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3 from hellWhen Rob Zombie first decided to become a film director, he released one of the craziest and insane films in House Of 1000 Corpses in 2003. It was the story of some unlucky travelers who crossed paths with the wrong family in the Firefly Clan. In 2005, he would release the more structured and solid sequel The Devil’s Rejects that dealt with the aftermath of the first film, but followed three key members in Captain Spaulding (the late Sid Haig), Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie), and Otis (Bill Moseley) and by the end of the film they were thought to be dead. Then fast forward 14 years later and Rob Zombie has unleashed the last film in Firefly trilogy entitled 3 From Hell. In this film, Otis is joined by his brother Foxy (Richard Brake) as they attempt to spring Baby out of the jail that she’s been in, but even if they succeed, the road to freedom will just get a little harder. The film also stars Dee Wallace (Cujo) as Greta, Jeff Daniel Phillips (Lords Of Salem) as Warden Harper, Emilio Rivera (Mayans M.C.) as Aquarius, Pancho Moler (Candy Corn) as Sebastian, Richard Edson (Do The Right Thing) as Carlos Perro, Clint Howard (The Wraith) as Mr. Baggy Britches, Sean Whalen (The People Under The Stairs) as Burt, and Tracey Leigh (Modern Family) as Judy Harper.

otis and foxyI had a lot of worries heading into this film because I didn’t know what to expect from it and there have been plenty of films that took to long to come out. So, I was wondering could they re-capture the magic from The Devil’s Rejects once again or would it just fall short? The other question was whether we still cared about these characters and let me answer that one first by saying, “Hell yes we do!” Now the film isn’t as amazing as The Devil’s Rejects, but I have to say that this was a very solid sequel to that film. While they couldn’t do much about Sid for the film due to his declining health at the time, Richard Brake did a fantastic job fitting into the family as we loved his interactions with Otis. One thing that I did notice about this film and that is they make it seem like Otis isn’t as crazy as we thought he was from House Of 1000 Corpses. We actually figure out in this film who the crazy one was after all in the family and let me tell you that Sheri Moon Zombie did not disappoint either. She did an amazing job as she played Baby, a character who was falling more and more into the abyss and she sure had a lot of fun doing it. One thing is definitely for sure with this film, the last 20 minutes of the film, the proverbial sh** gets real in this film and you have to see it to believe it. I just wanted to take the time to say that Pancho Moler is such an amazing actor and what an excellent addition to the franchise that he really was. The film was everything we would want from a Rob Zombie film and that is essentially all we can ask for. You need to watch this film and I am going to give it an A- for a final grade.

Boar-Pic-1As you wait for Halloween to get here, there is one app that I think every fan of horror movies needs and that is the Shudder app. There are so many movies that are added that you forget what has left and of course Shudder has their own exclusive films as well. That is why for the film that I chose for today happens to be one of those Shudder exclusive films and it’s an Australian monster horror film entitled Boar. The Australian Outback can be a beautiful place for tourists, but just like any other place it can also be dangerous and the people of a small village are about to find out. Something in a small farm town is destroying fences and is killing all the live stock, but for one unlucky family they’ll have to use whatever they have to survive this wild beast. The film stars Nathan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road) as Bernie, Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects) as Bruce, Hugh Sheridan (Isn’t It Romantic) as Robbie, John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) as Ken, Steve Bisley (Mad Max) as Bob, Chris Haywood (Quigley Down Under) as Jack, Christie-Lee Britten (Zoo) as Ella, Simone Buchanan (Patrick) as Debbie, Madeleine Kennedy (We Were Tomorrow) as Hanna, and the film was written and directed by Chris Sun (Come And Get Me).

cacb22f35275f75b38454d01e9d8ce1f_700x259One thing that you have to remember going into the viewing of this film and that is just to have fun watching it. Remember, you are not critiquing an Oscar contender with this film, but a monster movie and that is all that it is. It was a film that left a lot to be explained like how is Nathan Jones the only one in her family that is of that enormous size. One thing that I am happy about is that they didn’t make the film too cheesy because Nathan Jones may be huge, but he’s not bigger or meaner than this Boar. That was actually one of the elements that I liked about the film where the Boar was kind of showing it’s dominance towards him in saying you may scare humans, but I am the alpha around here. One of the things that is not explained well is how does Bill Moseley’s character end up in Australia with an Australian family? Also where are the police during all of this and how do people afford their tab at that bar cause I don’t think any of them work. Nevertheless, there is one moment in the film that you are going to say that Hugh Sheridan’s character is an asshole, but the end result will be well worth the watch. I am going to be honest in saying that I enjoyed the film for exactly what it was and while it wasn’t the greatest film in the world, it was still a decent watch. That is why I am going to give the film an B-/C+ (somewhere in that range) for a final grade. Check it out now on Shudder.

9194552d5c5c45578aba7aca476d99b6_mdToday was truly a day that most horror fans woke up in utter sadness when we discovered that legendary actor Sid Haig, who played Captain Spaulding in the Rob Zombie Firefly Family trilogy passed away at the age of 80 from an accident a couple of weeks back where he had apparently taken a nasty spill. His wife, Susan L. Oberg had posted that he was winning the fight earlier in the week, but she had taken down the comment and then  she posted this on Instagram, “My light, my heart, my true love, my King, the other half of my soul, Sidney, passed from this realm on to the next. He has returned to the Universe, a shining star in her heavens. He was my angel, my husband, my best friend and always will be. He adored his family, his friends and his fans. This came as a shock to all of us. We, as a family, are asking that our privacy and time to mourn be respected.” Sid Haig got his start in horror films like Blood Bath and Spider Baby or, the Maddest Story Ever Told which believe it or not was one of the first time I had seen him in a film after I went on a Lon Chaney Jr. binge. From there he would star in some Blaxploitation films like Coffy and Foxy Brown.

sid-haig-passing-main2He would spend much of the 80’s getting roles on TV shows before he took a little break in the 90’s. It wasn’t until 1997’s Jackie Brown which was made by Quentin Tarantino that he would make his return to film. It wasn’t until 2003’s House Of 1000 Corpses by Rob Zombie that Sid would forever carve his name and legacy into the Horror books with his most iconic role as the murderous clown Captain Spaulding. He would once again dawn the grease paint for the sequel The Devil’s Rejects which became a mega hit. He would go on to star in more films like Night Of The Living Dead 3D, Rob Zombie’s Halloween & Lords Of Salem, Hatchet III, Death House before making a brief appearance in the final film to the Firefly Family trilogy 3 From Hell. Rob talks about the complications of his appearance saying, “The movie that I prepped to make, and was getting ready to start shooting, it was Captain Spaulding, Otis, and Baby, the three originals. But three weeks out from shooting, I got a call from Sid Haig. He had been in the hospital, and he had just had surgery, and he was now recovering in a rehabilitation facility. I’m like, holy sh—, this is a serious business. So, I went to see him, and he had changed drastically from the last time I saw him. Because Sid, he’s big and burly, and now he’s tiny as a skeleton. So, I was like, oh man. I kind of realized, yeah, he’s in rough shape.”

download (1)Rob Zombie would go on to say, “Lionsgate was fine with me sort of sneaking him in one day to shoot as much as I could. It was on me to make sure that nothing went wrong. So I got him in, I shot everything I could shoot.” Sid would also star in films like Bone Tomahawk, Kill Bill, Vol. 2, and so many more films. Rosario Dawson, who once worked with Sid in a deleted scene in The Devil’s Rejects had this to say about him, “Oh! Dear Sid. You will be missed beloved. Grateful to have met and worked with you. What a talent and energy graced this earth. Blessings and love to your adored family.” Fangoria Magazine honored Sid on Twitter saying, “RIP to horror legend, our friend, Sid Haig. We will miss you, Captain.” Special FX guru Tom Savini took to Twitter as well saying, “Goodbye Sid Haig. A great mate to hang with. An enthralling storyteller. A class act. One of a kind. An historical landmark that will missed forever.” B-Movie critic and legendary host Joe Bob Briggs reminded us on Twitter of how much Sid loved all of his fans saying, “Let history record that just last month Sid Haig showed up for the Scares That Care charity event, flying cross country and taking care of his fans even when he was having trouble walking. He loved the horror family as much as horror loved him.” Sid Haig was and always will be a true legend in the world of Horror and cinema. We love you Sid and we will cherish the moments you left us forever. R.I.P. Sid Haig (1939-2019)

3165965Last week we took a break when it came to having an Ass Whoopin Wednesdays film because we were busy watching another film for our 365 movies in 36 days challenge blog. So this week, we decided to pick a film Chow Yun-Fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) that we’ve always wanted to watch in The Replacement Killers. John Lee (Yun-Fat) is one of the best assassins that money can buy. After a drug lord’s (Kenneth Tsang) son gets killed, John is tasked with doing a revenge job for him, but John’s conscience gets in the way and he fails to do the job. Knowing that he failed to do it, he will seek the help of a documents forger (Mira Sorvino) to get papers to go back to China. The only problem is that the drug lord has already hired replacement killers to not only finish the job, but to take you out as well. The film also stars Michael Rooker (Guardians Of The Galaxy) as Det. Zedkov, Jürgen Prochnow (Das Boot) as Michael Kogan, Til Schweiger (Inglorious Basterds) as Ryker, Danny Trejo (The Devil’s Rejects) as Collins, Clifton Collins Jr. (Triple 9) as Loco, Carlos Gomez (Desperado) as Hunt, Patrick Kilpatrick (Last Man Standing) as Pryce, and the film was directed by Antoine Fuqua (The Magnificent Seven). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:


replacement_killers_mira_sorvino_washWe decided to do this one as a tag team scenario just because he actually does team with her on she kind of gets in on the fun. As Far as Chow Yun-Fat’s stats are concerned, he has about 24 ko’s/kills, but no origin story other than the fact that he is an assassin. He really doesn’t have a love interest because he’s too busy trying to get home to save his family. Some friends of his do end up getting killed in the film which adds more fuel to the fire for him to finish the job. The big boss is defeated and of course watch the film to see how it happens.Most of her stats are the same except for the fact that I believe she only has three kills in the film total (it could be four). This film must have been very different for Yun-Fat because there is little to no martial arts in the film at all, it is a straight up fire fight with tons of guns. The 90’s was such a funny time because films were always trying to be hip especially with the imagery  like the clothing or the attitudes. I mean who dresses like the replacement killers in reality? This was a decent film, but there was just way too many times where certain actors were just trying too hard like Sorvino when she was being questioned by the cops. It was like ok, we get it you’re rebellious. The action however in the film is actually pretty cool and worth checking out and it’s the selling point of the film. I am going to give the film 3.3 fists out of five for a final grade.

the-prophecy-2-1998-2They have always been trying new angles and different kinds of stories for horror than the usual conventional stories of slashers, monsters, etc. Last year, I covered a film that was a different kind of idea where an rogue angle comes to Earth to destroy humans in The Prophecy.So for today’s film, I decided to cover the sequel The Prophecy II which sees the return of Gabriel (Christopher Walken). In the sequel, the Earth is still in peril over the war that is happening in Heaven so an Angel by the name of Danyeal (Russell Wong) impregnates a nurse by the name of Valerie (Jennifer Beals) as the child will be the savior. When Gabriel (Walken) learns of this, he comes back to Earth to destroy the woman and the child with the help of a suicidal teen (Brittany Murphy). The film also stars Eric Roberts (Best Of The Best) as Michael, Glenn Danzig (Portlandia) as Samayel, Steve Hytner (In The Line Of Fire) as Joseph, Bruce Abbott (Bride Of Re-Animator) as Thomas Daggett, Renee Victor (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones) as Nana, J.G. Hertzler (Zorro) as Father William, Tom Towles (The Devil’s Rejects) as Det. Waltrip, Nicki Micheaux (The Replacement Killers) as Det. Kreibel, and the film was directed by Greg Spence (Children Of The Corn: The Gathering).

jennifer-beals-the-prophecy-ii-1_3Watching this film, I didn’t realize that Jennifer Beals was the main star of Flashdance back in the day. She has a pretty intense sex scene in the beginning of the film with an angel where the relationship movies pretty fast. In fact, the film does not waste any time with anything, it just moves along very quickly which was nice. The film doesn’t really give you a chance to get bored at all. That could also be a bad thing if things are going too quick because it doesn’t leave you time to explain things, but that wasn’t the case with this film. I loved seeing the late Brittany Murphy who plays Izzy, the suicidal teen who is kept alive by Gabriel to do his bidding. The late Tom Towles is also in the film briefly and Glenn Danzig was in the film briefly as well. I wish I had seen more of him in the film cause I wanted to see his acting chops, it was just as soon as he appeared he was gone. There is a final battle scene in what is called Eden, but it doesn’t look like paradise as described, but then again the world has changed since then. I love the idea of this type of religious horror, but the end of this film clearly sets up the third film. The film has that 90’s horror movie look to it which I wish I could describe to you, but if you are a fan of horror then you know exactly what I am talking about (Gothic look to it). With that being said, I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.

feastAt one time, Project Greenlight was a super cool idea by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon that gave young filmmakers a chance to have their art seen. One of the films I chose for today was the winner of season three and that film is called Feast. In a remote bar in the middle of the desert, it’s normal everyday life for the patrons and the workers of the bar until a coupe show up on their doorstep. A character simply known as the Hero (Eric Dane) show sup and tells the patrons that he is being chased by monsters that want to eat him and everyone inside. After he is murdered almost immediately, his wife, the heroine (Navi Rawat) shows up to lead the bar in attempt to survive before the monsters get them. The film also stars Henry Rollins (Heat) as Coach, Balthazar Getty (Lord Of The Flies) as Bozo, Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) as The Beer Guy, Josh Zuckerman (Sex Drive) as Hot Wheels, Jason Mewes (Chasing Amy) as Edgy Cat, Clu Gulager (A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge) as Bartender, Jenny Wade (Brothers) as Honey Pie, Krista Allen (Liar Liar) as Tuffy, Duane Whitaker (The Devil’s Rejects) as Boss Man, and the film was directed by John Gulager (Piranha 3DD).

feast2005inhindibyimkhaIf you’re into having a little action and some comedy to go with your horror then this is definitely the film for you. I definitely was a fan of the way the film was set up because it was almost done like a TV show where they show a character, give a little something about them (see the picture to the left), and we wait to see what happens. The film is also a little unorthodox on who gets killed within the film, but they do it on purpose and it gets a little obvious after a while. The character named the hero gets killed almost as soon as he enters the door so that tells you something about the way the film is going. This is definitely one of those films where you pick a favorite and hope he lives. The acting in the film is actually very good and campy at the same time. The film does feature a legend like Clu Gulager to go along with the likes of Balthazar Getty, but Judah Friedlander definitely steals the show in my opinion. The poor guy suffers a lot in the film while keeping his comedy cool and I appreciate that. The monsters for the most part are cool looking, but nothing is explained about where they come from or why they are here. The film can get brutal like one of the monsters getting his appendage chopped off during the film and other stuff. You have to check it out for yourself because it’s so cheesy at times that its great. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

rock and shockThis past weekend in Worcester, MA, the 12TH Annual Rock And Shock Horror convention took over both the Palladium and The DCU Center for three nights of horror and music. The music side that took place at the Palladium featured three days worth of shows that featured Soulfly on Friday, Danzig & Superjoint on Saturday, and Twiztid on Sunday. The horror convention side which took place at The DCU Center featured the likes of Doug Bradley, Samantha Mathis, Tobin Bell, Robert Allen Mukes, Derek Mears, William Forsythe, Erika Ervin, Naomi Grossman, Bill Moseley, and so many more. Not only were there special guests, but there were plenty of vendors as well from all over like the Troma, Vinegar Syndrome, Bar Accessories INC., Bad Moon Consignment, Famous Monsters Of Filmland, Hellcat Press, Prince Of Pieces, Rhode Island Comic Con, Scares That Care, and so many more.

me and adam greenOut of all the 12 years that this convention has existed, this was my very first time eve attending one of these and I have no idea why. There is so much to do in one of these that you can forget the time and not even care because you are having so much fun. The overall attitude of the event is nothing, but of a fun nature because for horror fans like me this is heaven on earth. One of the first things I did when I got inside the convention was I needed to find where al of the legends were sitting and I found them with ease. The first person I met in the whole show is one of Hollywood’s most underrated actor of all time in Bill Moseley. Bill Moseley was arguably the star of The Devil’s Rejects, House Of 1000 Corpses, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, and so many more. He was such a such a cool guy that I wish there were more like him at these conventions. The next person I met was Bill Johnson who played Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II. After him I made a b-line all the way to Tobin Bell who was famous for playing Jigsaw in the Saw franchise. Tobin was very excited to tell me about his newest project the Manson Family Vacation which is a different take on the famous story. The film is out on iTunes right now and on Netflix I believe by October 27TH. The rest of the day included me meeting the legend George A. Romero, Adam Green, Doug Bradley, and a very good conversation with Michael Reid Mackay (The Monster Squad, Insidious: Chapter 3). One of the cool things that I also witnessed on Sunday was a press conference for Twiztid and that was pretty interesting. The one thing I can say about the group is that they care tremendously for their fans. As I said before, I regret not going to any other Rock And Shock in my life before and I suggest that every horror fan go to an event like this one.

brian pFor this week’s Tuesday Stand Up special, I picked a special from a comedian that I have wanted to check out for a long time in Brian Posehn. I consider him another guy that I call a Heavy Metal Comedian like Jim Breuer, Jim Norton, Jim Florentine, and even Don Jameison. You may remember him from The Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer or even The Devil’s Rejects. So, New Wave Entertainment presented a special that was released from him called Brian Posehn: The Fartist and it was recorded at The Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington. In the special, Brian tackles every topic imaginable from changing for marriage, the smell of fake breasts, strippers, punk/metal chicks as strippers, smoking pot, having a baby, getting old, farts, the human body, farting on Christian Slater, dick leaks, Dirty Jokes, cheating, the apocalypse, “Weird” Al Yankovic, getting into shape, and so much more in this hilarious special.

brian p 2This was definitely an interesting special from Brian Posehn and to be honest this is actually the first time that I have ever watched him. He has a very interesting style of comedy where he literally degrades himself in the name of humor and it’s enjoyable I must admit. I say that only because I can relate to some of it. Like a lot of other metal comedians, he of course mentions some metal bands as part of his jokes like Slayer and the apocalypse. One of my favorite bits from the special is when he talks about farting on Christian Slater. He talks about how he went to a voice over audition where he met Slater. He would then fart in the hallway and by the time Slater came out of the audition, he ran into the room and heard Slater say something about the smell in the hallway. I definitely liked the special from Posehn and if you’re a fan of these types of comedians then do yourself a favor and check it out. I am going to give the special a B+ for a final grade.

Ass WW SubstituteFor today’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film, I wanted to choose a film from an actor we hadn’t covered for the piece before and while I was strolling through Netflix I found one. In 1995, the film Dangerous Minds starring Michelle Pfeiffer as an ex-Marine that is brought into teach a class was released. She uses unconventional methods to teach her class and gain the trust of her students, but this is not the film I chose. In 1996, the film The Substitute starring Tom Berenger (Sniper) as a mercenary was released. Berenger plays Jonathan Shale, a mercenary who is forced to go home to Miami after a mission to Cuba is botched. There he will reunite with his fiance Jane (Diane Venora) as Shale and his crew ponder what their next move is. One day while she was jogging, Jane is attacked by someone hired by one of her troubled students named Juan (Marc Anthony). Shale decides that he is going to go undercover to investigate why the attacked happened, but discovers something alarming that is going down in the school. So, he and his team go on a mission to save the school and all the kids in it. The film also stars Raymond Cruz (Training Day) as Joey Six, William Forsythe (The Devil’s Rejects) as Hollan, Luis Guzmán (Carlitos Way) as Rem, Richard Brooks (The Crow: City Of Angels) as Wellman, Glenn Plummer (Speed) as Mr. Sherman, Sharron Corley (New Jersey Drive) as Jerome, Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) as Principal Rolle, and the film was directed by Robert Mandel (School Ties). Now before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

substitute stats










berengerThis was the role that made me think of Tom Berenger as a bad ass, but Sniper should have spoke for itself anyways. This was definitely a more bad ass film than what Dangerous Minds was as Shale dishes out his own brand of discipline to a bunch of punk kids. In the film, he has 18 knockout/kills, but he doesn’t really have an origin story that we know other than the fact that he was in the military. He does have a love interest and she is hurt which prompts him to go on this mission undercover. During the film, it insinuates that he does have a sexual conquest with his fiance Jane which is why I marked it off as a yes. The big boss is definitely defeated in the film which makes it a mission accomplished for the team of mercenaries. The last 15 minutes of the film is what is great in my opinion as Shale and his team go on an all out war against the K.O.D. (the gang in the film) and the drug dealers. The fight sequences through out the film are actually pretty decent, but I like what they do with Berenger’s character. The guy may be a mercenary and a bad ass, but he does get hurt along the way and he doesn’t always win every fight easily as you’ll see in the film itself. This film was the first time that I was introduced to Marc Anthony who I thought was just an actor at the time, but needless to say I was impressed by him. The film is awesome and to be honest I have enjoyed some of the sequels even though Tom Berenger is not in any of them. I am going to give the film four fists out of five for a final grade.

lewis 2Today, I found out that the world lost a legendary character actor in Geoffrey Lewis who is also the father of actress Juliette Lewis. Geoffrey Lewis was known for collaborating with Clint Eastwood in several films like High Plains Drifter, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can, Bronco Billy, Pink Cadillac, and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. For me as a horror fan, it was his appearances in films like Salem’s Lot or even The Devil’s Rejects later in his career that I remember him best, but the first time I saw him in a film was Double Impact. I was a huge fan off Jean Claude Van Damme to the point that I tried watching everything from him that came out and that is where I saw the brilliance that Lewis brought to the screen. He had a brilliant career which saw him win a Golden Globe for the TV series Flo as well as appearing in several other shows over the course of the 60’s, 70’s, and even the 80’s. According to a family friend, he passed away on Tuesday from natural causes at the age of 79 and he is survived by his wife Paula Hochhalter, Juliette Lewis and nine other children with three of them also being actors (Lightfield, Matthew, and Dierdre). One of the cool things I found out is that he is sort of a New Englander as he was born in San Diego, but he lived in Rhode Island until he was ten years old. His daughter Juliette left a touching tribute on her Instagram page which you can see below. R.I.P. Geoffrey Lewis (1935-2015)