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2017 final fourI am hoping that at this point in the game that you understand how the tournament works and that you stop crying about Iron Maiden not being in the tournament anymore. We have an interesting scenario this year and one is that this is the first year that Iron Maiden is not in the final four and that there will completely be a new champion when it is all said and done. This tournament has always been about one fan base versus another and if a band does not share the tournament on their Facebook page, then I cannot be held responsible for them not winning. I am not Loudwire or, I don’t have their kind of pull. I am just a guy who loves metal and tries his best to promote it when he can. Anyways, one fan base that showed up to the tournament for sure was Queensryche’s fan base as they without a doubt sent their band through to the final four by 753 votes. Megadeth’s fan base also came to bat as they destroyed Testament by 728 votes setting up a match with Queensryche. The next match featured two newcomers with something to prove as Lamb Of God took on Trivium. The match was close for the most part, but in the end Lamb Of God distanced themselves winning by 316 votes.

Pedal Is WorldwideOur last match of the Elite 8 round was the most interesting one because it was so darn close right up until the end. Tournament newcomer, Amon Amarth took on 2015 champion (who defeated Iron Maiden to win the championship) Kreator in our last match of the elite 8 round. These two bands were separated by a couple of votes for almost the whole entire round. It was quite an amazing site to see, but in the end Amon Amarth pulled off the win by only seven votes (710-703). I will be setting up the matches real soon so stay tuned. I also wanted to express how excited I was at the turn out for the tournament and where you guys are coming from because we have reached nations like Singapore, Mexico, Netherlands, Finland, Argentina, Bulgaria, Thailand, Israel, Peru, Lithuania, Taiwan, Cayman Islands, Faroe Islands, Vietnam, Macedonia, and an island named Jersey just to name a few. There were way too many nations to list, but to me that is exciting and that is what this is all about. I just hope that we can get more and more countries involved in this tournament and that Iron Maiden fans stop being so salty over this.


2017-headerAfter an awesome first round, we are looking for your help to keep the momentum going because without you guys, there is no Pedal To The Metal Tournament. You the fans have always decided the outcome of the tournament as you have crowned champion after champion. So, with that being said, we have some awesome matches for you guys to check out and we are keeping them all in the same post for now for the sweet sixteen. We strongly encourage that you vote for every match up in the tournament because this is all about supporting the metal community no matter what sub-genre it is. In the Dio/Lemmy division, Queensryche looks to keep their luck going as they take on the legend from Germany U.D.O. meanwhile Accept is looking to keep the fight alive as they take on former two time champion Judas Priest. The Hanneman divsion has some great match ups like one mega match that pins Big Four members Megadeth against Slayer. The other match is a good one as well and it features one band that brings a strong argument to the table as to why it should be the Big Five and not the Big Four in Exodus as they take on a band that brings a strong argument as to why that Big Four stuff should be expanded to more in Testament. The Schuldiner division features the defending champion Destruction take on Viking Metal Kings Amon Amarth as well as 2015 winner Kreator taking on the mighty Cannibal Corpse. The last division, the metal to the core division, features Lamb Of God taking on All That Remains while Killswitch Engage does battle with Trivium. You all have until the end of Match 21st to vote for who you want to see move on the Elite 8 round. So, vote carefully and wisely, but have a lot of fun and spread the word.

2017 Bracket sweet sixteen

There was a screw up where the Slayer/Megadeth match closed early, so we have another poll for all of you to keep voting for that one. At the end, we’ll combine both scores together. Sorry for the inconvenience

caligulaAs always we give you two of everything when it comes to posts like Single Of The Week with one on the rock side and the other being on the metal side. This week’s single of the week from the metal side of life comes to us from Teutonic Thrash Metal legends Sodom as they unleashed a brand new track this week called Caligula. The track is going to be featured on the band’s 15TH studio album Decision Day which comes out August 26TH via Steamhammer/SPV. If you haven’t guessed from the song title or the many pictures of his face in the lyric video, the band is talking about one of the most infamous Roman emperors of all time. The band unleashes unholy hell during the track with their Motorhead esque riff that just pummels all the way through. Singer/bassist Tom Angelripper talks about the track saying, “Caligula’ is one of my favorite songs off Decision Day. It’s about the most notorious and relentless tyrant who ever ruled the imperium. One of his most famous quotes reads as follows: ‘Let them hate me, so long as they fear me.” Check it out below

destructionIt is a custom here at Moshpits and Movies that we review the album from the winner of the Pedal To The Metal tournament. We reviewed an album fro Kreator last year and now we are reviewing an album from Destruction, the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Champions. The album we chose from the group is an album that helped celebrate the 30TH anniversary of the band’s legendary legacy as German Thrash Metal legends. The band’s 13TH studio album is called Spiritual Genocide and it featured Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer  (Bass/Vocals), Mike Sifringer (Guitars), and Wawrzyniec “Vaaver” Dramowicz (Drums) plus a slew of guest musicians on the album as well. When speaking about the album, Marcel once commented, “For this anniversary album we did a really great job, our new drummer “Vaaver” opens up new possibilities of course. On this album there are no limits. So fast, brutal and yet groovy we haven’t ever sounded, probably! Also the guest musicians are very special this time: with Gerre (Tankard) and Tom Angelripper (Sodom) our old friends and companions are with us, the original Mad Butcher/Release from Agony – line up is doing one song and with Ol Drake (Evile) we got the hottest young thrash guitarist for a few solos on the album!”

Destruction-Spiritual_Genocide-Trasera1. Exordium– a One minute instrumental intro to the record. 4/5

2. Cyanide– the track opens with a fury and some double bass thrash mayhem in a track whose lyrics seem to deal with issues of thinking we’re better than others, thinking all the deeds you’ve done will help you in the end of days, etc. At least that is what I got from the track. 4/5

3. Spiritual Genocide– The title track is one of the three tracks that features Mad Butcher/Release From Agony era guitarist Harry Wilkens (who does the guitar solo). The track itself has such a killer 80’s Thrash sound to it that will excite any fans of 80’s thrash metal which its fierce and it’ll melt your face off. 5/5

4. Renegades– This is one of the tracks on the album that features Ol Drake of Evile doing the guitar solo. The guitar riffs on this album are untouchable including this one which is fierce, but it has a killer groove to it. 5/5

5. City Of Doom– Another fierce face melting track whose lyrics deal with Barbarossa which was a Nazi code word for a mission to take over the Soviet Union. 5/5

Destruction-Spiritual_Genocide-CD6. No Signs of Repentance– The second track that features a  Harry Wilkens guitar solo in a track that talks about how the lower class will always rise against when they have repressed. 4/5

7. To Dust You Will Decay– The band slows the tempo down a little and the track sounds evil as hell in a track that talks about the fact that no matter what you do on Earth, you can not and will not escape Death. 4/5

8. Legacy of the Past– The second track on the album that features a Ol Drake guitar solo in a  track that is a look back at the legacy of Thrash Metal. Andreas “Gerre” Geremia of Tankard sings vocals on the track. 5/5

9. Carnivore– The final track on the album to feature a Harry Wilkens guitar solo. It opens with a killer drum riff before the guitars in with some blazing riffs in a track that seems to be about a guy who mistakes a girl for a sweet innocent women, but really is a cold hearted killer. 4/5

10. Riot Squad– A hammering riff in a track that talks about how unsafe the world is because there’s no fear anymore.

destruction2_311. Under Violent Sledge– The last track on the album that is an all out metal assault on the ear drums in a track that explores themes of war. 4/5

12. Princess Of The Night– A bonus track and the band’s blistering cover of the classic Saxon track featuring the last Ol Drake guitar solo. 5/5

13. Carnivore (Guest Version)– The last bonus track on the album that features the full Mad Bucther/Release From Agony lineup with Oliver “Olly” Kaiser on drums.

My Final Thoughts– There is a reason why these guys won the tournament and it’s because they have loyal fans. Why do they have loyal fans because they put out quality material that the fans love. The album is full of hell raising/face smashing riffs and the band still has what it takes to hang with the best of them. Check out the record and in fact check out all of their records. I am giving the album 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.

pedalI just wanted to take the time to than every single person who voted in the whole entire competition from the first round all the way to the championship. Like I have always said, if it wasn’t for all of you, none of this would be possible. I also would like to thank every band and fan that shared my posts whether it be on Twitter or Facebook because it helped spread the word and I thank all of you. Now to the business at hand, we had a very interesting final that looked a little familiar this year. We had a representative from the Schuldiner (Extreme Metal) division taking on a band from the Dio (Power Metal) division. We had a member of the Big Teutonic Four taking on Iron Maiden in the championship, but this time it was German powerhouse Destruction taking on the legends. Destruction had blazed a path of destruction (pun intended) from the first round all the way to the championship an it never stopped. In fact, Destruction won the championship by winning 65% of the vote which is the second best in the tournament ever (Judas Priest won by 78% in 2014). They beat Iron Maiden 613 to 328 to claim the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Championship. So, congratulations to Destruction on the big win and even though they lost, Iron Maiden deserves a round of applause as well. Now I am sad that the tournament is over, but until next year!!!

Destruction Champions

pttm finals 1Like I stated last night, we started off this tournament with 32 bands who were all vying to be the absolute best. Unfortunately, 30 of those bands had to be sent packing leaving two bands to battle it out for ultimate supremacy and bragging rights. How did our two bands Iron Maiden and Destruction get to this point? Well, let’s check it out! Iron Maiden started off in the Dio Division by edging King Diamond out in the first round before just narrowly beating Judas Priest in the next match. They won the Dio Division crown by thoroughly defeating Primal Fear in the elite 8 round before stopping a huge comeback from Kilmister Division champion Ghost to get into the finals. For Destruction, the road to the championship was a little different as they laid a path of Destruction (pun intended) all the way to the championship.  They even defeated last years Champion Kreator for the Schuldiner Division crown before beating Testament to get into the finals. I want to remind all of you out there that it is up to you to vote for your favorite of the two in order to crown the 2016 Pedal To The Metal Champion. You have until April 4TH to decide. Vote now!!!!

iron maiden vs destruction

The Final FourA couple of weeks ago, we started this tournament with 32 bands from all sorts of genres of rock and metal and now we are down to two. Along the way, we’ve seen some major upsets and we even saw the defending champion taken down. I do want to remind all of you out there that if it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t be possible at all because you voted for your favorite bands. In the final four, we had Ghost taking on Iron Maiden in one match while Testament took on Destruction. One band made it a close match after it almost looked over while another band blazed their way through the match much like they did in the tournament. In our first match up, it looked as if for a while that Iron Maiden had the match in their pocket until a late run saw Ghost almost make the comeback of a lifetime (it’s one of the best comebacks for a band that lost a match). Unfortunately, Ghost lost the match by only 19 votes meaning that Iron Maiden is in the finals for a second year in a row. In our other match, Destruction, a band whose fans have come out in droves since the tournament started didn’t let the band down at all. The band defeated Testament by a 105 votes meaning that they will take on Iron Maiden in the finals. Stay tuned for an opportunity to vote in the finals.

iron maiden vs destruction