.

We are doing a collection of trailers in one post because we are approaching the time that all of the summer blockbusters and so on will release their trailers for all to see. 2015 is already shaping up to be one of the greatest years in a long time for films with so many antcipated releases coming up like The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road, Ant Man and so many more. I want to share all of the latest trailers with you guys to get you amped up for the big year. So, let’s get started.

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron: There have been a lot of trailers that have been released so far that have revealed the newest member of the team in Vision as well as the debut of the clip of Iron Man vs The Hulk at the MTV Movie Awards last night. The trailer I just watched titled Let’s Finish This just shows you every character in the Avengers during certain situations and further shows you some of the bad ass scenes you can expect. Below that I also have the Iron Man vs Hulk video:

Ant-Man: This is the other Marvel film that is going to be released this year besides the Avengers film that introduces us to the guy who was supposed to be a part of the Avengers in Ant-Man. The trailer introduces us to Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his protege Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) who becomes Ant-Man and we also get introduced to who his villain is going to be. The trailer has a col scene at the end you should check out that I think is funny.

Terminator: Genisys: To get off of the superhero train and on to one of the greatest franchises to star one of the greatest action heroes of the 80’s in Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new film Terminator: Genisys which some fans feel takes the franchise backwards. Well, the new trailer throws another monkey wrench that I never saw coming as John Connor is trying to kill his mom now. Check it out for yourself:

Mad Max: Fury Road: I am so pumped to see this film in May because it looks so epic and series mastermind George Miller is at the helm which means it’s going to be great. We get to see a little bit more of the guy with the mask and the trailer explains a little more. Check it out below:

San Andreas: The Rock is already having a superstar year as Furious 7 has already grossed more than 800 million worldwide, but he has another film coming out this year. I have to admit that I didn’t really have an interest in seeing San Andreas, the latest disaster flick, but after seeing this trailer with the beautiful Carla Gugino, I might just go and see it.

Sinister 2: The first film was fantastic as I deemed it my surprise hit the year it was released. The idea of the first film which is continued into the sequel was absolutely brillaint and creepy. Well, the Bughuul was creepy as hell and he’s back and more visible his time around. Check out the trailer below as the film is slated for release in August.

Spectre: We treated a couple weeks ago to a teaser trailer from the upcoming Bond film Spectre which promises to be great, but I feel the series has taken a dark turn much like Skyfall did, but I’m not complaining. Check out the teaser trailer below:

Creed: I like the direction they decided to take with the Rocky series as we are going to receive the spin off Creed which finds Rocky training Apollo Creed’s grandson Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Check out a photo Sylvester Stallone posted below:


Terminator_Genisys_posterWhen I first heard the news about the new Terminator film which is called Terminator: Genisys, I thought the original idea of the film that was explained to me sucked. I mean how can you take all four of the previous films and just throw them in the trash like they didn’t exist. Sarah Connor already knows that Terminators exist before Kyle Reese even gets their? Then I watched the trailer for the film which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the original Terminator, Emilia Clarke (Game Of Thrones) as Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney (Divergent) as Kyle Reese, and Jason Clark (Zero Dark Thirty) as John Connor and it all makes sense now. Apparently, something happened in the past that it wiped out the past they think they know in the future before Kyle Reese is sent back. Now, not only do they have to fight other Terminators and machines, but they also have to fight a T-1000 which is a shape shifting Terminator originally played by Robert Patrick, but now played by Lee Byung-hun. Check out the trailer below and expect the film to hit the theaters on July 1, 2015