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For this weeks Cover of the Week, I wanted to find a cover of a Thin Lizzy song other than Whiskey In The Jar which was done by Metallica and The Boys Are Back In Town by Bon Jovi. Thin Lizzy is a legendary band that was and still is respected by so many metal artists. So, I found a cover from one of Metallica’s contemporaries in Anthrax who covered the track Cowboy Song on their 2003 album Sound Of White Noise. The song features John Bush on vocals and he brought a different side to Anthrax that allowed them to cover a great track like this one. The band turns it up as they do their best to pay tribute to Thin Lizzy as it starts slow before they kick the tempo up a notch. The song translate very well as it is a hard rock classic and Anthrax make it their own. I loved the bridge of the song with the cool bass riff. Great stuff from the boys. Check out the cover below and enjoy.

afiAFI (A Fire Inside) is one of my favorite bands out there in the punk scene so when I saw the headline AFI and No Doubt plus the word Supergroup, I was like what? So, apparently since AFI are done with their touring cycle for the 2013 amazing album Burials, Davey Havok has foudn a way to keep himself busy as he teams with the remaining members of No Doubt in Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young. The members of No Doubt are not doing anything considering that Gwen Stefani is busy doing The Voice and she is also busy with her new solo album which comes out in March. So, I am wondering exactly what in the world is this going to sound like as you take a punk rocker and mix him with some Ska Punks. I am definitely going to be paying attention to this, but as of right now the band is searching for a label to shop their already written record. So, stay tuned for more information as it becomes available to us.

Scott-Ian-Phil-Anselmo1Last month we saw a huge backlash after disgraced vocalist Phil Anselmo made some anti-Semitic gestures during Dimebash 2016 which include a 11 minute scolding from Machine Head’s Robb Flynn, being kicked off of several festivals, and even a backlash from the metal community as well. Phil even wrote a letter telling the members of Down to continue on without him as he was ashamed for what he did. Well, now longtime Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has commented on the situation basically saying that Phil deserves to be forgiven “if he proves that he deserves to be.” He went on to say, “Just asking to be forgiven doesn’t mean you should be forgiven. And I’ve had a running dialogue with Phil since this happened. It’s not like I just posted something online without actually speaking to my friend. I’ve been having a dialogue back and forth with him. ‘Cause if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t have contacted him at all. But I cared. Phil, I’ve known the dude almost thirty years. He’s like a brother; he’s family. And when someone in your family has a problem, you discuss it and you try and find a solution.” Ian elaborates even further, “My attitude towards the whole thing was, to me, silence is complicity. If you don’t say something about something like this, then you’re condoning it, and I can’t condone that in any way, shape or form. It’s not okay in any world, let alone the metal world, to do these kind of things in any type of context, because words are too powerful, especially Phil Anselmo’s words, because there’s too many impressionable people out there who listen to every f—ing thing that dude says.” What do you think, is Scott Ian right? You be the judge!

original_demandheaderNow that Nikki Sixx is no longer with Motley Crue, he has a lot of free time, but don’t worry because he already has something going. Sixx: A.M. has new music in the works and the band plans to tour in 2016, but there’s a catch with that. You see the band posted a bunch of cities that they can stop through and it’s up to you the fans to decide where they will stop. The cities with the most votes will more likely be added to the tour queue. Here are the cities:

Memphis, Tenn.
Chicago, Ill.
Louisville, Ky.
Bethlehem, Pa.
Charleston, W.V.
Hartford, Conn.
Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Norfolk, Va.
Nashville, Tenn.
Madison, Wis.
Little Rock, Ark.
Richmond, Va.
Baltimore, Md.
Raleigh, N.C.
Lansing, Mich.
Des Moines, Iowa
Knoxville, Tenn.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Columbia, S.C.
Harrisburg, Pa.
Sayreville, N.J.
Rochester, N.Y.
Mobile, Ala.
Baton Rouge, La.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Buffalo, N.Y.
Jackson, Miss.
Providence, R.I.
Springfield, Mo

To vote for your city, please visit this site.

ad5726b8-121e-48fa-8497-ce6cb10dc21d1This next piece of news is one that I do not know how to interpret. If you are a fan of rock group Kiss, the one thing you want to see more than anything else is a reunion of the original members of the band. Well, there is news out there will make you think as Ace Frehley, the Spaceman announced that he is releasing a new album which is a covers record. Where’s the part that makes you think you ask? Well, Paul Stanley, the starchild is on this album as he sings a track. Boom, are you thinking now? The album is called Origins Vol. 1 and Stanley plays on the cover of Free’s Fire And Water. The album also features Slash (Thin Lizzy’s Emerald), Lita Ford (The Troggs Wild Thing), John 5 (Jimi Hendrix’s Spanish Castle Magic and Kiss’s Parasite), and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready (Kiss’s Cold Gin). Ace will be heading out on tour soon, so check out some tour dates here and check out the full track listing below:

Ace Frehley, ‘Origins Vol. 1′ Track Listing:

1. “White Room” (Cream)
2. “Street Fighting Man” (Rolling Stones)
3. “Spanish Castle Magic” (Jimi Hendrix) feat. John 5
4. “Fire and Water” (Free) feat. Paul Stanley
5. “Emerald” (Thin Lizzy) feat. Slash
6. “Bring It On Home” (Led Zeppelin)
7. “Wild Thing” (The Troggs) feat. Lita Ford
8. “Parasite” (KISS) feat. John 5
9. “Magic Carpet Ride” (Steppenwolf)
10. “Cold Gin” (KISS) feat. Mike McCready
11. “Till The End of the Day” (Kinks)
12. “Rock and Roll Hell” (KISS)

File:Hotcakesdarkness.jpgThe Darkness is a band that when they first came out with Permission To Land back in 2003, nobody knew if they should take the band serious for their obvious influence of 70’s rock in there sound. We all kept presuming that the band would eventually fade away into the sunset to never be heard from again. In 2006, that simply became a reality for the band as the band split and went their separate ways. Then in 2012 part in thanks to a picture that Rob Zombie had posted on his Facebook page, I became aware that The Darkness and it’s original lineup had reunited and were releasing an album later that year. It made me think a little because Rob was one of my favorite artists and if he liked The Darkness then maybe I should as well. So on August 20, 2012, The Darkness which is made up of brothers Justin Hawkins (Vocals, Guitar) and Dan Hawkins (Guitar) alongside Ed Graham (Drums) and Frankie Poullain (Bass) had released Hot Cakes.

hot cakes 2Every Inch Of You kicks off the album and the songs build up to the point where Justin Hawkins screams “Every man, woman, and child wants to suck my c***” reminds me of the hey days of 70’s glam rock with it’s arena rock like hooks in a song about what made Justin Hawkins want to be a rocker. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us shows off the bands rock and roll capabilities with great harmonies in the chorus and great guitar riffs. With A Woman is an AC/DC like rocker which means it’s just down and dirty mixed with a dab of The Darkness style which is the way we like it. Keep Me Hanging On has a real funky riff to it that forces you to bob your head while listening to it. The track reminds me a little of Queen and a little of The J.Geils Band sprinkled in their. Living Each Day Blind is a total power ballad that reminds me of similar tracks released in the 80’s. It’s musically a very good track from the band which is a nice break from their crotch rock infused music that they usually write. Everybody Have A Good Time is such an anthem and one of my favorite tracks on the record that has remember the glory days of Thin Lizzy and T-Rex.

hot cakesShe’s Just A Girl, Eddie is the next track on the album that explores that blazing classic rock sound even further. You can hear all the influences the band has in this track from some of the bands I mentioned above. Forbidden Love is a track on the album that I could do without as it’s a little cheesy. Concrete is one my favorite songs in the record that serves as a high powered cry for love and it features some of the high pitch singing we’re used to from Justin. Street Spirit (Fade Out) is a brilliant cover of a Radiohead song that I have ever heard. It embodies the idea that you take a song and you make it your own while still respecting the original. Love Is Not The Answer is the last song on the album and it’s a track where Justin claims that Love can trick you so don’t think that it’s your best friend. The track is an rocking good time where you can imagine yourself sitting in a bar listening to this while soaking that he’s telling the truth. I loved this record the day it came out and it stayed in my CD player in my car for weeks. I really believe that it was a great comeback album for the band, now it’s just time to see what they do next. I am giving the album four stars out of five.

aIt’s the second entry this week for the album of the week in a week that already featured a release from The Queens Of The Stone Age and my review of Amon Amarth’s Deceiver Of The Gods. So, we got the fourteenth album from thrash metal titans Megadeth called Super Collider. The album’s line up consists of Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, Chris Broderick, and Shawn Drover and is produced by Johnny K. The album also features a guest appearance from Disturbed/Device frontman David Draiman and it’s the first album to be released on Dave’s own label Tradecraft via Universal.

a2Kingmaker is the first track and it opens up with a very dark bass line from bass master Dave Ellefson over a helicopter. Then before you know it, Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick came all guns a blazing with the sonic guitar assault. The track is amazing as it talks about wanting everything now and Dave acting like he wants to be the King S*** (hence Kingmaker). The title track is next and it feels like more of a hard rock song than a thrash metal song.  I’m not saying the track is bad, but it seems Dave has gone back to the days of Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings (which are some of my favorite albums) for inspiration with this track. Burn! opens up with the guitar master flexing his muscles before breaking into the track. The song is a great hard rock track, but the lyrics are a little weak (Burn baby burn cause it feels so good?) Built For War is them getting back into Megadeth mode with the double bass drum assault with the sonic assault from their fearless leader and his guitar partner in a Rust In Peace kind of style. Off The Edge is the next track on the record and it starts with some riffing before the song breaks in and as much of the album so far it explores a hard rock feel like Cryptic Writings. Dance In The Rain features Dave talking through the music as if he is telling a story to you which talks of big brother and a storm brewing so I hope you can dance in the rain. The track also features David Draiman on vocals.

a3Beginning Of Sorrow opens up with a killer bass riff from arguably my favorite bassist. It’s a track that is a little different for Megadeth with his daughter Electra adding background vocals to the track. The Blackest Crow is the next track and it has a bluegrass country feel to it that is dominant in the beginning and remains a part of the song throughout. It seems that Megadeth is expanding their horizons and I like it. As I said the bluegrass in prominent in the beginning before a cadence like drum beat starts to take over before Dave sings. Forget To Remember is the next track on the album and it’s a complete hard rock song with the power chords. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome track, but if you were expecting Endgame or United Abominations by this point then your out of luck. Don’t Turn Your Back… starts off with a blues like riff before that track everybody was expecting kicks in. It hits you like a freight train with the double bass assault and that typical Megadeth like riffing. The last track on the record is a cover of Thin Lizzy’s Cold Sweat which was an amazing song to begin with. The album isn’t that bad, but it’s a little bit of a departure for Megadeth sort of like what Risk was at the time except this is ten times better than Risk. I am going to give this record 3.5 stars out of five.