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One of my favorite segments that I used to do on this blog some time ago is the What If… posts. It was a post that was meant to suspend reality and imagine if something was real or the norm. We’ve done What Ifs that made you imagine what it would have looked like if certain titles came out on VHS. I had another What If that imagined horror icons as beach models or just models in general. It’s just a fun little segment to help us suspend our beliefs even if only for a few minutes which brings me to today’s What If. Today’s What If is our tenth one that we have done overall and today we imagine horror films as a popular teen book line of the 90’s. I am sure anyone that grew up in the 1990’s remembers how Iconic R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books were because I would get as many as I could at the school book fair. Now, let’s imagine what if some of your favorite horror films like Halloween, Child’s Play, The Thing, The Exorcist, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and so much more were Goosebumps books. That is exactly what horror fan Cam (@maskman93) did when he posted them on his Instagram page. Cam did such a bad ass job making thebooks look so believable. If you didn’t know any better you might think that these were the actual books. I am only presenting three of them to you guys because if you want to see any more then click on his username in the paragraph and check out the rest.

horror goose 1horror goose 2horror goose 3

jigsaw-movie-logoOne of the most iconic franchises of the 2000’s which helped usher in an era we like to call the Gore Porn days of horror is the Saw franchise. One of the most iconic characters of the 2000’s was the one and only Jigsaw a.k.a. John Kramer (Tobin Bell) who uttered that famous line, “Let’s play a game” or “live or die, the choice is yours.” The last film in the franchise was Saw VII where we surely thought that the story was over, but seven years later they return with the brand new film Jigsaw which is out today in theaters. John Kramer has been dead for 10 years now, but yet there are murders that are happening in the city that is bringing back the memory of Jigsaw back into the minds of the public. All Detective Halloran (Callum Keith Rennie) wants to do is prove that this couldn’t be Jigsaw, but a copy cat. The only problem is who could it possibly be that is doing all of this? The film also stars Matt Passmore (Satisfaction) as Logan, Hannah Emily Anderson (Reign) as Eleanor, Clé Bennett (Urban Legend) as Detective Hunt, Laura Vandervoort (Ted) as Anna, Paul Braunstein (The Thing) as Ryan, Mandela Van Peebles (Roots) as Mitch, Brittany Allen (The Rocker) as Carly, and the film was directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig (Daybreakers). 

jigsawSpoiler Alert: There is going to be some information leaked in this article that could give away some details or all the details in the film. So either proceed with caution or do not read any further, but you were warned. As far as the film is concerned, I thought it was a pretty decent film even though I thought there were a lot of holes in the story as far as continuity.  Now I can’t explain what I mean as far as that is concerned because then I would be giving away the entire film. So, the only thing I can say is that I do not understand how this film matches exactly with the previous films. Some of the traps are kind of cool, but a lot of them are very primitive as well and not as cool as some of the traps we would see in the previous films. The film has it’s share of gore so fans of that shouldn’t worry, but I will say that this is much more of a story driven film much like the first film. They went back to basics where the traps were not the only attraction of the film and that is what I liked most of all. There is this element in the film where they talk about the possibility of a cult of some sort evolving around the idea of Jigsaw. Its the same thing that Cult Of Chucky did, but the difference here is that it’s just mentioned. It’s a decent return for the franchise, but I am wondering where do they go from here? Check the film out for yourself and I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

fantastic fourYou might be wondering about this week’s Super Sunday film entry considering we did the Fantastic Four last week, but I have a never before seen version for all of you this week. Roger Corman, the B-movie king who has produced more than 500 films in his career made this low budget version of The Fantastic Four that never saw the light of day. A group of four astronauts goes on a space mission that ends up being disastrous and they are forever changed after their spaceship explodes. Reed Richards (Alex Hyde-White) has the ability to stretch so he becomes Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm (Rebecca Staab) has the ability to become invisible and she takes the name The Invisible Woman, Ben Grimm (Michael Bailey Smith) becomes this rock like thing that has super strength hence his new name The Thing, and Johnny Storm (Jay Underwood) has the ability to control flames and he becomes the Human Torch.  Together they will battle their arch enemy in Dr. Doom (Joseph Culp) who they thought was dead. The film also stars George Gaynes (Police Academy) as the professor, Kat Green (She’s All That) as Alicia Masters, Chuck Butto (Phantasm III: Lord Of The Dead) as Weasel, Carl Ciarfalio (Out Of The Furnace) as The Thing, and the film was directed by Oley Sassone (Bloodfist III: Forced To Fight).

dr. doomYou can immediately tell right from the start that this film is a Roger Corman produced film all the way and I honestly think I should have saved this for Cheeseball Cinema. This is one of the cheesiest superhero films that I have ever watched from the over acting to just about anything like the special effects, but they did what they had to do with a low budget. I can certainly understand why this never saw the light of day or why for a long time people never took these films seriously. The acting has to be the worst part about this film and I was surprised to see Michael Bailey Smith in this film after seeing him in so many horror films. A lot of the scenes are just too way over the top and overacted completely. The only thing I liked in this film better than the big budget version was the way Dr. Doom looked because it was really as authentic to the comic book as it could possibly be. For a final grade, this may seem harsh to some of you, but a D+ is the only foreseeable grade I could give this film. Again, there is a reason why this never saw the light of day, but you can watch it on Youtube.

220px-Fantastic_Four_posterI figured since 20TH Century Fox had announced the abomination of what they planned to do with The Fantastic Four franchise, I figured I would review the 2005 film that was directed by Tim Story (Ride Along). Dr. Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd) a.k.a Mister Fantastic believes that evolution was triggered by clouds of cosmic energy some millions of years ago and he now believes that the same kind of clouds will be travelling past earth. With his best friend and astronaut Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis) a.k.a. The Thing, they will convince Dr. Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon), who is a jealous former contemporary of Reed’s at MIT. to let them use his facilities to conduct the experiment. Von Doom who is filled with greed, agrees to allow them to do it as long as he gets the profits. So, along with Grimm and Richards, they are joined by Von Doom’s chief genetics researcher Susan Storm (Jessica Alba) a.k.a The invisible Woman and her over the top brother Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) a.k.a The Human Torch. The only thing is the experiment goes wrong and every one gains superpowers, but while Reed tries to figure out a way to get everyone back to normal, Dr. Doom is going to use his for his own personal greed. So, the Fantastic Four have to put their differences away and band together to stop Dr. Doom before it’s too late. The film also stars Kerry Washington (Django Unchained) as Alicia Masters, Laurie Holden (The Mist) as Debbie, and Hamish Linklater (42) as Leonard.

f4-sue_largeLet’s look at some things when we talk about this film, the budget for the film was $100 Million and they made $330.6 million which means that the film was a success for the company. The actors they chose were amazing especially for the fact that I always thought that Michael Chiklis was a great choice for The Thing like Hugh Jackman was a great choice for Wolverine. Even though the film was negatively received by critics, I actually really liked this film even though they did the same thing of changing where Dr. Doom was from. The film had all the melodrama you could possibly want even though it wasn’t a knockout like some of the films Marvel is making today. The special effects were also pretty good, but the acting was terrific. Who knew that Chris Evans was going to get a second crack at Marvel when he chose to be Captain America. I’ll probably check out the new Fantastic Four film like I did with Fox’s Amazing Spider-Man reboot, but it just doesn’t sound that good. I am going to give this film a B+ for a final grade because it’s definitely worth checking out.