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When I was a DJ at Bridgewater State University’s WBIM 91.5 FM, I had a lot of fun hosting Pedal To The Metal every Thursday or Friday night depending on how the cards landed. I played every imaginable 80’s metal track you can think of on my two year run there and I had a lot of fun doing it. 20 years ago, WBIM FM started hosting the Alumni Takeover where for one weekend, the DJ’s from the past years were able to come and relive old glory days even if it was just for one day. Three years ago, when I learned that I could be apart of it, I jumped at the chance to reconnect with some familiar faces and meet new faces that had sat in the very chair just as I had done when I attended school there. Sometimes, you don’t know how much you’ve missed it until you’re right behind the microphone like I was this past Friday night for the third ever return of Pedal To The Metal on Alumni Takeover Weekend. I want to take the time to thank John Coombs, he is the main who deals with all of our annoying requests and messages as he tries to strategically place everyone in a time slot. Oh by the way, he does an amazing job doing it as I couldn’t have been more pleased with my time slot. So, a big thank you to him is much deserved! I also want to take the time to thank the current DJ’s at WBIM for giving up their shows and allowing us to relive a little past glories. It is much appreciated!


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As far as the playlist was concerned for the show, I had three different playlists that I was going with for the show. The 1st one primarily featured almost the same exact lineup as the one that was actually played. The second playlist featured bands from every era of metal whether it be the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. The third and final playlist that I created was similar to the first one, but the song selection was different. I wanted to pick nine solid songs for the show with one present that I would present to people with a just in case I still had more time track. Last year, I presented everyone with a Black Sabbath medley that featured I believe three different Sabbath singers doing the same track. This year, I decided to do another medley, but this time it would be Ozzy solo and it would feature five different guitarists doing the same track. It was quite the difficult task, but I got the job done and you will see below what the result was. I made one minor adjustment to the playlist twenty minutes to my show because a good friend of my mine in Doc Rock found a vinyl that I just couldn’t resist playing and I opened the show with it. One minor note, I had originally scrapped a Motley Crue track, but I reintroduced it when the Kiss track I chose suddenly stopped due to technical difficulties. So without further ado, check out the playlist below and once again thanks to everyone that tuned in and a big thank you to the WBIM Alumni Association for having me yet again.


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Playlist for 10/20/2017 edition of Pedal To The Metal Radio

1. Addiction by The Almighty (Vinyl Of The Week)

2. Unholy by Kiss

3. Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue

4. The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden (Mandatory Maiden)

5. A Touch Of Evil by Judas Priest

6. The Lady Wore Black by Queensryche

7. Among The Living by Anthrax

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8. The Conjuring by Megadeth

9. Hello From The Gutter by Overkill

10. Suicide Solution (Guitarist Medley) by Ozzy Osbourne featuring Randy Rhoads, Brad Gillis, Jake E Lee, Zakk Wylde, and Joe Holmes

11. Rock And Roll by Motorhead


abominable dr phibesFor today’s 31 Days Of Halloween film, I wanted to watch a classic film that I hadn’t seen before and a museum in Salem, MA inspired my choice for today. After going into Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery to meet Kane Hodder and Lar Park Lincoln, a wax statue of Dr. Phibes inspired my choice for today in The Abominable Dr. Phibes. The film stars horror and acting legend Vincent Price (The Masque Of Red Death) as he plays the disfigured Dr. Anton Phibes who lost his wife in a surgical mishap some years before. In a spot of rage he decides to kill all ten Doctors who were there using each of the ten plagues from the Old Testament like bees, bats, rats, killer frogs, and so many more. As he is doing this, the police are struggling to figure out who is doing it in an attempt to save the remaining doctors before it’s too late. The film also stars Joseph Cotten (Shadow Of A Doubt) as Dr. Vesalius, Hugh Griffith (How To Steal A Million) as Rabbi, Terri Thomas (It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World) as Dr. Longstreet, Virginia North (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) as Vulnavia, Peter Jeffrey (The Return Of The Pink Panther) as Inspector Trout, Maurice Kaufmann (Die! Die! My Darling) as Dr. Whitcombe, and the film was directed by Robert Fuest (The Devil’s Rain).

Dr. PhibesNow, this isn’t your stereotypical horror film where you can expect gore or a serial killer who comes back from the dead. This is more like your Shakespeare of horror kind of films where there is a story where the so called “Villain” is someone who you can kind of sympathize with because he is getting revenge for the death of his wife. So, the whole time the film is going you don’t know whether to root for the smart killer in Phibes or the bumbling detectives who can’t seem to protect anyone. The film is listed as a horror comedy so the police is where the comedy lies in this film and it’s acceptable because after all they are looking for a man they can’t see or find ever and who is outsmarting them every time. I was confused for a while who the women is that is with Dr. Phibes because she never speaks in the entirety of the film. You know that she is someone who is helping her out, but is that his wife or not? The way in which the various plagues are carried out is absolutely brilliant especially for 1971. Vincent Price is a master of horror and there is a reason he was chosen for so many classic horror films. The cinematography in the film is excellent, the acting is great, and the sets and costumes are amazing too. The only I thought was a little cheesy is the wind up band that he has with him because you can tell they are humans with masks unless that is what he intended them to look like. Check it out for yourself on Youtube right now. I am giving the film an A- for a final grade.