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download (1)Nu Metal giants Korn have been having the time of their lives since the return of Brian “Head” Welch into their lineup which includes the brand new album they released called The Paradigm Shift which was the first in eight years with the guitarist. The band also went on the road with the 2014 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest and the band along with their videographer Sebastien Paquet recorded everything on the road documenting the bands experience on the festival. The documentary also features appearances from Ice T (Body Count), Upon A Burning Body, Avenged Sevenfold, Islander, Texas Hippie Coalition, Emmure, Trivium, as well as you’ll see various radio interviews the band does, and some intimate moments they share with other bands and vice versa.

kornThe documentary is actually pretty amazing even though it just seems like a continuous video after another rather than a documentary. One of my only problems with the doc is they show footage in Boston (which is really Mansfield), but the live footage is from Dallas, Texas that follows. The doc features some really cool behind the scenes stuff that you don’t really get to see if you’re on the outside looking in. Of course, the doc features the band running through hits like Somebody Someone, Got The Life, Falling Away From Me, Shoots & Ladders, Blind, as well as some of the newer material like Spike In My Veins, Hater, and Never Never. The footage that was shot is absoultely amazing especially when the band is in Colorado, that was definitely one of my favorite spots that they shot in. One of the other things I liked is how supportive they are of other bands on the bill, it’s classy! If I was you and you were as big a fan of Korn as I am , I would definitely check this out. I wonder if it’s going to get a release somewhere in the future? I am going to give this video an A- for a final grade. Check it out below:

kornA lot of die hard Korn fans have been waiting for this moment when Brian “Head” Welch has rejoined the fold and they were more than excited to hear that there was new music. The Paradigm Shift has been one of the most anticipated releases from Korn since they had announced that they were indeed working with Head again. It’s the eleventh overall album for Korn and their seventh with Head on guitar. The album also features the usual suspects in Jonathan Davis (Vocals), Munky (Guitar), Fieldy (Bass), and Ray Luzier (who records his third album with Korn)and the album was produced by Don Gilmore. Munky helped describe where the album title came from, “It’s a term encompassing different perspectives. You can view a piece of art from one angle and it takes on a certain image. If you look from another angle, it’s a completely different image. We liken that to Korn in 2013. With Head back in the fold, all of the elements fans have loved since day one are there, but we’re interpreting them from a new perspective. It’s a bigger, brighter and bolder Korn.”

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Every great Korn record has a song that just hits you like a freight train right from the start like Here To Stay from Untouchables, Right Now from Take A Look In The Mirror, or even Blind from the self titled. Prey For Me is that track on the record that hits your subwoofer like a bomb and you can’t do anything, but headbang with Fieldy’s slaptastic playing and the demonic 7 string attack. Love And Meth starts with an awesome bass line from Fieldy before it explodes in with the sonic assault in this groove metal laden track. The song also features some of the best vocals I have heard from Jonathan Davis. What We Do follows in the same pattern as the last track and if your not happy so far then I don’t know what your problem is because Korn is delivering. The track has elements that remind me of Untouchables and Take A Look… in it. Spike In My Veins is Korn further exploring that electronic element from the last record on this mixed with some crushing metal. Mass Hysteria is up next and when it kicks in he hits you like a sledge hammer. Then out of nowhere it gets calmer, but just when the coast is clear the sonic assault comes back in full force. Paranoid And Aroused has a little of a hip hop feeling in Jonathan’s delivery mixed with the metal side reminding you why they were kings of Nu Metal. For Never Never, see

kornPunishment Time is one of my favorite songs on the record cause it’s a typical in your face with the typical melodies that help you escape. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of Lullabies For A Sadist, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be. Victimized also features the electronic side of Korn which is probably influenced by J.Devil (JD for those who don’t know) mixed with the twin sonic assault. It’s All Wrong ends the album and it doesn’t disappoint as Korn is smart and stays heavy with the grooves. I hate to say it to all the haters out there, but Korn is back and they are here to stay. Do your self a favor and go out and buy the record. It’s well worth it and see Korn live if you can. I am going to give the record 4 stars out of five.