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pedalToday at 2PM ET, I went on the air for the very first time since 2012 to rock out with all the alumni of Bridgewater State University for the alumni takeover at WBIM 91.5FM. It was so much fun running into some familiar faces, meeting some new faces, and past graduates from all different years. Not to mention that playing the music I loved was also a big part of the excitement for the day. We dedicated the show to a past alumnus of the school and station who passed away recently named Dan Boutchie (class of 1997). It was a lot of fun and I really hope to do this again next year and I also want to thank the WBIM Alumni Association, WBIM and it’s current staff for allowing me to do so and for being so courteous as well. Here is today’s playlist:

  1. Revolution Is My Name by Pantera
  2. Bottled Up by Korn
  3. Speed Of Light by Iron Maiden (Mandatory Maiden)
  4. Electricity by Motorhead
  5. From The Pinnacle To The Pit by Ghost
  6. Back To Hell by Twiztid
  7. Superhero by Faith No More
  8. Cast The First Stone by Slayer
  9. The Devil Beneath My Feet by Marilyn Manson
  10. Abigail by King Diamond
  11. Fantasy by Steel Panther
  12. Rock N Roll Rebel by Ozzy Osbourne


pale emperorThe album of the week is coming to you guys a little early this week since our featured artist made his new album available to listen to. What comes to mind when you think of Marilyn Manson? Some may say that he is past his prime or what a freak Manson is, but I say that Manson is one of the last real living rock stars. In a time when people were shying away from the rock star persona, Marilyn Manson embraced it and he ran with it because the scene at the time was kind of a drag. Fast forward to 2015, the man is still around and he is gearing up to release his ninth studio album The Pale Emperor on January 16TH.  Manson described the name of the album with Full Metal Jackie saying, “The Pale Emperor’ came from a book that I was given in 2000 by Johnny Depp. We have each other’s back as in we have the same tattoo on our back. It covers our entire back. It was about Heliogabalus which may be a little esoteric for our listeners. He was the emperor of Rome before Caligula. He was the first one to deny God and that’s a big deal.” The band features Twiggy Ramirez plays Bass, Gil Sharone of Stolen Babies fame plays drums, and Tyler Bates who has produced scores for Rob Zombie’s Halloween films plays guitar and he is a co-producer on the record.

marilyn manson1. Killing Strangers– The song starts off with a sexy bass line that is very bluesy in nature along with the guitars as well. I absolutely love this track and I love the direction he is heading in. 5/5

2. Deep Six–  I am obsessed with this one because I love the direction Manson is heading in with his music. The track itself, it’s dark and brooding during the verses and then it’s super charged new wave rock influence during the choruses which are complete with lyrics you’ll sing along to. 5/5

3. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge– The song further showcases Marilyn and his band progressing more towards a signature sound that features an amazing bass line and some amazing eerie vocals from the shock master himself. The song is just infectious and one that I can’t stop listening to because of it’s simplicity and that is what I love about it. 5/5

4. The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles– An interesting title for a very dark, but artsy track with the amazing bass line and punk rock feel as Manson describes the Devil of LA (Mephistopheles). The guitar riff int he beginning and throughout is what I truly love about this track. 4/5

5. Warship My Wreck– Manson is correct in some of his statements when he says that the album is very cinematic because the beginning of this track feels like a score with Manson singing over it. Don’t worry the track gets heavy at times. 4/5

Marilyn-Manson6. Slave Only Dreams to be King– The track features a sample in the beginning of a speech by James Allen. The track has a sludge feel almost like a machine to it while having a very upbeat rhythm section and a cool guitar section halfway through. 4.5/5

7. The Devil Beneath My Feet– This has a very punk rock/Joan Jett feel to it with the cool bass line. This song could be a party jam and basically a good rock song. 4/5

8. Birds of Hell Awaiting– This track is another one that has a very cinematic feel combined with that blues bass heavy sound that Manson has opted to lately and it makes for a cool bluesy sound that works. 4/5

9. Cupid Carries a Gun– He debuted this track in early 2014 when it was used for the season premiere of the TV show Salem and it has that TV theme song feel to it with the clean redneck guitars. It kind of has A Nightmare Before Christmas feel if I was to describe it. 3.5/5

10- Odds of Even– This is the last track on the record and this track is very dark and eerie, but it’s awesome with it’s vaudevillian sound. I really like it because it kind of shows his range in what he likes. 4/5

Marilyn-Manson-Deep-Six-608x427My Final Thoughts– If you are looking to see where Manson has been going with his career, it’s been a natural evolution from The High End Of Low all the way up to this point. I think having Tyler Bates on the record was a definite heavy influence on the direction of the record just because of the cinematic/score like feel that he provides to the album. I think this is a very good album and it’s a step forward from Born Villain which I also liked. I am going to give this album four stars out of five for a final grade.